The Futa Fairy – Futa’s Exhibitionist Wish Chapter 3: Kimmie’s Futa Show

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Double Penetration

The Futa Fairy – Futa’s Exhibitionist Wish
Chapter Three: Kimmie’s Futa Show
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Halftime had arrived as I pulled my futa-cock, formerly my clit, out of my eighteen-year-old sister’s newly deflowered pussy. The crowd filling Washington College’s stands roared in excitement, loving the culmination of the first half of the football game. My fellow cheerleaders and I had put on the naughtiest performance of our life.

I sprang to my feet, my cock bobbing before me, surrounded by my fellow cheerleaders. They only wore their pleated skirts, though none had futa-cocks thrusting through their pleats, and their shoes, nothing else. Their naked tits bounced and jiggled. They were all flushed, their lips stained with pussy and cum, such delight bursting in their eyes. My little sister popped to her feet before me, the newest member of the cheer squad.

“The Pussycats really have the crowd pumped as we go into halftime,” the announcer said, somehow following along with all the action from his booth. Maybe he had binoculars. He was giving a play-by-play blow as I deflowered my little sister’s pussy.

My admirers, crowding the front of the stands, pressed their half-naked bodies together. They still were splattered in remnants of my futa-cum, which had arched the ten feet from where I performed to rain upon them when I came while jerking-off. It had been so hot watching them lick each other clean.

And it was all thanks to the wish I made. A wish the naughty futa-fairy answered. I had no idea why she did it, or even how she did it, but she made my exhibitionist dreams come true. Sure it was a strap-on in my fantasy, not a real cock. But this was so much better.

I loved being a futa-cheerleader.

“And I am sure we are all wondering just what the Pussycats and naughty Kimmie have in store for us for the second-half of the game,” the announcer said. “But I know it will be hot. And our Washington Jaguars will continue to crush the Franklin Pierce Falcons!”

My stomach twisted. What would I do for the second half? How could I possibly top popping my little sister’s cherry before the entire student body, teachers, and even some of our parents? I had fucked almost all the others, too, cumming on Daniqua and Becky’s face before I fucked Amy in the ass. She still had some of my cum running down her thighs.

“Okay, girls,” Coach Jenette said, waving us over to the tunnel that led to the locker rooms. It was time for us to have our breather at the same time as the football team. The marching band was already taking the field.

The crowd was not excited.

“That was a great performance,” the youthful coach said. She was twenty-nine and still had the perky, outgoing attitude of a cheerleader. “And we need to keep the crowd pumped.”

“Yes,” Jamie, my little sister, said. She rubbed at her thighs, scooping up my cum. She smeared it on her face, leaving three whiskers glistening on her cheeks. Linh and I had the same whiskers.

“I need to get fucked before the crowd, too,” Linh said. She was a sexy, Vietnamese girl. Her round, dusky breasts bounced before her as we walked towards our locker room. “I’ve only sucked your cock.”

“When did you do that?” Amy asked, her strawberry-blonde ponytail swinging across her naked back.

“It grew while we were helping her in the locker room after her head injury,” Linh answered. “Coach fucked her cock while I sat on her face and she ate my pussy.”

“Oh, she’s sooooo good at that,” my sister Jamie moaned, scooping up more cum. She smeared my girl-jizz on her small tits. Her pink nipples were large and fat, as big as my own. And they looked so hot glistening with pearly spunk on them. “She made me cum so hard.”

“They heard you screaming over their cheers,” laughed Becky, a busty blonde. Her large tits bounced as she spun around, her face coated in streaks of cum. “Oh, this was so hot.”

“But we need to so do something even hotter,” I said.

“Like what?” Daniqua asked. She was a Black cheerleader with coffee-cream skin and short, frizzy hair. Her nipples were so dark, topping her round breasts.

“I don’t know,” I said. “And we only have ten minutes to figure it out.”

We entered our locker room. I glanced at the massage table where I woke up changed by the futa-fairy. Linh had sucked my new girl-cock off while fingering my pussy, then Coach Jenette had ridden me so hard. It was so amazing cumming in her pussy.

“She could fuck me while I do a handstand,” Linh said, her hands sliding up beneath her skirt to finger her wet pussy.

“You just want to feel her cock in your cunt,” Daniqua accused.

“Don’t you?” the Vietnamese girl shot back.

“Oh, yes,” groaned Daniqua. “Becky and I could both shove our pussies against her cock and hump up and down it.”

“Oh, tribbing with a dick between our pussies. I’ve done that. It’s soooooo hot.” Becky shuddered.

“With what boy?” Amy asked, her blue eyes so wide.

“No boy. With Cassandra. I told you she became a futa, too, over the summer. That’s why her slumber parties are so awesome. I’m going to one after the game tonight. It’s so hot watching Cassandra fuck her MILF lover and Lana at the same time. Incest is so hot. I love watching Lana and her mother have sex.”

“That’s it!” squealed Jamie, bouncing up and down with excitement, her small tits jiggling.

“What’s it?” I asked.

