The Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 02

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This carries on from previous stories of Julie’s sexual adventures. They started with “A porn Star is Born”, then a “Family Caribbean Holiday,” finally “A Gentlemen’s club”. You may wish to read these first.


When Julie got home after her evening with Sir, she had a stiff whisky and went straight to bed, having thanked Jan for escorting her home. The discomfort in her bruised neck and the throbbing from her stretched, bruised, vagina, kept her awake, despite being exhausted. Geoff, her partner looked worried, but she firmly refused to discuss what had happened, putting it off till the next day. He was more worried when he saw her silently crying, tears running down her cheek. Taking her in his arms, he tried to soothe her.

Lying there, she mulled over the evening’s events, like a horror movie. It wasn’t the physical abuse that upset her, goodness knows, she was used to that and enjoyed it to a degree. The physical side of the evening had been OK and she was quite proud of accommodating Thomas in her mouth and vagina, the biggest man she had ever seen, never mind being fucked by. It was the contempt, the verbal abuse she had suffered. They had called her a whore and fouler things, the worst of it was, they were right, what she was doing made her a whore. That was the main reason she was doing it, the guilty pleasure of being a prostitute, a very classy one, but still, selling yourself was the same, whatever the price.. The final humiliation came when Thomas physically threw her out of the bedroom, near naked, landing in a heap on the floor as her dress and shoes landed around her. Julie tried to turn off the film, think of something else and finally fell into a troubled sleep.

When she woke, Julie went downstairs and told Geoff all the grisly details of her abusive and degrading treatment. She couldn’t discuss the darkest, most distressing part of it, that she had enjoyed the humiliation and wanted more. She would have to think over that very carefully, knowing this fantasy made her vulnerable to physical harm. It would have to be held in check somehow.

At that moment, there was a ring on the doorbell and Geoff answered, pressing the door release.

“It’s Katie, wanting to check how you are. Do you want to see her?”

“Yes, yes, we have to discuss it, if only to reconsider safety in the club, for us working girls.” Julie whispered.

Geoff opened the door, there was the sound of high heels tapping quickly up the marble stairs. Katie, or Lady Katie to give her the correct title, was in charge of entertainment and staff at the club. She rushed up to Geoff, putting her arms round him,

“How is she, I’m so sorry. It sounds lame, but this really has never happened before in the club. I thought our members were all gentlemen, evidently not.”

She pushed past him and sat next to Julie, holding her against her chest. That just made Julie start crying again.

“There, there sweetheart, a good cry will do you good. I didn’t sleep, did you manage to? I’m sorry, I let you down, I know I did.” Katie finished, stroking and soothing her.

“Coffee Katie, it’s just made?” Geoff asked.

“That would be lovely, if it’s not too much trouble, one sugar please.”

When Geoff left for the kitchen, Katie asked,

“Now how are you really love?”

“Oh you know, physically not to bad. You know me, rough sex is my speciality, it’s the contempt, the humiliation. Actually being treated like a whore, even though it’s what I am, yes I am, we all are.” Julie held her hand up to stop Katie’s protests.

“The very worst of it though, I enjoyed it, being treated like the cheapest street whore, a skank. I loved it, isn’t that awful?

I can already sense, I want more of it, more humiliation. I want to walk the streets around Kings Cross with a skirt up to my Ass and torn fishnets. I want to suck off some smelly cock in an alleyway, then be fucked up against a wall for £10. I am an addict, a sex addict, I know, but now I want this, it’s so dangerous, I can see that. I have to fight the craving. I am so ashamed of myself, really. Now Geoff’s coming back, I’ll shut up.”

The three of them settled with their coffees and discussed what had happened and what should be done about. They agreed none of the girls in the club should be upstairs alone with a member, someone, probably Katie, would be nearby. They also agreed that locks on the room doors should be removed. Then they turned to the subject of Julie.

“What do you want to do love, leave, it may be for the best?” Geoff asked.

“No, I enjoy it, the company, the other girls, the money of course. You know me Geoff I need the adventure I’m afraid.”

“Well OK, but I think you need some time off, to recharge, you know.” He went on.

“No, if I’m going back, I need to get back in the saddle straightaway, or someone get back into my saddle. Sorry Katie, vulgar, I know.”

