The Newly Weds Pt. 04

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It’s back to a bit of action, it’s mainly a continuation of the girl on girl ‘teaching’ that Malcolm had arranged but he does get some relief himself…

If it’s worth taking this story further let me know, your feedback is much appreciated, good or bad.



Malcolm and Julie looked at each other, their eyes switched to Tracy, legs spread apart hands raised beside her head as she looked back and forward between them.

“So what was supposed to happen next?” she asked,

Julie looked at Malcolm and shrugged, Malcolm stood for a few seconds and walked round to stand beside Julie, looking down his eyes asked if she was still okay with this, she looked down on Tracy, nodded and leaned over and started a hot deep kiss.

As the women kissed Malcolm bent to the floor and picked up a sizeable wooden box, Tracy broke the kiss and looked at it puzzled. Malcolm placed the box on Tracy’s dresser and opened the lid, “I believe you were going to show me how this worked” Malcolm stated, handing a lengthy looking toy to Julie.

“The plan now was for Julie to start to fuck you with this,” explained Malcolm “and when she gave me a sign that she couldn’t use it any longer without needing to touch you with her hand or lay down a bit I was going to remove your blindfold so you could see her.”

“mmmm, almost sorry I was too good with my tongue, sounds awesome,” Tracy winked at Julie as she spoke, “so c’mon girl, show me what you have to offer.”

Tracy watched as Julie went over to the box and got some lube out, “sorry folks, we were chatting for a bit and I know I’ve dried up some”, lubing up one end of the strapless she gently teased and worked it into her pussy, “ohh, that’s nice” she purred, working it back and forward a few times.

Keeping one hand on the toy and gently pushing and pulling she lowered her mouth to Tracy’s pussy and started to tease with her tongue.

As she started to feel the moisture in Tracy’s pussy she suddenly sat up, “as we don’t need to be quiet now, how about you come and try a bit of this Malcolm?”

Malcolm got up out the seat from where he had been paying rapt attention and lowered himself onto the bed between Tracy’s legs.

He started kissing her mound, through the well-trimmed hair and then made straight for the clit area that he saw brought the greatest pleasure to the two women previously. “Slowly sweetheart” said Tracy, “don’t start there, that’s the go button, you press that when you have me ready to orgasm” giggling at the way she explained it she was delighted to see and feel Malcolm back off and start to explore between her lips with his tongue, he was rough but enthusiastic as he attempted to eat his first pussy, and better yet he listened to what Tracy told him and she was soon feeling the pleasure build up.

Julie in the meantime had laid out beside Tracy and had started kissing and nibbling at her neck, slowly working down to her chest and working each mound with her hands and mouth, lapping and nibbling like a puppy dog, her nipples were jutting out hard and she could feel the pleasure from having her pussy and nipples eaten at once, but she needed fucked.

“That was great for your first try darling,” Tracy said, but I have had lots etiler escort of orgasms earlier tonight and won’t come soon, I don’t want to put you off now so how about you have a break and let us try this toy out?”

Malcolm wasn’t sure if he had done something wrong, but he at least understood now why Julie had kept going back to telling him to ask Tracy, she knew what she liked.

Tracy kept her eyes on Malcolm as she felt Julie move in between her legs, she felt the pressure of the strapless against her lips and the exhilaration as her vagina was finally penetrated by something with a bit of girth to it.

“oooomph, yes,” she let out, as her eyes focused back on Malcolm.

Julie set a slow pace, in no time Tracy was pushing and bucking trying to pick it up but Julie was persistent she kept up the long slow strokes for a good ten minutes, watching for Tracy getting to close and pausing in between strokes when she edged, “fuck me you bitch, fuck me now,” cried Tracy desperate to come, Julie looked at Malcolm and said, “this is when the blindfold would come off, she needs a change.”

Malcolm nodded he got up and untied Tracy’s legs.

Julie lowered herself from the kneeling position she had slow fucked Tracy from, lifted Tracy’s legs into the crook of her arm and slammed her hips down.

“Yesss, fuck me bitch, fuck me hard” was all Tracy managed before Julie started to kiss her deep, Tracy’s tongue darted as she panted, unable to hold the kiss Julie broke off and started to kiss down her neck, around her ears, alternating the kisses with little bites.

Tracy was panting and demanding it harder and harder, Julie could feel the legs in her arms start to tense, she glanced at Malcolm, he sat watching everything that was happening, not even touching the erection that stood up from his lap. Julies mind started to picture what Malcolm was seeing, his gorgeous blond wife being fucked hard by a not too bad looking blond, the blonds 38D’s mashing into the 36c’s underneath, their faces showing the pleasure each was getting from the toy that joined them as one.

The picture was too much and Julie started to convulse as a huge orgasm drove into her body, her end of the strapless stroking her G Spot with each thrust. As she let out a scream of pleasure she heard it echo, not realising her friend underneath was trying to throw her off such was the force unleashed by her own orgasm.

They came down together, Julie using soft movements of her hips, their lips together as they kissed deeply, breaking to pant their exertions out.

Julie slid the toy out of her friend’s pussy, she collapsed beside her friend, the other end still clutched tight in her vagina. She stretched over and lazily started to play with one of Tracy’s nipples, as Tracy lay back, trying to focus on her husband.


“That must have been some sight for you darling” Tracy threw out to Malcolm.

Malcolm stood up and took the step to the bed, where he sat down beside his wife and looked down.

“I think I learned a lot from that, much better than those porn movies” he said “I hope I learned a lot, time will tell, but it was really hard watching two beautiful women and remembering fatih escort it was teaching, my penis kept telling me otherwise” his face red he looked down as if to say, see, it is still not being nice.