She darted to me, her words spilling out of her mouth so fast I couldn’t follow a word. I caught Cassandra’s name and nothing much. She suddenly ended her torrent, her face bright red as she sucked in a deep breath.


Her eyes were so wide. “I just told you.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t follow it, motormouth. Speak at human comprehension.”

“Cassandra! Let’s make her a cheerleader! Two futas out there fucking us. Imagine all the fun we could have?”

My pussy clenched in memory of Leanan Sidhe’s girl-dick fucking me in the dream, the rest of the futa-fairies watching us, cumming on me. “Yes! Becky!”

“On it,” she said, darting to her locker. She fumbled with her combination lock then ripped it open, diving into her gym bag to pull out her phone.

“Okay,” I said, my heart racing. Two futas. I wondered if there were any other girls that were futas. How had I never noticed?

“How does Cassandra hide her cock?” Amy asked. “She was wearing these tight jeans in English today. There was no way she could hide her cock in them.”

“It goes away at sunrise,” Becky said as she held her phone to her ear. “And it comes back at sunset.”

“Really?” I asked.

But before Becky could confirm, Cassandra must have picked up because Becky gush, “So you loving the game?” Becky giggled at the answer. “I thought so. Wow, you had Lana and her mom sucking your cock while we were cheering. You naughty futa.” She paused again while I stared at her. “Ooh, that sounds like it was a great cum.”

“Ask,” I hissed.

Becky shot me an annoyed look. “Listen, Cassandra, how would you like to be an honorary Pussycat and—”

Cassandra’s shriek was so loud it hurt my ears. Poor Becky ripped her phone from her ear, face tightening. She gingerly brought her phone back to her ear. “Okay, good, come down to the locker room, and we’ll get you fitted out with a uniform.” Becky paused. “Oh, yes, this must all be caused by Kimmie’s wish. Isn’t it awesome? Everyone thinks it’s cool that we’re fucking out there.”

“So cool,” moaned Jamie.

Becky hung up, beaming at us. “Okay, this is going to be a hot show.”

“Yeah,” I moaned, stroking my dick, my pussy so wet. What fun could we have with two futas out there? We could fuck other girls. We could fuck the same girl. We could even fuck each other.

My eyes widened as ideas burned in my head.

Cassandra didn’t take long to show up. She was a nineteen-year-old redhead wearing a long skirt. Her futa-dick obviously tented her dress. I didn’t know her at all, she was a year younger than me, but she was so sexy, her green eyes flashing.

“Was it her!” Cassandra gasped, rushing up to me and ragging my futa-cock. “Was it Leanan Sidhe?”

“Yes,” I grinned. “I got hit in the head with a football and then was surrounded by all these futa-fairies. And we had this hot sex and I grew a dick.”

“Wow,” Cassandra moaned. “I just fell asleep on Lana’s couch and woke up with her sexy mother fondling my dick.”

“That sounds pretty hot,” Amy said. “I’ve never been into girls, but…”

“They’re so awesome,” giggled Becky. “Especially the ones with dicks.”

“Yes!” Cassandra said, squeezing my cock. “So, I’m a Pussycat now?”

“Yep,” my little sister said then smeared three lines of my jizz on each of Cassandra’s cheeks. “Now you have your cute whiskers.”

“Thanks.” Cassandra ran her hand through my little sister’s brown hair. “It was so hot watching you getting your cherry popped. I popped Lana’s while she ate out her mom’s pussy. But I think this was somehow hotter.”

“It was,” Jamie grinned, bouncing on her heels.

“Okay, Cassandra,” Coach Jenette said, darting up naked. She had stripped naked during our planning, revealing her large, bouncing breasts topped by fat, dark-red nipples. And there, glinting in her pussy lips, was the gold ring piercing her clitoral hood. “Here’s your uniform.”

The coach handed over a green pleated skirt. Cassandra took it and stripped naked pretty fast. Her cock looked as big as mine, thrusting from her pussy lips where her clit would be. She had a landing strip of fiery hair running to it. Her breasts were round, a little smaller than mine, her nipples so hard. She pulled on her skirt, her dick thrusting through the pleats.

“Okay,” Coach Jenette said. “It’s time to get out there.”

“And I have the perfect way to introduce you to the rest of school, Cassandra,” I grinned at her.

“Your slumber parties are going to be super popular after this,” Becky giggled.

My cheer squad all leaned in to hear my wicked plan, their eyes bursting with delight as I told it to them. They nodded their heads in agreement, licking their lips. My heart raced with excitement. This was the greatest night of my life.

We gathered at the entrance to the tunnel, the marching band just wrapping up their halftime performance. I shivered as Cassandra’s round breasts pressed into my back. And then her hard futa-dick rubbed on the wet lips of my pussy. She slid her cock’s tip up and down my slit, searching for my hole, driving me wild. My dick throbbed.

And then she penetrated me.

I groaned, my pussy clenching as her cock slid into my depths. My eyes widened as her girth stretched me out. She was as hung as that sexy futa-fairy. The friction rippled through my body as she pressed her hands on my hips, holding them tight.

