The Hairem Ch. 3

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My honeymoon days were over and I was back in England when I got a call that my marriage was fixed with Abida. Farah herself was to take care of the ceremonies, which was not unusual for our part of the world. Obviously Farah would brief her on my idiosyncrasies and make her ready for the first night. Farah had given birth to a son who I called Salim and like me he had an unusually large penis too.

I flew in and took part in the ceremonies. Before the wedding night my cousin Samiullah had got two dancing girls Parveen and Shama to perform for us. We drank wine as the two girls undressed and started swaying to the music. They removed the muslin cloth and their dress and I winked at Samiullah. He had chosen well both Parven and Shama were dusky beauties and were hairy too. Extremely hairy in their underarms and pubes. I was instantly erect and called them over. Parveen the taller and hairier came to me while Shama hooked herself onto Samiullah. She opened his pajamas and took out his donkey cock. He was like his Uncle Salim the biggest cocksman I the family now a good 13 inches long. Shama gasped as she looked at his dangling cock lying limp against his leg. “Parveen look at him he is soooooo big” she said.

Samiullah look down at Shama his face blank and devoid of expression. He grabbed her hair. She gasped, and in doing so he forced his cock into her open mouth. “Now suck me bitch!” His eyes were cold, focused solely on her ensuring that she would take his cock willingly. Realizing why she was here, she closed her eyes and she sucked his cock slowly. He forced her head to bob up and down slowly, covering the full length of his’ huge member. “Properly slut. Suck me off properly, you fucking bitch!” Samiullah was overdoing the macho bit as Parveen released my massive meat. My organ sprang to life erect as she bent down and started cevizli escort sucking my penis.

Shama’s mouth wrapped firmly around his monster cock and she slid back and forth, taking the full length of him in her. I couldn’t believe she took in all 13 inches! This woman sure knew how to deep-throat a guy! He noticed Samiullah couldn’t believe it either, he leaned back against the wall, wrapped in ecstasy, as he mouth-fucked her. I could see that the walls of her mouth, and her lips, were straining but she neither protested nor complained. She didn’t want to. She was being paid for her job.

I noticed that while they both very hairy. Shama had more hair in her bushy underarms while the hair in Parveen’s pits were longer. Samiullah took all his clothes off. Sliding underneath her, she then squatted directly over his erect cock. With her ass facing him, he ran his hands over her hairy ass and hips and pulled her on top of him. She grunted like an animal and proceeded to ride him. He pushed his donkey cock and most of the 13 inches slowly into Shama’s hairy asshole as she bounced away on his stiff rod. This was more than enough to send her into further throes of passion. He counted the rising moanings – she came at least twice as she humped away on his massive cock.

Parveen massaged my balls as the other pumped the length of my slick member as her mouth sucked and bobbed on the end. It wasn’t long until I grabbed her head and shot my load right down her throat. She certainly knew how to give head. She took it all, swallowing it as it came. When I pulled out, only a faint trickle remained and she swallowed it eagerly.

Shama was still mounted on his cock. Her pussy was tight, it took effort to get his cock inside of her, and rode his cock like a true cowgirl. cihangir escort She did all the work for him, holding his hands down and throwing herself on his wonderful cock. She moaned lightly. Her pussy juiced were running down his cock. “I love your cock,” she moaned in a whisper. “Oh, yeah, suck my hairy armpits Oh, oh.” I moved over limp after my experience with Shama and put my cock into Shama’s wild hairy pits. The tufts of hair were much hairier than Farah’s amazing pits and even more than both Saira my first and Bella the hirsute Portuguese whom I fucked at Oxford.

She then stopped riding Samiullah and sucked on my cock some more to ensure it was good and hard, and smeared some of the lubricant on the head of my shaft. She then reached around and put some in the ass as well. She then got on all fours and told me to get behind and start to put my cock in her ass. I did as I was told, and it was a struggle at first. Her hairy ass was lubed, but not too receptive to my cock. We took our time, and eventually, my cock head passed through her sphincter and it was smooth sailing from there on. I didn’t know how hard to push, and took my signal from her.

She pleaded with me to shoot my load in her hole, and I came with a great force that emptied my balls. We collapsed down on the bed and just stayed like that for a few minutes until my cock deflated and I pulled it out of her ass with a loud “plop”. My cum was dripping out of her ass, but she didn’t care. She got up and got a warm washcloth and cleaned my cock off with it. She said, “That was the best ass fuck I’ve ever had. You are the perfect size for my ass”.

Now Parveen was horny. The slut wanted the massive dong of Sami. Everyone needed to feel his large cock and she quickly stroked him to semi hardness erenköy escort and sat on him rode up and down on his magnificent shaft, I noticed that she was able to take more of it than Shama was. I was incredibly turned on watching her pussy grip his cock all the way out to the head. I could tell he was close to cumming but trying to hold off. After a few minutes, she got off and took Sami’s cock in her hand and she and Shama licked him up and down. Though it was pre wedding festivities I noticed that Sami my cousin was having more fun.

I called for Najma my young Aunt. I have several family members and she was always lusting for me. She came in surprised to see Sami being pleasured by Parveen and Abida. I had already interest and we went upstairs and I took her in my arms and started to kiss her while fondling her ass through her jeans. She devoured my tongue, and I knew I was in for a good time. I lifted her kameez over her head, and licked at her bushy armpits. I knew that Najma always remained unshaven and though she did not have the masses of hair in her pits like Shama she was very sexy. I leaned down and pulled her cotton panties aside to put my tongue into her slit. She trims her pussy because there is so much hair down there.

She started to lick my cock from the base to the tip, and in no time had my 12 inches at attention. She continued to suck and nibble and stroke my balls gently.
I moved my mouth away and said “time to see if it fits!.” I kept her on top, turning her so that her pussy was directly over my throbbing erection. I gently lowered her on to my pole and she lost control, cumming again within two strokes. Her pussy was hot, wet and pretty tight. I let her set the pace, and as she picked up speed.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum. It had been a while since I had one this tight, and the pressure on my cock was fantastic. I rolled her over on to her back and proceeded to stroke her, building up speed. Najma was out of control, moaning with pleasure as I continued to increase stroke speed. I withdrew my soon to explode cock and shot a stream of cum on to her hairy belly as she watched my cock pulse with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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