The House

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The five of us barged through the door as a group, wandering between the rooms and looking at the house. It was large, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, just right for us. And it was the perfect placement for us, right down the road from the university. With three of us entering into third year, and the other two in their second, it would be useful to be so close. The rent was a little bit out of their range, but if the thoughts of the others matched mine then we would manage to make up the difference.

‘I love it Scott!’ exclaimed Kristin as she burst into the kitchen to throw herself on me. I meet her at the start of second year, and was now my girlfriend of three months. She had introduced me to her two friends who were looking for a place to stay with us, Mieke and Jon. The fifth one to join our search was Michelle, a second year the same as Mieke, and a good friend of mine.

The other three came into the kitchen and smiled happily. This was the place.


We had moved in two weeks later, a few days before Uni started. Of course, each of us were doing different degrees and were at Uni at varying times so we took advantage of the last couple of days by going out on the piss. I think that it was during this time that it first began… Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. When we got back to Uni we had less time as a group, except at nights, and often only one or two of us would be in the house during the day.

Kristin and I had one room to ourselves with Mieke and Michelle sharing another. Jon had the third to himself. Kristin and I had a fairly good relationship, we had just started having sex before we moved in and now were quite…how shall I say it…well we were fucking like rabbits really. The other two girls seemed to have guys over every now and then, but neither had a steady boyfriend. Jon never seemed to have a girl over, even though he was a fairly good looking guy. Sometimes I heard noises coming from his room when I got back from Uni, cries that sounded familiar…but we never saw the girl.

We’d go out of a night time, usually to the local pub or a nightclub in the city and all dance with each other. It was a good life, and there were no real issues as everyone was happy to pull their own weight.

The routine became fairly…routine I guess, but we survived. The workload seemed to increase as was natural as midyear exams came closer to us. Kristin had an easier course then I, as did Michelle and Jon. They cooked more often then Mieke or I and said that as long as we helped out when we could then it would be okay.

Exams came around and we worked as hard as we could to pass. This was only normal I suppose, but we did want to do well. The other four finished on the same day, the day before me. They were considerate and didn’t make too much noise when the staggered in drunk at four in the morning. I heard and felt Kristin thump on the bed next to me and fall asleep. It took me a while, but I eventually went off to sleep as well.

The next day I got up and kissed Kristin softly, noting absently that her lipstick was smudged. I left the room and went to breakfast. Mieke was awake already. Obviously she hadn’t had enough to drink the night before. She looked at me in a slightly scared way, but smiled weakly when she saw me looking.

I ate breakfast and chatted with her before leaving. She said and Michelle were going shopping, as I left kurtköy escort the room, and probably wouldn’t be home when I got back. I nodded and left, preoccupied with the exam. I was nervous, this was the subject I liked most, and so of course I wanted to go well.

The exam went well, I was prepared and I thought I got all the questions right. I left the room feeling over the moon and looked forward to getting blind drunk that night. I was still in that euphoric mood when I walked up the driveway. Even though I usually drove, I thought that the ten minute walk would help me for the exam. It did, and so it was (nice little cliché for you…) that I walked up the driveway that day.

I came in the front door and heard a noise, loud and strange. It sounded like there were people having a go at it. I guessed that Jon had already got a girl. More then likely it was the one he must have come home with last night. I thought I’d leave them to it, as nice as I was, and so I grabbed a scotch and cola and sat at the table, flicking through the newspaper. Eventually the noises stopped, and I heard a familiar giggling from his room. I turned as I heard the door open and had a smile on my face to greet Jon.

It froze in a heartbeat and I felt a cold lump of ice forming in my stomach. My mouth went dry as I saw Kristin, wearing an open silk dressing gown, a man’s, revealing the supple body that I knew so well to me. In some dim corner of my mind I registered with outrage that it was Jon’s gown, not mine she was wearing. Then I snapped back and registered the scene in front of me. Kristin had stopped in her tracks, staring at me in horror. Jon bumped into her from behind, still laughing. He stopped quickly enough when he saw me and his face joined hers, the image of two poleaxed steers if I have ever seen it.

I stayed like that for a moment, mesmerised by the sight of the two of them standing there almost nude. I had thought that I loved her. I had thought that she loved me. I guess I was wrong. I suppose at least that this tied up a few loose ends that I had wondered about for a while. Then I recovered somewhat. Long enough to stand up. I looked at them and smiled wryly.

‘Well I can see you thought that you would continue the…uh shall we say ‘celebration’ now that exams were finally over.’ I looked at Kristin and felt an emptiness in my stomach as I turned and walked out the front door. I heard her calling out to me through the ringing that filled my ears, but I kept walking.

I don’t really know what happened in the hours until Mieke found me. I do know that I went and drank, drowning my sorrows. I realise that it is nothing new, but it seemed like it would help at the time. When she saw me, I think I was at the bar, having another drink. I pushed her away when she tried to comfort me and I stumbled into the cold air outside, sinking down onto the pavement against the wall. She followed me out the door and sat down next to me rather more gracefully. As she put her hand on my shoulder the tears started rolling down my face.


I woke up the next morning in my bed at the apartment, alone. There was a pounding in my head and my stomach was rebellious to say the least. I eventually remembered what happened the night before. After a while I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, wishing I was dead and feeling like levent escort it as well. I heard the door open and looked over, the movement making my head spin. It was Mieke, and she came and sat on the bed next to me. I was gradually feeling better and I sat up to make more room for her. It was kind of an awkward situation, neither of us knowing who should speak first.

‘Thanks for looking after me last night. I…don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t found me then.’ She smiled softly and nodded her head.