“Oh, you’re so tight,” Cassandra moaned.

“You sound surprised,” I said, the other cheerleaders moving in around us.

“Well, I’ve never fucked kayseri escort bayan a futa before. I had no idea what to expect.”

I wiggled my hips, stirring her cock around inside of me. The pleasure rippled to the tip of my dick. “I think I feel the same as any other girl.”

“Oh, yes,” she agreed. “Mmm, just so hot and silky.”

“Okay, girls, let’s go,” Coach Jenette clapped.

“And the Pussycats are taking to the field again,” the announcer boomed and the crowds cheered. He ignored the football teams also filing out to their benches while their special teams headed out for the kickoff to start the second half. “And we are all eager to see what they’re up to.”


I shuddered at the crowd’s chant, the way they roared. Everyone was standing as we jogged out. It was so naughty with Cassandra’s cock in me. I could feel it shifting as she kept pressed so tight behind me as we moved. It was difficult, but we found a rhythm. It was like my wish was making our bodies move just right to let us get away with it.

My pussy clenched and relaxed on her throbbing dick, making her groan and her hands tightened on my hips. Pleasure rippled through me as I gazed at all the people watching and filming. They lusted after me, men and women, teachers and students. It was so hot. So wild. A rush of delight shot through me.

I almost came.

My fellow cheerleaders moved around us, trying to hide that Cassandra had a cock that was buried in my cunt. We reached our position at the center of the Washington College stands, my fan club cheering so hard. The two cherub-faced girls had their naked breasts pressed tight as they kissed each other, a brunette teacher standing by them. Other girls shook their naked tits, still covered in streaks of my drying cum, at me.

“We love you, Kimmie!” they screamed.

“You are so hot!”

“Cum on us!”

“And the Pussycats are starting their show. Kimmie is grinding back into…” The announcer voice trailed off. “We seem to have a new Pussycat on the field. I’m being told this is Cassandra Riley, who just joined the team during halftime.”

Who told him that? Leanan Sidhe?

“And the other cheerleaders are doing the hottest booty shakes, flashing their asses and pussies at the crowd as the shake their pompoms. You can see the cum flooding out little Jamie’s newly deflowered pussy. Isn’t that hot?”

It was.

The crowd’s booming shouts showed their boisterous agreement.

I grinned at my cheerleaders as they shook their asses just like the announcer said, their faces flashing at me. At the same moment, Cassandra reached around me, grasping my futa cock. She stroked It as she slowly drew back her own dick, her hips swiveling like she was dancing and grinding against my ass.

My fans cheered, their hungry eyes locked on my cock. The two cherubs had broken their kiss, staring at me, licking their lips. Their tits bounced with the other girls as I savored the slow thrusts of Cassandra’s girl-cock through my pussy.

I was being fucked before hundreds of people. And they had no idea. Yet.

My pussy clenched on the girl-dick sliding in and out of me. The friction was wonderful. Especially combined with Cassandra’s hand stroking up and down my dick. Her breasts rubbed on my back, her nipples so hard. I shuddered, swiveling my hips, stirring her cock through my pussy as she slid in again.

“Oh, god, this is so hot,” Cassandra moaned as she jerked my dick. “I can’t believe this.”

“I know. Just listen to the crowd.”


She shivered, her left hand sliding up and cupping my breast, she squeezed it, thrusting harder and faster, her hand stroking at the same speed as her hips pumped. I shuddered, loving her stroking hand and her thrusting cock. Pleasure rippled from my pussy and shot down my dick.

“And now the pussycats are masturbating,” groaned the announcer. “Look at little Jamie. She’s got three fingers buried in her newly deflowered cunt. Her big sis’s cum is leaking out of her as she reams those digits into her hole. And it’s hot seeing Daniqua’s dark fingers vanish into her pink depths.”


I thrust my pompoms into the air, screaming out my pleasure as Cassandra fucked me a little faster, a little harder. My pussy clenched, the tip of her dick sliding along the top of my sheath, teasing me. It felt incredible as she drove into me. Pleasure radiated through my body. It filled me, made my nipples ache while I drank in the crowd’s excitement.

My fellow cheerleaders moaned, wiggling their asses almost in unison like they had practiced masturbating in sync before. They all moaned and gasped. Becky’s big boobs swayed out of the corner of my eyes, her blonde hair dancing and dancing.

“Oh, this is soooo hot,” Cassandra moaned. “Leanan Sidhe is amazing.”

“So amazing,” I moaned. It was time to reveal the truth.

I bent over, dropping my pompoms and bracing my hands on my knees. My breasts swayed before me. Cassandra released my girl-cock and grabbed my hips. She drew back her cock slowly, my pussy drinking in the sensation.

And then buried in hard. I heard her tits bounce together. Her cock slid so deep into me this time. It didn’t hammer the front of my pussy like it had but caressed every part of me equally. I wiggled my hips as she drew back.

And hammered in. She fucked me. She pounded me.

