The Morning After

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I lay there in the warm comfy bed, knowing I’d drunk far too much and that a hangover was now almost a certainty. The night before had been eventful to say the least; and I’d fallen asleep through sheer exhaustion.

I open my eyes to the light and found myself in an unfamiliar room; the sun came in through the curtains but I had no idea of the time. Looking down, I saw your gorgeous face and head of red hair on my chest and a contented and peaceful look.

I carefully moved down and kissed you gently on the lips, carefully pulling your naked body onto mine.

“Sleep well?” I ask.

You slowly wake from your slumber and look me in the eye.

“I think you two exhausted me! I blacked out…”

I laugh and think back to the previous night; much now a drunken blur. We had been out clubbing and had picked up this guy called Derek. He’d bought us drinks and asked us to make out and gave him a show on the dance floor before we all made the decision to head for his place.

The sexy strip tease that you gave upon arrival certainly set the scene and before long you were being treated to the joys of two men giving you their entire sexual attention.

“Did you enjoy it?” You ask me.

I nod and smile, kissing your neck and running my hand over your spine, making you shiver. My cock is now exhibiting the full effects of morning glory and I feel you gently rocking on me as we move to make out. Your naked body caresses mine and my now solid cock is rubbing on your clit.

I feel you slip your hand down and suddenly I feel my length fill your entire pussy. I thrust into you, feeling the ridges of your pussy ataşehir escort around me. I doubt I will last long so pull your hips onto me hard and make your clit rub on my pubic bone. I hear you moan as your hips grind on me, riding my entire length.

Suddenly we both cum intensely, at the same time and you moan loudly. As I cum inside you, I begin to wonder if Derek can hear us…

Shortly after this, I wake up again unaware of how long I’d been out for and notice a wet patch on my stomach leading onto the sheets. The bed next to me is empty and the bedroom door is wide open. I slowly get up and walk into the hallway towards the stairs; heading down them, I hear you and Derek talking in the lounge.

I peer in and notice you stood looking out of the window at the stunning sea view. I hear you tell him that I fell asleep again and that you felt the need for some naughty fun. He walks up behind you and slips your silk dressing gown off; pulling you into his body, as he begins to kiss the back of your neck from behind and run his hands over your bare breasts. I watch as you make out, using tongues as you slip a hand into his dressing gown and pull out his swollen cock, running your hand up and down his length. Suddenly you catch a glimpse of me in a mirror; I give you a cheeky nod and you realise that I want a show.

You pull him over to a wall so that his back is to me stood in the doorway and before he pins you to the wall and begins to kiss you, using his hand to stimulate your clit, making your tight pussy ready for its second cock of the morning. His fingers are soon avcılar escort replaced by his tongue as he crouches, lifts your legs over his shoulders and gives you oral pinned to the wall.

You grab his hair and throw you own head back against the wall before looking over to me and using a single finger to beckon me over. I obey, slowly moving towards you, wondering how Derek will react to me catching him seduce my girlfriend.

“Good Morning sleepy head, I wondered when you would catch us…” You suddenly say.

Derek looks startled and begins to apologise to me. I silence him by grasping his solid cock and pointing it towards you. Derek instantly lifts you into his strong arms and pushes his swollen end against your pussy.

It slips in with ease and you sink onto him before he lifts you again and his length slide out of your pussy; I watch as a string of precum stretches from your pussy to his swollen tip. Before it can break, Derek pushes back into you and begins to thrust his hips against you, letting his cock ride up and down in your bare wet pussy.

I kiss your neck and lips as you begin to moan loudly; then I push your willing mouth onto Derek’s waiting lips. Derek then pulls you off his cock and stands you between us. We look down on you as he stands behind, pushing his wet cock into you back.

Suddenly he bends you over, pushing your head down, spreads your legs and waves me over to position myself behind you; allowing me to push my throbbing cock into your pussy. Derek is now stood in front and pulls your head against his cock, rubbing it on your cheek avrupa yakası escort before pushing it into your willing mouth, sucking him deeper than ever before.

After a few minutes, I pull out and sit on the three seater couch; pulling you onto me. You straddle me and let my cock slip back in and we continue to fuck in front of Derek. Suddenly he gets behind you and begins to kiss your neck and face, you reach for his cock and notice it is covered in slippery lotion.

I look up to see you smiling into his eyes before you arch forward a little and make a deep moaning noise. Derek eases forward, grabbing at your hips and pushing your head into my shoulder. I run my hand up over your bum and notice that Derek is giving you anal sex as you continue to ride me.

We all begin to enjoy the moment in unison and I feel Derek thrusting into you as you grab a hand up onto the back of his neck, letting his entire length slip inside you as I hear your breathing rate increase with this new sensation. My cock is fully in your pussy and you begin to move your hips in rhythm to Derek’s thrusts so that we both have our full lengths in you at the same time.

I open my eyes and look at your slender body mounted on my lap, Derek has a hand firmly placed on your left breast as his other hand rubs your clit; he tells you forcefully to make as much noise as you climax. You obey him and begin to moan loudly as I feel your pussy tighten on my cock.

You begin to shudder as you throw your head back into Derek’s chest, gripping the back of his neck with your nails and using your other hand on my chest to keep upright. I suddenly start to cum inside your pussy as Derek thrusts harder than before; slapping his hips into yours before pulling out and letting his cum shoot over your back and cute ass.

I look up as you pull Derek in for a hard kiss before letting out a heavy sigh and pulling me into the kiss; your lips moving between us as we all catch our breaths together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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