The Headmaster Ch. 10

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Beautiful Cock

Chapter 10. My Wife’s Surprise Birthday Party

My wife’s birthday was coming up soon and I decided to prepare a little surprise for her. We had been married for quite a while now and our recent activities had changed our lives quite a bit. I figured it would be good to build on these recent experiences.

I called Jo and Jeremy and asked them to come to the Party. I had also invited Christy. I then asked Jo if she and Jeremy did any other swinging and knew of any other men with large cocks. She said they had done some and she knew of another guy who was hung almost identically to Jeremy. I asked her to bring him, and she said, “What about his wife?”

“Do you think she would want to come, too? I already have the four of us and my slave so with your friend that makes three guys and three girls. What do you think?”

“She’ll be fine.” Jo said. “She loves sex, she loves parties, and she loves women, too, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

I agreed and set it up so that they would all meet at Jo’s and then come over when I called.

On the evening of her birthday, we had a quiet dinner at home because I told her that I had a surprise for her. We finished eating and I gave her some small presents. Then I asked her if she was ready for her big surprise. She said yes and I told her that there were some preparations. I went in the bedroom and called Jo and said to be here in 5 minutes and to sneak in the back. I then led my wife into the family room and told her to undress. She smiled and undressed and then I told her I had purchased a sleeping blindfold that she had to put on. She grinned even more, knowing that it was going to be interesting. I had her stand in the middle of the room and I started running my hands lightly over her breasts, ass and pussy. Then the crowd came creeping in and, seeing me, they all went into the bedroom and got undressed. When they came back, I had to admire the size of the schlongs that I saw there. Jeremy and this other guy, who I still did not know by name, had very large cocks, and they were starting to rise in anticipation and because of the vision of me teasing my wife. I motioned them over and then indicated quietly that we should all put our hands on my wife. I told my wife not to peek and I knew she was wondering what was going on. Then she felt multiple hands on her body and started grinning and laughing. She was definitely ready for this, but she was in for a surprise. Her hands were at her sides so I moved the stunt cocks on either side of her and placed her hands on them. She gasped.

“Oh my.” she said. “Now that’s some meat!”

I grinned and told her to take off the mask. She took her right hand off one of the cocks and ripped the mask off. She immediately put her hand back on the cock and then looked at the two men on either side of her. She smiled and said “Yum!” When she saw everyone who was there she went “This is a great birthday gift.”

Jo introduced her friends to everyone as Jack and Diane. There was the momentary laugh about them being referenced in the John Mellencamp song, and they said they always get that. My wife, however, was not interested in music at that point. She was interested in getting her birthday present in her birthday suit. I wasn’t interested in the musical reference either, but I was definitely checking out Diane. Jo was a gorgeous auburn-haired beauty with nice curves, and now there was another voluptuous woman present. Diane was a well-endowed, hippy, large-breasted woman. She had very dark hair, but light eyes and pale skin. She, too, was a drop dead gorgeous woman, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some new tits and ass.

I looked at how things were progressing and my wife. She was now on her knees moving her mouth from Jeremy to Jack and back fındıkzade escort again, testing them to see which was the larger and if she could get either one all the way into her mouth. She was not a deep-throater, so she sucked on the first 6 inches or so and used her hands to jack off along the bottom. They didn’t seem to mind at all. She was definitely enjoying having two large cocks all to herself.

I was the only other man in the room, and my dick was getting hard as a rock watching that and the other three naked women in the room. Jo was watching my wife blow the big dicks, and starting to rub her pussy. She had shaved it to just a small landing strip, so it was very visible and the inner lips were already making an appearance. She kept rubbing and I got the idea that she was trying to coax her large clitoris into the open.

Diane was standing right next to Jo and started to rub Jo’s tits and tug on her nipples. Christy was just sitting there on the chair next to them, either enthralled with the view, or unsure what to do and where to join in, so I took matters into my hands.

I walked over towards Jo and Diane and they looked at me and my hard cock and smiled. As I approached I motioned to Christy and she stood up.

“Jo, Diane, this is Christy, a young lady from our school. She’s very cooperative.” I grinned sheepishly. “Christy, I want you to welcome Diane to the group by eating her pussy and ass until she cums.”

“Yes, Master.” She replied and I could see Diane smile at that. She evidently was not aware of it before, but now knew that Christy was my slave.