“And what’s this?” the announcer said. “Why it looks like Cassandra wasn’t grinding on Kimmie but was fucking her with a strap-on or a… Yes, that’s a girl-cock! Oh, wow, Jaguar and Pussycat fans, we have another futa on the field!”

The crowd exploded. Their excitement thundered around us. My pussy clenched so hard on the dick pumping in and out of my pussy. I shivered, my dick throbbing before me. My fellow cheerleaders all moaned, their bodies shuddering as they came, juices squirting at the same time from their cunts. My fans went wild. They screamed, too, fingering each other, kissing each other, groping each other. Twenty barely legal sluts and at least one teacher were all writhing in rapture as they watched another futa fuck me.

“Yes, yes, Cassandra Riley is a futa, and she has her huge girl-dick churning up Kimmie’s pussy,” the announcer groaned, his voice booming over the deafening crowd. “Look at her hammer Cassandra’s pussy. She’s fucking the futa so hard, causing Kimmie’s huge cock to bounce along with her breasts. This is the hottest thing yet. And it has inspired the Jaguars to score once again.”

The thundering cheers of the crowd washed over me like physical waves. I could feel the sound caressing my skin. I stared at them, drunk on rapture while my pussy clenched on Cassandra’s futa-dick. My girl-cock and tits bounced and swayed before me as the pleasure built and built.

They loved us. They loved watching two chicks with dicks fucking before their eyes. My knees went weak as Cassandra only fucked me harder and harder. I couldn’t hear myself think over the roar. My vision fuzzed as the excitement swelled and swelled.

“Thank you!” I screamed at the futa-fairy as I exploded.

The orgasm started in the depths of my pussy. It was a powerful wave of lust that crashed outward. It channeled down my cock, bouncing before me. It reached the tip and the cum spurted out of me. Powerful blasts of white jizz sprayed the grass at my feet. My cunt convulsed about her thrusting dick as I painted the turf in ropy lines of pearl.

My back arched. The ecstasy boiled my mind as the crowd screamed.


Stars danced before my eyes as the waves of rapture kept washing out of my cunt every time Cassandra’s amazing futa-cock buried into my depths. My pussy rippled about her dick as she plowed me. Cum kept firing from mine, propelled by every wave.

I swayed, so dizzy from the rapture. So consumed by it. This was like nothing I had ever experienced. Ever even imagined. I couldn’t believe I was so lucky to experience this rapture. To be bathed in it.

“Yes!” Cassandra moaned behind me.

“And now Cassandra is cumming in Kimmie’s cunt!” boomed the announcer. “She is flooding her pussy as the Jaguars make the extra two points, scoring a touchdown instead of going for the safer field goal. They are crushing their rivals.”

I shuddered as the cum spurted into my depths. It was so hot feeling it splash into my cumming pussy. Dizzy waves of rapture washed through my body as the crowd kept cheering, kept loving us, kept watching us be wild.

The final blast of cum spurted from my dick, splattering on the grass, joining the other ropy lines of jizz. I shivered, the cum looking so bright under the artificial lights of the stadium. My ears roared with passion, my heart hammering beneath my breast, as Cassandra buried into me, her dick spurting more and more girl-spunk into my pussy.

“What a show they put on for us,” the announcer said. “And the Jaguars have scored again. Though it is clear the Pussycats are the ones who really scored!”


“Hear that crowd?” Daniqua said, rising and pulling her fingers out of her juicy pussy. She sucked on them.

The other cheerleaders were standing, their legs wobbly from the power of their orgasms. They snagged their pompoms, the green and white tassels flashing as they raised them over their heads, high-kicking, breasts bouncing—especially Becky’s huge, lush pair—and pleated skirts flying. Dripping cunts were flashed and naked asses teased.

I groaned as Cassandra pulled out of my pussy. Her cum flooded out of my cunt, dribbling down my thighs. I shivered at the hot, wet rivulets dribbling down my thighs, making me feel so hot and wild. My nipples throbbed beneath my shell as I rose and performed a high-kick, holding my leg and balancing for a moment, doing a vertical split.

I could feel my pussy lips part, the cum pouring out of me and down my left thigh. My admires roared their excitement, reaching over the edge of the stands, their naked tits swaying. The two cherub-faced girls had such lust in their eyes and the busty, brown-haired teacher looked on the verge of a pouncing like a hungry cougar.

I think that was Miss Baumgartner, one of my little sister’s teachers.

“And there is Kimmie just showing us the proof of Cassandra’s futa-jizz flooding out of her,” boomed the announcer. “You know those two futas had hot sex out there on the field. And I know we all loved it. These futas have hit us hard. They are just wonderful. And I can’t wait for what they have in store for us next!”

Cassandra came up beside me as I lowered my leg, my cum dribbling down both thighs now. There was so much in me. I loved it. We put our arms around each other’s waists, posing, the tips of our dicks rubbing together, hers glistening with my pussy juices.

“This is so amazing,” the redheaded futa said, trembling, kayseri bayan escort her green eyes so wide with excitement. “And there’s Lana and her mom. Mmm, my lover is fingering Lana so hard.”

