Something in the Air

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The night that it became more than a friendship with Stacia, there was something in the air…

It’s such an enormous cliché, but there really was something in the air that night. There I was, sitting across from the woman I desired more than any other, in a romantic restaurant, enjoying the evening over good food and some wonderful warm smiles. At one point Stacia even leaned over and pressed my thigh with her warm, delicate, hands, emphasizing the passion of something that she was saying. A few inches further up and she might have discovered my own passion.

We’d known each other for years, friends, confidants, close enough to almost be family, but never lovers. Stacia went to college with my best buddy and me, marrying him just after graduation. I was jealous, sure, but she was the same smiling friend to me and sometimes you just have to accept something for what it is and enjoy what you’ve got. Sure, I wanted all of her, but I loved what I had.

Over the years we kept in touch and were the best of friends. When her marriage failed she remained close and didn’t worry about me taking sides. Occasionally we’d meet when out lives took us to the same city at the same time, but we mostly talked on the phone and swapped jokes by e-mail. When I called her and said that I would be in Chicago on business for a couple of days she invited me to stay over the weekend. “Crash here, it’ll be a bunch of fun.”

It was a bunch of fun, walking around the city, taking a cruise on the lake, dinner at the perfect restaurant… all that was missing was being able to touch her like a lover, kiss her, tell her what I felt. I enjoyed the day, but was frustrated to be with such a gorgeous creature and not be able to just take her in my arms and… well, just take her.

Sitting opposite her vibrant and lovely face over dinner was torturous. Seeing those expressive indigo eyes light up as we joked and talked of our futures and feeling her fingers rest on my hand as I confided the sad story of my latest relationships demise was wonderful. Stacia cared. As I sipped the last of my wine and waited for the check I decided that I had to say something. In my eyes she was perfect, and no moment felt better, so despite the risk, I had to say something.

As we walked back to her apartment I felt the nervousness of the moment rise. How could I break out of our “friends” mode and tell Stacia how much I wanted her? Even when she grasped my arm as we walked along the sidewalk, still I couldn’t quite figure out away to broach the subject.

“Did you know I’ve been thinking about taking up Yoga?” She laughed as we opened the door and burst into her apartment.

“Did you know I’ve been thinking about how much I want to make love with you?” I blurted out behind her.

Stacia turned and smiled at me. “You are so lovely.” She took my hands in hers, lifted them up and squeezed them in a gesture that felt like a friend supporting me in my quest. Her face inclined to one side. “You know, I think I did know that, and I was just thinking that it would be a great way to finish off this weekend.”

I followed her into the kitchen, my heart now pounding and my mind racing through a replay of her words, making sure that I’d got the correct message from her matter-of-fact tone. She poured a large glass of water and gulped at it as she turned towards me. “You want anything?” she asked as I noticed the perfect lip imprint made on the glass by her seductive pink lipstick.

“No thanks.” I walked straight into her arms and pulled her tight to me. I could smell the coconut shampoo on her dark brown hair as I nuzzled the soft skin of her neck and felt the warmth of her body press back to me.

“You’ll never know how much I’ve wanted this,” she whispered to me. If it was anything like how I wanted her, I already knew.

I eased up on our hug and took in her face before I leant forwards and kissed her. Her lips opened and I tasted her, sweet and hot with a hint of wine, as our tongues slowly touched and explored each other. I felt her leg come up, wrap around me and pull my thigh tight to her as her hands wandered my back with slow erotic movements that willed me to extend the kiss and probe harder with my tongue.

We were smiling broadly when we backed away to see each other. I saw those wonderful bright blue eyes shine and wondered at the perfection of the skin on her nose and cheeks as I saw them from closer than ever. I brought my hand up to touch her cheek and watched as she closed her eyes and leant against my fingers, soaking up the energy in our emotive touching.

“This should be special,” Stacia said softly as I traced my finger along her bottom lip. “Get us a couple of drinks and come into the bedroom in a few minutes. She kissed me again before she left, drawing her hand along my thigh, past my hip and onto my chest. I let my hands fall to the top of her beautiful ass before she turned around and I got to watch it walk towards the bedroom.

