The Neighbour’s Daughter Pt. 10

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Rose had sent me a cryptic text message informing me to get home soon. I have learnt to treat Rose’s messages seriously and wondered what she was up to this time.

I raced home and discovered her up to her usual tricks. This time, however, it was my wife who was participating in her antics. I stood outside our bedroom and looked at the scene before me. My wife was on her hands and knees on our bed. Her legs were nicely spread apart, and her knees sat just on the edge of the mattress. From this angle, all I could see of Rose was her lithe legs sticking out into thin air off the side of the bed.

My wife’s arse was high in the air, and I saw that she was wearing a skimpy thong bikini. It looked like the small triangle of fabric was made of mesh because I could see her pussy lips trying to protrude through the mesh holes. The bikini mesh fabric was coloured bright red, and it had contrasting bright blue strings holding it together. The thin strings were tied in a bow on each of my wife’s curvy hips.

Fuck my wife looked good from this angle. She was passionately licking Rose’s sweet young pussy with enthusiasm. I looked over to the side of our bedroom and watched this scene in the mirror that was on top of my wife’s big six-drawer dresser.

I thought it looked like a live lesbian porn show in my own bedroom. I quietly unzipped my trousers and pulled out my hard cock. Fuck I was horny. I started to stroke my cock as I watched Rose roll her head over to the side. She caught a glimpse of me in our big mirror and smiled.

I could see that my wife was wearing a matching red mega mesh bikini top. I could see her hard nipples were poking out through the holes in the mesh. As if reading my mind, Rose tweaked those nipples as she smiled at me and blew me a kiss. Rose’s gorgeous body was on full display as she was naked on the bed. I could see a discarded one-piece bikini, made of a similar mega mesh material, lying next to her.

I looked on as Rose pushed my wife’s face firmly into her pussy with one hand and beckoned me into the room with her other. I stood between my wife’s legs and was stroking my hardened cock only inches away from her clean-shaven pussy. The bright blue thong was buried inside her hairless pussy lips. I honestly couldn’t think of when I had last seen my wife’s pussy so ready and so wet.

Rose was looking at me, expectantly in the mirror. I lubed up my cock using my saliva. I quickly bostancı escort pulled the strings that held the bows on the thong together and removed the bikini bottom from my wife. I aimed my cock and her slick opening and thrusting my cock in as hard as I could. I was soon buried deep inside my wife’s smooth pussy.

I grabbed hold of my wife’s hips and began pounding into her vigorously. I could feel my wife tense up as I fucked her. Rose was holding onto my wife’s head. As I plunged into my wife with each thrust, I could see her head was being forced to rub up and down Rose’s pussy.

It felt good to be fucking my wife again. I wasn’t sure whether she wanted me fucking her, but I didn’t care. This was going to be a fast, angry fuck as I could feel my orgasm building up inside my balls. I thought about all these years that my wife denied me access to her charms. My thrusting became even more vigorous as I thought about all our arguments all these years.

Rose was moaning loudly. I was sure she was enjoying having my wife lick her. My wife’s arms flailed around, but I managed to grab her wrists. My wife turned her head, and I got to see her face just as my cum erupted inside her. ‘Urgh,’ I moaned loudly as I thrust as deep into her as I could get. My wife squirmed as she tried to get away from me, but I could feel my cock pulsing in her pussy, and I knew I had filled her up with a massive load of hot cum. I looked at my wife directly in the eye as I thrust into her one last time before pulling out.

I let go as of my wife’s arms as my orgasm subsided. She managed to roll off Rose. I rolled over onto my back as my wife straddled me. She slapped me hard across the face. ‘How dare you fuck me like that,’ she screamed. ‘Fucking typical! Wham bam,’ she added. ‘You get to cum and leave me wanting more.’

I could see that my cum was beginning to drip out of her pussy just before she lowered herself onto my face. ‘Clean me up, you bastard! I want you to clean all of your cum out of me!’ she yelled. She held onto my arms as her full weight rested on my face.

I could taste my own cum as my tongue worked its way into her folds. My wife started to grind her pussy on my face. I am sure my nose was rubbing her clit as she swayed forward and back.

I felt a hand grip hold of my cock. I had momentarily forgotten about Rose. What was she up to? The next büyükçekmece escort thing I felt was movement on the bed as Rose lowered her tight pussy onto my still hard cock. I looked up and could just make out Rose’s hands massaging my wife’s hard nipples that were poking out of the red mega mesh bikini top that she was wearing.