I had no idea who was Lana. My eyes were on my admirers.

Amy fell to her knees before us as the rest of the squad cheered and pounced. The strawberry-blonde cheerleader looked up at us with her blue eyes. I bet she still had my jizz leaking out of her ass. She grasped both our dicks, beaming, then took a lick up the underside of Cassandra’s cock to the tip.

“And it looks like Amy is going to blow both futas,” announced the commentator, sounding so excited. “I bet she is loving the taste of Kimmie’s pussy adorning Cassandra’s girl-cock. Kimmie has a sweet tasting pussy, her cream just succulent.”

“She does,” moaned Amy. “So sweet!” Then she sucked on the tip of Cassandra’s cock.
The redheaded futa shuddered, the side of her left breast rubbing into my right as she moaned, “How does the announcer know what your pussy tastes like?”

“The wish?” I shrugged, staring down at Amy’s cheeks hollowing as she bobbed her mouth on Cassandra’s cock.

“Leanan Sidhe is amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, shivering.

Amy stroked both our cocks, fisting the bases of our shafts while she worshiped Cassandra’s. Then she popped her mouth off, licking her lips. She pressed the crowns of our dicks together, rubbing the spongy tips against each other. Pleasure fluttered up my shaft to my pussy. My cunt clenched, forcing my more jizz to leak down my thighs.

Oh, I liked that. It was such a ticklish delight.

Amy pressed her lips against both our cocks, open as wide as she could manage. Her face screwed up like she wanted to engulf both our dicks at once. But couldn’t. So she just sucked on our dicks, her cheeks hollowing.

“Pussycats are the best!” cheered the rest of our squad, prancing about us, shaking, twerking, acting so naughtily. “They cum harder than the rest!”

“Yes, they do,” the announcer boomed. “And what’s this? Looks like another Pussycat is joining the fun. Jamie, Kimmie’s little sister, is approaching the futas from behind. And doesn’t she just look cute. At eighteen, she’s the youngest member of the squad. And she has the biggest crush on her big sis. But I think we all knew that.”

I glanced over my shoulder as Amy’s tongue swirled around both our girl-dicks. I shuddered, my sister approaching me, her pompoms rustling in hand. She licked her lips, looking just so adorable. She was petite, her breasts small and perky. Her brown hair fell about that elfin face, her eyes twinkling with lust.

I turned to face the crowd. Pompoms rustled louder behind me, the unmistakable sound of them being dropped. And then I felt hands on my thighs. I shuddered as a hot tongue ran up my inner thigh, starting at my knee, gathering Cassandra’s cum that had leaked out of me. Tingles ran up my leg, making my pussy clench and my dick throb against the redhead’s.

“And Jamie is just hungry for the cum running down her big sis’s leg,” continued the announcer. “I bet we all want her to devour that creampie.”


The crowds booms made me so hot. I flicked my eyes around the stands. More and more people were having sex. Clothes were discarded as Washington College’s student body and faculty mingled in such a naughty way. Girls made out with girls while others sucked boys’, and men’s, cocks. I spotted my MILF math teacher riding a Black student’s cock, her big tits bouncing as she faced us. Two guys fucked one girl, spit-roasting her between them. Beside them, two more girls tribbed their pussies together.

“DEVOUR! DEVOUR! DEVOUR!” they kept shouting as they fucked and writhed.

“Devour your big sis’s creampie!” the two cherub-faced girls said, their naked tits pressed tight again as they ground their hot cunts on each other’s thighs.

“Devour!” the rest of the cheerleaders, minus Amy and Jamie, cheered, slowly raising their pompom’s up, shaking them the entire time. “Devour! Devour!”

I shivered, feeling my little sister’s tongue sliding higher and higher up my thigh, gathering more and more of the cum that had dribbled out of me. I pressed tighter against Cassandra, savoring her breast rubbing on mine, our nipples almost kissing while Amy worshiped our cocks.

The naughty cheerleader stroked our dicks faster and faster as she nibbled and sucked on our futa-cocks. She moaned, her tongue swirling and caressing, teasing us. Then she opened her mouth and sucked on my cock by itself. It was wonderful to be buried in her hungry mouth, her tongue so wild, my cum wanting to spurt out of the depths of my pussy.


“And Jamie is coming closer and closer to her big sis’s pussy,” the announcer said, his excitement building like a soccer commentator. “She’s lapping up all the creamy jizz as she nears her prize. Kimmie must be going wild in anticipation for that incestuous tongue to reach her messy cunt!”

I was. It was torture feeling Jamie’s tongue lapping and brushing my thighs. She worked higher and higher, switching between my legs in her quest to savor every drop of Cassandra’s jizz. The pleasure shot through my body, building the pressure deeper and deeper in my cunt.

Amy popped her mouth off my dick, sucking now on Cassandra’s. The futa groaned beside me, her face twisting in delight. She shifted, her nipple grazing mine. I loved that, another naughty sensation shooting through me.

“So good,” she moaned then groaned in disappointment as Amy switched cocks again.

