The Party That Changed My Life

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My friend Ann has invited me to a party tonight, and I’m really looking forward to it. It will certainly be interesting. It will essentially be an office party, but it’s going to be held at Ann’s house and she’s invited some of her other close friends to join us.

I really need a party in my life right now. I’m still getting over the failure of my most recent love affair, and I need to get my mind back on track. A few drinks, some new friends, maybe a little harmless sexy fooling around, it should all help. I don’t expect to spend tonight in someone else’s bed, of course, but just thinking of that brightens my mood.

I was just about to step into the bath, trying to imagine what the atmosphere would be like at the party, when the phone rang. I answered it on the bedroom extension, putting it on the speaker as I was having difficutly keeping a towel in place around my bared body. It was from the party’s hostess.

“Hey Wendy! It’s me! Ann! Could you pick up a friend of mine on your way to our place? It’s right on your way. I’ll give your her address.”

“Don’t do that, Ann,” I spoke up quickly. “I’m in the bath! Just text me the address, Ann.”


Soon I was in my car, heading for where Ann’s friend lives. As I got close, I noticed that I was in one of the very nice parts of town. And when I found her address, I noticed that she lived in a very nice house too. I wouldn’t mind living here myself, I thought.

I parked and walked to her front door. I pressed the bell button, and was greeted by a live and very pleasant female voice from a concealed speaker. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“I’m Wendy, a friend of Ann’s, “I replied, “and I’ve been asked to pick you up on my way to her party.”

“Right!”, she said. “I’ll buzz the door open for you.”

I opened the door and walked into an entrance hallway.

“Come right up,” came her voice from yet another concealed speaker. “I’m in the bathroom.”

I went up the stairs heading generally toward where I thought I might find her.

And there she was. She was standing, checking herself in a full-length mirror, and she was totally naked. Her body was stunningly beautiful, with very large breasts and nipples to match. I placed her somewhere in the mid-20’s. About half my age. I don’t think I ever looked as good as she did, though. She noticed me looking at her, but seemed not to mind my stares at all. She extended her hand to me.

“I’m Marie,” she smiled, amazingly composed for someone so totally exposed.

“I’m Wendy,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you, Marie. If I may say so, you are a very beautiful young woman.”

“Well, thank you, Wendy!”, she smiled again. “I won’t be much longer.” She walked to her bedroom, inviting me to follow. “Please do sit down,” she said, gesturing to a comfortable looking upholstered loveseat..

I sat. I barely had time to glance around at the nicely appointed room before Marie said she was ready to go. She’s a fast dresser, I thought. I wonder if she forgot to put something on. Oddly, the possibility of such an oversight pleased me.

She dropped her purse just as she was opening my car door, and she had to bend down to pick it up off the pavement. She had no panties on! I suspected that this was not an oversight but a deliberate choice on her part. I liked her already.


At Ann’s house we were greeted by Ann and her husband, John. Both of them leaned forward to kiss me, and then Marie, full on the lips. This wasn’t going to be like other office parties I’ve been to, I thought.

We stepped into the Living Room, and from somewhere a drink was thrust into my hand. A very tall, very full glass, I noticed.

“Hey, I have to drive home!” I protested.

“No, you don’t,” said Ann. “We’ve arranged for a cab for both of you. Marie said you could stay at her place tonight, so you won’t have far to come back to pick up your car here in the morning.”

The party was very nice, and everyone had a good time. There was good music for dancing, good food and drink, and lots of animated conversation. There was also a lot of the kind of casual and harmless flirtation that is a feature of these kinds of parties. Before I knew it, almost everyone had left and it seemed time for us to go too.

But John had other ideas. “Now the party can begin!” he announced, and proceeded to lead the way down some stairs to the basement level of the house.


I’d been in Ann’s house many times before, but I’d never been into the basement. I looked around at the room we were now in with amazement.

The walls had lots of things hanging on them. Interesting things. Handcuffs, dildos of all sizes, and an assortment of vibrators. But the most eye-catching feature of the room was a giant video screen, on which an attractive and rather athletic couple were engaged in various sex acts at the moment.

