The Gift

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The night started like any other Valentine’s date night, with dinner, flowers, and chocolate. He even paid for a singing valentine gram. Tonight however, was special! I just didn’t know it yet. You see, I was ready to return to our room and finish the evening by making love to my husband. But this, this I never expected.

We entered the room at the Grand Suits Hotel and he was there. The man I had known from so long ago. Curtis had known for years that I had always desired Doug. We had even fantasized about it in the bedroom. Now there he was! Surprised and shocked, I gave an inquiring glance over my shoulder. Curtis smiled and whispered in my ear, “Go to him.”

I crossed the room slow and timidly as passion and desire begin to swell with in me. Doug reached for my hand and the electricity between us was palpable. He spun me and brushed my hair away from my neck. As his lips brushed that sensual nape, he whispered “Hello Dove, long time no see.”

I was speechless and weak in the knees. Doug slowly unzipped my dress. Electricity flowed through me where ever his skin met mine, and gentle kisses followed his hands. Before I knew it, I was naked and lying on a bed made with red satin linens. He was lying over me. His hands lifted mine above my head then slowly slid down the length of pendik escort my arms. He gently grabbed a handful of hair at the nape and pulled back my head exposing the neck. He slowly kissed letting his hot breath give me nervous chills. Then inch by inch he worked his way down to my exposed breasts, and taunted the nipples with his tongue. He enjoyed how they swelled and hardened beneath his lips. A soft moan escaped my lips and brought a devilish smile to his face.

“Mmmmm” I moaned, as I arched my back and lifted my breasts closer to his awaiting lips. The pressure started to build deep with in. I could feel his hands edging closer and closer to my sex. I was wet with anticipation as his fingers brushed softly across the outside. I squirmed as waves of pleasure coursed through my body. Slowly he slid his fingers deeper, and let his thumb lightly tease my clit. My wetness begged for more but he didn’t oblige. Not yet anyway. Instead he teased me like this, bringing me to the edge and back, over and over again. Hearing me start to beg for more, he quickened. My hips started to grind against his fingers in perfect rhythm with his strokes. The pleasure was building in intensity.

Curtis had been watching, and could contain himself no longer. He approached and lifted suadiye escort my lips to his. His tongue slipped in and out of my mouth as his fingers grasped and pinched my heaving breasts. The sensation was more then I could take! “YES!” I screamed, as the first orgasm threatened to overcome me. He slowed and eased up on the pressure denying the inevitable outcome. “No!” I begged “Don’t stop!” but the moment had passed, the pressure had subsided. I reached up with one hand and entwined my fingers through Curtis’ hair and pulled him closer to me. With the other I reached out for Doug. The desire to hold him and feel him pressed against me was evident as I softly called his name. “Doug.”

As Curtis continued to run his tongue across my swollen nipples Doug bent low, running his lips up my inner thigh, inching ever closer to my moist pussy. My breathing grew more shallow with each touch. Curtis watched as Doug slid his tongue up for its first taste, and timing it perfectly, he bit down lightly on my nipple. My moans grew louder and my body demanded more.

As Doug continued to taste, my body exploded. It held nothing back as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me. I was over run with passion and begin to buck my hips to the intensity. He gave no leave as he acıbadem escort replaced his mouth with a hard cock. The pressure of him slipping past the opening sent a second round of orgasmic bliss rushing through my body. I took Curtis’ cock and begin relentlessly sucking on him. My mouth taking his fullness down to the base of his shaft. Doug grasped my hands and pined me to the bed. Our body’s entwined with each other moved to the unheard symphony playing in my head. I was determined to bring him to a sweet release.

Doug timed his thrusts, quick then slow, shallow then deep. I felt my body respond. Every muscle tightened and my moans turned to muffled screams as he edged closer to release. Curtis’ cock served only to soften the volume. I felt him start to swell, the pleasure coursed through his entire body. He squeezed my hands and started to explode. Thrust after thrust, emptied into me until he was utterly spent. Curtis’ heart was racing with desire. His cock longed to be where Doug had just finished. “Excuse me,” he said, “I need to reclaim my wife.” Doug slowly pulled out of me, and Curtis was immediately there filling me again. My eyes widen as yet another wave consumed me. Doug was now holding me down and kissing me deeply. My hands twisted through his hair and my back was arched as I yet again I was struck by the throws of passion. Curtis continued to pump steadily “that’s going to do it!” he cried as I tightened my grip around his pulsing cock.

Spent for the afternoon, the three of us collapsed into the bed. His last words to me, “Happy Valentine’s Day my love!”

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