I gasped at the sudden wet sucking engulfing my dick. It was so hot and delicious. I shivered and wiggled. My sister climbed higher and higher. The crowded shouted more and more as they writhed in passion on the stands.

And then my sister nuzzled at the lips of my pussy. I groaned, her tongue fluttering through my folds, reaching inside me to scoop out Cassandra’s girl-jizz. My eyes widened. Pleasure rushed through me at the incestuous thrill.

“And Jamie has made it!” boomed the announcer. The stands erupted. “Little Jamie is plunging her tongue into her big sis’s pussy, making our favorite brunette futa moan and gasp. Incestuous pleasure is racing through her body as she savors her little sister’s licking tongue. What a treat for us all!”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Go, Jamie, go!” the other cheerleaders began as they pranced around us, Becky’s big boos heaving, nubile Linh falling into a wide split. Daniqua twerked her great ass at the crowd, rubbing her pompoms into her boobs.

I bet those tassels felt amazing on their tits.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching as my little sister’s tongue probed into my depths. She stirred around inside of me, driving me wild as she searched for more and more of Cassandra’s cum. As she did that, Amy sucked back and forth from Cassandra’s and my cocks, spending just enough time to make us gasp and moan.

Cassandra swayed beside me. Her green eyes flashed across the crowd as she moaned. Her hand pulled tighter against my hip while my hand slid down to her ass. I had my little sister licking my pussy.

She needed some extra attention.

I squeezed her ass, feeling her butt-cheeks. They were so firm and nice. Then I found the heat between her cheeks, wiggling into her crack. She gasped, glancing at me, our nipples pressing together as she turned her body. Her smile grew as I circled her sphincter.

“And Kimmie’s up to her own naughty fun,” the announcer said, breathless. Was he up there jerking off his cock to us? “She’s got her fingers between her fellow futa’s butt-cheeks and… Yes! She’s fingering Cassandra’s asshole.”

The redhead moaned as I shoved two fingers into her velvety asshole. My dick throbbed, Amy sucking hard on it as I pumped my digits in and out of Cassandra’s bowels. My pussy clenched on my little sister’s licking tongue, the pleasure swirling through me, making me drunk with excitement.

“CUM! CUM! CUM!” the crowd chanted.

I was getting closer, and so was Cassandra. She moaned and gasped, her body trembling as I fingered her asshole. Her bowels were so velvety tight about my cock. She turned her head and kissed me hard on the lips.

I moaned, Amy stroking my dick so fast as she sucked on Cassandra’s. My tongue dueled with hers. My sister lapped one last time through my pussy before she licked up my taint, her hands pulling my butt-cheeks apart.

I think my anal fingering inspired Jamie. I shuddered as she pressed her face between my butt-cheeks. Her tongue dragged through my crack and found my sphincter. She moaned as she tongued my sour asshole. Earlier, she had cleaned my dick off of Amy’s ass.

My little sister was an anal fiend.

“And Jamie is now rimming her big sis’s ass,” panted the announcer. He was definitely masturbating up in the booth. Or maybe had a cute girl sucking on his cock. “Sources tell me Jamie has quite the fetish for anal rimming porn. She maybe eighteen, but she’s found some nasty spots on the web. Lesbian ass-licking is her favorite, and she’s indulging on her big sister.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, breaking the kiss with Cassandra, Amy sucking now on my cock. I had no idea my little sister was such a perv. “That’s awesome, Jamie. Oh, keep licking my asshole.”

“It’s soooo good,” she moaned, barely audible over the cheering crowd.

Everything was crashing through me now. The crowd roared “CUM!” over and over. My fans cheered, so ecstatic. Everyone was having sex. My dick ached and throbbed as my little sister’s tongue fucked in and out of my asshole, teasing me, driving me wild.

I looked over at Cassandra, her bowels clenching on my fingers, and I knew her climax was approaching. We both had to cum. I glanced down at Amy sucking on our cocks, going back and forth faster and faster. She sensed it.

My pussy clenched. “Oh, fuck, Amy!”

“We’re going to cream your face!” panted Cassandra.

“Yes,” Amy moaned, her blue eyes so bright, her ponytail swaying behind her.

She brought our dicks so close together, jerking them as fast as she could. Her hand flew up and down our shafts. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. The pleasure built and built and built in me. I trembled, my pussy clenching.

She was so hot and sexy. She was just so exciting. My entire body bucked and heaved. Her hand flew up and down our cocks, the tips throbbing together. Cassandra’s asshole clenched on my fingers. My little sister’s tongue swirled through my bowels, rimming me.

And all that pleasure exploded out of me.

“Yes!” I screamed as my cum erupted, painting Amy’s face.


“And Kimmie and Cassandra are hosing Amy’s face with their jizz!” screamed the announcer, his voice so throaty. I hoped he was cumming down a cute girl’s throat. “The two futas are unloading their cum on her face. They are drenching her, coating her in white jizz. Look at it splashing on her cheeks and forehead. It’s dribbling down her neck and falling to her breasts. There is so much cum. Futas ejaculate three times as much as the average porn star, and it shows.”