We were ümraniye escort invited to sit, and I found myself seated between Ann and Marie on a sofa. There seemed to be just one other guest at this special Party after the Party, a man about Marie’s age who was not only good looking but very big and strongly built as well.

Ann rose and invited this godlike creature of a man to take her place, sitting next to me. As he sat down, I could see the unmistakable bulge of an impressive semi-hardon tenting out his trousers. An erotic thrill flowed through me at the sight, and my panties seemed to suddenly be a little wetter than they’d been moments before.

More drinks magically came into our hands, despite the fact that I was more than a bit tipsy already.

The man and I got into conversation and we quickly got comfortable with each other. My self-control was becoming decidedly weak. I offered no resistance when I felt the man’s hand come to rest on my thigh. It moved slowly but steadily upward, slipping easily under the hem of my short skirt. We talked on, quite casually, as his hand reached my panties and his fingers pushed into them. I glanced quickly around the room, to see if our naughtiness was being observed, and was relieved to see that everyone else was either similarly engaged or studiously ignoring us. Were John and Ann really helping Marie get out of her dress? Oh, my.

I forced myself to keep up my side of the conversation, while I could feel my pussy juices soaking his fingers, which were now fully inside my pussy.

I reached for his fly zipper, pulled it quickly down, put my hand inside his underwear, and grasped the shaft of his very long and very thick cock. It’s size brought an involuntary gasp of wonder from me. I began to move my fingers teasingly up and down his maginificent prick, and was rewarded by dribbles of pre-cum oozing from it.

I felt his hands trying to ease my panties downward, and I lifted my hips up to make his task easier. I know I was well over my usual drink limit, and my brain wasn’t working at its best performance level, but I was still surprised at my own rather slutty behavior. And I couldn’t stop.

I got my hands inside his pants and brought his cock out into view. I was very horny now, very excited, and it felt wonderful to drag my thumb across the knob of his cock and feel the warm stickiness there.

His fingers had entered my very wet pussy, and the fingerfucking he was giving me was close to bringing on the first orgasm I’d been treated to in some time. I quickly pulled his wet fingers from my pussy. Orgasms were precious, not to be treated lightly, and I wanted to delay my enjoyment of this one to make it even better. Looking deep into Tom’s beautiful eyes, I sucked his fingers into my mouth and licked my own pussy juices from them.

In an instant he was down between my parted thighs, pushing them more widely apart to expose me fully to him. His face moved closer to my pussy. His fingers opened my pussy lips, and his tongue moved over them before thrusting deeply into me. I humped my hips upward to take him as far into me as he could get. I was on the verge of cumming, and I could feel the power in the orgasm I was about to have.

What I got was the longest and hardest climax I think I’d had in my life. Ever. It came in waves, one after another, and it was sometime later that I felt myself coming back down. Just when I felt I was managing to regain control of myself, his fingers moved inside me again and nearly sent me off again. I pulled his face up from between my legs, and saw that his lips were bathed in my pussy juices. I pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him hard and tasting myself on his lips and tongue.

I reached into my purse, pulled out a wet wipe, and cleaned his face. As he got back up off his knees, he undid some of the buttons on my blouse and allowed my breasts to fall forward into his hands. But I wanted more.

I dropped to my knees and took as much of his monster cock into my mouth as I could. I stroked his shaft as I sucked him off. Soon I could feel his cock starting to twitch in the way cocks do when they’re about to shoot off, and before I could prepare myself for it he filled my mouth to overflowing. His cum ran out of my mouth and down onto my now wide-open blouse, spreading over my breasts.

We went together to the bathroom to get cleaned up. As we made ourselves presentable in Ann’s bathroom, a task which required removal of most of our clothing, it occurred to me that the man I’ve just had sex with is still a total stranger to me. I don’t even know his name! How slutty is that of me!

I turned to him and smiled. “My name’s Wendy”, I said.”What’s yours?”

“Sorry,” he said. “I’m Tom, and I really should have introduced myself before we went down on each other,” he added with a smile. “I’m pleased to meet you, Wendy.”

“I’m pleased to meet you too, Tom, and I assure you that I’m not always yenibosna escort this forward when it comes to sex. It’s not like me to be so willing to have sex so quickly with someone I don’t know. It’s just that I haven’t had sex for some time. A very long time actually. And as you may have noticed I happen to be very horny tonight.”

