The Keeper

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Female Ejaculation

Authors Note: By special request, the following is written from his point of view. You can let me know how you think I did.


I haven’t been feeling the best, but nothing was going to stop me from showing up today. This day, planned for weeks, is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Knowing that she would be there, waiting for me with every detail followed, as per my instructions, including a strict no-sex (not even masturbation) agreement that has now lasted eleven days. Even harder for her, there has been no communication between us for the last seven days. After months of texting every day, I am quite sure she has missed this, and truth be told, I have missed her dirty mouth and arousing chatter. The tension leading up to today, however, has made it all worthwhile.

At the office, I glance at my watch and attempt to concentrate on the work before me. At any moment she should be texting the hotel information and her arrival time. As I turn back to the file my phone buzzes and I reach for it. The simple text says “Courtyard Estates Motel. Room 148. I am here.” I contemplate my response, but to keep with the lack of communication I simply type “15”.

As I walk towards the car, my cock strains against my fly. Eleven days without any attention has been ridiculously difficult. She better be ready for me to explode. She better be ready.

Walking towards the hotel, I pictured in my mind what I would find there. I have already seen the black lingerie I have requested she be wearing, along with the knee high black boots. She should be clad in them now, sprawled across the bed, with the door propped open, as I have requested. She better be.

As I arrived at the hotel room, I pushed the door open and saw her. Long red hair falling around her shoulders as her hands held up her chin, bitch boot clad legs crossed and in the air. I stop to lock the door behind me and walk towards the bed. Her legs crossed, the heels of her boots almost touching her ass, clad only in a black silk and lace thong. Quite the vision.

“Mmmm.” Was all I could say.

“Hey baby……” she smiled up at me from the bed, as I approached. Reaching out to touch her hair, I ran my fingers through the soft length of it, pulling her head towards me as I stood before her.

She leaned forward and her mouth met my cock through layers of clothes. With a moan she nuzzled her lips against it for a moment before I stepped back. Moving to the side, out of her reach, I ran a finger down her back. Her body trembled under my touch. Oh, she was ready. This encounter has been discussed, fantasized about and anticipated for months. Yes, we have had a few casual encounters (including a moment stolen in my office where she sucked my cock like a champ and took my load with a smile and moan) but this, this was different.

Taking out my phone, I snapped a couple quick pictures before setting it aside. Moving to the other side of the bed, standing at her feet as they now stretched out on the bed, I ran my hands along her boots and up her legs, pausing just before her ass.

“Very nice. Now flip over.”

She turned over on the bed, allowing me my first view of her black lacy bra straining against her big tits. But they would canlı bahis have to wait. I wanted to see her pussy. Touch it. Taste it. Abuse it. Running my hands up her thighs slowly, my fingers making small circles on her smooth skin, she thrust her hips up and shivered. From our previous encounters, I knew she was responsive, but this was an overwhelming reaction. Perhaps the built up sexual energy coming to a head for her, perhaps the anticipation of our first real meet. I had seen her cum for me via pics and video, and three incredible times when I pounded her cunt with a dildo in her car, but to see her body react like this was unbelievable. She kept telling my during our texting conversations how much she wanted me, how much her body reacted to my voice, my touch, my words, but a part of me thought she was just feeding me a line.

I should have known better. After all, from the very beginning this girl has been telling me that she loves sucking cock (more than even having sex if you can believe it!), and promising me blow jobs to top any I’ve had in my life. Again, a nice thought. Truth is, even though the first time she sucked me down was hurried, she attacked my cock with a lustful vigor I have never seen in a woman. Her eyes lit up when I pulled my cock out and her lips were on it immediately. This chick can suck some cock.

Sliding my fingers across the black silk barely covering her pussy, I could feel the warmth and wetness of her. Slipping a finger underneath, I could feel her cunt, hot and dripping already. Her hips thrust up against my hand and I took it away. After all this time, I was definitely going to take my time. Leaning down, I put my lips against her thong, breathing hard against her.

“God, baby, PLEASE!” She moaned, her body writhing underneath me.

I chuckled. This girl wants it bad. And I’m going to give her exactly what she needs.

Hooking my fingers under her thong, I slid it down her legs, exposing her smooth pussy to me. Lifting her legs, I pulled her towards the edge of the bed. Her legs bent, the heels of her boots digging into the mattress, she was wide open in front of me. How easy it would be to strip down and finally pound into that dripping cunt. I know that’s what she’s expecting. I’ve told her how much I want to feel my cock sliding into her tight pussy. That will wait.

Kneeling down at the edge of the bed, I was now face to face with her sweet, wet cunt. All mine. And she knows it. Leaning in, I hooked my arms around her thighs and pried open her pussy lips, stretching them wide, letting me see all of her. I have waited long enough. Sliding a finger along her slit, I dipped it just slightly into her tight hole. She clenched around my finger, trying to milk it like a cock. Oh fuck that is going to feel good later.

My tongue out, I leaned down to kiss her sweet clit, peaked and waiting for my touch. A few little licks and then I sucked it hard between my lips, letting my teeth close around it and biting down hard. She cried out then, perhaps in pain, perhaps in ecstasy. I could care less. I just wanted more.

Alternating between licking her slowly and nibbling her lips, I slid my fingers down to her dripping snatch. Plunging two in hard, her back arching bahis siteleri as her body convulsed up off the bed, I started sawing them in and out of her tight hole. Flipping my wrist around I curled my fingers up, searching and finding her soft little G spot. Her moaning increased. The power I have over this girl is unbelievable. Her body can’t be still! I look up from between her legs and she lifts her head to smile down at me.