“I love those facts!” Daniqua groaned, the Black cheerleader staring at Amy with such hungry eyes.

“Uh-huh,” I panted, squirming and trembling, moaning with Cassandra.

My asshole spasmed around my little sister’s tongue. My dick ached and throbbed with every eruption. We coated Amy’s face. She had a mask of white jizz covering her features as the rapture flooded through my mind.

“Kimmie!” squealed my fan club. “We love you!”

I groaned as the final spurt shot out of me. My little sister kept tonguing my asshole. I shivered, Cassandra beaming beside me. She looked so hot. So sexy. Her cock nudged mine as Amy fell back on the grass, her breasts bouncing.

Daniqua, Becky, and Linh were on her, licking up the cum from her face. The three cheerleaders lapped at the jizz like three hungry kittens at the milk saucer. They bathed her face, gathering every salty drop they could.

“And what naughty act will Kimmie perform next,” the announcer said, his voice sounding so satiated. Maybe the cute girl was bouncing her pussy on his cock. “Already, the Jaguars have scored another touchdown as the 4th Quarter starts.”

I glanced at Cassandra, arching an eyebrow.

“DP,” she said, reading my mind.


My little sister pulled her lips from my asshole. She stuck her head between Cassandra and me, twisting her neck to peer up at us. “What’s DP?”

“Double penetration,” I grinned at her. “Our dicks fucking you at the same time.”

“Doesn’t that sound hot?” Cassandra asked.

“Both of you? In my pussy at the same time? Wow!”

My eyes widened. I meant to have one of us fuck her asshole and the other her pussy. But the idea of being pressed tight against Cassandra’s hot cock as we fucked my sister’s near virginal pussy surged through me. “Yes! That’s it!”

I didn’t even know if we would fit, but I just felt we could do anything right now. Anything.

“You heard it folks,” the announcer said, “Kimmie and Cassandra are both going to fuck little Jamie’s pussy at the same time. The eighteen-year-old cheerleader is throwing herself down on the grass, lying on her side, ready to be sandwiched and fucked. You can just feel her eager lust.”

I could feel it as I stared at my little sister lying on the ground, her brown hair spilling about the grass. Her small breasts heaved, her pleated skirts clinging to her hips. My dick ached and throbbed. I moved behind my sister, hugging her and pressing my tits into her back while groping her little boobies. I squeezed them, my cock nudging at her pussy.

Cassandra took the front, her green eyes twinkling as her breasts bounced. She scotched closer to my sister until we sandwiched her, both our dicks prodding at the wet folds of Jamie’s cunt. My sister trembled between us as Cassandra reached down, holding both our cocks in one hand, and guided us to my sister’s opening.

“You ready?” I asked Jamie, nuzzling her ear. “You ready to get really fucked by two futas?”

“Yes,” she moaned, trembling.

I squeezed her little boobies as I thrust. Cassandra thrust at the same moment. Both our cocks pressed at my little sister’s cunt. I knew this was impossible, it had to be. Jamie was so tight when I popped her cherry.

But there was magic in the air. Magic in our cocks. I groaned, feeling my little sister’s pussy lips spreading as slowly, bit-by-bit, we worked our dicks into her. My eyes widened as her hot, sucking cunt engulfed the crowns our futa-cocks.

“And they’re in her!” shouted the announcer.

The crowd exploded, thundering in excitement as Cassandra and I pressed our cocks deeper and deeper and deeper into my little sister’s once virginal cunt. Her hot, tight, silky flesh pressed my dick into Cassandra’s. Our shafts throbbed together. The friction was incredible. It was so intimate sharing my little sister with her.

And she loved it. Jamie spasmed between us. Her body shook and convulsed. She screamed out her passion. I felt her heart racing beneath her small breasts. Her petite body spasmed when we buried all the way into her.

She was cumming by the time we started pulling back. Her pussy went wild about our dicks. My eyes widened, and Casandra moaned her enjoyment. Our hips moved together, fucking our cocks slowly in and out of my sister’s pussy, savoring the pleasure of her embrace.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped my little sister, her voice so tight. “Fuck me! Ravish me!”

We did.

Our dicks plunged over and over into the tight heaven of my baby sister’s pussy. Her flesh spasmed, convulsed, and milked our cocks. It was rapture. The pleasure rippled down my shaft, the friction so tight, so magical. The roar of the crowd faded. The cheers, the announcers commentary, the moans of my fellow cheerleaders all vanished.

There was just the three of us fucking. Pure, carnal fucking.

I pinched and rolled my little sister’s nipples. I teased her as her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. Her hot juices flooded out, warming my thighs and crotch. Her tart musk filled my nose as I nibbled on her ear.

“So good,” she groaned, her body still cumming as we pumped into her. “Oh, Kimmie! This is the best.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my pussy clenching as I worked my cock in and out of her cunt.

“I love feeling your dick on mine,” Cassandra groaned, her voice so tight. “Oh, Kimmie, let’s really fuck your little sister. Pound her. Cum in her!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned.