Jo led Diane to the chair that Christy had just vacated and sat her in it. She pulled her legs down so that she was slumped down into the chair and her pussy was right at the edge of the seat. Jo then went behind the chair, leaned over Diane so that her tits were in Diane’s face, and reached down to grab Diane’s ankles. She yanked Diane’s legs way back up toward her shoulders, putting her pussy and ass on display. Christy saw the target, smiled mischievously, and immediately dove into it to do her job. Diane looked up and leaned her head back to start sucking on Jo’s tits between moaning as Christy went to work on her nether regions.

I walked over and watched Christy work for a while. She started by slowing pealing Diane’s lips open so that she could see the pussy and then licked and sucked on the lips. Every so often she would let her tongue brush Diane’s clit and Diane would jerk her hips a little and moan into Jo’s tits. Then Christy slowly worked her tongue down to Diane’s asshole, lightly ran her tongue all around her ass and then tongued the hole. I could tell that Diane loved it by the way she was squirming and trying to slide down to give Christy all the access possible to her ass. I decided to join in and got on my knees next to Christy. While she was working on Diane’s ass, I moved in over top of her and starting sucking on Diane’s clit. Diane immediately released her sucking hold on Jo’s left tit and looked up to determine where the other mouth came from. She looked me in the eye briefly before she rolled her eyes back and went back to work on Jo’s tits. Then she raised up again and said “Christy, use your fingers baby.”

I watched as Christy stuck her finger into Diane’s ass. Diane moaned and stopped sucking Jo’s tits, so Jo started roughly handling Diane’s tits, rubbing them and pinching the nipples. Christy was inserting a second finger to butt-fuck Diane, and I was sucking and licking on her clit. Diane was definitely getting some attention, and couldn’t last much longer. She was moaning and squirming.

“Faster, everybody.” Diane managed to say and we all picked up the pace. Christy florya escort started banging her ass pretty hard with two fingers and I pulled my mouth off her clit and started rubbing it faster and faster. She started moaning “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh, yeah, here it comes, oh, yeah, oh, oh, oh, arrrrrrgghhh.” And she came hard. She was a little bit of a squirter and I could see a little hit Christy in the face and she smiled. She starting slowing down her finger-fucking of Diane’s ass and I let up on her clit, and she slowly came to a rest. She sat there slumped down in the chair with her legs pulled back blissfully enjoying her post-orgasm relaxation.

I looked behind me and saw that my wife had positioned Jeremy on the couch sitting and was sucking on his cock. Jack was behind her, plowing her pussy and pounding her pretty hard. She was loving it and would let go of Jeremy’s cock to give directions to Jack.

I looked back at Diane who said “That was fantastic. After the week I’ve had, I needed a good cum.” She reached up and grabbed Jo and said “Your turn.”

She stood up and put Jo in the chair and took up the same position. Christy just smiled and went back to work. I had other ideas for myself, though. I stood up and walked behind Diane. I rubbed my dick up and down her ass crack as she bent over holding Jo’s legs and reached around to grab her amazing tits. She smiled and said “See anything you like?”

“You bet.” I said. “I’ll just help myself to these delicious treats.”

This was perfect. She wiggled her ass a little and arched her back so that I had easy access to her pussy. I reached down and guided my dick to it. It slipped in easily. Now, this was fantastic. I was standing behind a beautiful woman, fucking her for the first time. My thighs were slapping up against her plentiful ass and hips and I was feeling her voluptuous tits. I could look over her shoulder and see Christy eating out Jo. And I could watch as my wife got totally fucked by the two big dicked men. I was on visual overload, and the rest of my senses were pretty taxed, too.

I watched my wife change positions. She went and sat on Jeremy’s lap and slid his dick into her pussy and decided that all her recent anal play might allow her to take both cocks at once. She directed Jack to try to stick his cock in her ass. He followed those order explicitly!

Christy was now sticking two fingers into Jo’s ass and sucking on her clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Meanwhile, I was feeling great as my dick explored the new pussy it had found in Diane. I rubbed my fingers around her ass and decided that I needed to try that, too. I moved my right thumb to her ass and slowing poked it in. She rose up a little and moaned. She knew what I wanted and said “Go ahead, butt fuck me.”