They agreed finally to a ten day break, that meant postponing the planned Pool night in the library. kartal escort The girls declined to describe the sordid details of what that involved and Katie left shortly afterwards.

“She seemed genuinely concerned, not just going through the motions.” Geoff commented.

“Oh Katie is, she’s like a mother hen with us girls. Nothing’s too much trouble.

Now let’s go find a quiet restaurant or pub for lunch. My treat, I’m making good money in my new job. As long as you don’t mind using my wages of sin.” Julie finished and they went upstairs to shower and get ready to go out. She noticed that cum was still leaking out, down her leg. Thomas must have produced a cupful last night, she thought.

They left the flat arm in arm and walked a half mile to their favourite local, for a classic roast beef Sunday lunch. Chatting about this and that, how John and Ian, his sons, were doing at Uni. It was clear, the club was off the list of discussion subjects. When lunch was over, they walked back home and went to bed, to make slow, gentle, love, then fell asleep.

The following week meant routine work in hospital. Julie was gratified when the hospital Matron, called her to the office. First she had been worried her adventures might have been exposed. No, it was suggested she might want to apply for a deputy matron vacancy that had just arisen. That would have made her one of the youngest nurse administrators in hospital history. She didn’t need to think about it and politely declined, explaining that work on the ward, was what she had come into nursing for. Her extra curricular activities and new family were taking more of her time, but that wasn’t discussed. Otherwise, work was pretty uneventful, with no crisis to cope with.

The following Tuesday found her walking up the stairs to the club. It was early evening, after another beautiful, London day. Julie was grateful she couldn’t detect any nerves, as the doorman opened the doors and she greeted the three other girls working that evening. After Katie’s briefing, all five of them went to the bar for a drink and a chat. By subconscious agreement, there was no mention of Julie’s last evening at work, but all the women were supportive, touching and cuddling her.

That evening, Julie was to be on reception for the first time. As the other girls moved off to the bar and restaurant, she settled in the hall and started copy typing letters from Katie and the club secretary. When members came in, Julie rose to greet them and kiss them on the cheek. Then she guided them, to the bar, restaurant, or library to read the papers, ensuring they had a drink. One of the guests, Martin, had come in alone, but joined some of the other members for dinner. When he came out, he walked over to Julie and asked her to join him for a drink, which she was free to do. Collecting the drinks at the bar, she sat close to him on the sofa and they chatted, inconsequentially. His right hand rested on her knee, stroking it. When she didn’t push it away, he ran the back of his left hand, gently over her breast, around her nipple. It started to stiffen, she seemed to be always responsive, just the way she was made. Taking his gentle cue, she reached her head forward, staring intently and opening her mouth. Slowly kissing him and putting her arm round him. When he finally broke away, her hand dropped to his stiffening cock, stroking it.

“Do you think, any of the rooms upstairs are free, perhaps you can show me?” Martin asked.

“Show you what Martin?” She placed his hand back on her breast.

“I’ll have a word with Katie, then we can slip away,” she whispered.

Katie was chatting at the bar when Julie approached her.

“Are you sure you are happy about this hon? Ah, I see it’s Martin, lucky girl. He’s very considerate and let’s just say, nature has been generous to him.

Off you go and enjoy yourself, I’ll pop up and keep a check on you, but all I expect to hear, are your moans.” Katie finished and Julie went back over to Martin. They left the bar and started up the stairs, his hand on her ass. Three men were leaving the bar, one of them said,

“We know what you’re going to do.”

Julie turned and curtsied, then went on up the stairs. At the top, they fell into each others arms, kissing passionately. Backing into one of the bedroom doors, Julie opened it and they fell in. Pushing him onto the bed, she stepped away and started swaying and turning, smiling at him. Dressed in a simple white blouse and skirt, she reached behind, undid the skirt and stepped out of it. Putting a foot up between his legs, she let him stroke her stockings. When he reached up to her groin, she pulled away teasing, then spread her legs, bending down to show her ass in the thong. Standing up, she looked over her shoulder and undid the blouse, letting it drop, then her bra. She walked back to him and rolled her tits over his face, slipping away again as he tried to grab them. Finally she dropped her minute panties and stood in front kurtköy escort of him in heels and stockings. Moving back, she knelt between his legs, undid his trousers and freed his impressive cock, not huge, seven inches, but thick, very nice.