The pendik escort next few minutes were filled with the most incredible sexual tension and anticipation I’ve known. Not knowing what Stacia was doing, not knowing how long I should wait and not wanting to mess the moment, I fiddled around in the refrigerator, adjusted the huge hard on in my pants and poured two large drinks. Fortunately, the exquisite torture was short-lived as I heard some music playing in the bedroom. Taking a glass in each hand I swallowed some of the tension away and set off.

Stacia was sitting up on her bed when I got there. I placed the glasses on the bedside table quickly as the sight before me could easily distract me to the point of not knowing what I was holding, never mind where I was. She wore a thin pink negligee that covered a tiny matching g-string and nothing else. Stacia’s legs extended down the bed looking long and athletic. Her breasts filled their space in the negligee and her perfect dark nipples were visible through the material. Her smile was more demure now, but there was no doubting that she was inviting me into her bed.

“You look stunning,” I said as I eased myself onto the bed. “Would you like me to rub your shoulders? Take away any stress from today.”

“That would be nice.” She turned away from me and presented her slim back. “I’m not too tense, but a shoulder massage is always good.”

I started to massage her shoulders with my fingers and willed myself to relax. Most of my body complied, but my aching cock was bursting at the front of my jeans. Through the sheer material of her negligee Stacia’s skin felt soft as I worked my fingers all around her shoulder blades, neck and collarbone. I let my hands trace around the corner of her shoulders and down to the exposed skin of her arms. Once back working on her shoulders, I reached both hands down past her collarbone and down to ease over the curves of her breasts, finally cupping them firmly in my hands.

“I think you might need a lesson in anatomy.” Stacia sighed. “That isn’t my shoulders.”

“I know.” I spoke through my smile. “But it’s so hard to resist you in this negligee.” Suddenly, it seemed like everything was hard.

“You’ve got too many clothes on.” She playfully pushed me away, following me onto the edge of the bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Stacia reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. She pulled the bottom of the shirt out of my jeans to get at the last button, stood up to ease the shirt off my shoulders and let her hands wander across my chest as she playfully flicked her tongue at my excited nipples. I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair as she started to unbuckle my belt. Unable to resist the he wonderful breasts, I reached down and cupped one as it fell down with her leaning forward. It felt heavy in my hand and her nipple was hard and jutting against the delicate lace of her negligee. I twisted the nipple gently between two fingers and felt her pause pulling down my zipper as the pleasure ran through her.

Stacia slipped out of my hand as she pulled down my jeans and held them close to the floor while I stepped out of them. “These too,” she laughed as she pulled off my socks. Then she came back to sit on the bed and face the obvious bulge in my briefs.

She let the tips of her fingers explore the contours of my erection through the dark cotton that was visibly twitching. I sighed as she continued her exploration down to my balls and back up the length of my shaft. “Mmmmmm,” she hummed, concentrating on the movement of her hand, “this feels gorgeous. Would it like to come out and play?”

I nodded. Words were getting tough.

Stacia did everything at the perfect speed, slow enough to keep the anticipation crackling and fast enough to keep the edge of my excitement at its highest. She pulled away my briefs and let me spring free while I stepped out of them and she brought both hands up to work on my bulging cock. She wrapped one hand tightly around my shaft and let the other hand take all of my balls and rub them.

I looked down to see her smiling up at me and delighting in the pleasure she was giving. I noticed that a healthy drop of pre-come had oozed out of me. I don’t have the biggest cock on the planet, but it’s always been adequate and as Stacia played with my seven inches I noted that my girth was as much as I’d ever felt and that her soft hands were moving like experts in the art of my pleasure.

I tried to ease her back onto the bed but she resisted. “It’s okay.” She looked up reassuringly. “It’ll be fine, this’ll help for later.” Then she pulled my cock towards her and took the head into her mouth.

Her tongue ran along the top of my head and then down around the rim as one hand stroked and the other tickled the underside of my balls. When she opened her mouth again there was a saliva trail from the tip of me back into her mouth. She took me deeper, coating me more with her mouth’s maltepe escort wetness and stroking me slowly and firmly as she withdrew her mouth. This time she let her tongue flick the head of my cock several times before taking me back into her mouth.

