The Other Side of the Wall

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I felt like an idiot for not dressing up for the Halloween party, which was ironic since the reason I didn’t dress up was so I could avoid looking like an idiot in the first place. I was going to this party to just find some sexy stranger to take home and enjoy. I thought my chances of doing that would be better if I didn’t put on some ridiculous costume. But when I arrived, I discovered I was the odd man out in a house full of people dressed as everything from vampires to giant bottles of KY jelly.

It wasn’t all bad, and I graciously thanked the classmate who had told me of the party for inviting me. As promised, the party was well stocked with women, and each one had dressed up in some sexy costume. There were hot cheerleaders, hot police officers, even hot zombies milling around in the crowded house. I’d heard about but hadn’t yet seen a girl who had come nude except for a spacesuit that was painted on. The place, which was like a frat house but without the frat—the community college I went to didn’t have frats or sororities—was busting at the seams with young, beautiful people looking for a good time during the party, and an even better time after. I deeply hoped my lack of a costume didn’t kill my chance of lucking out.

As I looked around and drank my first unidentifiable cup of beer, I noticed that there weren’t just a lot of hot women—the place was literally crawling with them. Even the not-so-attractive girls were wearing slutty costumes and uniforms. I’d been to house parties and keggers before, and often there were a lot of men looking to score, and not that many girls to pick from. But tonight, the women seemed to outnumber the guys by at least three to one.

I turned to ask my classmate what made this party so special, but found that he’d disappeared into the crowd. Still curious but not concerned, I made my way further into the house. Though I recognized a few people I had seen around the campus, I didn’t find anyone I knew until I ran into Paula, who was in my calculus class. We had never really talked because she was quiet and we sat on opposite sides of the classroom, but with a beer or two in her she talked as if we were old friends.

Paula was twenty-one, and the sweetest person you could ever meet. She still babysat on the weekends, she helped strangers with their studies in the library, and she embarrassed very easily, giving it away with a face that would flush a deep red. She was nowhere near obese, but she was definitely a bigger girl with a large ass and a heavy rack to match. Her face, however, didn’t look at all chubby and in fact she was quite attractive with sensual green eyes, long, curly brown hair, and full lips in an ever-present smile. Tonight she looked particularly good-looking in her witch costume, which showed off her ample cleavage and tightly hugged her backside.

I have to admit, part of me was wondering what the hell I was doing spending my time with this bigger girl when there were so many hot, tight bodies at the party looking for a good time. I don’t have anything against fat girls, but I don’t usually fantasize about them, either. Whether it was the beer or the comfortable conversion I don’t know, but something made me feel really good being with Paula, and before I knew it, I was fantasizing about taking her home as we talked. Something about her was so real, and something else was so erotic. The way she made eye contact, the way she smiled, and how she touched my arm as we talked all contributed to what was becoming a great time.

She really was beautiful—and that wasn’t the beer talking; I wouldn’t have been surprised if she ended up on one of those plus-size billboard ads. Besides, her revealing costume showed off her assets, but it left enough to the imagination to get me curious. It wasn’t long and I was really lusting for this girl, and not merely in spite of her size, but because of it. I wanted to feel her against me, not later, not soon, but now.

I kissed her. Softly. My lips sucking gently on her bottom lip. She kissed back with more vigor, took me in her arms, and I hugged her in return. Our tongues danced, sliding together, writhing and thrusting, wet and with purpose. I knew from the first moments that she was just as hungry for me as I was for her. But we were in the middle of a crowd, and the party hadn’t yet reached the make-out level yet. We had to take it easy. The kiss eased back, until Paula’s thick, luscious wet lips were massaging and nibbling on mine. She tasted so sweet that I just couldn’t get enough. I could have kissed her for hours.

Paula had other plans.

“You want to go?” she asked, out of breath, still teasing my lips with her tongue.

“I do,” I said, though I was shaking my head no. “But I’m a little too buzzed right now to drive.”

She said she wasn’t, and I handed her my keys with a smile before she even asked.

“My place or yours?” I said, taking her by the hand.