“Mmmm, Julie’s in for a real treat, what a big boy.”

Bending over him, she just breathed on the tip, then touched it with her tongue. Watching him carefully, she opened her mouth and sunk down to his groin. He drew in his breath in as she rose up and kissed the tip.

“You like that honey, so do I, but don’t you dare come in my mouth, at least not yet.”

She sucked slowly up and down his length, nipping him as well. Martin groaned and fell back on the bed as she worked on him, aware of his limits. Suddenly, he reached for her arms and pulled her up on the bed, then up his body, over his face. His tongue sank straight into her vagina, then he sucked hard at her clit. It was her turn to gasp and after a short while, shudder to an orgasm, pouring fluid over his face. Julie looked down, furiously and pulled at his tie, then pushed up his shirt and turned round to push down trousers and pants. She managed to pull him further up the bed, before positioning over his erection and dropping down to take his whole length. Sitting still for a few minutes, a stupid grin on her face, she looked down, bent to kiss him and whispered.

“Nail me you bastard.”

With that she started grinding up and down and twisting her pelvis at the same time, softly crooning with pleasure, eyes closed, starting to flush.

After a few minutes, Martin stopped, threw her on her back, then her calves over his shoulders and plunged in furiously, as her moans rose to a crescendo, she came, her legs trying to straighten as she went into spasm. Her vaginal muscles rippled up and down his cock and he increased intensity of his thrusts, till he came too, grunting with each jet in her vagina. After a while, Julie said,

“Can you lift off lover, I can’t breathe.”

He did climb off, enough to let her legs down and she grabbed his sweaty head with both hands, pulling him down to a deep kiss, despite still struggling to breathe. Katie, checking from outside, grinned, she didn’t think Julie needed any help, perhaps Martin, but not Julie.

“What an animal, I think you’ve loosened my teeth. That was the best and I don’t pretend, think I passed out for a bit.

Any chance of seconds, thirds, fourths, on the house. Please don’t have a heart attack though. You can do pretty much what you like, explore new avenues, roam off the beaten track, if you see what I mean. I’m very broad minded and very grateful, known for it.”

She finished, looking in his eyes.

“Do you think I’m very bad, wicked, I know, I’m ashamed, but I can’t help it. Perhaps I should be punished, I deserve it?”

Julie caught a familiar glint in his eyes.

“Perhaps it would teach me a lesson, make me behave more like a lady.”

She looked coyly at him, as he sat up and pulled himself to the side of the bed. With a grim expression, he pointed to his lap. Meekly, she stood up and lay face down over his thighs. Martin gazed down at her, losing his resolve. What a wonderful ass, framed by stockings and suspenders. He ran his hand over her globes, then down the crack, past her anus, running a finger around the rim. Suddenly he raised his hand and bought it down with a hard slap, her buttocks quivered delightfully and a red hand print appeared. Julie squealed, but stayed as she was. The hand rose again and came down again, then again, six times, with cruel slowness. She could feel him swelling and hear his ragged breathing. The hand returned to her ass and roamed over her buttocks, then fingers probed gently at her anus, but they were dry and it was uncomfortable.

She pushed herself up, stood in front of him whispering,

Looking down at his new erection, she said,

“Hold that thought and just give me a minute.”

Then she hurried into the bathroom for gel. On her return, she fell to her knees and gently licked his erection and sucked his balls. Opening the tube, she put a liberal dollop of gel over his cock, then fell back on the bed, her arms open. Martin threw off the remainder of his clothes and lay on top of her, both moaning as they started kissing and exploring each other. They were desperate and he spread her legs, entered her sopping cunt again, her legs gripping him hard. He didn’t fuck her for long, but pulled away to put more gel on his fingers and cock. Julie turned onto her knees to put her ass in the air. He gently pushed in several fingers, twisting them to stretch her, making her whimper slightly and he stopped.

“Please don’t stop, it’s good.”

Replacing his fingers with his cock, he pushed firmly. Julie grunted but didn’t pull away, as his glans popped pass the anal sphincter, then she sighed with relief.

“I want it all, your whole length.”

Pushing on, she struggled to relax, until maltepe escort he was buried, then pulled back and pushed in, a little easier each time, till he was driving hard. Julie held herself on the edge, till she heard him groan and relax, then she came too. Slipping forward to lie flat on the bed, he lay on her, still buried, finally she pushed him off.