‘That’s it, darling,’ moaned my wife. ‘Mmm. That feels good.’

I didn’t know who she was referring to Rose or me. She had never mentioned me as her darling before. She let go of my hands so that she could hold onto Rose’s hands that were cupping her tits. That enabled me to move my hands up as I felt around and gripped Rose’s puffy areola. I couldn’t see anything except my wife’s chest. I could hear Rose moaning, and my wife had arched her head back, thrusting out her chest. Rose tweaked my wife’s prominent nipples. Rose began to ride my cock. The room was full of the moaning noises these two women were making.

My wife’s moaning became louder as she started to grind her pussy on my face. I could just make out Rose whispering into my wife’s ear, ‘I know you want to cum, Mrs Peterson.’

‘Mmm. That’s it, darling,’ whispered my wife.

I heard Rose say, ‘Cum for me. Mrs Peterson. I want you to cum first.’

I could feel my own second orgasm building up as Rose rode my cock. Just then, my wife slammed heavily down on my face and let out a massive moan. ‘Oh fuck, That’s it. I’m cumming!’

I watched as Rose pinched my wife’s nipples hard and held them like that. ‘Oh FUCK, I’m CUMMING!’ screamed my wife. The taste in my mouth changed as the previous mixture of my cum and saliva was replaced by the tangy taste of my wife’s juices as her orgasm continued.

I felt Rose tense up as her pussy gripped hold of my cock tightly. ‘Oh, fuck. I’m cumming too!’ she moaned. ‘Oh, fuck this feels so good.’

I was finding it hard to breathe. My mouth was covered entirely by my wife’s pussy and labia. I managed to get a few breaths through my nose. I could smell my wife’s sweet scent. I could feel Rose’s pussy contract around my hard cock as I saw that she was still pinching my wife’s hard nipples. My cock erupted in an intense orgasm as the two women writhed in their own orgasmic bliss.

My wife rolled off me to the side of the bed, leaving Rose sitting on my twitching cock. I was still fondling Rose’s puffy çağlayan escort pink areola. ‘I see you’ve met the neighbour’s daughter,’ said my wife.

‘Um . . . yes,’ I replied, not knowing where this conversation would get to. Rose rolled off me, too, and lay on the bed between my wife and me. My wife got up off the bed and walked across the room.

From across the room, I heard my wife ask me, ‘Aren’t you going to be a gentleman and clean Rose up?’ I rolled over between Rose’s legs and lowered my face onto her beautiful wet pussy. I could taste my cum mixed in with her juices.

‘Oh. Fuck. Mr Peterson,’ cried out Rose. ‘I’m going to cum again.’

My wife pushed my head down onto Rose’s pussy. ‘Keep cleaning. I want you to do a good job.’

I could see Rose lie back as she began to tweak her own nipples. She pulled her legs up, giving me better access to her smooth folds. ‘Oh. Fuck!’ moaned Rose. ‘I’m cumming again!’ she cried.

I looked over at the mirror and could see me with my head between Rose’s legs as my wife began stroking my cock with her free hand. She asked me, ‘Does this feel good?’

I knew my erection was even harder than before. Having my wife play with me felt a lot better than I had expected. ‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘I thought we should go on a holiday to the coast,’ she said. ‘Would you like that?’

‘Um . . . yes,’ I replied with apprehension in my voice.

‘And I have asked Rose to come with us, too,’ continued my wife. ‘To look after our son and before her spring break finishes.’

‘That would be nice,’ I stammered.

‘I know you two have been fucking each other,’ revealed my wife. I really had nothing to say to that.

‘Move up the bed and fuck Rose,’ ordered my wife. I watched as my wife straddled Rose’s head as she muttered, ‘Rose is quite the young slut. Isn’t she?’ My wife held my cock at the entrance to Rose’s pussy and rubbed it up and down Rose’s slick pussy lips. I thrust into Rose as my wife lowered her pussy onto Rose’s face.

The room filled with loud moans from all, and I had the impulse to kiss my wife on the lips as I grabbed her swinging tits.

‘That’s it, darling,’ moaned my wife. ‘Mmm. That feels good.’ Again, I didn’t know who she was referring to Rose or me. But I didn’t care. I was enjoying this writhing three-way fuck feast. I could feel Rose’s pussy gripping my cock so, although I couldn’t see the expression on her face or hear any noise from her, I knew she was having yet another orgasm as I fucked her.

I was thinking about the planned holiday to the coast with these two women and their skimpy swimsuits.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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