Sweet Hot Fuck Part 1

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She’s smiling at me again; she’s always smiling at me. It’s not one of those, polite, just being nice, artificial smiles, but one of those giant, beaming, sparkling smiles. I just thought to myself, she must be a really nice person.

It took me a while to pick up on it; I didn’t catch on to it right away. I thought she was just trying to be nice, polite and friendly to the new girl in the office. She’s very pretty, some striking features about her, a fierce chiseled face, razor sharp looks, very clean looking, and very young. I can appreciate that, but not necessarily my flavor of girl.

She’s one of those girls; some dipshit college guy would call hot. And that’s just not my flavor. I prefer a little bit of uniqueness and depth, something beyond the surface, something beyond hot. She was too…middle of the road typical, cheerleader type, sorority girl, nothing unique, just hot. Pretty, but nothing I found unique or significant.

I really never took her for being a queen, or even had considered it, until I started noticing that bright, beaming smile popping up in front of me all the time. And noticing she would coincidentally find herself at the copy machine or the sample room at the same time as me, even in the ladies room. Finding myself questioning, what was her intention, what’s going on with this girl?

Finally, I picked up on what she was doing. She was throwing signals out at me. Curious…about me. Someone, clearly 10 years older than she was, showing me she was willing to throw signals out, come after me, time and time again. I guess you could say I’m kind of naïve when it comes to picking up on signals from girls. You really have to spell it out for me, and she did. Who knows how long she’d been at it before I started picking up on it.

She’s a marathon runner, but she still has a sexy body. She’s not one of those hard bodied, no period having, extremist ultra-marathoners. She’s just really tight bodied and firm. Still a very feminine body, just tight, young, and firm. I would put her at 25, no more beyond that. Really fucking beautiful. Sandy, fawn colored hair, to her waist. 5’6″, sharp sparkling eyes, big smile, sun kissed skin, sugary.

I’m just shocked she picked me out the crowd though, I am not a cheerleader, I am not a sorority girl. Bi…myself, single, mid 30’s, 5’9,” lean and mean, somewhat of a tough guy, a punk kid with a smart mouth. Still very much a woman, very fem, very attractive, but you have to look closely when it comes to me.

And she just became superhot to me. This little sweetheart, is a little bi-curious closet, freak flag. Perfect. Willing to cast signals at me at work. Trying to talk to me at work, smiling at me at work. Prospecting! Holy fuck…she just became superhot to me.

I never considered myself full blown queen, but definitely have an eye for the female form and certainly catch myself admiring and appreciating curves and female beauty. And with that being said, I used to get girl on girl action in my early 20’s and I loved it. The softness of a woman’s body, her breast, the gentleness of her, a woman’s body next a woman’s body…is nothing short of heaven. But really, nothing since being in my 30’s. However, finding myself admiring beauty from afar, never acting on anything though.

Nonetheless, I get it. She had to hit me upside the head with it, but I get it. And I started making more conversation with her at work, being a little friendlier, smiling at her more. I liked where this was going. She’s so fucking sweet; I can’t get over how sugary sweet she is, Jesus Christ. And this little freak flag, likes me. I’m just caught off guard by it. But I’m definitely going to ride it through to see where it goes, because curiosity is bugging the hell out of me at this point.

Weeks go by with the same interaction. The same big smiles passing each other at work, no real big moves though. How could I be sure anyway, right? Maybe I was reading into something a little too much. And after all, we are at work, not really much you can do in the way of sniffing it out.

Friday arrives and I catch wind that a group of girls from work are going to have drinks and they do invite the new girl. Perfect. The perfect opportunity to hash out the work week with some of these faces I’ve been sitting alongside with over the last several months. I’m really looking forward to it, being the newest addition to our sales team.

The end of the day is nearing and people start to pack up and head home for the weekend. Our group of about 6 girls congregates at the elevators, making small talk, waiting for any last stragglers, and who comes around the partition? It’s her. That little juicy sweet fucking queen.

I smirk and scoff to myself. This is perfect. My eyes dart and stare over at her as she and another girl approach us. I make sure she sees me, staring at her. She caught it. Okay, let’s see what she’s made out of.

We hit the elevators mecidiyeköy escort and exit the building. We make our way to a couple places near our office. And end up at a martini bar. Not exactly my style, and I’ve already decided, this will be my last stop, before I catch my cab home.