Our thrusts grew harder, faster. Jamie’s pussy juices lubed the way. Our dicks were so slick, they slid past each other with ease. We lost our rhythmic thrusts as our own lusts swelled. The heat built and built inside of us.

I fucked my sister harder and harder. My crotch slapped into her ass, my dick sliding against Cassandra’s. She was thrusting in as I was pulling out. The crowns of our dicks met and kissed for brief moments wrapped up in the silky heat of my little sister’s cunt.

I kissed my sister, my nipples throbbing into her back. Cassandra nuzzled against our lips, her tongue licking our mouths as she moaned, slamming her dick past mine into my sister’s cunt. Jamie moaned into the kiss, shuddering as she kept cumming and cumming.

I kept giving her such wild pleasure.

The heat swelled in my ovaries. That aching need rose and rose. My ass and pussy clenched as I thrust in. My juices flooded out as my excitement swelled and swelled, mixing with Jamie’s and Cassandra’s cream.

“Oh, my god,” Cassandra moaned. “I’m going to flood your pussy!”

Jamie broke the kiss. “Do it! Both of you! Flood me! Dump your cum into my pussy!”

“Yes,” I hissed, my hips pumping faster and faster.

The pleasure shivered through me as my orgasm built and built. Tingles raced through my body. I was drunk on the passion of double-penetrating my little sister’s pussy before hundreds of cheering, fucking spectators.

It was like the futa-fairy had taken my fantasies and multiplied them by a million. This was so hot. So kinky. So wild.

“Jamie!” I moaned, pumping so hard into her pussy, sliding through her spasming cunt and past Cassandra’s aching dick.

“Cum in me!” she screamed.

“CUM IN HER! CUM IN HER!” I heard the crowd chanting.

The other cheerleaders surrounded us, Amy’s face almost licked clean of cum, pumping their pompoms, waiting for that spectacular eruption. I shuddered, thrusting faster and faster, the orgasm rising in me.

A horn blared, sounding the end of the game.

My cock and Cassandra’s buried into my little sister’s cunt.

Our cum exploded out of us.

Jizz painted my little sister’s snatch.

It boiled out of us.

Blast after blast of cum flooded her. I felt it swirl around our dicks. There was so much girl-jizz pumped into Jamie’s cunt that it spurted out around our cocks. It splashed my thighs. My little sister screamed her head off, cumming so hard.

“So good!” she screamed.

“As the two futas cum in Jamie’s cunt, the Jaguars win 63-6 in the single-most lopsided victory in Jaguar history! And it was all thanks to the futa-cheerleaders!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as the crowd thundered their excitement.

My back arched, nipples throbbing against my little sister’s back, as the final blast of my cum spurted into her depths. I drifted on my exhibitionist high. This was the hottest game of my life. I had so much fun.

I was so glad I could share this with my fellow cheerleaders. Especially the newest members of our squad.

The rest of the night was a blur of sex. The entire cheer team crashed Lana’s slumber party. It was hot watching Mrs. Teller, Cassandra’s MILF lover, devour the creampie I made in her daughter’s pussy. We fucked until dawn.

And like Becky said, at dawn our futa-cocks vanished. But they came back the next evening.

So long as I had a futa-cock, I could do whatever I wanted in public. I could flash people, fuck people, and no one would care. They would all think it was perfectly normal. But during the day, I couldn’t get away with anything.

School was even weirder. They all talked about how great the game and how hot the sex was, boasting about who they fucked or fingered or ate. Girls who were straight would gush about eating pussy. Guys would boast about fucking teachers. But there was no weird, sexual energy. None of the teachers at all acted like they would fuck their students. Those straight girls had no interest in each other.

Until game night came. When us cheerleaders were on the field, strutting our stuff, fucking and having so much fun, it was a free-for-all of sex. All the rules were lifted thanks to my wish.

And I can happily say, the Jaguars never lost a game when the Pussycats were cheering.


Leanan Sidhe watched her cum arch into the air over the boardwalk and plummet into the sapphire beauty of the sea, adding a few more drops of white foam to the waves. She shuddered, feeling Kimmie’s perverse desires being satiated for the first time. She felt her and Cassandra, another client, climaxing together.

And in Kimmie’s little sister. How positively wicked of her.

The futa-fairy’s wings hummed as a shiver passed through her.

She frowned, feeling the touch of cold intruding on Summer’s domain. Ice cracked below. She peered into the sea’s water, seeing a smooth mirror of blue-white appear. A face appeared, voluptuous and mature, farmed by violet hair with just a hint of a mischievous twinkle in her silver eyes.

Leanan Sidhe’s own ancient, silver eyes narrowed. “Esquire of Winter.”

“So, Parkland, Washington is where you’re playing these days,” the purring, hungry voice of the Winter Esquire said. “How wonderful. I can’t wait to join the fun.”

Leanan Sidhe’s wings buzzed faster as the ice mirror shattered beneath Summer’s heat.

The END of Kimmie’s Tale

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