The Letter Ch. 3

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Dear Sue,

Wow! I am glad you are having so much fun while I’m away. I just got both your letters today. You definitely got my cock rock hard now. Reading them was like having you whisper in my ear when we dance close how you can feel my hard cock against your leg, how wet your pussy is getting because your not wearing panties. I then begin to raise your short skirt to expose your bare ass so that other men will know. You will playfully ask if I am lifting your skirt. Don’t you want me to I reply, don’t you want all these men to see how naughty you are. Then you ask, ” do you think they will be able to see my pussy as well”. I love to here you tell how horny you are getting any why.

I would have loved to been there to watch you tease the paperboy that way. You know how I love to watch you expose your pussy and tits to other men. I also know how hot and wet your tight canlı bahis cunt gets when you do. I wish I were there to lick your sweet juice from those swollen pussy lips of yours. I actually have my cock out right now, stroking it, teasing it, like you would if we were in a restaurant. I wish you were here to suck it. I bet you wanted to suck the paperboy’s hard cock and feel it in your hot little cunt. You just love having a big hard cock in your slick pussy. Don’t you?

I can’t wait to see the video you made while masturbating with the two boys watching you. You said the tape picked up all their comments. Were they talking about how they would like to fuck your hot cunt? Or how they would love to have you sucking their hard dicks. I can just imagine how horny they must have been watching you play with your tits and spreading your legs so that your pussy was fully exposed. How bahis siteleri swollen your pussy lips must have been, glistening with your hot juices. I wonder if they had to jerk off right there on the steps, especially when you slid the large dildo into your hot love hole.

I think you should let them catch you again and let them fuck you while you tape all the action so I can watch it when I get home. You may want to seduce them another way. I’m sure you will think of something. I know how you love to tease. You can then tell me all the details in another letter. I’ll be thinking of all the possibilities until I hear from you. Will you get them to take their cocks out so you can watch them masturbate like they got to watch you. Maybe you can bring them in to the house to help you with some work you need done. Lots of bending and close quarters so that you have to rub up against bahis şirketleri them. You will have their cocks hard in no time. You will notice the bulges in their pants and offer to relieve their frustrations. You could offer them something to drink after the work and sit across from them so they can see up your skirt. Then you steer the conversation to sex. I know what ever you do it will be hot. Just watching you work on two cocks at the same time will be hot. One in your tight cunt and another in your mouth, or two in your mouth. Will you get them to eat your pussy, or have one licking your pussy while the other pounds his hard cock deep into your swollen and wet cunt? Hell if I keep this up there won’t be any thing left for you to tell me about.

Just another week before I get home. I can’t wait to see you and how you will be dressed. Please surprise me. I can’t suggest any thing that you should ware. Just be your own naughty self. I would like to take you dancing though. Oh, and keep that hot pussy of yours nice and wet. I want to lick up all your hot juices.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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