I’ve had a great time, getting to know my new coworkers, getting a little sauced on Friday night, hashing it outside of the office. All mid 20’s to mid-30’s aged girls.

And how about my little hot sweet fuck? No moves from her all night. I’m a little surprised, I expected something from her, afterall, she started this. But I’m definitely leaving the ball in her court. She knows where to find me, and if she wants to finish it…she’s going to have to come to me.

And my one drink finished, that’s it for me. Calling it a night. I’m really surprised she never made her move. I haven’t really spoken with her all night. I pretty much stuck to the 30-something girls and she stuck with the 20-something girls. Our eyes making occasional contact, but nothing solid developed. It’s getting a little late, for work drinks, I’m not willing to stall any longer, I’m ready to go. I pay our waitress and start with my goodbyes to these girls.

Saying, “We need to do this again.”

Someone shouting, “Lunch!”

Another, “Have a good weekend!”

Another, “Bye, Kat!” “Seeee yoooo!”

And other goodbye sentiments. Realizing as I’m leaving, some girls obviously getting a little more sauced than others. But I’m off and I’m out, one last stop in the ladies room before I catch my cab home. And as I walk into the bathroom, away from the noisy bar, I’m realizing I’m glad I stopped drinking when I did. I’m feeling pretty good.

I paused in the mirror, to take a look at myself. I still look sober. I’m good. And satisfied with my own approval and decision to cut it when I did, I proceed to one of the stalls. I hear the bathroom door open, someone else enters the bathroom. I exit my stall, and walk up to the vanity, around the corner, there she is, it’s her. She’s standing there, staring at me, smiling again.

I smile back and say, “Hi, you.”

“Hi,” She replies.

I lean over the sink and begin washing my hands. I make small talk with her, as I’m washing.

“Hey how’s your night going?”

She’s leaning close into the mirror, touching up her lip gloss, slightly bent over the vanity counter, wearing a mid-thigh lengthed A-line skirt. As she bends toward the mirror, the hem of her skirt lifts up the back of her leg. It’s a little short for the office, in my opinion, I’m sure some of those young dipshit guys we work with would disagree with me, but she manages to pull it off tastefully. She’s pretty smokin’ hot, looking like a school girl in a white oxford collared shirt, tucked into her skirt.

I reach to dry my hands and she turns around to face me and sits her ass on the countertop. She opens her legs, spreading them apart and just stares at me, swinging her legs back and forth. I knew it. She is a little fucking queen. I didn’t say anything to her, I’m just staring, watching her, seeing what she’ll do next. She widens her legs, spreading them even further apart this time, pulling up her skirt to her hips, I can see her panties, creamy ivory lace. Sweet and innocent. Next to her sun kissed firm thighs, her skin is glistening.

Still watching.

She hops down from the countertop and turns around. She sees me in the reflection of the mirror and motions me to come closer to her. She grabs the edge of the countertop and bends over sticking her ass out toward me. I stand there for a moment, admiring her trim ass and tight thighs under her skirt and then I grasp her hips. I lean in close to her, pull her hair away from her ear, and whisper,

“I knew you were a little fucking slut.”

She looks at me in the reflection, grinning and biting her lower lip, wagging her hips back and forth. I bounce her hips off of my pubic bone a couple times and run my hand up her back, grabbing hold of her shoulder to pull her down firmly on to my imaginary cock. And then grab her at her hips, holding her there, rocking her hips up and down on my pelvis. She looks at me in the reflection, pouty faced, yearning for more. I have this little fucking queen panting. Perfect.

“I think you should come over,” I said to her.

“Yea,” She nods her head up and down in silence.

We couldn’t leave together though. I didn’t want anyone to see us. So I gave her my address and I left first. She said she would be right over and she was. I no sooner set down my purse and slipped off my heels and my buzzer was going off. I buzzed her up and met her at the door.

“That was quick.”

“I know…I had somewhere to be,” she flirted back.

I looked her up and down as she stood in the doorway. Such a sexy little frame, wow. I took her by merter escort the hand and lead her to the kitchen, I poured her a glass of wine and we strolled back to my bedroom. She immediately set her glass down and began pulling down her panties, letting them fall to the floor, then stepping out of them. I stood there for a moment, watching.

