Sister Act Ch. 01

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Sister Act, Part 1 Sandra moves in

The best thing Dave ever did for me was invite his sister to live with us. He was shocked when he came home from work early one day, and discovered us together in bed.

I heard a gasp and then him saying “Holy Shit! I can’t believe this.!” Sandra fled from our bedroom to hers; I faced Dave alone.

“Don’t make such a big fuss,” I said. “That was just a little experimentation, the kind most girls try at some point. Come to bed and make love to me.”

He grumbled but he joined me after I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and led him to the bed. The sex one-sided, a duty I performed to satisfy Dave; it didn’t do anything for me. I sucked his cock and got him to come, to make up for what he had just witnessed between me and his sister. I lay there after he fell asleep, wondering how to make it better. Dave had gotten his rocks off, but I was frustrated as hell.

It never got better for me. He fucked me or had me suck him to orgasm, but he did nothing for me in return. When I complained, he called me a slut and not worthy of him, lucky that he hadn’t divorced me. The last straw was his demand that I get on my knees and beg him to stay! I’d finally had it with Dave and told him to move out, because the house was in my name. He had no choice – good riddance!

That was the end of our marriage, but I didn’t care. Sandra and I have been quite happy together ever since.

It all started when Dave’s family came to Long Island, from Minneapolis, to meet me before the wedding. Sandy is a good-looking natural blond, not painted with layers of cosmetics, like most women in the New York area. And, as I found later, she’s blond all over.

After we got married, Sandy asked Dave if she could come stay with us, while she looked for a job. I was reluctant at first because newly weds need their privacy. We got naked, watched triple-X videos, and often wound up fucking on the floor: standard behavior for a a couple immersed in sexual exploration.

Finally, I gave in to Dave. “OK, she can stay with us until she finds a job. Sandy can use antalya escort the small bedroom.”

“Great!” he said. “Sandy likes you a lot and is looking forward to staying here.”

“She said that she likes me?”

“Yep, and she thinks you’re attractive.”

I didn’t say anything in return, but an image of a tall naked blond licking my pussy and sucking my tits arose in my mind. What the hell was that all about? I’d had the usual mild flirtations with women in my sorority at LIU, but nothing serious.

In the week before Sandy arrived on a flight at JFK, I bought really attractive lingerie at Victoria’s Secret.

I didn’t model the bras, panties, and thongs for Dave, but stood in front of the full-length mirror set into the bathroom door, smiling at the brunette with firm breasts, who smiled back at me. That woman stroked her breasts with a loving hand. Then she rubbed her crotch and started to breathe heavily. God, that was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen and felt, watching myself play with my pussy!

But it wasn’t over yet. The slut pulled the thong aside and fingered her mound. My/her juices started to flow. Then she spread her legs apart and touched her clit, gently at first and then with more intensity. I couldn’t hold back any longer and achieved orgasm. How sweet it was!

I was so aroused by the afternoon masturbation that I got on top of Dave that night, lowered myself onto his dick, and fucked the hell out of him. He seemed stunned by my aggressive sex but was damn happy to get fucked. Of course, he had no clue that I’d been inspired by his sister.

Sandy and I kissed as she got off the plane. It must have seemed quite innocent to Dave, but the pressure of her lips on mine felt stronger than ought to happen between sisters-in-law. I wondered if she felt the same way about me and was determined to find out. What if I was imagining how she felt about me? No harm, I figured, just disappointment that she wasn’t interested in me.

The next day was a typical August scorcher. I suggested at breakfast that I and Sandy go to the beach.

“Hey kemer escort Beth,” Dave said, “that’s a good idea. Too bad I have to work today, or I’d go along to the beach.”

She smiled at me across the table, and asked, with an innocent smile, “Can you help me shop for a bathing suit, sis?”

“Sure, we’ll go the mall and pick up a suit for you. Then it’s off to the beach.”

We picked some bathing suits off the racks at “Sweet Nothings”, and went to a changing room in back. “Get your clothes off,” I said, “and we’ll see how these fit.”

“Lock the door,” she replied.

After locking the door, I turned and watched her strip.

Sandy was nonchalant, very much at ease as she took off her clothes. She had a firm beautiful body, with small breasts and long legs.

“Do you think my tits are too small?” she said.

“No, they’re small but beautiful and firm. You have a great body. Let me hold you.”

She stood there as I approached, held her in my arms, and kissed her. “Hmm, that’s nice,” she said.

“This is even nicer,” I said, after kneeling and kissing her pussy.

She pulled me up to my feet after that, and then she knelt down in front of me, pulled my panties down, and returned the favor. She made love to my aroused clit with her tongue.

“God, you’re a hot bitch!” I whispered. She winked at me, and nodded ‘yes’. Definitely a hot bitch.

We didn’t get to the beach that day. Sandy and I drove back to the house and spent the rest of the afternoon making love. At one point I had her get on the bed on all fours, and used my tongue on the crack in her ass.

“I can’t believe what you did,” she said. Nobody has done that to me before.”

“Did you like it?’

“I *loved* it.”

“You’ll love many other things, dear. I have a strap-on in my room and I’ll use that to fuck you. How about it?”

“A strap-on? Do you use that on Dave?”

“Yeah, he likes it up the ass.”

“Amazing! Are you going to fuck me in the ass?”

“In your ass, in your pussy, wherever.”

“Sounds marvelous. konyaaltı escort What about Dave?”

“I don’t give a shit about him. Your brother is a a lousy lover. Dave sticks his dick into my pussy, then he pushes in and out until he comes. The only thing he wants from me is a blow job. You taste much better than him, dear. Does that excite you?”

She reached behind me and unhooked my bra, pulling her hands up my back onto my shoulders, to slip the straps down my arms.

“Yes,” she said. I’ll spread my legs for you. I want you to lick my cunt, making me wetter than I am already. I’ll masturbate too, rubbing with my fingers, then with my vibrator, thinking of your slender heat above me. Would you like to see me masturbate?”

“You’re driving me crazy with talk about masturbation. I’ll watch you, while you watch me. Does your brother know you talk and act this way?”

“Forget about Dave; he’s a loser. If you turn the right way, Beth dear, I can suck your pussy while you lick me. I’ll pull lightly on your labia, stretching and pulling your lips and making you want to fuck my face. Sit on my face, Beth, and grind your need onto my mouth.” We moved to the bed and made love until we were satiated. I held her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep. That’s the way Dave found us when he blundered into the bedroom.

After Dave left, I stayed in the apartment, and Sandy stayed with me. I used the vibrator on her and she used it on me. One day Sandy asked me about that triple-X videos that I’d been watching with Dave. I pulled them out, and we watched them together. That felt weird: watching dirty videos with my sister-in-law. Sandy got hot when watching steamy action involving sex toys. I reacted the same way when we cuddled together on the couch, watching the tapes. Viewing triple-X tapes improved our sex life immensely.

“Have you ever been whipped and had clamps put on your nipples?” she asked me one day.

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Beth, I want to try that, with you. Are you game?”

At first I was shocked by the question. But I figured ‘What the hell, why not?’. She was more than willing, and so was I.

What happened after we bought sex toys and brought them home is another story.

* * * * * *

Copyright 2003 by Krista . This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author.

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