The Pirate Girl

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This is a Halloween 2013 Contest Story. I appreciate all your votes!


“Hey!” Bonnie said, as she burst through the door. “Look what I found at the club.”

She leaped into my lap, waving a flyer. “We have a sexy Halloween party to go to.”

Since we’d moved together into her uncle’s condo a couple months before, we hardly had time to go out together.

Bonnie calmed down enough to show me the flyer. The headline said,

“Dress up for the sexiest night of the year! Spend Halloween Night with fun and sex!”

The graphics on the flyer suggested sex. Lots of sex. Silhouettes of people fucking in a variety of positions.

Bonnie gave me a big smoochy kiss and said, “Let’s go. It’s a lot better than sitting at home in front of the TV on Halloween. It looks like fun, and besides, maybe we can meet some new people there.”

So I spent a few hours in town choosing the best black tuxedo just like Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough. I splurged on the clothes and the shoes, and even bought a huge toy gun to put under it.

While I was dressing for the party, Bonnie stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel after her shower. She dropped the towel, twirled around and said, “How about I go as Lady Godiva?”

“I’d love it,” I said, “but you’ll get us both arrested.”

Seeing Bonnie’s naked body gave me a hard-on. I couldn’t get enough of watching her walking around the house nude. Her nipples always seemed to be erect, sitting on those soft, perky B-cup breasts.

She walked across the room to me and gave me a hug and another smoochy kiss. As she did so, she grabbed my cock through my trousers.

“Looks like someone is excited about the Halloween party,” she said.

“How about we fuck before we go?” I asked.

She laughed, “No, you’d better save your prick for the party. Who knows what kind of surprises we will have…”

Bonnie walked to the closet where her costume was hanging on a hanger. She slipped the short, black witch’s dress over her head and pulled it into place. It appeared to be pretty snug around her breasts and waist. She turned her back to me and asked me to zip up the back. Her dress had a high collar, it even covered her neck. The hem of her dress barely covered her ass. When she bent over to put on her black thong, I could see the puffy labia of her luscious shaved pussy.

She looked at me from between her legs. “Like what you see?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said. “And I’m wondering who else will see it tonight.”

Bonnie stood up and pulled up her thong. “Jealous, huh?” she asked. “As far as I know you don’t have any reason to complain.”

She was right. Since we’ve been together, Bonnie did everything to be sure I’m sexually satisfied. We had an open relationship, and it was for our mutual benefit. We tried out all the fantasies we wanted. And sometimes she even organized trysts like when she asked me to repair the vibrator, and I ended up fucking Clarissa, the ice queen of the office in the ass. Or when we were invited to the private party of the firm and she let me DP her with another guy. Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t have anything to complain about.

We were finally ready to go. Bonnie was wearing her sexy witch outfit with the authentic black hat, her naughty black dress that matched her glossy black hair, high black heels, and thong, underlined by black and yellow stripped stockings. I had my tuxedo on with a red bow-tie and the huge gun under my arm pit.

We called a cab. The driver eyed us up and down, but didn’t say anything. He opened the door for Bonnie and helped her with her long dress. He drove us to the industrial part of the city, where many factories were renewed for loft apartments inside them.

I paid the driver, left him a generous tip, then got out and held the door for Bonnie.

“Shall we?” I asked, and held her hand like a true gentleman.

“Yes, Mr. Bond,” she giggled. “Please take me to the fantasy world.”

We got the huge black steel door. The same sign was painted on it as on the flyer.

Halloween Night Party

“Welcome to the club!”

The tall, bald tattooed bouncer met us at the door and collected our entry fee. After he let us into the club, we walked down the dimly lit hallway. There were the typical Halloween decorations: pumpkins, huge fake spiders hung from the ceiling, and a ghost made from a sheet near the entry. From some speakers at the end of the hall, we heard the Halloween sounds of wolves howling, owls hooting, and witches laughing hysterically.

From side rooms off the hallway, we heard some laughing and moaning. They were the unmistakable sounds of sex.

After a corner, there was a man fucking a girl’s mouth. She was dressed as a French maid, in a dress black and white. She was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back by a pair of pink handcuffs. The guy was dressed as a British soldier from the World War II. He was holding her bakırköy escort head by grabbing her hair and was thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.

“That’s it…,” he moaned. “Deeper…”

And he thrust his huge rod to her throat again and again. Then he pulled out and spanked her cheeks with it for a few times. A lot of saliva and his pre-cum were dripping from the end of his cock.

“Please put it back,” the maid sighed. The fluids from his cock were smeared on her face and stained her make-up. The guy grabbed her head tightly and pushed his cock back in between her full lips. He fucked her face faster this time, with full power and abandon. She moaned and chirped like a small bird.

The guy stopped, and we could see his body trembling.

“Don’4 swallow it yet…,” he moaned. “Keep it in your mouth, honey.”

She took all the guy sprayed inside her mouth. Some drops even dripped out at the corners of her lips.

“Now open it,” he ordered. She obeyed and he leaned down to check his cum collected on her tongue. Then he nodded,”Now you can swallow.” Which she happily did.