‘That’s ok. I think we need to talk about some things…’ she replied with the air of someone who was in a room of glass ornaments. ‘What you saw yesterday afternoon had been going on for a while, and,’ with an intake of breath, ‘we have all been a part of it.’ As the look of pain on my face turned to surprise she continued. ‘Since we moved in we have been changing partners each night, and we didn’t want you to know because you were new, even though you’re going out with Kristin. Umm, I think she wants to talk with you later as well…if you’re up to it.’

I couldn’t think straight. The four of them had been having sex with each other every day and I had no idea. I was confused, but I could feel myself getting aroused, and I dimly registered Mieke’s hand on my leg as she looked steadily at me. ‘You know, we would like another person to join in with us, if you’re not too freaked out about it all…’ As she was saying this her hand slid down my leg to rub the top of my thigh.

She was looking me straight in the eyes and there seemed to be a fire burning in their blue centres. I responded instinctively to the feelings she had aroused and pulled her down onto the bed with me. She grinned and wrapped her long arms around my back as I drew her in for a kiss. She attacked my face, darting her tongue into my mouth and crushing her body on top of mine. I had no shirt on and could feel the gradual hardening of her nipples against my chest as she got more excited. My hands were sliding up and down her slinky body, rubbing her butt and tangling in her hair.

Mieke broke off from the kiss to sit up, as she did I stripped off her top and began suckling at her braless breasts. She moaned softly, holding my head to her chest as I used my tongue to flick the nipple, massaging her butt with my other hand; she ground herself down on my crotch. Her breasts were amazing, the perfect size, pert as you could wish with a light tan. I had never really thought of Mieke in a sexual way, she was one of my best friends. But now that I saw and felt how hot she was I cursed myself for not trying something earlier.

She arched her back slightly from the feelings that were spreading through her breasts as I lay her down on the bed so I could lick her out. Before I could slide down to be level with her pants the door opened and Kristin was standing there. I froze, she froze, and Mieke, with her eyes shut, kept moaning softly. After a moment she looked up at me to see why I had stopped, and saw her standing there. She froze.

‘Well this is awkward, isn’t it?’ Mieke said. I looked down at her; she had a faint smile playing at the edges of her lips. I looked back up at Kristin, who had the same smile on her face. Oh shit. Something was going on, and I had no idea what.

Mieke beckoned to Kristin and my girlfriend (was she anymore?) mahmutbey escort walked over to the bed, unbuttoning her top as she came. I stared as she took it off; I could see her a hundred times and still be turned on. She reached down to cup my face with a hand.

‘I’m sorry, we should have let you know…but it was hard. I didn’t want to spoil what we had emotionally with physical stuff, but I guess I already did.’ She looked at me apologetically before bending her head to take Mieke’s mouth in a passionate kiss. The two girls rolled their tongues in and out of their mouths, one of the hottest sights I had ever seen. I still didn’t know how to react, even when two of the hottest girls I had met were making out in front of me.

I had the dilemma solved for me when they broke the kiss to take off my shirt, Kristin pulling it over my head and kissing me as Mieke undid my belt. I was in a state of disbelief, but it didn’t stop me from kissing her back. Now that it had begun I knew nothing would stop me. Before long, the three of us were completely nude, the two girls supple bodies on either side of me on the bed as we made out. Their hands were tangled over my cock, and I had one each cupping their clefts, running a finger over their clits.

They moaned, and Mieke pushed me away to slide down and engulf my erection with her mouth, playing her tongue up and down its length. I groaned softly while kissing Kristin, now both of my hands were pulling and stroking at her folds, and she was convulsing softly. I suckled at her breast and she arched her head back, grinding her body down onto my hands. Mieke looked up from my crotch, hands still stroking gently across my dick while she looked at Kristin. I beckoned her up, and the two of us went at her chest like crazy. Soon she was groaning loudly, her tanned body writhing under four hands. Mieke dropped down again and she pushed my hand away; while I used the other to push in and out of my girlfriend, Mieke started running her tongue up and down the length of her slit.

She cried out loud, ‘Uhhhh…ohhh…don’t stop…’ as she panted for breath. I kissed her breast one last time before sliding down the bed, past Mieke’s head to end up behind her. She jumped as I probed at her pussy, and grunted into Kristin’s slit as I licked at her clit. The two of them were moaning as Kristin came, thrashing around while Mieke, eye’s half closed from lust, rubbed her to her finish.

Mieke slumped to the bed as Kristin moved out from under her, arse still in the air so I could attack her crotch with more vigour. Kristin slid down and kissed Mieke softly, but was drawn into a passionate embrace as Mieke held on for dear life. I pushed a finger into her depths, running my tongue up and down her pussy I was rewarded with more groans. I could hear Kristin muttering to her friend as they kissed. ‘…good isn’t he? mmmhhmm oh do you like being tongued by…ohhh…my boyfriend?’ she was murmuring between their pashes.

Mieke was convulsing, I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers; I pulled back and blew cold air onto her clit. ‘Ahhhh…ohhh’ she screamed for a moment before I went back into her, she was really close now, in the throes of her orgasm she clutched my girlfriend to her, breasts pressing tightly together as she panted into Kristin’s mouth. She went limp all of a sudden and I raised my head to see her collapsed on Kristin, who was giving her soft kisses all over her face. God they were hot together.

My feelings were still mixed as I went up and lay behind the two girls, stroking Mieke’s pert breasts as she murmured softly into Kristin’s chest. My girlfriend had been cheating on me. With guys and girls, and now I had become involved. Where would this lead now?

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