Sinful Seduction

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Special thanks go to my amazing friend and editor Cherbear for editing my story for me. I hope you all enjoy this is intended as a series if it is well received that is why it appears to cut off.


Alexus Rogers, was in tears again wondering how her loving husband had turned into such a monster. Stephen Rogers is 5 years Alexus’ senior and owner of a chain of gyms called “Better Bodies”; he had been loving, sweet and romantic when Alexus had meet him. But now, a year after they were married, her once affectionate husband had changed completely; he now blamed her for everything that went wrong, criticized her for everything she did and pushed her violently on more than one occasion.

Today’s incident had escalated yet again and today he had slapped her across the face. He had come home upset about the scratch on his new car, Alexus had had a particularly stressful day as well, Alexus is a doctor and today she had had to tell a 16 year old girl she had no more than a year to live. When Alexus served up fast food for dinner instead of a home cooked meal, Stephen had got mad and flung his plate across the room then started yelling at her about how he works hard and he deserves a home cooked meal every night. When Alexus had tried to explain to him that she had had a rough day and didn’t feel like cooking, he had just yelled at her and said her day didn’t matter and told her to shut up bitch as he slapped her; he stormed out of the room. Alexus knew she had to get away from him for the night; she grabbed her keys, phone and handbag and left. She drove her car towards the city still crying, Alexus heard the sirens and looked in her rear vision mirror at the patrol car came up behind her, Alexus pulled her car to the side of the road.

Officer Shae Townsend, wouldn’t normally have pulled a vehicle over without her partner in the car but she knew the car belonged to Dr. Alexus Rogers and knew she would be safe. The petite blonde officer walker towards the doctors car, her big blue eyes twinkling with mischief at the opportunity to talk to the sexy brunette doctor, Alexus is indeed very sexy her Italian heritage had blessed her with all over caramel colored skin, she has long, jet black, straight hair and emerald colored eyes. Her body was the type that left both men and women drooling as she walked past 5′ 6″ with long trim legs, firm, round abundant breast, a tight butt and curvy hips; she could have easily been mistaken for Venus. In contrast the petite officer had long blonde hair, blue eyes and had to work on her tan weekly; at 5′ 3″ her slim body was considered sexy but it was her pert C cup breast, and her cute little bubble butt that claimed most of the attention.

Officer Townsend arrived at the BMW’s driver’s side window and said “Dr. Rogers are you aware you were driving erratically?” Wow Shae thought she is even hotter than normal. Shae and Alexus often shared the same yoga class at 5 am every morning, both finding they were more efficient in their careers when they started the day with yoga; sharing breakfast of fruit and juice at least once a week. Alexus looked up at Shae for the first time, Shae realized there was something wrong and asked “Is everything ok Alexus?”

“No,” Alexus managed before she started crying again.

Shae opened the car door and escorted Alexus to her patrol car, she wiped the tears from Alexus’ face and noticed the bruising and swelling on the right side of her face. Shae gently touched her swollen face and Alexus flinched. “Alexus, who hurt you like this?”

“My husband, Stephen”, she said between sobs.

“I am sorry, Alexus, I will have a patrol car go around and charge him.” A frustrated Shae said reaching for her police radio, “what is your address?”

“No, please, Shae don’t,” a terrified Alexus said, “I just need to get away from him for the night and let him calm down.”

Shae looked at her scared friend and formulated a plan to comfort her friend and convince her to report her husband. “Alexus it is against the law for him to hit you, but if you don’t want to I cannot force you, you can come stay with me for the night I have a spare bedroom that’s yours for as long as you want. My shift is over as soon as I get back to the station, I will drive you back to the station in the patrol antalya escort car then we will take my car back to my place. I will pull your car into that lock up car park for the night it will be safe there”. Shae said pointing to the car park across the road.

“Oh Shae you are such a good friend but I can’t impose on you like that.” Alexus managed between sniffles.