We might have made it—and I stress ‘might’—if she hadn’t cupped my crotch with her hand as soon as we were out of the house. She squeezed my erection through my pants, and I was suddenly maltepe escort overwhelmed by the need to have her in every way possible. We stumbled through the yard, groping at each other, passing my truck and leaning up against the back side of the house for more of our deep, starving kisses. She began stroking me through my pants, and I knew whatever we were going to do, we were going to do it now.

I untied the bodice of her costume, loosening its tight grip on her chest and then pulling it down so I could see her incredibly large breasts. They sagged some, as any huge, natural tits would, but that only made them more real, more unfamiliar, and more exciting. Her nipples were fat and erect, and as I grabbed her and squeezed her ample, soft flesh, I saw the pink buds grow longer and harder before my very eyes.

She, in turn, wrestled my pants until they were undone and was in the process of pulling me out into the cool night air when we heard voices nearby. We hadn’t exactly been discreet with our location to begin with, but as the beer flowed, a select few members of the party began spilling into the yard, most either to retch or smoke. We backed into the shadows. I was willing to make a break for my truck and just do the deed there, but I felt Paula tug my arm before I could suggest it.

“Here,” she said, opening a door at the dark backside of the house.

It was unlocked, so we entered.

The room we came into was very unusual, yet it somehow fit in with the dilapidated condition of the rest of the house. It looked as if someone had added cheap, unpainted walls, dividing what must have been a larger room into several rooms, with a dimly lit hall too narrow to ever pass fire code. Along the hall, all on one side, were three doors. We half opened, half fell, through the first one.

It was pitch black inside, but the light shining from the hallway before I threw the door shut behind me gave me enough of a look to know we weren’t in a room so much as a closet. Hugging Paula with one arm, devouring her warm tongue, I reached back to find a light switch. I don’t mind doing it in the dark, but I really wanted to see her. Besides, there’s dark, and there’s pitch-fucking-black. This closet was the latter.

After much fumbling but finding no light switch, I was about to give up when I realized what I had thought was a hair brushing my face was actually a string. I pulled it, and a light bulb overhead snapped on.

Now I could see. It was a tiny, closet-sized room, bare except for the light bulb, a footstool in the corner, and the two of us. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable place to fuck—there was no way we could lay down—but it was still better and more private than my truck cab would’ve been.

Paula and I continued to kiss and suck at each other’s mouths, lips, and tongues. Now that we were illuminated, I could clearly see her huge tits for the first time, which looked as good as they felt in my hands. And for her, Paula could see my hard dick for the first time as she tugged my pants down by the waist and it sprang into view. Her hand grabbed me there, not directly on me, but with her thumb across the top of my base, and the rest of her hand curling under me, holding my balls and squeezing gently. With this grip, she pivoted my dick so it came into contact with her stomach, rubbing me back and forth against her skin.

I wanted to explore more of her, but I was beyond the ability to control myself. My erection was calling the shots for the moment, and I instinctively thrust my hips, rubbing against her harder, wanting to feel not just her skin on my cock, but the flesh of her breasts. I groaned and she gasped. I kissed her hard. My whole body was as tense as it has ever been, and despite her extra pounds, I could feel Paula was just as tightly wound as I was, ready to snap, but not wanting to just yet.

I reached down, slipping my hands beneath the black, faux leather miniskirt and cupping her ass cheeks, which were warm, soft, and bare. I was surprised she’d have the nerve to go to a party with such a short skirt and no underwear, but I was also thrilled. I thrust upward again, the movement out of my control again. Paula sensed what I wanted and lowered herself just enough to let my dick slide up between her heavy tits. Paula pushed them together, trapping me there, then holding them that way as I fucked her chest. I didn’t want to keep doing this because I knew I’d lose it and it would all be over, but I couldn’t stop. I needed to cum so badly.

But Paula read my mind and straightened back up, releasing my cock from her chest before backing up and pulling over the step stool to sit down on. Her face was right in line with my throbbing erection, and she took my balls in her hand, massaging them as she dipped forward. Her luscious lips parted just enough to surround the tip of my cock and she kissed me there, teasing me by only barely probing me with her tongue, but still giving me more pleasure than I could handle. My knees buckled and I had to reach out for the side walls for support. maslak escort My breath caught in my throat and my eyes rolled back in my head.

