The Park

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This true story is about my ex girlfriend Nicci and I, it happened one hot summers day, we met each other in a local park, I was always horny and so was she but took a lot of convincing to do anything daring.

Anyway this early afternoon we met in our local park she wore a long baby blue light summer dress and looked stunning with mid length dark brown hair and blue eyes, she was only 23 and had a 36d 23 36 figure so her 5 ft 4 height made her breasts look huge, I am 6ft and 220 lbs so she was like a doll in my arms, Anyway back to the story, we were taking a walk around the park when we sat down on a large open grassed area close to people playing football, three teenage boys about 18 or 19 sat talking and a another couple sat sunbathing.

After a few minutes the summer heat got to us both and we started to kiss and cuddle each other which in turn started us on dirty talk (which it always did) as we talked about what we wanted to do to each other I reached down and slowly slid my hand up her dress passed her knees and up to her panties and found that they were soaking wet, she gasped but protested that someone would see, so what I said (the thought of someone else seeing me shove my fingers up nicci’s soaking wet cunt nearly made cum in my pants and I knew she fantised about it swell) after a bit more dirty talk about other people seeing her naked and wanking their hard cocks over her, Nicci relaxed opened her legs and let me put two fingers up her now soaking wet pussy.

I slowly pushed my fingers up her and wanked her slowly after a few minutes of this I took my fingers out of her and licked them clean of Nicci’s juices then I began to slip Nicci’s panties down her legs, again she protested but again she relented after I told her how good she would look laid bare in front of total strangers lusting after her, deeply we kissed as I continued to pull her panties down and off her.

Nicci quickly broke free of our kiss and put them in her bag, she nervously looked around to see if anyone had seen, confidant merter escort that nobody had Nicci returned to face me more horny than before and began asking me what I would do if someone caught us, I told her that it would get me so hard if we were caught and would invite them to join us, this sent Nicci wild and she jumped on me and begins to undo my jeans, within seconds Nicci had my cock out for anyone to see and began to wank it hard, I looked around to see if anyone had seen and notice that the group of teenage lads had spotted us and was openly staring, I tell Nicci and she is shocked but doesn’t move just sighs softly as I look her in the eyes then slowly lift her dress up to reveal her soft round naked ass to them, Nicci moves down and quickly shoves my rock hard cock down her throat, this makes me groan loudly as the heat of her mouth hits my cock.

But not one to miss an opportunity I lift her dress past her hips so Nicc’s ass is now completely exposed to anyone who looks she moans again and doesn’t the three lads moving a lot closer to us, so close infact they were within touching distance of Nicci’s ass they stayed quiet and behind Nicci but didn’t cover up there excitement as they watched her bare ass and legs as milked my cock of cum.

I whispered to Nicci that we were being watched, she froze for a few moments then looked into my eyes, gave a wicked smile and parted her legs wide which gave these lads an clear view of her very very wet trimmed pussy, she pulled off my cock and put her head back, I looked down to her and watched her juices running out of her lips and down her ass to the grass, I had never seen Nicci so wet or dirty Ever!

After letting the lads stare at Nicci’s wet pussy for a few moments I pulled her to her feet looked at the lads and led her a 100 yards to a public toilet the lads followed us closely and once inside the mens I looked around and found that it was empty, perfect I thought as the lads followed us in and surrounded nişantaşı escort us.

Nicci became very nervous as I looked at her and began to slowly lift her dress up and over her head leaving her naked with just a black laced bra covering her large pert tits but she relaxed as I softly kissed her neck as I undid her bra and let it fall to the floor and all eyes turned to Niccis nipples which were very erect.

Now she was completely naked to three teenage boys and we could see her juices running down her legs, the lads looked at me for permission so just smiled at them, nodded and stepped back.

By this point all of lads had their cocks out and was wanking at the sight of Nicci naked in front of them and not needing anymore encouragement one of them went over to her and fed his cock to her mouth which she greedily gobbled up, the next sucked on her huge tits while sticking two fingers up her sopping pussy, After a few minutes of this a third boy pulled her up turned her around and with one push shoved his cock up my girlfriend, Nicci gave a load scream of pleasure and shouted at him to fuck her harder, I had never seen Nicci this way and I was wanking my own cock to this young lads strokes, he was fucking her so hard he couldn’t last long, he shouted he was going to cum and with that shot his young hot cum into my girlfriends hot box, he withdrew his softening cock and swapped places with the lad who she had been sucking off took his place at her now gaping cum soaked hole again she was fucked like crazy till he shot what seemed like a gallon of cum up her well fucked cunt, as he withdrew cum spilled out of her hole and ran down her leg in thick streams, god she was loving this, I could tell she had cum four or five times and was building up for more.

The last lad who had been wanking his large cock went to Nicci and kissed her deeply then said he was going to fuck her ass, her eyes grew large she turned and bent over the urinals for him, I didn’t ortaköy escort think Nicci would go through with it as his cock was quite large and also thick but as he rubbed the mixture of her cum and the others two’s cum into her asshole she just melted and parted her ass further apart.

When he had lubed Nicci’s hole up he slowly entered her tight hole, more she screamed! That was all he needed and proceeded to slam his large cock up her ass, the other two began to wank their cocks in front of Nicci’s face as their mate fucked my girlfriend hard in ass and pulled on her nipples this sent Nicci over the edge once more, which in turn sent the lad fucking her ass crazy, so much so he couldn’t last any longer and after pulling out shot his hot cum over Nicci’s back.

When his mates saw this scene they both in turn exploded their cum over Nicci’s face hair and neck the scene looked like it was from a porno film and I was very close to shooting my own load when this old man walked into the toilets, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw Nicci stood there naked with cum all over her face, hair and also running down her legs to the floor with four blokes around her. The lads didn’t hang around and ran, Nicci looked at me and I just shrugged, then she did something I didn’t expect and went over to the old man and kissed him hard, he didn’t move but returned the kiss, this got my cock hard again as I watched my girlfriend kiss this old man of about sixty five and watched her remove his cock out of his pants, I couldn’t believe she was doing this to this old guy as she knelt down and took his growing cock in her mouth, his eyes rolled as she sucked him deep into her mouth and wanked the base of his cock, he was groaning so much I thought she was hurting him and after a few minutes of this he shouted he was going to cum, Nicci cried please cum up me and bent over before him, with that he sunk his meaty cock up Nicci’s gapping cum filled pussy and he nearly collapsed as he filled her hole with such force that it shot back out of her almost as quick as it went it in.

With that I picked Nicci’s dress and bra up, pulled Nicci up and led her out of the toilets, waited in the entrance while she put her dress back on then ran back with cum still dripping out of her pussy to my place where it was my turn to empty my load up her, but that’s a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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