“It’s no imposition Alexus, now hush and get into the passenger’s seat while I park your car.” Shae said not taking no for an answer.

Alexus watched her beautiful friend walk to her car, admiring her confidence, Alexus chastised her wandering mind. She is not lesbian and Shae was unmistakably all women so Alexus reasoned she should not find her attractive. Though Alexus’ mind could deny she was attracted to Shae her body couldn’t.

Shae slid into the driver’s seat of the BMW and inhaled Alexus’ perfume. God she smells incredible Shae thought inhaling deeper before starting the engine and moving the BMW to parking before returning to her patrol car. “How are you feeling, sweetie? Are you sure you don’t want to report him?” Shae asked her heart breaking at the hurt Alexus was feeling.

Alexus leaned in and kissed Shae on the cheek and was shocked by the tingling, warm feeling which started at the point of contact and radiated through Alexus’ body and resulted with a familiar warm wetness in her panties. Embarrassed because her kiss on her Shae’s cheek lingered longer than acceptable for a friendly peek; Alexus pulled away leaving Shae blushing and excited for the whole drive back to the police station.

As Shae walked into the waiting area she saw Alexus waiting for her and smiled, how many times had she fantasized that Alexus was hers. She must remember to be on her best behavior when Alexus was in her house tonight, the last thing the pretty doctor needs is a horny, lesbian cop trying to seduce her. Shae took Alexus by the hand and led her out onto the street, “Should we get some Chinese food for dinner?” Shae suggested motioning to the restaurant across the road.

“Can we just order some pizza?” Alexus asked.

“Sounds good, hun,” Shae said leading Alexus to her car and opening the door for her.

The drive to Shae’s house didn’t take long, and Shae let them in and lead them into the lounge room, “Would you like a glass of wine?” Shae asked.

“I would love one so much please,” Alexus answered.

“Red or White?”

“Red, please.”

“Just make yourself comfortable I will order the pizza and get you a glass of wine.” Shae came back into the room with two glasses of wine. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I just don’t know how it all went wrong, we used to be so in love, he used to be so sweet and loving. Lately it’s like we aren’t the same people.” Alexus sobbed.

Shae pulled her close and let her cry it out, “Do you still love him?”

“Honestly, I don’t know anymore.” Alexus said sitting up and looking into Shae’s eyes.

“He doesn’t deserve you Alexus, if you were mine I would give you the world,” Shae whispered, brushing a tendril of hair from her eyes.

Alexus leaned in and kissed Shae tentatively at first then more passionately, and started to undo Shae’s shirt caressing her breast thru it. Shae deepened the kiss and started to unzip Alexus’ dress. Suddenly they jumped as the doorbell rang. Shae did her shirt buttons up as she went and got the pizza. The rest of the night was spent listening to music, drinking wine and eating pizza, neither of them bringing up the make out session.

Shae was tossing and turning in bed, when she first heard, then saw her bedroom door open; she lay still as she saw Alexus’ silhouette in her door. Shae pinched herself and wondered if she was dreaming; She had to be dreaming why would the very beautiful Alexus be in her bedroom dressed only in her underwear in the middle of the night.

Alexus couldn’t believe she was about to seduce a woman, not just a woman a friend; what was she thinking? She was thinking Shae is very beautiful, sweet and loving and she had never felt the way she felt when Shae kissed her earlier. Alexus looked at the sleeping beauty in the bed before her and her heart jumped; excitement ran thru her body and seemed to pool in the wetness serik escort in her panties. Alexus walked into the room and closed the door behind her. Her heart beating so fast and hard that she was sure Shae would hear it and wake up; but the figure on the bed didn’t move. Alexus walked to the bed and crawled under the covers beside Shae, she was excited to find her friend naked, she so badly wanted to run her hands and tongue all over Shae’s delicious body. Alexus leaned over Shae, who was feigning sleep, and kissed her lips softly.