Julie groaned, “Malcolm”, she said, “I told you to join in at any point you wanted, and didn’t I say that the only real way to learn was to do and pay attention, even if we can’t speak we give off lots of signs.”

Malcolm looked like he had been struck by lightning, “But Julie, if I stopped you from what you were doing I would have learned nothing, and if I joined in the only thing I could do would be to stick my penis in Tracy’s mouth, I did that to her first, that wouldn’t be fair.”

“Darling, firstly, you can stick that cock in my mouth almost anytime you want, I’ll tell you if not, and never after you have fucked my arse and not washed it,” she ignored the look of consternation that passed his face “secondly, you had two women naked and in your bed, they were here for sex, one way or the other, if you didn’t want to use my holes Julie was offering you hers for the night.”

“no, no, no, no, no, that would never do,” Malcolm spluttered, “I’m married to you, sex is for us, and besides, what kind of person would use a friend who has spent from half past nine in the morning until, gosh, three o’clock the next morning teaching him how to please his wife, what kind of man would that make me!”

“Human” the women cried together and burst out laughing.

Malcolm looked bemused, “its getting late, I know there were a few other things you wanted to show me Julie, but it looks like both of you are exhausted, would you like to show me another time, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

Julie shook her head, Tracy grinned and said, “Julie, you and I will have a chat later today, away and get yourself cleaned up in our shower, and take that damn toy out your cunt, darling you and I will have a quick chat whilst Julie gets cleaned up.”

Julie turned to face Tracy as she walked into the bathroom, she wiggled the toy still protruding from her and winked, holding up both hands to indicate she might need a few extra minutes.

“Darling, firstly, thank you for an amazing night, I was scared at first because I thought it was real, but I’m glad you did it.”

“There are a number of things we need to get straight, not all tonight, but for tonight, you must have had a hard time keeping your hands of us, especially when I was tied up and blindfolded, why didn’t you do things then.”

“Why do you both keep saying that, Julie was helping me out, I thought I would have to keep you blindfolded all the time because you wouldn’t want to know I was making you cheat on me, it was when Julie said she wanted to get you to eat her out, is that what she said, anyway she said that and said I’d see how different people do it, and different ways of doing it, it made sense so we discussed how we were going to break it to you and hope you would forgive us.”

“Julie said after the shock you would and would enjoy yourself, she was right, but me cheating would be my choice and that would be wrong.”

“What will I do with you my sweet sweet man”, with that Tracy got up, “Be a fındıkzade escort sweet and put fresh bedding on, that is soaking and crumpled, I’ll go and get freshened up and see if Julie has finished playing with that toy yet.”

A few minutes later Malcolm stood at the bathroom door watching as Julie fucked Tracy in the shower, Tracy was groaning and indicating to Malcolm to come in, Malcolm dumped the sheets he had in his arms in the hamper and walked over to see better.

From his vantage point he could now see the strapless sticking out of Julie, he watched closely as it rocked back and forth as the women banged into each other, he looked away from Julie and watched as the larger end slipped in and out of his wife, the moans from both women told him they were close, he looked up from the toy and watched fascinated at the movement of Julies marvellous breasts, they seemed to have a mind of their own and he wasn’t even conscious that this time he pulled a fist around his own cock and started to stroke at the same pace Julie fucked his wife.

Julie smiled as she saw this and came, as she did she pulled Tracy right up into her body and grabbed her tits, twisting her nipples hard and Tracy was there, shuddering out and almost falling to her knees, if it wasn’t for the seven inches holding her up by her pussy and fingers pulling her nipples hard and high…

She looked down at Malcolm and smiled, “cum for me darling,” she said, but Malcolm had stopped, becoming self-conscious again.

Tracy twisted her head round to Julie and gave a sharp nod down towards Malcolm’s still erect penis, Julie gave a huge smile, swiftly decanted the toy from their respective vaginas and dropped to her knees. She had half his cock in her mouth before he even knew what it was, and before he could say a word Tracy was standing over Julie kissing Malcolm deep and hard.

His hand found its way to Tracy’s chest and rather than treating it like a mound of jelly he caressed and squeezed, moved his hand around and over, teased her nipple with his fingers and the palm of his hand.

She winced when he grabbed it too hard, but a quick look down saw his legs tremble as he emptied into Julies mouth, she forgave the pain.

Julie stood up, Malcolm must have enjoyed the nights viewing because she was struggling to keep the load in her mouth, dribbles of it were down her chin even as she moved in to Tracy to kiss her deep, Malcolm watching as they passed his offering from tongue to tongue until they both swallowed and smiled.

Malcolm went to the hand-basin and started to clean up, the women gave each other a quick kiss and stepped out from under the shower, it wasn’t long before they stood dried and naked watching Malcolm finish his quick ablutions.

“Malcolm, you said that there were a few other things that Julie was going to teach you, is that right?”

Malcolm nodded, but before he could say anything Tracy continued, “if it’s alright can we skip Sunday dinner with your parents just this once and take up where we left off tonight?”

Malcolm was about to say how unfair that was on Julie, until he saw the ear splitting smile at the idea.

“What have I got myself into” Malcolm thought, but he knew he wanted to learn how to please his woman, “well if Julie is able and you’re both not too sore from tonight.”

“Oh wonderful idea” screamed Julie, “Let’s get to bed and see how early we can start”.

Julie and Tracy ran to the freshly made bed and jumped in, “you’re in the middle Malcolm, we won’t be needing the guest bed for Julie will we?”

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