I walked toward her and stooped down to pick up her panties from the floor, and put them up to my nose. My eyes locked on to her, breathing them in, their moist. I feel the dampness next to my lips. She’s smells like a rose.

“Yummy,” I said, as I raise my eyebrows in pleasant delight.

She climbs into my bed, making herself comfortable, stretching out, hair, falling down around her. She’s so fucking young. She has to his playful quality to her, wide eyed and adventurous. I climb onto the foot of the bed, her feet near my waist, perpendicular to her. She pulls her legs up, and crosses one over the other, skirt falling down her thighs. I can see her sweet little sugary pussy. These beautiful full ripe lips. Clean-shaved, and tight. Jesus Christ.

She’s swinging her crossed leg up and down, bouncing and rocking the bed a little bit as she swings her leg. Taunting me, as if to signal, come and get it. She’s really fucking cute, and not shy at all. But just really, really sweet. I dig it. She’s not some overanxious, bouncing off the wall, overzealous, premature ejaculation, dude; she’s a smooth operator, well beyond her years. I can’t stop staring at her well-manicured pussy. These bulging flushed full lips. I look up at her and she’s staring at me. She caught me.

“Yea I’m staring.”

A huge smile stretches across her face and she giggles. I’m big on boundaries and respecting a person’s body. I would never take liberties with another person’s body, not without their permission, especially when it comes to a woman’s womb, this is sacred ground, you don’t play games here. So I ask her permission.

“May I…?”

With a naughty smirk, lifting up her chin, she grants me permission…”Yes.”

I can’t wait to taste that sugary sweet pussy. Suck on those full lips, pluck that sugary little clit. Taste her. Fuck her. Jesus, God.


I inch up the bed closer to her. And slide my hand in between her legs, running my hand up and down the outsides of her thighs. Her skin and legs are so tight and firm. I run my hands up to her knees and gently pry them apart. She obliges and uncrosses her legs, I pull them apart; she lets them fall to the bed, revealing her sweet little sugary pussy.

I run my hands up and down the insides of her thighs and graze across her little flower. She’s getting hot, warming up. She inhales and lets out a long exhale. She stretches out her arms overhead…an invitation, a permission slip from my little school girl, I’m free to roam her body. I bring my hands up her waist, untuck her blouse and begin unbuttoning, beneath…an ivory lace bra, I reach around her ribcage to unclasp, revealing her breasts.

Plump, full B’s, we’re about the same size. She is so sweet. I move my hands to cup both of her breasts, circling and rolling her little nipples between my thumb and fore finger. She really likes that. I take turns, between sucking on her nipples, and finger rolling those sweet little candy nipples. Her chest rising and falling heavily.

I run my hands back down her waist and rise up to my knees, slipping out of my dress and unclasping my bra. She watches as I step out of my clothing. She sits up and starts rubbing my tittles vigorously, sucking my nipples, and squeezing. I’m seated on my knees, she reaches down and starts rubbing on my little cunt on the outside of my panties.

“Mm mm…that feels nice, baby”

I take her face in my hands and lock on to her mouth. I can’t resist her little sweet titties, milking and massaging them. I instruct her to lay back.

“I want that pussy on my face,” I told her.

Shyly, she says “Okay,” with a grin.

And lays back. I take my hands to her knees and run them between her thighs, up to her sweet little bloom; I take my thumbs and run them up and down the outside contour of her labia. Up and down several times, then spreading her apart, revealing this beautiful, ripe, fleshy pink, hot wet pussy.

“Jesus, look how wet you are.”

“I can’t help it,” She said, “I get really wet,” In defense, as if what I had implied was a bad thing.

“I see that.”

As I have her opened up and staring at this pulsing pussy in front of me, I begin to lightly blow on her. Circling her vulva and labia with my tongue. And then backing off to lightly blow and breathe on her pussy. With my mouth open wide, centimeters from her pussy, breathing and lightly exhaling.

She loves it.

“OOOO…,” She lets out. “OOOO…UUHUUUU…OOOO…” Sounding and toning…long…and deep love tones.

She nişantaşı escort loves it.

