She’s Mine

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The club was hot and full of people. The press of bodies and the throbbing music could make anyone’s pulse race. Jessi tossed back her silky brown curls over her shoulder, exposing her cleavage as she moved in time to the music. She and Jackie were the hottest example of perfect opposites in the club that night. Jessi wore a shining black and red zebra skirt and a top that laced up in front to show off the tops of her round breasts. The skirt brushed the tops of her favorite black knee high boots, and the slit showed a lot of thigh. Her curled brown hair was a tousled mess as she had a tendency to toss her hair with the music.

Jackie must have been hot in the leather skirt, but you couldn’t tell by looking. The zipper went from the hem of the skirt all the way up, and was unzipped most of the way, showing her long legs almost all the way up to the black see through thong they had bought at the mall that afternoon. Just thinking it made Jessi blush a little, and she ducked her head, hoping her friend wouldn’t notice.

“What are you thinking about?” Jackie had to lean over to yell in her ear over the music.

“Nothing interesting. Really.” Jessi stammered, as she tore her eyes away from Jackie’s low cut blouse. Jackie raised her eyebrows a little, but let it go.

A guy came up behind Jessi and put his hands on her hips, trying to move her to the beat, which was a little difficult considering he was completely drunk. Jessi laughed and gently moved away. He grabbed her again, a little more insistently, but she was pulled away, and he found himself looking up at a 6 foot blonde as Jackie glared down at him.

“Back off creep. She’s mine.” She said, pulling Jessi off to the bar. The creep didn’t follow. They sat together, Jessi leaning against her shoulder, until a new Christina song came on and the girls jumped back up to dance.

Later that night they drove back to Jackie’s house, where Jessi was staying for the weekend. They sat in comfortable silence, listening to soft music in an effort to wind down from the club. Jessi snapped the cover of her phone on and off, until Jackie reached over and pulled the phone from her hand. She tried to sit still, but unconsciously started playing with the ties on her shirt. Finally, Jackie hit the mute button on the stereo.

“If you want to unlace that, feel free, but otherwise tell me what you’re thinking about. You’re driving me nuts.”

Jessi sat silently for a minute, then blurted out “Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?”

“You told the guy at the club I was yours. Did you mean it?”

” Do you want to me mine? To let me do whatever I want with you?”

“Yes, please. More than anything.”

“Yes what?” Jackie asked, her voice getting more commanding, her eyes challenging.

Jessi bit her lip, knowing exactly the kind of thing to say. “Yes Mistress Jackie, I want to be yours.” Her breath caught as she said it, and she could feel her nipples getting hard under the thin fabric of her shirt. She tried to cross her arms to hide them.

“What are you doing?” Jackie asked, antalya escort pulling her arms down to her lap. “Are you hiding from me? Don’t bother, I know you’re horny.”

“I’m not, I mean I wasn’t, I mean….” Jessi couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Well if you weren’t, then I don’t suppose you mind taking off the shirt and showing me.” Jackie grinned at the idea. “You know, I like that. Just for hiding from me, you are riding the rest of the way home topless.”

Jessi stared at her for a minute, her eyes wide with shock. Jackie looked over at her, then turned back to the road. “Yes that look is cute, but it’s not getting you out of this. Lose the shirt.”

Jessi quickly pulled the shirt over her head, holding it like she wanted to put it back in a hurry. Jackie took it from her and threw it in the back of the car. Jessi opened her mouth in surprise, but snapped it shut again as Jackie gave her a stern look, then moved her eyes down to Jessi’s see through bra. Jessi hesitated, then started fumbling with the clasp in the front of her bra. Her breasts bounced as the bra fell into her lap, and Jackie reached over and pinched the hard nipples before looking back to her driving. Jessi squirmed all the way home, every movement making her round breasts swing and jiggle. Jackie got wetter and wetter as she watched out of the corner of her eye, reaching over to touch or pinch them often.

Both girls were wet and hot by the time they got back to the house. Jackie stopped the car in front of the garage and looked up and down the street with a strange look in her eye. It was 3 in the morning, and everything was deserted. “I think we are using the front door tonight.” Jackie said with a smile.

Jessi laughed nervously. The front door was at least a 30 foot walk from the car, and the walkway was completely exposed. Jessi started to reach for her shirt, but Jackie threw it further back in the car. “Very funny, now pull into the garage before someone comes.”

Jackie just shook her head, grabbed her keys, and walked around to Jessi’s side of the car, opening her door for her. Jessi felt the chill on her nipples as the cool spring air rushed into the car, and quickly got out, using Jackie as a shield from the road. Jackie started to walk slowly up to the house, making Jessi match pace with her or be exposed to the entire neighborhood. “Isn’t it a beautiful night?” Jackie said, stopping on the front porch to look at the stars.

“Yes, beautiful” Jessi said, looking nervously up and down the empty street. Jackie laughed, and let them into the house. Jessi stood nervously in the hall, her arms at her sides, blushing pink all over from the cold and the excitement. Her nipples were hard little buds. Jackie brushed them with her fingers as she leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Her kisses were soft at first, but grew more demanding, as if her lips and tongue were urging Jessi to give in to everything. When she finally pulled away, Jessi couldn’t think of anything but how much she wanted to have the beautiful blonde touch her all over. Jackie caught serik escort both of the smaller girl’s wrists in her hand and led her to the bedroom, where she replaced her firm grip with fir lined cuffs. Jessi looked down and smiled to see that they were leopard print, which Jackie knew was her favorite pattern.