“I haven’t killed you, oh thank goodness, still breathing. That was delicious, just delicious.”

She held his head again and kissed him.

“May I suggest a reviving herbal bath, you can play with my toys if you like. Then you can decide if you want to throw me out, before I do kill you, or perhaps I can find a small corner in the bed, in case you get the urge. I promise I won’t attack you again, unless you want me to of course.”

“Sounds like a plan and yes I’d love to find you a corner in my bed. In fact I’d love to take you home, keep you chained up, naked, in the attic.” He replied.

“Oh yes please, particularly the chain bit, but I don’t think Katie would approve.

Now hold on a sec, while I run the bath.”

With that, she got up and ran across the room, her ass still red from the slapping and cum leaking down her buttocks. She put a hand round to cover herself,

“Sorry, that’s not very ladylike,” She said, as she went through the door.

There was the sound of running water and she reappeared, taking off her stockings.

“What are you waiting for?” And held out her hand.

He followed her in and stepped into the steaming, aromatic water. Julie jumped in afterwards and lay against his chest, putting his hands on her tits.

Now these need a thorough wash, think you can handle it, they are a bit large.”

He started massaging and squeezing her tits and running fingers over her nipples, she sighed with absolute contentment and started falling asleep.

“Seriously, I’d love to take you home, you are gorgeous and that’s the best sex of my entire life.” He finished.

“And if I wasn’t taken, I’d be very tempted. No I’d have you, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“What do you do, if I’m allowed to ask?” He finished.

“You’re not really, but it’s OK, I’m a hospital nurse.

My turn, why are you single, you are single. I mean you’re handsome, good body, great cock, funny, rich, you must be to be a member here. So why hasn’t some girl got her hooks in you?”

“Oh, you know, plenty of girlfriends, it just never seems to work out.”

She lay against him, thinking, then said

“Now if you’ve finished mauling me, do you want to go to bed, I’m exhausted? Want a drink first?”

“Yes and no,” He replied and they got out, drying each other tenderly, did their teeth and fell into bed in each others arms.

They were both asleep almost as their heads hit the pillow. Martin woke her twice in the night. The first time Julie whispered,

“Have you no pity, you animal?” But her enthusiastic response and moans, told a different story.

The second time she whispered, “What are you on, whatever it is, I want some too?”

They awoke at eight, when the duty cook bought them breakfast in bed, a full English fry up.

“Katie thought you’d need something to revive you after last night. She said there were engineers coming in this morning, that you two cracked the walls downstairs last night.” He finished,

They both sat up to eat and Julie’s sheet fell down, just perfect breasts he thought, as he left.

Whilst they were eating, Julie said,

“Look I’m not a matchmaker, don’t believe in it, but I just have to say. There is this gorgeous and I mean stunning Staff Nurse works on my ward, funny, intelligent, feminine, sexy as hell, just oozing sex appeal. She’s been single for six months, no idea why. I can arrange a double date, with my Geoff and her, but if you say how we met, you’re dead, mutilated, dumped on a waste tip, OK.”

He didn’t say anything for a while and she started to worry,

“If you think she’s gorgeous, she must be. Yes please, that would be great, I’ll give you my mobile number.

Problem is, if it works out, I’d have to stop assaulting you. I would have to stop, wouldn’t I?”

She just gave him a slap.

When they’d finished eating, Julie said, “Sorry I must get going, I’m working this afternoon, how about you?”

“Yes I must get up too,” But he stayed there, intensely watching her get dressed. Slipping the stockings up her legs was a particular treat and she looked over and smiled at him.

“Enjoying the view?

If she’s up for it and she will be, when I give you the big sell, I’ll phone and arrange a time. But remember, keep schtum about us.”

With that Julie bent down to give him a deep kiss and rushed out. As she left the club, it was another lovely day and again she chose to walk home, stopping for a leisurely coffee on the way. As she sat outside, she felt more cum leaking out into her pants, impetuous boy, she thought. She carried on walking home and had a shower when she got in. Experience told her she would be leaking the rest of the day, from both holes. Actually, she quite liked it, a warm reminder of a good night.

When she got in to work, Jenny, the staff nurse she had talked to Martin about, gave the report, no real problems.

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