“So, Wendy,” he said, “Did you enjoy it?”

“You know damn well I did, Tom,” I said…

“And are you up for more?”

“Just try and stop me,” I grinned.


We walked together from the bathroom to the adjacent bedroom, both of us wrapped more or less modestly in large towels and carrying our clothes in our arms. Once behind the bedroom’s closed door, Tom put just his now stain-free pants back on, and surprised me by heading for the door.

“I’ll be right back, Wendy,” he said. “Don’t go away.” I was suddenly left alone, and I had no idea why.

Tom was back soon, and this time he locked the bedroom door behind him. He took off the trousers he had put on just moments before, and stood before me as naked as I was. His bared cock stood straight out. Long, thick, and beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Just the sight of it turned me on.

Tom sat down on the bed. He beckoned for me to join him, and I was beside him and in his arms in an instant. He held me close, and our mouths met in a soft kiss that seemed to go on forever.

“This time we don’t have to hurry, Wendy,” he said when at last the kiss ended. “We can take our time. I spoke with Ann and John, and they said that their bedroom is ours for as long we need it. They said they hope that we enjoy each other thoroughly. Let’s do that.”

We kissed again. Considering the frantic nature of our earlier sexual encounter, the gentleness which this very big man now displayed with me was something of a surprise to me. Tom sensed my surprise, and hastened to explain what was behind it.

“Ann and Tom told me that you’ve had a few bad weeks since your break-up, Wendy. They asked me to take it slow and easy with you, and that’s just how I will treat you tonight.”

“Thank you, Tom,” I said, as I melted into his strong arms again. He held me close as we kissed again and again. One of his hands closed over one of my breasts, his fingers sensually toying with my hardened nipple.. His mouth moved away from mine and moved down to suck on my other nipple. More feelings of arousal and desire swept through my pussy, and again I felt my love juices flooding me with warmth and wetness.

I took Tom’s hard cock into my hand and began to stroke him. I placed a thumb over his piss hole, where his pre-cum was just starting to flow. I spread the fluid over the full length of his cock.

I felt Tom’s strong arms pushing me gently backward and down onto the bed. I parted my thighs for him. His fingers eased my pussy lips aside and slipped between them. I moaned aloud, feeling another orgasm gathering somewhere inside of me, but I knew that I wanted more than Tom’s fingers in me now. I wanted that lovely cock of his to be deep inside me.

“Please make me cum, Tom. Now,” I begged him. “I need to cum now, and then we’ll be able to do it for longer.”

Tom saddled himself between my raised and widely parted legs. I took hold of his hard cock and guided him quickly to the entrance to my pussy. Just when I expected him to thrust into me and give me the relief I so badly needed, he paused, maddeningly. He looked straight into my eyes and asked me if he needed to put a condom on. His self-control was driving me crazy with lust for him.

“No!” I cried out. “I want to feel your naked cock in my pussy!” And then, more calmly, I explained that I could no longer become pregnant. “I want us to enjoy this the way both of us want it to be.”

Tom had apparently gotten the answer he needed. Suddenly he was in me, fucking me rapidly and vigorously. He kissed me as we fucked, his tongue thrusting into me in rhythm with the thrusting of his cock. Our tongues lashed wildly at each other. Tom had somehow found a way to be both gentle and forceful with me at the same time, or maybe he’d just temporarily shelved his plan to be totally gentle with me. Either way, I loved what he was doing.

I loved it until, just when I was very near to cumming, Tom abruptly stopped fucking me.

“Don’t stop!” I cried out at this unexpected interruption to my pleasure. “I was ready to cum!”

“So … was … I … Wendy,” said Tom, speaking with difficulty because of his rapid breathing. “But … I want … to make this … last … for just a little … longer.”

And then he started again, building quickly to the level that our coupling had reached earlier. Harder, faster, deeper … and then both of us were cumming. And cumming. My orgasm went on and on, before it began to diminish in strength and allowed me to drift slowly back down. I loved the feel of Tom’s cum inside me, filling yeşilköy escort my pussy and adding to its warmth.