Shae could no longer pretend to be asleep she kissed Alexus back bringing her hands up to imbed in Alexus’ hair and deepen the kiss. The soft kiss became harder, more passionate, Shae’s tongue licked Alexus’ lips until they parted, then dueled passionately with Alexus’ tongue. Shae soon lost control of the kiss when Alexus could no longer contain her excitement and became the aggressor in the kiss; moving completely on top of Shae’s naked body and claimed possession of her mouth. What am I doing? Alexus thought I am supposed to be straight but this feels better than I have ever felt before? I want this, need it, need to make love with Shae more than I have ever needed anyone before.

I can’t believe this was happening, a real life fantasy come true; she feels so good, so right on top of me, her body against mine, Shae thought. But wait Alexus is straight, she has had a traumatic day and I shouldn’t take advantage of her; damn as much as I don’t want to I have to stop this. Grrrrrrr my one chance and I have to do the right thing she better appreciate this.

“Alexus, sweetheart, stop we can’t do this, it’s not right.” Shae said holding Alexus away from her. “As much as I am enjoying this, beautiful, you need to be sure it’s right for you and with what happened to you today and the wine we drank, I think you’re making a mistake.”

“I need this Shae, I need you, I need to feel like only you can make me feel; I know what I am doing this has nothing to do with the wine or Stephen, this is all about what you make me feel. Please, please don’t push me away; I want to feel.” Alexus pleaded.

“Alexus, are you sure?”

“I have never been more certain of anything in my life, Shae. I want this, I want you.”

“Oh god, you don’t know how long I have needed to hear you say that.” Shae rolled Alexus onto her back and slid her hands to her breasts as she kissed Alexus’ mouth passionately; Shae stroked Alexus’ breasts with her hands running her thumb in circles over her nipples. Shae claimed Alexus’ tongue with her mouth and began to suck it, flicking her own tongue against it as she was squeezing Alexus’ nipples.

Alexus’ hands tentatively let her hands caress Shae’s naked back before settling on her firm ripe butt and pulling her closer; Alexus was intoxicated by the incredible sensations she was feeling. She had never felt so aroused in all her life, She wasn’t just wet she was flooding being so close to this beautiful intoxicating woman and feeling her nakedness was almost more then she could handle.

Shae’s hands removed the bra which was containing Alexus’ firm orbs of pleasure and was now caressing the rosy pink hard nipples which stood to attention begging for Shae to ravish them. Shae’s mouth had moved to nibble and suck on Alexus’ neck and ear lobes whispering into Alexus’ ear; “Alexus your so beautiful and you taste amazing I can’t get enough of you.” Nibbling along Alexus’ collarbone, her weak spot, coupled with the now squeezing and tugging of her nipples had Alexus squirming and moaning underneath Shae.

“Oh Shae, oh my god Shae,” Alexus moaned. “That feels so good.”

Shae moved down to place butterfly kisses on Alexus’ nipple her hand sliding between their bodies to stroke Alexus silk clad mound, feeling her soaked panties. Blowing warm breaths on Alexus’ hard nipples, Shae slide her hand below Alexus’ panties and scooped some love juice, she bought it to Alexus’ nipples and painted it on. Shae offered her fingers to Alexus to clean as she sucked and feasted on the cum all over Alexus nipples. “Suck my fingers baby, you know you are my sexy little cunt licker; taste your delicious juice baby.” Shae ran her pussy drenched fingers over Alexus lips until side escort she opened her mouth and sucked on Shae’s finger moaning in pleasure. Shae sucked both nipples hard, flicking them with her tongue as she rubbed Alexus through her silk panties. Alexus pants and moans as she writhes out of control on the bed at the mercy of Shae’s experienced mouth and hands. Shae kissed and nibbled her way down Alexus’ ribs over her tummy and along her pelvic bone.

“Please Shae, Please!” Alexus pleaded, panting and moaning.

