The Naked Cleaning Company Ch. 11

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One of the goons stepped forward but then paused as they heard some sort of commotion outside. A woman screamed and there were slapping sounds. Someone shouted “Fuck, she bites!” and there were more sounds of people struggling.

“Don’t just stand around!” shouted Mazur. “Sort it out.” Several of the heavies rushed out.

Minutes later they returned, dragging four women into the room. They were still struggling a little as they were thrown roughly on to the sofa. Tony was reeling. It was Daisy, Clare, Penny and Tammy. What the fuck!

“Lurking around outside, boss,” said one of the goons.

Mazur stood and looked them over. He spotted Daisy.

“Well, well,” he grunted. “Long time, Daisy. Thought you’d fucked off to another planet to die.”

“Better than working for you,” she hissed, glaring at him.

“So this is your cavalry is it, cleaner?” he laughed. “Looks like we’re gonna have a bit of a party.”

He ordered the women to be stripped and although they struggled, the men tore off their clothes, bundling the girls on to the carpet. The men gathered around. More of them wandered in from the rest of the house until there were at least ten of them, all drooling hungrily over the ladies’ naked tits and arses, pulling out their cocks.

“Fuck ’em hard, boys. Every hole. I wanna hear them screaming like common whores,” grinned Mazur calmly from where he sat.

The ladies were lifted and manhandled into position, bent over the sofas. Men lined up behind them, dropping their trousers and stroking their cocks.

Suddenly the door swung open. Tony saw the imposing figure of Mike push his way through. He swung for the nearest guy and there was a crunch as his fist connected with the guy’s nose. Ben followed him in, screaming. He held 4 kilo dumbbells in each hand and smashed one into a goon’s face with a sickening thud. The goon screamed and fell backwards. Ben was followed by a stream of muscle. Tony recognised his gym buddies. They crashed into the room, arms swinging everywhere. Mazur’s men were caught, literally, with their trousers down and started falling. It was a bloody melee.

Daisy bahis firmaları gathered the girls together into a huddle on the sofa. Whenever one of Mazur’s men got close enough, she grabbed naked bollocks and squeezed them hard, to the anguished scream of whoever they were connected to. Mike was grappling with Mazur. He reached for something on the table, maybe a knife, but Mike batted it away and grabbed his arms, holding him to the armchair. Rachel stood up and stepped over bodies until she stood in front of him. She slapped him and spat in his face, then she kicked him hard between the legs. Mazur screamed and doubled up in pain. Then she turned and calmly walked away.

Gus rushed in behind the crew and hurried across to Tony. He’d found a pair of scissors in the kitchen and cut away the cable ties.

“You OK?” he muttered. “Sorry, it took a while to get everyone together. Daisy knew where you’d be, but insisted on calling the ladies to create a diversion. Looks like we just made it.”

Tony hugged him, then pulled the tablecloth off the table. Money spilled everywhere. He threw the sheet over the huddle of naked ladies and they pulled it around their shoulders. Then he pulled off his blood spattered shirt and wrapped it around Rachel, hugging her tightly.

Siren’s approached and within minutes there were Police officers everywhere. But there was no rush. All of Mazur’s men were flat on the floor, either unconscious or groaning in pain. Mike, Ben and the rest of the guys stood over them triumphantly. Detective White arrived and surveyed the scene. She spotted Ben and nodded. “Thanks for the text,” she said. “We’ve been looking for a reason to grab this lot for years.”

Tony and Rachel held each other quietly in the corner. Someone had brought a blanket and he’d wrapped her in it, gently stroking her hair. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he kept whispering, kissing her face and lips. “I never, ever, wanted to hurt you. I just… I just…” He buried his head in her neck and sobbed.

She held him tightly, motionless. She was still in shock, but also relieved. Her fiance wasn’t a drug dealer or a people trafficker. kaçak iddaa Just a philanderer with a very inventive imagination. She knew she could forgive him for that. She had a lot of questions that would need answers, including several for her sister! But she also carried a little guilty secret of her own.

“One question for now,” she muttered after a few minutes. “Did you actually clean people’s houses?”

Tony nodded.

“You are such an idiot, Tony Dempster!” she said, sharply, and when he looked up she was grinning.

“Sensible business management isn’t one of your strong points, is it!”


“Yes Ma’am. We can fit you in on Thursday,” said Daisy into the phone. There was a pause as she listened. “No, they only do it topless. We don’t offer ‘extras’ any more.”

They had eight cleaners now. After the Mazur incident, several of the guys at the gym stepped forward. Once they heard what had been going on, they said they’d work for free, but Rachel had insisted if it was going to continue as a business there would be new ground rules. No sex, no full nudity. Just a little topless titillation for the housewives of London. Tony immediately appointed her Finance Director, with Daisy in charge of operations and him as MD. But in reality, everyone knew Rachel was in charge now!

They’d also lost a couple of staff. Ben had joined the Met Police and was halfway through basic training. He was going to make a great copper. Roseanna was three months pregnant and they were a very, VERY cute couple!

And Mike decided to retire. “I can’t just do it topless,” he explained. “Once I start stripping, I ain’t stopping!” Tony wished him well, but had noticed he was rather uncomfortable around Rachel, so maybe it was for the best.

Of course, the whole business and it’s sordid activities had come out in the wash. Once the press got hold of it, Tony became a bit of a local celebrity, at least with ladies. He still got occasional snarls from a few miffed husbands though.

And Rachel had been his saviour. He’d emptied his soul in front of her and told her everything. She’d shrugged resignedly when kaçak bahis he admitted the tryst with Tammy and gasped a little, then giggled, when he mentioned her Mother, who thankfully had no recollection.

But then she’d simply said “Thank you for being honest,” and left it at that. Tony was surprised she’d been so forgiving but loved her even more for it. They’d hugged, finding each others lips, and made passionate love, curling up in each others’ arms for the first time in months.

“Don’t forget you have a cleaning appointment tonight,” said Daisy from across the room.

“What?” he said, pulling himself out of his reverie. “Oh, yes, of course!” He didn’t do client bookings now, except for one very special lady.


Tony stands naked in the living room.

He’s holding a duster in one hand and a can of furniture polish in the other. A small, protective apron is tied around his waist. Actually ‘small’ is an overstatement – it’s tiny and doesn’t really protect anything. It does, however, provide some small psychological comfort in the way that a pair of swimming trunks allows you to feel ‘dressed’ even though everything bar the meat and veg is on full display. Tony’s ‘veg’ are largely concealed but the ‘meat’ isn’t so lucky – it peeks shyly from beneath the hem of the apron.

Before him, Rachel lounges casually on the leather recliner, fully clothed, sipping something bubbly, and no doubt expensive, from a crystal glass. She grins like the Cheshire Cat and is clearly enjoying the view. Tony’s buttocks are slightly clenched, trying to hold back a gnawing throb in his loins which, if not contained, is likely to result in a bulging erection. Even though it’s a little chilly, he just can’t seem to help himself. But then again, it’s no surprise. He is naked after all, and this beautifully endowed lady is sexy and attractive.

“I thought the new rule was topless only,” he squeaks.

“Director’s privilege,” she purrs.

She gazes hungrily at his body which is in better shape than it’s ever been in his life. ‘I’m pretty sure I know how this is going to end,’ he thinks with a grin.

“Couldn’t we just…” he begins, but she cuts him off.

“I thought this was all part of the service?”

“Yea, I guess,” Tony replies glumly.

“Well don’t just stand there,’ Rachel purrs. ‘Start cleaning.’


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