Was this cum better than the first one? I wasn’t sure. I was going to have to find a way of rating my orgasms, now that it seemed I was going to be having more of them than I was used to.

We lay there quietly for some time, Tom’s cock still inside me. And then I noticed that he was still hard!

Tom began to fuck me again, with the same vigor that he’d shown before our tremendous shared orgasm. I was surprised by this, but I was even more surprised by my own reaction to Tom’s spectacular performance. I found myself as turned on as I’d been before I’d cum just moments ago! Never before had I returned to being so powerfully lustful so soon after having a big orgasm. But then I’d never been so well fucked so soon after having been so well fucked, either.

This was all new to me, and I was loving everything about it. As amazed as I was that Tom could do this over again, I was even more amazed to feel another orgasm growing within me!

And then I was there, swept away by the sensations flowing through my entire body. Soon after my orgasm hit me, I felt Tom reach his peak too, and once again my pussy was flooded with a load of his cum. Another good one. Not great, but very good.

We gradually quieted down, together. Tom’s now soft cock slipped from my pussy, but I could feel it against my outer flesh as he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. Our lips remained together for a long time. It was possibly the best kiss of my life.


Exhausted after such a furious fuck, which had been followed by the more sensuous lovemaking I had enjoyed with Tom, I woke up fully refreshed and as sexually satisfied as I’d been in a long time. But Tom was no longer beside me. I was alone in the big bed.

I got dressed again and headed downstairs, where I was sure I would find the others. Hearing voices which seemed to come from that basement room, I headed down that other flight of stairs for the second time tonight.

Tom was nowhere in sight, but I saw the party’s host and hostess, John and Ann, and my new friend Marie, all of them totally naked and actively engaged in threesome sex on a low upholstered platform of sorts. Ann was lying on her back on the platform, her legs widely spread and raised. Lying over her, in the classic 69 position, was Marie. And standing at the end of the platform was John, his big cock buried to its hilt in Marie’s glistening pussy. Ann was doing something with her mouth that pleasured both Marie’s stretched pussy lips and John’s swinging balls. They had obviously been at this awhile, as the pace and power of the sucking and fucking was vigorous and rapid.

I got the feeling that putting my clothes back on may have been a waste of time, and I quickly undressed again. I didn’t feel right being the only clothed person among a group of naked bodies. I stood and watched them with growing excitement.

Marie was moaning loudly and emitting tiny ecstatic shrieks, and suddenly her mouth lost its contact with Ann’s pussy. Marie threw her head up and back, screaming out that she was cumming. That seemed to trigger similar involuntary movements in the other two, who quickly joined her in their own separate climaxes.

The sight of this orgiastic coupling was getting me wet down between my thighs. I was generally becoming very horny again, despite having been thoroughly fucked by Tom not long ago. I watched as the three of them calmed down and regained their composure.

Ann noticed my presence first, and she disentangled herself enough to beckon me to join them on the platform. I lay down and made myself comfortable, lying on my back. The slick fabric on the platform’s surface was warm and wet from the perspiration of the bodies which had been upon it. John moved away to one side, as Ann and Marie neatly sandwiched me between them.

I had never been with a woman before, and I was at a loss to know exactly what might be expected of me in this situation. But my sexual excitement overpowered my brief hesitation. And I needn’t have worried. As soon as the women’s mouths closed over my nipples and began to suck hard on them, I realized that I’d been missing out on some very good things.

I had barely gotten used to the sensations of having both of my breasts ministered to when I felt a tongue flick into my pussy. I looked down and saw that John was on his knees there, his mouth at work on my pussy and his fingers at work in my ass.

I’d known for some time that John wanted to fuck me. Ann had told me exactly that on numerous occasions, even adding that she hoped I would let it happen because she wanted to watch her husband fucking me. And she hoped I would let her join in after John had finished at least one round with me.

I was really getting into it now. Having two women sucking my nipples while a man was eating out my pussy was a wonderful introduction to the kind of sexual romps that Ann and John had on a regular basis. I don’t know if four people can be considered an orgy, but it certainly felt like one to me.

My pussy juices were flowing freely now. I wondered how John managed to keep up his skillful pussy-eating amidst all the fluids threatening to engulf him, but he was doing just fine.

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