Jackie started to unzip her jacket, but then stopped. “I want you to do it. Undress me. No hands allowed.” Jackie held Jessi’s wrists down as she leaned forward and caught the zipper of Jackie’s sleeveless vest in her teeth, tugging it all the way down. Jackie shrugged it off, and Jessi went to work on the clasp of her black see through bra. The clasp was in the front, and Jackie could feel Jessi’s hair tickling the tops of her breasts as the brunette buried her face in her cleavage. The clasp finally stopped free, and Jessi pulled the cups free with her teeth, her hair brushing the hard nipples as she moved. She grabbed the other girl’s nipple in her teeth, biting down gently, then harder, until Jackie screamed out in pleasure. Then Jessi dropped to her knees, tugging up the zipper on the leather skirt until it too fell away. The thong followed it, and Jessi sat back and looked up at the beautiful naked girl standing above her. Her pussy was shaved except for a thin strip of hair down the middle. A flat stomach showed off her perky breasts to perfection, and her nipples were big and round and made Jessi want to play with them.

Jackie pinched Jessi’s nipples softly, then grabbed them and tugged up hard, making Jessi scramble to her feet with a moan of pleasure. A slight tug, and the zebra skirt fell to the floor, leaving the brunette in nothing but red silk panties and knee high boots. Jackie ran her fingers over the silk, feeling how wet it was. The panties had strings at the sides, and Jackie untied those too, running her fingers over Jessi’s shaved pussy. Jessi never shaved her pussy, so Jackie knew that she had come with ideas about the weekend too. Jessi was so turned on that every nerve was on fire. She whimpered as Jackie removed her hand, but followed her to the bed, kneeling between her legs. Jackie spread them wide, and used Jessi’s hair to gently guide her towards her dripping pussy. Jessi licked it just a little, shyly, and at Jackie’s moan of approval, used her cuffed hands to spread the tender folds and started licking her more and more. She slipped her tongue in and out of her hole, fucking her with it, then started flicking it over hr clit faster and faster. She slowly nibbled it with her teeth, but just as Jackie got close to cumming, Jessi pulled back. Jackie opened her eyes to see her lover trying to hold her hair back from her face with her cuffed hands. With a sigh, Jackie undid one cuff, and Jessi reached back and pulled her hair into a messy ponytail before attacking Jackie’s pussy with her mouth again so fast it made Jackie yell in surprise. This time Jessi concentrated completely on her clit, nibbling it softly, them harder as Jackie moaned loudly. She bit down once and Jackie screamed out so loud side escort that Jessi stopped again to ask if she was alright.

“I’m fine.” Jackie said. “But just one thing..?”


Jackie pulled back on her long brown hair until she could stare menacingly into the other girl’s eyes. “If you stop one more time, you don’t get to cum tonight at all. Maybe not all weekend.”

Jessi whimpered at the thought, as she was so horny right now she thought she could burst. As soon as Jackie let go of her hair, she started again, this time using her slender fingers to fuck her as she licked and sucked hard on her clit. Jackie started screaming again, and Jessi bit down softly, then harder. She worked her fingers in and out faster as Jackie’s legs began to shake as she came long and hard. Jessi licked up and down as she tried to drink every drop of the sweet cum. After one of the longest orgasms either girl could remember, both of them sat back, breathing hard. Jessi slowly licked her fingers clean, not seeming to notice that she had just as much cum on her mouth.

Jessi’s clit was throbbing with the need to cum, but she was too shy to ask Jackie to help her, so she just sat in agony as Jackie recovered from her cum. “You know if you want to be eaten too, all you have to do is ask.”

Jessi looked away and muttered softly “I want you”

“You want what?” Jackie said with a smile, knowing how hard it usually was for Jessi to say anything dirty at all. “And look at me.” She ran her hand over Jessi’s nipples, pinching them softly and making Jessi even wetter. Jessi breathed faster, and finally seemed to straighten, making her breasts stand out even more as she stared Jackie straight in the eye.

“I want you to lick my pussy and finger me until I cum so hard I almost pass out. I want to see my cum all over your mouth and suck it off your fingers. I want to cum so bad its driving me crazy and my pussy is dripping all over your bed. I want…Oh GOD.”

Jackie pushed Jessi back on the bed and shoved two fingers into her dripping pussy. She fingered her hard and fast until she was moaning and tossing her hair on the pillow, then started licking her clit while she fingered her. She bit her lip as she got closer and closer to cumming. Jackie licked and sucked as Jessi started to shake and whimper, finally cumming fast and hard. Jackie moved up on the bed as if she planned to stop, and Jessi started to come down from the incredible orgasm she just had, when suddenly Jackie thrust her fingers back into the dripping wet pussy, and grabbed her nipple at the same time. Jessi gave a surprised yelp and started thrusting her hips off the bed, trying to get the long fingers deeper into her. Jackie added another finger into Jessi’s dripping pussy, thrusting faster and harder. Soon she was twisting Jessi’s nipple and slamming her hand into her pussy, and Jessi was still begging for more. She pinched harder and the dripping pussy exploded around her hand as Jessi finally screamed out her name.

They both laid in the bed afterward, Jessi slowly licking her own cum off of Jackie’s hand. She let go and started to doze off. Jackie whispered her name a few times, got no reaction, then reached up to the shelf on top of the bed and turned off the video camera that had been set up to record the entire unforgettable night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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