“That was so hot,” Bonnie said. “It made me crave for some man-sauce,” she added.

“Maybe you could ask her to leave some to you next time,” I nodded to the maid who was still on her knees, smiling happily at the soldier before her.

“Oh come on,” Bonnie held my hand and pulled me further along the corridor.

We found a room with a door left ajar. Inside there was a girl on her knees, dressed up as Catwoman. The black latex covered her whole body, only her cleavage was visible; she didn’t have huge tits but the look of her skin made the whole image even sexier. A matching black mask covered her eyes. She was surrounded by a bunch of guys in a variety of costumes: a Superman, a Zorro, a cop, a doctor, and a fireman. She was sucking Superman’s cock with abandon, but she already had some stains of cum shining on her black latex.

“Suck it!” the guys cheered.

She was working on the Superman’s steel hard cock with her eyes closed. The other men were jerking their cocks, and the cop held a small bowl in his hand. With a loud groan, he sprayed his cum into the bowl. He jerked everything into it, till the last drops, then gave it to the fireman. I could see the bowl was half of cum.

The fireman took the bowl and wanted to jerk off into it, but Superman finished fucking the Catwoman’s face:

“Give it to me, I’m coming!” he cried, and after he got the bowl, he shooted his thick, huge drops in it. The Catwoman was on her knees, giggling. When he emptied his cock, he poured the contents of the bowl on the Catwoman’s face. She quickly opened her lips and tried to catch every string of white cum dripping on her.

“Good kitty!” someone said.

“Drink your milk, Catwoman!”

“Lick it up!”

The men loudly cheered and laughed, watching her.

“Mmmm…,” Bonnie purred beside me.

“What a nice cock tail,” she emphasized the two last word for the sake of the joke.

“Oh yeah,” I said, grinning. “Maybe I should prepare something like that for you.”

“Good idea! Maybe for my birthday?”

I grinned and made a mental note.

We moved further. The next room was furnished as a medical room. There were two hospital beds in it, with two guys lying on them. A hot chick dressed as a nurse was riding one of the patients, jerking the other beside her. She had the slutty white costume and hat on, without any bra, and the costume slid up at her waist. I could see her red thong pulled away from her pussy and his cock entering her again and again. She was really in heat, moaning out loud and riding wildly. Her white dress was halfway open, letting the patient below her fondle her large, full tits which were bouncing wildly up and down as she rode him.

“Come on, let’s go!” Bonnie said. “I don’t feel comfortable in hospitals.”

So we went on. We found two cheerleaders 69ing on a large steel table. A huge black guy dressed up as Dracula jerked his cock on a chair beside them, and whispered obscenities to them,s

“That’s right… Lick that cunt, bitch..”

The girls wore the typical cheerleader outfit: short skirts and white T-shirts with huge football logos on them. The girl below was holding a large pink dildo in her hand and tried to stuff it into the other girl’s pussy.

“I’ve never seen a black Dracula before,” Bonnie told me. “Look, he even has his fake teeth!”

He sure had them and they made his grin even more evil. He watched closely as the pink dildo slid into the cheerleader’s pussy. He licked his index finger and slowly pushed it into the cheerleader’s asshole. The girl moaned out loud with her eyes closed.

“Excuse me?” I heard a tinkling voice and someone touched my arm. I turned around. A blonde girl was standing there, dressed up as a pirate girl. She was smaller than me, dressed in shredded clothes showing off her sexy brown skin. She had black boots on her bostancı escort feet, a black eyepatch pulled up to her forehead, and was wearing a colorful head scarf.

“Can you help me?” she asked with her green eyes glowing at me.

“What can I help you?” I asked like a real gentleman.

She looked me up and down, then explained, “We just have had some fun with some friends of mine, and we would like to continue, but we’re one man down.”

“One man down for what?” I asked.

“For being full,” she said with a smile which made me understand she was talking about her body. She turned to Bonnie and asked, “Do you mind if I borrow your man for a while?”

“Not at all,” Bonnie answered. “There’s a lipstick party anyway,” she pointed to the next room, the door left ajar.

I saw a row of guys with a row of girls on their knees before them, sucking and slurping their cocks fervently. Bonnie took out a red lipstick from her purse, and adjusted her makeup. “I wanna see how this red looks on black,” she winked at the pirate girl and the two of them shared a smile. “Good luck!” she said to me, then entered room with the lipstick party and closed the door behind her.

I didn’t have time to wonder because the pirate girl held me by the hand and led me up on some stairs.

“I planned everything,” she explained. “I selected the guys, talked it over with them, made them promise this will be our little secret. And you know, how guys are — they had their orgasm, they turn around and fall asleep and leave the poor girl unsatisfied. By the way, do you like sloppy seconds?”

I had no time to answer since she led me into a dimly lit room. There was a huge king sized bed in the middle, with the bedding wrinkled. There had clearly been some action going on here. I even smelled sex in the hot air of the room.