If she would’ve sucked me, I would’ve came, so it was both fortunate and maddening that she continued to only tease me, though I must say this teasing itself was better than some full-on blow jobs I’d had before. It still took every ounce of concentration for me to hold back my load. Meanwhile, Paula knew just how to treat me. She moved down, opened her mouth wide, and dropped my heavy balls in, then sucked them and rolled them with her tongue. I moaned in pleasure, barely able to hear myself over the music and the crowd filling the rest of the house. I couldn’t quite hear Paula moaning because everything was so loud, but I knew she was because I could feel the rhythmic vibrations between my legs.

Minutes later, she let my soaked testicles plop out of her mouth, and she ran that tongue up along the underside of my entire length. I shuddered, as her tongue was big and broad and muscular; she was able to curl the edges enough to perfectly cup my shaft, so I was nearly getting this treatment on three sides of my cock at once. Better still was how wet she was, her saliva leaving a thick, warm trail up my hard on.

Before I could recover from that pleasure, Paula had engulfed me, sucking me hard and bobbing her head rapidly. Her slick lips gripped and pumped me tight, and her tongue sucked and slurped at me as if it had a mind of its own. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know if her tongue was on the side, top, or bottom of my cock. My hands tightened into fists, clutching handfuls of her silky, curly hair.

Every once in while she’d show how eager she was for me by pulling my dick out and rubbing the spit-soaked erection across her face, making sure my bulbous head made contact with her cheeks, forehead, even her ears, before putting me back in her mouth. Once she even ducked beneath me so she could rub my balls over her face, her forehead, her nose, and she kissed and sucked at the sensitive, neglected patch of skin between my sack and my asshole. I still don’t know how I lasted beyond that moment, but I did.

One thing I had going for my stamina was that all of Paula’s saliva dulled my senses a little, but I still wouldn’t have lasted if she hadn’t stopped when she did. She stood back up, trailing kisses up my body as she lifted my shirt up, then off, ending with her wet lips sucking on mine, and her fat, naked tits pressing on my naked chest. I could taste traces of myself on her, and it was thrilling, but I was even more excited about what might come next.

Paula waited, looking into my eyes and smiling, telling me without words that I was to make the next move. I didn’t have to think hard about what I wanted to do. I’d been catching Paula’s steamy scent for a while now, and not only was it incredibly arousing, but it was making me very hungry for pussy. I had her turn around, then stepped out of my pants and put them on the floor with my shirt so she could kneel on them for comfort. Then I had her bend over as I pushed her miniskirt up, revealing her impressive ass. Her cheeks were so plump and full, yet surprisingly firm and well-shaped. My mouth watered as I grasped her ass and spread her cheeks apart, revealing her pink, puckered anus and the hairless pussy below.

Even with Paula’s face and much of her front half pressing against the back wall, the closet was barely big enough to allow me to kneel behind her, and I couldn’t quite get in the right position to eat her out at that angle. We could have fit with a 69, but that would’ve meant both of us standing up and repositioning ourselves and those were seconds I just couldn’t wait. Instead, I contorted my body and leaned down, straining my neck and my back, doing everything I could to get my lips on my target.

When I finally got to her pussy lips, Paula bucked so hard from the anticipation that I lost my precarious balance and fell to the floor. I grabbed her ass to keep my tongue from losing contact from her sopping, delicious cunt. Somehow, this new position of lying beside and behind her was more comfortable than how I was before. The only drawback was that I was literally hanging off of her; I had to depend on my arms to keep me up and in that hot treat between her legs. I welcomed the challenge as I devoured her big, delectable snatch.

I’d eaten my share of pussy, all of them ranging from normal size to small with a couple slightly bigger-than-average ones. Paula’s pussy was the biggest, and I became unbearably excited pushing not just my tongue and lips and nose between her thick lips, but a good portion of my entire face! I growled in spite of myself as I munched that fat cunt and guzzled the juices she released for me. I clawed at her ass as I tried to keep myself up close, or even bring myself closer and deeper into her. My heart was pounding with enthusiasm, and I felt waves of delicious pleasure washing over me—something I’d never experienced before—as if I was having a dry, full-body mecidiyeköy escort orgasm. Eating this girl out was simply mind blowing, and I just couldn’t get enough. I was literally trembling with excitement. My heart raced.

