The Interview

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Sarah selected the chair nearest the potted plants in the corner of the alcove. She was the only one there for the interview for the personal assistant. She was surprised as it appeared to be a well-paying job which were in short supply but it was unlikely she would be rejected. She had the right qualifications, a BA, some experience in the role as she had worked as a PA for her father, and was eager to step out into the world of business. She put her phone on silent and checked that she hadn’t any food stains on her clothes. She brushed her hands over the straining buttons of her white blouse and black skirt noting their pristine condition. She looked down at her stockings and shoes noting no ladders or dirt. All she had to do now was wait.

On the other side of the door there were two people watching her. Michael liked the look of her, those beautiful, large breasts and long slim legs.

“She looks like she’ll be exciting for us” he said to his partner Erica. He beckoned her over to the window. He ran a hand over her plump, round arse and she smiled.

“She does. I wonder though if she’ll be willing to be our girl?” She asked thoughtfully “The last one was okay in interview but turned out to be a total prude.”

“What a waste! She was spectacular!”

“Whatever.” Erica thought for a moment “We should make ourselves plain from the off. There’s no point in employing someone unless they know what we’re about and where they fit in”

With that, Michael asked Sarah to come in. The young woman stood before the couple and waited for them to speak. The wait was on the borderline of uncomfortable as she saw her potential employers peruse her and appear to like what they saw. She felt her nipples tingle as Erica openly admired her breasts and breathed harder as she felt Michael’s eyes on her arse.

Then they stood in front of her and spoke quickly between themselves. She didn’t hear everything, only “does she do it for you?” and “will she be obedient?” It was confusing to Sarah because she hadn’t thought to hear any of this in an interview. The couple stopped their murmuring together and turned to her.

“As you know, we’re looking for a PA.” said Erica “as well as the normal administrative duties though we’re after something more.”

Sarah nodded. “I have administrative experience from working for my parents and have sought out extra qualifications since graduating from Uni”. It was the something more that had her wondering though.

“I saw that in your résumé. You’re well qualified and if that was all that we were after this interview would be a formality” Michael replied “however we are after someone who can satisfy our needs in other ways.”

This was starting to feel odd to the girl. At 23 she was intelligent but naïve in some ways. What they were asking was a total mystery and it showed on her face.

“Do you understand what we’re asking?” queried Erica.

“Err… I’m sorry but I’m stumped”.

Michael closed his eyes and exhaled in some amusement.

“To yenibosna escort put it bluntly then, we’re very sexual people and our PA would be a third party in our intimate life” replied Erica “Oh how sweet! She blushes.”

“I err… ummm… I don’t know, I’m confused” stuttered Sarah. “I thought you wanted an administrative assistant.”

“We do, we also want a young woman who would be submissive and obedient when we want to have sex with her” stated Erica.

Michael asked her “are you a virgin, Sarah?”

“Me? No I’m not but…”

“So?” he asked “do you enjoy it?” She blinked. “Fucking! Do you enjoy fucking?” he barked out.

“I guess… yeah, I do.”

Erica shook her head. “You’ve never had a good one then.”

“Good one?” Sarah was feeling close to tears “I don’t understand what you’re asking of me or saying.”

Erica sat down on a red leather sofa and pulled Sarah onto her knee. Her hand snaked around the young woman’s waist and stroked her thigh.

“Shhh… Don’t be upset” she said as Michael sat down and stroked her mid-length black hair. “We’re after a PA who we can pleasure and will pleasure us”.

Before Sarah could answer Michael added “We think you’re that person.” He took a step towards her, his crotch was at her eye line. She could see the outline of his bulging penis and her breathing became shallow. She felt a tingling sensation in her nipples and she became moist between her legs. This was a feeling that she wasn’t used to, her ex was a selfish lover who took a lot without giving much. She was let unsatisfied by him and was relieved when he moved on to his next girlfriend. This was different. Erica and Michael were experienced people in their early forties. Michael was handsome in a rugged way, tall with tensile strength, green eyes and strong curly brown hair. Erica was tall as well but the similarity ended there. She was a curvaceous hourglass with beautifully formed full breasts and the hips gently flared out from the waist. Her hands were small and smooth with well-manicured fingernails, her face was unlined and her slate grey eyes were dazzling. Her long wavy hair was brown with a copper ombré and fell down her back which looked strangely erotic when paired with her silk shirt and the thigh hugging skirt.

Erica leaned forward and whispered in her ear “What are you thinking? What are you feeling?”

“I’m… wow, I’m sooo turned on.” A sigh escaped her and she wriggled.

“What would you like me to do to you, Sarah?” asked Michael but all he got in response was a moan low down in her throat. She was panting and writhing. He smiled at his partner and she got the message. Erica untied the bow at Sarah’s neck and began to undo the buttons. She reached inside her bra and pulled her breasts free. Sarah shuddered and Erica smiled. She nodded to Michael who knelt down between Sarah’s splayed legs. He leaned forward and gently bit her nipple which made her squeal in surprise. yeşilköy escort The bolt of lightning that shot to her crotch was accompanied by a multitude of wild feelings. He licked and sucked at her nipple until she was on the border of coming. He stopped just before she exploded and she mewled with disappointment. He smiled at that and winked at Erica.