Stacia gently played with me inside her mouth with an active tongue and stroked my balls with an increasing pressure. I felt the fire start somewhere around my toes. Stacia seemed to feel this as my balls started to retract and she stroked them with her thumb while her fingers wrapped around them. Her hand barely moved, twisting my shaft as her mouth washed me and teased the coming orgasm from me. My muscles tensed and my breathing almost stopped. By the time the heat of the moment reached my groin Stacia was licking the tip of my cock with her tongue and pulling my shaft from around the rim.

My first spurt of come rammed against her tongue and splattered between us, my second caught the edge of her mouth and the next two flew over her shoulder somewhere. The intensity of the moment was nothing short of shattering as she continued her subtle work on my cock and balls, extending the moment to last longer than I’d ever experienced.

It was impossible for me to do anything but collapse on the bed, drained and high on the climax. Stacia moved to me as I lay there, still with her hand on my cock, until she straddled me. “I take it you enjoyed?” She smirked down at me.

“I did. That was so awesome,” I panted.

“Yes,” she said smugly, “not a bad start to the night.”

As my strength returned I reached up and take her breasts in my hands, noticing again how excited her nipples were. It was hard to mistake the heat coming from her pubic area as she squirmed on my belly. I pinched her nipples through the negligee and Stacia closed her eyes as the pleasure ran through her. She reached down and pulled the flimsy garment over her head so I could feel her skin unrestricted. I pushed up on her breasts and rolled the nipples in my fingers as she smiled at me in encouragement.

I eased her off me and onto the bed so that I could look down and continue my play with her wonderful nipples. I stooped and sucked hungrily on one then the other, feeling their hardness in my mouth and savoring the sweet scent of whatever Stacia had used in the shower that day. Much as I was enjoying this, I had resisted my urges enough; it was time to find her pussy.

As she lay prone I sat up and ran my fingers around and under her pink g-string that was trimmed with lace at the edges. “Oh my, that’s nice.” She gasped as my finger found a strip of her pubic stubble. It felt like she was shaved apart from a thin strip, but I prolonged the agony of discovery while I pressed the front of her panties. The heat was easy to feel, as were the outlines of her swollen pussy lips and a growing wet patch that confirmed her excitement.

I pulled away the g-string and revealed her pussy. Shaved but for the half-inch trimmed strip that ran from the top of her slit upwards, her pussy lips were glistening and ripe. “You are beautiful.” I whispered to her.

“I taste good too,” she giggled. Not that I needed any encouragement.

When I was close enough to smell her heat I ran a finger along her opening and let it slip inside her, easily and delicately. As I slowly pushed and pulled my finger in and out of her soaking pussy I reached up and tweaked on her nipples one after the other, making her writhe in pleasure. Stacia opened her legs and drew up her knees as she submitted her body to me. I looked down and marveled at the sight of my hand working her slick pussy, her lips naturally opened wide by her flushed excitement and eagerly pushing against my finger as it penetrated her.

I eased her down the bed and positioned myself below her so I could get my head between her legs. As I lowered my tongue to taste her I was so excited by the prospect of making her climax that my semi-hard cock began to twitch back to full readiness. Starting at the bottom of her slit, I licked gently up and down her lips before I flicked my tongue across the bud of her clit. I felt her shiver and ran my hand along the outside of her thigh, my fingertips teasing her hyper-sensitive skin.

With every lap of my tongue Stacia was squirming and gasping. I repeatedly probed as deep as I could into her pussy, licked her with my tongue coated with her juices and went back to teasing her. I managed to work my other hand close to her pussy and pushed my index finger as far around inside her as I could. As I gently moved my finger inside her and delicately flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue I felt her pelvic area rise off the bed as her muscles tensed and she neared climax.

As she tensed more and stared moaning I slowed my finger and tongue, teasing the biggest orgasm out of her that I could.

She gave a final surge upwards, gasped, “Oh God” and then collapsed on the bed with sex juices running out of kartal escort her and down my hand. I gently rubbed her pussy while she came down and looked up to see her panting and smiling at me.