Well, I always aim to please so I pulled my dick out of her pussy and lined it up with her ass. I pushed and it seemed much tighter than it should be considering Christy just had two fingers in there and I had my thumb. Finally, the head of my dick popped into her ass and she groaned almost as loud as I did. Yes, it was very tight!

I looked around and could see that almost everyone was getting close to orgasm. I knew that all the screaming and moaning could cause a chain reaction at this party. Finally, when Jo started cumming, the chain reaction occurred.

“Fuck, yeah!” Jo exclaimed. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, that’s it; put those fingers up my ass. Lick my clit and make me cum.” Jo seemed to highlight this as she got close to cumming. And she made it. “Ugggghhhh! C-cumming!” She started shaking and jerking and Christy kept sucking and jamming her fingers up Jo’s ass until she collapsed back against the göztepe escort chair.

I looked up to see that this was setting off the other folks. Jack suddenly said, “Yeah, I’m close, baby. I’m gonna cum hard. Damn, your ass is so tight I won’t be able to get it out until I cum.”

My wife was yelling, “Cum in my ass. I love big dicks in all my holes. Cum. Both of you. I’m gonna cum, too. I need all that spunk in me. Come on. Get those big dicks moving. Oh, yeah, fuck me hard!”

Jeremy was just saying, “Yes, yes, yes, oh, yes.”

My wife went first. “AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!” she yelled. “Here I cum!!!!” She started jerking and spasming and when she did Jack went next.

“UNGH! Ungh! Oh! Yeah!” he said a word with each spasm and squirt of his cum deep into her ass.

Jeremy was set off by those two. “Me, too, oh, yes, me, too.” and he jerked and came hard.

All of this was too much for me, so I started pounding Diane’s ass and grabbed her tits to pull her to me. She went off like a rocket and her jerking and spasming meant that I could barely hold on and continue fucking that tight ass. But I did and I came long and hard into that ass. It was such a scene that when I finished I looked around and everyone was panting and gasping for air.

I looked down at Christy and she was smiling. I knew that she was enjoying herself, but I wanted her to get a good cum, too.

“Ladies.” I said after a couple of minutes. “Each of you please take one of the men’s dicks and bring it back to life.” And to Christy I said, “Stand up and spread your legs”.

Diane turned around and took my dick and started sucking it back to life. She was very good at this. My wife took Jeremy and Jo took Jack and all the guys were sucked back to life in a few minutes.

When it looked like we were all hard again I said, “Gentlemen, my slave needs some spunk. Jack, lay on the floor. Christy, get on his dick. I’ll get the ass and Jeremy you feed her your dick.” Christy just gasped agreeingly and immediately jumped on Jack’s dick. She put him all the way in and then leaned over so that I could insert my dick into her ass. It felt funny with another dick right there in her pussy also pushing around. Christy then raised her head and turned to the side enough to suck Jeremy. We slowly started pounding the shit out of this young woman. She was moaning and groaning around Jeremy’s dick and we just kept at it. Suddenly she came and none of us were close yet. She let go of Jeremy’s dick and said “Oh, yeah, that’s good.” I pushed her head immediately back on Jeremy’s dick. She gladly started sucking again. In no time at all her young ass had me cumming. I yelled out I was cumming and shot a load deep into her ass. My second ass of the night. Jack was next and said, “My turn, oh, yeah, take my load, baby.” and came in her as she tried to keep Jeremy in her mouth. Jeremy, watching all this, decided to join in and pulled out and jerked his cock to shoot plenty of cum all over her face. He covered her pretty good.

Christy got up off Jack’s cock and I immediately said. “Lay on the coffee table with your legs in the air.” I turned to the rest of the women who were watching the show and idly playing with their nipples and pussies. “Ladies, clean up that spunk.”

The three ladies looked like I was offering them ice cream. They all smiled and launched themselves at the youngster. My wife pushed Christy’s legs back to her chest and went for her pussy, Jo got under my wife and started licking Christy’s ass, and Diane went for her face. They all started lapping and sucking and licking all the cum out of and off of Christy. It only took about two minutes and Christy was cumming again. When she started cumming, my wife thumbed her clit hard, and Diane pinched her nipples and twisted them and Christy was jerking all over the place.

When she finally calmed down we all looked around. Everyone was pretty spent at that point. I said to them, “I think refreshments are in order.” They all agreed and we went to raid the kitchen, knowing that there was still plenty of night and naked pussy and cock around.

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