“What do you want baby?” Shae asked teasingly smiling into Alexus’ eyes as she nibbled her mound. “This Alexus, is this, what you want?”

“Yes, oh yes Shae, please, please?” Alexus begged as she gripped the bed sheets squirming uncontrollably against Shae.

“Please what, baby? Tell me what you want Alexus, tell me!” Shae demanded.

“Please Shae, please eat my pussy.” Alexus appealed.

“Mmmmmmmmm that’s what I wanted to hear. Is this what you want Alexus?” Shae asked sucking, nipping and scrapping her teeth over Alexus’ womanhood thru her panties.

“YES, YES, OH MY GOD, YES I AM CUMMING!!!!!” Alexus screamed grinding herself against Shae’s face as she exploded and soaked her panties even more. Collapsing exhausted on the bed, Alexus awoke to find Shae sucking her cum out of the panties Alexus was still wearing. The sucking was intoxicating and it didn’t take Alexus long to be turned on again. “Please Shae, Please suck my clit.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” Shae moaned biting onto Alexus’ panties and pulling them down; Shae balled the panties up and shoved them in Alexus’ mouth. “Now be a good girl and suck all of your juices out of your panties for me, it would be sinful to waste such tasty love juice as yours.”

Alexus greedily sucked on the soaked panties as Shae nibbled her way up the inside of first one thigh right to her flooded junction then up the other thigh ignoring the aching flesh. Alexus bucked off the bed trying to push her pussy into Shae’s face. Shae gripped Alexus hips controlling her movements and sucked first one fat, smooth kitty lip and then the other into her mouth. Tracing the slit with her tongue, Shae pushed her tongue between Alexus’ cunt lips and sucking and tonguing all the love juice from her cunt hole. Shae flattened her tongue and lapped at Alexus kitty licking up all the moistness she could before poking Alexus’ love button with her tongue. The engorged clit was just begging to be sucked and Shae didn’t resist long sucking on the clit hard while wiggling her tongue against the exposed love button and scrapping her teeth along the sensitive flesh. Alexus screamed in ecstasy as she thrashed out of control and squirted all over Shae’s face, neck and breasts.

Shae crawled up beside her sated lover and pulled the panties from her mouth before kissing her lovingly. “Mmmmmmm baby you taste amazing.” She said scooping some pussy juice on her finger and sucking it off. “Want to taste baby?”

Alexus didn’t respond just leaned forward and licked the cum off of Shae’s breasts; sucking on her nipples.

“Mmmmmmm, oh Alexus” Shae moaned.

Alexus looked into her eyes and said, “Shae I need to make you feel like you made me feel but I don’t know how so please tell me if I do something wrong.”

Shae pulled Alexus up so she could kiss her passionately “Baby you can’t do anything wrong, nothing done out of love can hurt. Just do what you enjoy having done to you. Alexus, sweety you know you don’t need to do this.”

“I want to Shae, I need to please you.” Alexus kissed and licked her way down Shae’s body. Stroking her smooth, wet pussy. “I want to taste you.” Shae put her hand in Alexus’ hair and pulled her face into Shae’s pussy. Alexus tentatively tasted Shae’s womanhood, “mmmmmmmmm, Shae you taste so good.”

“Oh Alexus, please suck my clit.” Shae moaned.

Alexus pounced on Shae’s nub with her mouth and sucked the swollen clit, grazing it with her teeth and poking it with her tongue. Shae bucked under her mouth and Alexus probed her love hole with one finger sliding into her wetness, first one finger then two. Sucking Shae’s clit hard and fast stroking her fingers in and out of Shae’s cunt pounding harder and faster until Shae squealed as an amazing orgasm racked her body. Alexus crawled up beside her and kissed her. Their naked bodies entwined.

“Did you enjoy that baby?”

“Mmmmmmm are you sure you haven’t done that before?”

“I’m sure,” Alexus giggled and kissed Shae as they feel asleep holding each other tight.

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