The Movies

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Leanne was walking slowly through town not paying any particular attention to where she was going. The thoughts running through her mind had her totally occupied, the new job, how mundane life had become. Suddenly she stopped and her mind came back from daydreaming and tried to focus on where she was.

She had drifted in her walking downtown to the seedier part of town and she had stopped in front of a cinema that shows X-Rated movies. What was she doing here, she had a terrific dinner with some friends at the nice little Chinese restaurant that they usually go to. Sure she had some wine but no more than usual, when eating out.

Leanne looked at the flashing lights and the pictures on display, she had been fantasising about sex a lot lately and it had been a couple of months since she broke up with her regular boyfriend. But had she come downtown deliberately, she didn’t think so.

So why was she standing here and fascinated with the naked stills on the wall. The talk at the restaurant had been about porn movies and everybody except for Leanne talked on the topic at length and showed real passion about the subject. Leanne had never seen an X-Rated movie and was completely out of the conversation. What had she missed, somehow she wanted to see what all the fuss at the table tonight was about.

Leanne moved slowly into the theatre, it was dark and the movies were running, providing just enough light to see where she was going. Suddenly she felt out her comfort zone, what the hell was she doing here. Quickly she darted to the side and took a seat, looking around there was someone seated behind her, but only a couple of people spread through the middle rows in front of her.

For the first bağcılar escort time she focussed on the screen, wow there was a woman being fucked by two guys, one from behind and one in the mouth and one with an enormous cock ready and waiting.

Leanne settled into her seat and watched the movie right through, the woman moved to another bar where four men took her on the pool table and then she jumped into a taxi where the cab driver got paid with a slow screw in the back seat of the cab.

The movie ended and some adverts came on, Leanne looked around there weren’t many people in the theatre as she first thought. She had been engrossed in the movie and had felt every thrust of every cock as if it was pushing into her pussy.

The next movie started and the pizza delivery man started giving the young housewife more than she had ordered. Suddenly Leanne felt a hand touch her hip, what was going on, she didn’t move, the hand moved up and touched her under the breast. For dinner Leanne had dressed in a lacy bra and light blouse so she felt the touch on the most sensitive under side of her breast and it was electric.

She had been watching the movies for over an hour and Leanne could feel her body had become sexually supercharged, she wanted the hand to feel her breast. The hand touched her buttons with it’s finger, Leanne undid her blouse and the hand reached in feeling her breast inching it’s way to her nipple which she knew was as hard as a rock. All the time Leanne kept watching the large screen in front mesmerised by the lust portrayed upon it.

The hand left her breast and ran down the smooth of her stomach once again touching her hip. bahçelievler escort Leanne had worn a mid thigh length skirt and the hand touched her thigh where the cloth had ended. She gasped for breath, my god she thought she wanted to be the same as the girls on the screen and she knew whatever this stranger wanted to do she would do it willingly.

The strangers hand took Leanne’s hand and placed it on her crotch pressing her hand to rub her pussy, god she wasn’t just moist she was soaked. She knew what the stranger wanted her to do, she pulled up her skirt and began stroking her pussy, which just felt oh so good to her.

Leanne felt the stranger sit down next to her, but she continued to watch the movie, the wife from next door had strapped on a dildo and was fucking her next door neighbour. Leanne stroked her swollen clitoris and dripping pussy as she had been directed. The strangers hand reached up her skirt and hooked a finger around the band of her lacy silk panties and tugged slightly, Leanne knew what this meant she stopped stroking her soaked pussy and hooked both fingers into her panties and pulled them down her thighs past her calves and over her beautiful Italian shoes.

The stranger took the panties and placed them under Leanne’s nose, Leanne could smell her own scent, it was powerful, musky, intoxicating. The stranger grabbed Leanne by the hips and moved her forward out of her seat until she was upright and in front of his seat. The stranger then pulled her down slowly on to his cock. Leanne felt his cock touch her outer lips as she slowly moved downwards, pausing as the head entered her hot and wet love tunnel.

She bahçeşehir escort pushed down and met the thrust of his hips and they immediately got into a superb rhythm. Leanne’s head was exploding as her body convulsed into the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced. She could feel the strangers cock twitching as he unleashed a torrent of jism into her cunt.

Leanne opened her eyes to watch the screen but there was someone blocking her view, another stranger was in the seat in front of her with his very large cock out masturbating right in front of her face. She felt the stranger behind push her forward and she gripped and began sucking on the cock in front of her face.

She felt different hands grip her hips from behind as she was bent forward another penis was plunged straight into her saturated pussy, she pushed back in ecstasy, but he withdrew, she kept pushing back, she wanted this dick inside of her filling her up, she was on the brink of another orgasm. Lust had filled her whole body and all Leanne wanted was sexual release.

The new stranger placed his penis at her anus and rubbed, she had never done it there but had just watched lots of girls do it on the screen. The cock in her mouth was leaking pre cum, she knew it was about to explode. Leanne pushed back on the cock touching her ass hole and it was so slippery from being in her already fucked pussy that it began to slide in.

The man in front began to come and Leanne swallowed as quickly as she could, the other cock slid past the sphincter muscle and now was ploughing it’s way up her ass. Leanne began to convulse again as another earth shattering orgasm raced through her body.

The cock in her rear reamed her and she pushed back in a good rhythm but it wasn’t long before he too shot his load up her ass. The strangers left quickly and Leanne sat down a little shaky at the knees. She settled into the seat and watched the movie for a moment and thought to herself, there I have watched an X-Rated movie as well. She collected her panties and headed off with a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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