This Heaven on Earth was interrupted by the blaring sound of an air horn from somewhere else in the house, followed by an amplified voice calling out “Tricks and treats time!”. Now we were by no means in a quiet area. Our breathing and moaning, heavy and loud as it was, still was no much for the pounding music and chatter of the crowds coming through the walls from the party. But this horn was really loud, and when it sounded, the party-goers roared even louder in response. Then the whole house began to shake, and I wondered if the cops had shown up and all the dope smokers and underage drinkers were clearing out at once.

But that theory was busted when the sounds of the party came closer, closer, until it seemed like everyone was about to burst through the back of the closet Paula and I were hiding in. The walls shook, and the light above flickered on and off. I admit, I wasn’t just bewildered, but a little frightened. I reluctantly snapped out of my lust and straightened up, getting on my knees behind Paula.

“What’s going on?”

My answer came immediately, but not from Paula. A cock—yes, an actual cock—suddenly poked through the wall from behind a little makeshift patch I hadn’t noticed before. The cock was half-erect, and a little more than seven inches. It was then that I understood the function of this small, empty closet. This was a booth for a gloryhole.

My mind raced as I tried to figure it all out. The horn and “Tricks and treats” announcement must have sounded to mark the opening of the hole, and now male party-goers were going to take turns getting sucked off while everyone watched. But Paula and I weren’t supposed to be in here, and no one had checked on us or even tried to get in themselves, which left me wondering who, exactly, was supposed to be in the booth.

“Did you know about this?” I asked.

Paula seemed desperate for me to continue between her legs, but I needed answers. I was a little freaked out, being a guy in a gloryhole booth. If someone found out I was in there, or even saw me leave, my body parts might have ended up spread halfway across the county. Behind us, on the other side of the wall, the crowd was pounding against the wall right where we were. The dick in the wall waited, dangling, its owner no doubt growing impatient.

“I’ve been to these parties before,” she admitted. “But they never start Tricks and Treats Time this early! Every year, it’s like clockwork. We should have had another hour…”

She went silent when we heard more commotion coming from behind the door; female voices, laughing and talking. They must have entered the house where we had entered, and suddenly they were just outside our door.

“There’s a line to get in here?” I asked, freaked out even more now that I knew we were surrounded.

“Probably,” Paula said, looking a little worried herself. “I’ve never been on this side of the wall before. I only watched the guys in the other room. I know there’s usually three holes altogether.”

The two other doors in that narrow hall, I thought.

“I think a lot of girls take a few guys,” she continued. “Some only take one. The rules are you can only give blow jobs. No hand stuff or fucking. And once you start a guy, you have to finish him.”

“How long does this last?”

“As long as there are girls willing to do it.”

Loud cheers outside marked what I guessed were the other two gloryholes opening and starting. From the other side, I could hear enough female chatter to know there was no shortage of girls waiting their turn to be dirty. No wonder they were all wearing costumes–they were hiding their identities.

I had the mind to lock the door just as someone from the other side tried the knob. A woman’s voice called out to us. “Someone in there already?”

Paula stifled a nervous laugh, then called back. “Yeah.”

“Ok,” came the voice. A pause. “But I have the buckets. Open up and I’ll give you one.”

Spit buckets, I thought. So the girls who didn’t want to wouldn’t have to swallow.

“No thanks,” Paula said, wincing as she said the words. For my benefit, she wasn’t going to risk opening the door.

“Wow,” the voice said. “Good luck, girl.”

I gave Paula a pleading look that asked her, desperately, to explain what the fuck we were going to do. “Nobody will kick us out of here, right?”

She understood my fear of being caught.

“Well, no…as long as the guys out there get off…”

I knew what she meant. Most of the guys were drunk. If someone was taking up a booth and not sucking, this could turn bad real quick.

As expected, the crowd outside had grown furious, and I could make out individual complaints and cursing and orders to “get with it”, though not put so politely. The dick in the wall was moving in and out, not fucking the wall, just trying to draw attention. The longer this guy wasn’t getting sucked, the more intense the pounding on the walls became. These cheap walls were thin as it was, and I didn’t exactly trust the craftsmanship of whoever had put them up. If we didn’t think of something quick, those guys out there were gonna break down the fucking wall. I told Paula the same thing in the very same words.

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