She tastes amazing, the sweetest little pussy ever, next to mine. I run my hands around the underneath side of her ass and leave them, one palming each cheek. Burying my face in her sweet love hole. That tight, clean shaven young little pussy. Like eating the sugary pink flesh of a watermelon, juicy and ripe. Fuck. Licking up and down her labia, making circles around the outside of her hole with my tongue. Finally plucking her little swollen clit with my tongue. Licking that pussy, tongue fucking that pussy, rubbing that little pussy, making her purr, for me.

Plunging my thumb in her tight little pussy, she’s really tight and little. Making massaging circles with my thumb on the outside of her cunt hole. Plunging and massaging circles, plunging again. Sucking her clit. She’s really squirming and getting off, eyes closed, head tilted back, touching her own breasts. Skirt around her waist.

I reposition myself to lie next to her, on my side; she’s still lying on her back. Legs spread open, fully exposing her pussy. She wants my tongue. I bring my mouth to her, and just barely stick out the tip of my tongue, and hold it in front of her, teasing her with it. Making her come to me, she jumps toward me, latches her tongue onto mine. Licking and sucking her juices clean from my tongue and mouth.

Still mouthing her. I reach down between her legs, her pussy is so sopping wet. This little sweet hot fuck, with the base of my palm to her pubic bone, begin massaging my fingers in circles on the outside of her swollen plump pussy, holding her labia together, but pressing down firmly, intervals of gently spanking and slapping her naughty wet pussy. She’s biting her lower lip, nibbles across her own lip. She’s really fucking hot. I lean across her, sucking on those little nipples. Sucking really hard, nibbling them between my teeth and plucking them with my tongue.

Her breathing becomes progressively heavier and arrhythmic, her body begins twitching and trembling. She’s getting close. I want to finish her from behind. I spank her little sweet wet pussy a few more times and instruct her to get on her knees. She obeys.

Taking off her blouse and her bra as she’s turning over. And then down to her hands, on all fours, her hair sweeping down to the bed, skirt falling down to the bed, she’s staring back at me. I’m on my knees right behind her. Staring at her, admiring her beautiful slits. Mmmm. So fucking juicy and wet. So sweet, pulsating there. Right on the verge, ready to erupt for me. I lean my face into her and take two long strokes with my tongue.

I pull back and slip out of my panties scooting my pelvis in behind her. Rounding her hips and grasping the outside of them with my fingers, pulling her back on to my imaginary cock, up against my bare pussy. Bouncing her slit off my pubic bone. The smallest slightest bouncing and bucking. Her pussy begins to leave a streak on my pelvis. With each buck, her pussy begins to make a smacking noise off my pussy. Jesus Christ, she is so fucking wet. Smacking that little pussy, off mine. Smacking and sticking off mine.

I lean over to my bedside table and take out this little two inch nubby plug from the drawer. It’s the perfect size for her. She’s too tiny for anything else I have in there. I rub her pussy a few more times, opening her labia and spreading her apart, insert my two fingers into the plug and begin pulsing her with it.


She really likes my little plug, in and out of her cunt. In and out. She’s really getting off.



“Are you gonna cum for me, baby?”

“Cum for me baby”

“OOOO…Don’t stop…Please…Don’t stop…OOO its right there…don’t stop…Please…OOOOO….God.”

I keep plunging my little fuck rod into her, she’s fucking me back, I reach around to grab hold of her titties, pinching down hard on her nipples. Squeezing hard on her breasts. She’s right there, she’s almost there. And then she releases that little pussy on my hand, onto that little fuck prick that banged her so good. Body convulsing and twitching involuntarily, her pussy dripping down on to my bed sheets.

I remove my little fuck prick and bring it up close to my nose to smell her sweetness, I breathe her in. And then lower it down to her, she starts licking it up and down, taking in her own saliva. Wrapping her hands around mine, as if she were licking from a popsicle.

I bring my mouth down to hers and she starts delicately and gently, kissing me, sweet soft kisses. I can taste her sweet fuck hole off her mouth. She’s holding my face in her hands, kissing me so softly, sharing her cum with me, delicately placing spreading it all over my lips. The sweetest softest kisses. Over and over, her mouth tastes so good, with her sweet cum dripping off of it.

She reaches down and strokes my ass and rounds my firm ass several times, running her hands up my back, pulling me toward her, pressing me into her breasts, her bare breasts to mine.

She runs both of her hands back down over my ass and slaps me firmly, biting my lower lip; she stares at me sharply, whispering…

“Your turn, Love…”

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