That’s What Friend’s Are For

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I was sitting in my room crying for about the 5th time this week. It seemed that nothing in my life was going right, then today I found out I wasn’t the one that was going to get that big promotion that I so badly needed. About the only good thing was my best friend Katie insisted on taking me out tonight to help me forget all of my problems. She got there at about 6 that evening and looked absolutely gorgeous. I started to feel a wetness between my legs, that kind of made me feel weak in the knees. This was my best friend that I was thinking about in this way.

“Nicole!”, she said in an aggravated tone, “You need to get it together, now come on we are gonna go out tonight and have lots of fun. I have something that I wanted us to try later, too.”

This had my curiosity “What are we gonna try later?”

“Let’s just say, I want you to see what best friends with benefits is all about.”

I was shocked. Was it really that obvious that I was attracted to her in that way. I had been trying to deny it for the longest time. Maybe she felt the tension too. I felt the strongest sexual tension whenever she was close by. I was so aroused ikitelli escort by all of this that I wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there. But I restrained myself. I was certain that this was gonna be a night I’d never forget

Katie took me to this bar called Club 69. We had a few drinks and loosened up. I suggested that we shoot a few games of pool before leaving. I knew it was time to go when Katie; who was feeling no pain right about now, came over and whispered in my ear “Let’s get out of here, I want to really make you forget your problems and show you why I am your best friend.”

No questions asked I said “Let’s get out of here.”

Once we got in the car, Katie started to rub my leg, then she leaned over and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I had ever had. I wanted her so bad I didn’t care where we were. My cunt was aching for her touch. Then just as soon as it started she stopped. “Nicole, baby, there will be plenty of time for foreplay when we get home. That was just a preview of what is yet to cum.”

With that we drove back to my place, istanbul escort the sexual tension driving me absolutely crazy. I thought for sure that my wetness was leaking all over the seat. I was on fire and only Katie could quench my desire.

In what seemed like an eternity we finally made it to my bedroom. I went into the bathroom to freshened up, when suddenly she was behind me. I could feel the heat from her extremely hot body. First she started messaging my shoulders, then she started to lightly kiss my neck, driving me absolutely crazy. I turned around to look at how beautiful she was and instantly her mouth was on mine. Pushing me over to the bed while she made love to my mouth with her hot tongue. She started undressing me and kissing me everywhere, but where I was yearning to be kissed. She was so incredibly sexy, I almost couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Now it is your turn to undress me, Nicole. I know you have been hot for me for the longest time. I was just looking for the right time to show you that I feel the same. Show me how much you really want me.”

“Oh, Katie I can’t kadıköy escort bayan wait to dive in to your wet pussy, I want to taste you so bad.” And with that I hungrily rip her clothes off. We start making out. She is playing with my tits, while I start to finger her sopping wet snatch. She cries out as I get rougher. I am now suckling on her hard and erect nipples and finger fucking her nice and hard. Then suddenly she says “I need to eat you now, lets do 69.”

I am delighted with her suggestion. We start hungrily feeding on each others hot and wet cunts. I love how she smells and tastes. She is driving me wild, I end up cumming right in her mouth. She licks up every bit of my juice. My orgasm rips right through me and I and trembling just by her touch. Feeling the intensity of my orgasm, and the fact that I am now fingering her in her G-spot and licking her clit in circles, sends her into overdrive and she cums right in my hand. I lick my fingers I love the taste of her so much.

“How did you like that Katie?”

“It was awesome Nicole, I am so glad we made love like this tonight. I hope I made you feel as good as you made me feel.”

“Oh, my God I have never cum so hard in my life, I have been wanting you to do that to me for the longest time.”

“I know, sweetheart. Let’s go to sleep now, you wore me out.”

We end up falling asleep in each others arms. We are still happily together. It is great having a best friend with benefits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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