“Come up here,” she urged with open arms.

I slid up the bed and fell into the welcoming arms of my new lover and we pulled each other tight. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” I smirked at her as she planted several small kisses on my lips.

“I’m betting it’s about as long as I have.” Stacia reached down and gave my erection a squeeze as her tongue darted between my lips. “Looks like we have some catching up to do.”

“I can go for that.” I laughed and knelt up on the bed to look down at her.

Stacia knelt up, looking at me intensely and testing my hardness with a hand that already seemed to like being close to my cock. I started to play with her breasts again, testing their weight and twisting the nipples. We kissed and I felt her hand reach as far around my back and down between my legs as she could, far enough to touch the back of my balls. I tested the firmness of her ass with a squeeze and then eased my hand around to find her sopping wet pussy, eager for my fingers again.

We stayed there, kneeling in front of each other, me fondling her breasts and pussy, her massaging my cock and balls, for the longest time. Then we started giggling as the tension in our lovemaking relaxed.

“If you keep playing with that, it’ll go off again you know.” I looked down as she softly stroked me.

“I’ll make it go off if you don’t put it inside me soon,” she smirked.

“Maybe you should do something about that then,” I challenged.

Stacia was up to the challenge. She pushed my chest firmly and made me lie back on the bed. Then she straddled me and held my cock vertically as she positioned herself over it. I watched as she held me and how eager she was to have me inside her, pleasing her.

When she slid down my length I felt the red hot walls of her pussy clamp around me. Her wetness was evident in the silky feeling of her slipping over me, but she also felt tight and hungry as she tried to settle my cock as deep as it would go. I reached up and held her breasts again, kneading them back into her as she eased herself up and down for the first few strokes.

“I guess I should’ve asked if you wanted to fuck my brains out years ago.” She reached back to pull on my balls.

“I guess.” I closed my eyes as she settled me deep inside her again.

I started to finger her clit as she rode up and down on me, letting my fingers pinch between us as she pushed down on me with each stroke. There was pleasure all over her face as she smiled and pulled on her nipple with one hand. She had been right about one thing, coming early with her made it easier to stay with her while we made love.

“God you feel good.” She grimaced as she increased her pace for a few strokes. I’d never realized Stacia was so athletic as she thrust up and down, pinning my shoulders hard into the bed while she used her hips to pull herself off me then let her sweet pussy slide all the way down again.

I eased her off and indicated that she might like to see what I felt like from behind. Stacia turned away from me on her hands and knees and pushed her ass high so I could see the target. I couldn’t take my eyes off that swollen, dripping, pussy as I eased over to her. With my cock in my hand I guided the tip carefully into her hole and slipped inside easily.

The first few long strokes I made into her were divine. Stacia used her pussy to incredible effect as she gripped me, her wetness still making it a smooth ride for me as I thrust into her after I’d almost pulled the head of my cock out of her each time. I held her hips and pulled her towards me with each stroke, looking down at my firm cock as it disappeared to the hilt into her and increased my pleasure with every push. It sounded like she was doing pretty good on my long strokes too.

“God that feels good. I love you inside me.”

Just hearing her say those words raised my temperature. Feeling that I still had at least some control over my body, I reached forward and started to let her nipple rub along my fingers as it swayed underneath her as she swayed against me. With my other hand I reached down and found the swollen bud of her clit. She was really getting close. I heard her gasp, “Oh fuck” as I played with her.

Feeling her clit and nipple with my hands, coupled with the inside of her pussy around my cock, I could feel I was about to come and slowed down my strokes and made them shorter. I wanted Stacia right with me, so I concentrated on massaging her clit while she ground against me. When I heard a low moan from her I knew she was with me so I lengthened my strokes and started to relax and encourage my climax.

Stacia continued to tense and lowered her shoulders so she could reach back and feel my length slipping into her. As her fingertips touched my balls I felt the deep stirrings of another huge orgasm start in my belly. Stacia was panting heavily and moaning with each new stroke as I twisted her nipple and rubbed her clit a little faster. “Come now baby,” she breathed. “Come for me now.”

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