“She’s responsive” and with that he took her other nipple in his mouth. He took Sarah to fever pitch again and she was ready to orgasm when he stopped.

“Now tell me what you want”.

Erica stroked her face. “What do you want, Sarah?”

“I’m so… I’m so…” she panted in reply

“So what, Sarah?” asked Michael. He ran a lazy finger down the gusset of her panties, feeling her wetness. It was tempting to rip her knickers off and fuck her right there but it wasn’t going to happen that way. It was going to be good for her and outline what was expected of her. “What is it that you need?”

She panted in response and whispered “please”.

“Please what?” his finger moved up and down the lips of her pussy, making her squirm.

“Oh please fuck me” she panted out. “Please, please fuck me”.

He picked her up and carried her to the next room which led to the living quarters. Erica opened the next door which led to their bedroom. The warm, dusky pinks matched with turquoise grey made the room feel incredibly inviting. He stood her on her feet and Erica moved in front of her. She pushed the blouse off Sarah’s shoulders and it fell to the floor, her bra and skirt followed.

“Do you want us to fuck you?”


She was pushed onto the bed and Erica grabbed her hands. She tied her up to the bedhead with the bra and bent down to kiss her deeply. Having limited movement was a novel experience and erotic to her. Having a woman kiss her felt so different to the clumsy kisses of her ex. This was slower, softer, more… She couldn’t find the word but she was enjoying it all the same. She felt Michael run his hands up and down her legs and she panted with the need to be touched in her most intimate places. Because she was taken up so much by this she barely noticed the break in the kiss until Erica put her lips to the exposed nipple of Sarah’s breast and her hand kneaded the other. It became weird to Sarah as she had the desire of having Erica’s nipple in her mouth. She’d never experienced that before this and now she wanted to so badly that she began to plead.

“Please…” she whispered.

“Please what?” asked Erica.

“I want to suck on your tits.” At that pronouncement Erica turned and winked at Michael then offered Sarah her full, ripe breast. Sarah eagerly latched on and began to tease. Her teasing turned into something more serious when Michael opened up her labia and began to spank her clitoris. It made her writhe and the juices from her pussy leaked downward. He bent his head down and blew gently which elicited a moan from Sarah which vibrated around zeytinburnu escort Erica’s nipple. Then he stroked her clitoris with his tongue. Once, twice, three times which had her raising her hips so her vulva could reach his mouth.

“Erica?” he said, “Let’s make her come.” With Erica’s nod of assent he slid two fingers into her vagina and worked them in and out while pleasuring her clitoris with his tongue. Erica moved herself out of Sarah’s reach and took her breasts in her hand. With the dual excitements of having her nipples expertly taunted and the wave of sensations from her crotch she quickly exploded. The tsunami of pleasure burst through her so suddenly that she screamed out in a mixture of surprise and ecstasy. Her vaginal muscles pulsed and rhythmically clamped around Michael’s fingers making him so hard he wanted to fuck her there and then. He called to his partner

“Erica? Come and clean up” and with that she moved down between Sarah’s legs and licked the nectar off her legs and lips. When that was done Michael deftly untied her wrists and turned her over onto her belly.

“Sarah?” he whispered “now it’s your turn to please us.”

Erica reclined in front of her face with her legs splayed open and Sarah reached out with her fingers to touch the older woman. She was practically hairless but for a small strip along her vulva. She began to explore as Michael arranged a bolster underneath her to raise up her hips. He took his penis in hand and ran it up and down from her anus to her clitoris. This made her both eager to fuck him and explore Erica’s sex. She pushed her hips toward Michael so he would enter her and gently touched the other woman’s opening. She touched the cunt in front of her gingerly at first then when she felt the slickness and smelled the musky aroma she became bolder. She inched her middle finger slowly into the vagina and wiggled the tip of it. She explored the clitoris and vulva, making Erica moan gently. She opened up the inner lips with her other hand and rubbed her thumb from clitoris to vagina. The moaning increased and Erica slipped closer. Sarah needed no instructions, she planted a passionate kiss on the sex she was exploring. Michael leaned over her and entered her from behind, her tight wet cunt sheathing his penis.

He rocked her hips back and forth, gently moving in and out of her which made her cry out and pant in excitement. As he sped up his rhythm inside her, Sarah increased the rapidity of the movements of her finger in Erica. She pinched the clitoris with one hand while fucking the older woman with the other. Erica arched her back, thrusting out her breasts and took one in her hand as she grabbed a handful of Sarah’s hair. She pushed the young woman’s face against her crotch as Michael reached around and stroked Sarah’s clitoris with two fingers. Erica came with a crash and her juices covered Sarah’s face. This caused her so much excitement that she came, wildly bucking her hips against Michael’s erection. He grabbed her hips and hammered away before he roared like a stag when his orgasm hit him. His semen shot through Sarah’s vagina in pulses as he held her still until he ceased to come. He fell to the side and kissed both women who then kissed each other.

Sarah smiled uncertainly at them “Did I please you?”

“Oh yes, you did.” Michael replied “and you start work tomorrow”.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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