“Make me cum……..let me cum baby! Please!!” She says with a groan, as my fingers continue their assault.

Taking her clit between my other fingers, I circle it over and over as she cries out, her pussy clenching around my fingers deep inside her.

“Holy Fuuuuuuccckkkkkk” She cries out, her body arching up off the bed as she cums hard. She collapses back on the bed, assuming she is getting a rest but I don’t stop. I want to watch that again. I want to feel her explode. My fingers plunge in her cunt, deep and hard. I pause to wiggle them around deep inside her, tickling her G spot again, before sliding them out slowly.

Hard and fast I slam them back into her, eliciting a gasp and groan. Again, harder, punishing her cunt, I pound my two fingers in and out with all my strength, the movement alone shifting her body back on the bed.

“Fuck!! No more, please, no!” She begs, but I am far from finished. I have alluded to the rough handing she may receive at my hands, but I doubt she had any idea what she was in for. Taking the opportunity when it arose, as her hips left the bed and her body arched up, I thrust a finger in her tight little ass. Now filled with my fingers, I started fucking her in earnest. Hard pounding punches against her cunt, my fingers delving deep inside her pussy and ass as her body trembled before me. Grabbing her thigh with my other hand, I held her body close to me, allowing the punishment to continue.

I heard her cry out loudly before I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, her tight asshole puckering and squeezing my finger as she came. I felt her wetness on my fingers, and couldn’t resist withdrawing them and shoving them into her mouth. She greedily sucked my fingers and my cock swelled against my fly, wanting some of this action.

Standing up, I walked to the chair in the room and started taking off my clothes. She flipped onto her stomach and watched me intently, this being new to her as she had yet to see me fully naked. Her eyes burned, as I had seen in my office, intently glaring at my cock with a hunger beyond description. I swear I have never met a woman that likes sucking cock as much as my little whore here. As she kept watching, my cock swelled, knowing that it was finally going to feel her lips on it again.

Walking towards her, she wiggled up so her head was at the edge of the bed. As I approached, I grabbed her hair and guided her mouth to my cock. With a long moan she opened wide and took my cock deep in her mouth. There are really no words to explain how it feels to have your cock sucked by a woman that loves it. That tongue, her lips, her soft hands coming up to cup my balls. She slid my cock in further and further until it banged against the bottom of her throat, sucking it hard as she raised her head again. Letting bahis şirketleri her tongue slide down my shaft as her hand encircled my cock, her lips sucked my balls into her hot mouth. She lifted her head then and patted the bed beside her.

Lying back, propped up on some pillows so that I could watch this red-headed vixen attack my cock. Lying down between my legs, she took my cock in her hands and smiled up at me before lowering her lips to me again. Long, swirling licks along my cock. Hard sucks on my quivering head. Lips lowered down my entire shaft until she hit my balls, sticking out her tongue to lick them as my cock choked her throat. Then, turning her attention to my sack, she stroked my cock as her lips descended onto me. Her tongue making long deep creases along my balls, circling them with her spit, before sucking them one by one into her hot mouth. Easing them out and making nibbling little bites along my shaft until she reached the head again. This girl can’t get enough.

“I could suck your cock forever.” She groaned, as her head descended on my cock once again.

It was time. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head back up. She pouted and tried to move her head back down to my lap. I held tight.

“No. No more. Ride me.” I growled at her.

Sliding up my body, she put her knees on either side of my hips and reached between her legs to grab my cock to guide it into her wet pussy. As she slid down, her pussy tightened around me, and her tits thrust forward towards my face. Reaching up, I squeezed them hard, pinching her nipples between my thumb and finger, as she cried out and ground her cunt against me.

A few slow movements, her pussy wet and sliding up and down my throbbing cock. Grabbing her hips I stopped her, “Don’t move.” I groaned. She stilled above me, leaning down to kiss me. Crawling off my cock she slid down between my legs again, bending her head down to taste her pussy juices on my cock. As her lips continued down my cock, I reached down and laced my fingers through her hair.

Pushing down hard, I forced her to take my entire shaft. If this is what she wants, then she’s going to get it……hard. I can feel her throat tighten against the head of my cock and it makes me want more. Thrusting my hips up as my hands pushed her head down, my cock banging against the back of her throat, she moaned. This bitch loves when things get a little rough. Taking a hand off her head, I tap her cheek, pushing my cock against it as it comes out of her mouth. She takes it back in and I’ve had enough playing around.

Tangling her hair in my fists, I pound my cock into her throat. She sucks hard, her tongue flipping from side to side along my shaft. I’ve never met a woman that can suck my cock like this one. The thought alone makes me groan, as with one final hard thrust up my balls tighten and I start to cum. Holding her head against my groin, I pump my cum into her throat. Easing off my grip, I continue to squirt as I pull my cock out, the last drops landing on the tip of her tongue.

This is my favourite moment. Like the well-trained whore she is, she stays motionless on the bed, smiling, as I get up and reach for my camera. Grabbing her hair and tipping her head back, she opens her mouth wide, my cum pooled on her tongue and behind her teeth. I snap a couple pics then let go of her hair. She smiles then closes her mouth, swallowing down all my cum with a moan.


I think she’s a keeper.

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