The Best Night Of My Life Ch. 01

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She stood behind me, her arms round my waist and nuzzled my neck, kissing and biting it lightly here and there. It was the easiest way to send shivers down my spine and give me goosebumps- a fact that she knew all too well.

I turned to face her, took in every detail of her face, including the huge smirk she wore as she saw the effect she had on me. Her arms still behind me, she tried rubbing my lower back, but I caught her arms,and looked up at her with a grin.

Caught off guard by my sudden control over the situation, she allowed me to brush my lips lightly over hers. Until, that is, she realised what we was doing, spun me round and pushed me against the wall that was behind us. Knowing she had control over me, she teased me. One minute kissing me with a passion so fierce it set me on fire, the next lightly brushing her lips against mine, leaving me wanting more.

She knew what she was doing, how much control she had over me, and how far she could push the boundaries. I felt her soft lips travel down my neck onto my collarbone and on to my cleavage. She started undoing my shirt, her hands running under it when I stopped her.

“We’re in public” I giggled, going bright red.

“And? No one’s around. Live a little.” She practically purred in my ear, her hands still running under my shirt. Again, shivers crept down my spine, feeling her breath in my ear, her voice in that tone made me quiver. I knew what she wanted. I glanced around, noticing the way the sun had gone down,and the way the moon reflected off the water in the slow flowing river. No one was around.

By this point my shirt was fully undone, exposing my red and black laced bra and my deep red belly bar. I had goosebumps running all over my exposed skin, and I wasn’t sure whether that came from the slight breeze or just Frankie being.. well.. Frankie.

My shirt slipped off my shoulders, as Frankie’s wandering avcılar escort mouth met mine again. I moved my hands to her shirt, pulling it over her head in a swift movement that really showed off her amazing body, and making her short platinum blonde hair tussled, only making her look hotter. As her hands were above her head I took the opportunity to undo her plain bra. “We’re not gonna need this any more” I hissed into her ear, throwing the bra over the wall behind me and nuzzling her neck.

Without warning, I bit down hard, and drew her body closer to mine. I felt her nails dig into my back,as she took a sharp intake of breath.She melted in my arms for a minute, and I felt her nipples harden slightly against my breasts. I let go of biting and kissed up her neck,nibbling her ear and purring.

This time she wasn’t having it. She pinned both my hands above me, to the wall with just one of hers. With her free hand, she undid my bra, and pulled it off with her teeth. I shivered again at the feel of her breath on my now bare chest.

She let go of my hands,and pulled me close to her, the closeness killing me, making me wetter then I was before. She ran her hands down my back, digging her nails in a little. When she reached my waistline she drew her hands forward, her fingers just slipping under my panties. I shuddered and she felt it. “Oh, you like that, do you?” She smirked as she moved her hands up to my breasts, squeezing hard enough to make me take a sharp intake of breath and arch my back towards her.

I felt her breathing pattern change and I tried to run my hands along her body, but she stopped me.

“Not today” She whispered as she moved her lips down to my breasts, kissing, biting and licking my nipples. My breathing staggered, and as I tried to talk, she pressed her finger against my lips, as her own lips moved further down avrupa yakası escort my body, pausing just above my navel to look up at me and grin that cheeky smile that made me fall for her harder every time.

Her fingernail scraped down my body, past her mouth, and she went on to undo my belt, and start to slide off my jeans. She smirked a little as she saw how wet I was,and I cursed under my breath for not being able to resist her. As my baggy jeans slid off,I stepped out of them and stood there only in my thong.

Frankie, being the tease she is, ran her hands up and down my inner thighs, back up my stomach. She stood up, grabbed my breasts and kissed me with more force than she had in a while. She moved her lips and nibbled my neck and earlobe, her hands still running everywhere on my body, her fingers occasionally sliding inside my thong.

I couldn’t think straight, I could barely see straight. All I knew was that I wanted her, and I wanted her now.

She knelt down again, kissing all over my body as she went. She bit on the side of my thong, and dragged it down slowly with her teeth, still running her hands up and down my legs. I let out a little gasp of “ohmygod”

Frankie pulled my thong out from where it lay at my feet and flung it into the river. I would’ve cared,but at that moment she could’ve thrown me in and I wouldn’t have minded, as long as I got what I wanted.

She kissed my navel, then dragged her tongue down, and onto my throbbing clit. She circled it for a moment, but then pulled away as I moaned.

“What did I say about that?” She said, in a stern, very teacher- like voice. She knew the effect that had on me, and I watched her smirk as I stuttered

“S- sorry Miss. It won’t happen again.”

“good girl” She murmured into my thigh.

She pulled away again. “Lie down.” she commanded. She knew I couldn’t resist bağcılar escort when she used that voice. I laid down on the grass, the sudden coldness making me shudder.

She straddled me, her jeans still on, and leaned over me,kissing my neck more, making me wait before going in for the kill.She moved back so she was sitting between my legs and told me to close my eyes. I did as I was told, and felt her fingers rub up against my clit.

I gasped in pleasure and surprise as she thrust two fingers straight into me, making me cry out. She continued this, getting harder and faster. Sometimes slipping out, rubbing my clit again. I could feel the tension building up, and she could hear it in my breathing and moans.I was about to cum, and she knew it.

So she stopped dead. She took her fingers out, and didn’t even touch me. I was left whimpering, under her complete control. She smirked, an brushed her lips against mine, before whispering

“you ready babe?”

I felt like screaming at her. OF COURSE I WAS READY. Instead I just nodded feebly, and she got back to work, this time with her tongue.

I felt her tongue circle my clit, and my opening, occasionally thrusting her tongue deep into me.

She explored me with her mouth, eventually settling for licking my clit in circles, around it and varying in speed. As she was doing this, she thrust her fingers back into me,and I felt my body tense up completely.

I screamed out, glad of the lack of people surrounding the river we were by and exploded into her mouth. She kept licking, and guided me through my orgasm with gentle stokes of her tongue.

By the time I opened my eyes, she’d put her shirt back on, had lit a fag and was stood watching me with a smirk.

I stood up, naked and facing her. It was probably about midnight by now. I took her by the hand, and dragged her, fully clothed into the river, cooling me off, and wiping that smirk off her face.

In the water, I ripped her now soaked clothes off of her, and pulled her close to me, telling her exactly what I was gonna do to her.

Before she could even respond, I was kissing her passionately, and it was just a waiting game for what was to come.

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