A guy dressed up as a football player was lying on the bed. He was huge and sweaty, his T-shirt torn to pieces so his muscular chest was visible. His helmet was on the bed beside him. He was naked below the waist, so I could see his huge cock pointing at us. He had his eyes half closed, but he watched us as we moved into the room.

“Who is this?” somebody asked. My eyes slowly got used to the dim light in the room. I could see a guy sitting in the arm chair near the door. He was dressed like a pilot, in a gray coverall with some badges and huge sunglasses on his face. He was chewing a gum and he had his soft cock out and jerking it in his hand. He looked like Tom Cruise from Top Gun, without the handsome face, of course.

“He’s the one who will take your place, honey,” the pirate girl answered. The pilot spit, but said nothing. “Come on, guys, let’s do this!” she said to the other side of the room. One of the shadows parted from the corner; it was a guy dressed up like Batman! His costume was perfect: black rubber clothes with the mask and the belt. But he didn’t move like the real Batman; he was staggering as he stepped to us. He held a bottle in his hand with only a few drop of whiskey at the bottom.

“Do you want some, mate?” he looked at me with a blank stare from under his mask.

“A drunken Batman? Really?” I asked the pirate girl, but she shrugged,

“He’s a good guy. And he’s still hard unlike my boyfriend…,” she waved her hand to the pilot in the arm chair.

She climbed on the bed, and sat on the football player’s groin. She adjusted his cock into her pussy, and slowly emerged on it.

“Oh that’s still good,” she moaned. Then she looked back at me and gestured to get behind her:

“Come on, Mr. Bond” she said, giggling. “Get your weapon ready.” But she bit on her lips because the football player held her hip and shoved his cock deeper into her.

I took my cock out. When I bought this tuxedo, I didn’t really think it would feel tight when I climbed behind a hot girl with a desire to fill her ass up.

I climbed behind her. The skin of her beautiful round ass showed up between the shreds of her pirate costume. She hung back me as she slowly began sliding herself up and down on the football player’s cock.

She winced a couple times, then said, “Oof,” as she finally had his cock fully inside her. The pirate girl bounced up and down a couple times, then lay on the guy’s chest. She looked back to me, and said,

“Fuck my ass with your huge cock!”

I put my legs above the guy’s thighs, adjusted my cock to the pirate girl’s asshole, and slowly slid it in. It went easier than I expected. Even though I could feel she was full with the football player’s cock in her pussy, my cock slid easily into her hot asshole. I even sensed something fluid on my skin. I reached down to check — it was cum.

“What the fuck?” I asked. The blonde girl looked back at me and winked,

“Is there something wrong?”

That was when I realized why she asked me whether I liked sloppy seconds. Somebody just fucked her in the ass!

“Whose cum is this?” I asked. I could see çekmeköy escort the pilot spitting on the floor again.

“Does it matter?” the girl asked. I looked in her big green eyes and I decided she was right. It didn’t really matter at all. If this was the price I had to pay for double penetrating this hot chick, then so be it.

I pushed into her deeper. She reached back and grabbed my head, “Oh god… That feels good,” she moaned.

The football player began fucking her pussy and only the membranes between her rectum and vagina separated my cock from his, and I could feel the head of his cock bump against mine, almost as if I was wearing a condom. He also held her by her hips so I could build up a steady rhythm and started fucking her ass.

The pirate girl was going, “Ungh… Ungh… Ungh…,” every time I bottomed out.

We fucked her steadily. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head closer to me. With my other hand, I spanked her ass a few times.

“Hell yeah!” she cried out. “See?” she told her boyfriend. “It’s easy. Even this guy can do it.”

“Yeah, after I relaxed the back door…” the pilot said, but the girl didn’t pay any attention to him. She enjoyed the hard fucking she got from us.

That was when Batman stepped in front of her. He gulped one from the bottle then pulled his cape away. I could see his cock was out and hard already. He grabbed her head and pulled her mouth on his cock. He pushed balls deep in her. She started bobbing on him immediately.

“Oh yeah!” he shouted. “Suck my cock, honey!”

We fucked her with a good rhythm. All her holes were filled, and her body tensed on our cocks like a taut bowstring. I thought I would speed up things a little by some nasty talk.

“Do you like to be stuffed?” I murmured into her ear while I fucked her ass hard. “Do you like these cocks in your body? Do you like to be sandwiched?”

“Mmmhmmm…” she moaned as she couldn’t talk with her mouth full with the Batman’s cock.

“Yeah? Would you like to get your holes filled with our sperm?”

“Mmmhhmmm…” she moaned again, but that wasn’t enough for me. I pulled back her head letting the cock in her mouth free.

“Say it!” I ordered.

“Yeah…” she groaned.

“Come on man!” the Batman said, whining. “What is your fucking problem?”

This drunken Batman was a little disappointing. A real illusion breaker. But I wanted to hear the pirate girl speaking dirty.

“Say it!” I ordered her again.

“I love your cocks!” she cried out.


“And I want you to fill me with your cum!” she cried again with her eyes closed.

That was enough for me. I pushed her head back to Batman’s cock. He greeted it with a grin and drained from the bottle. Then he threw the bottle to the floor, grabbed his cape and covered her bobbing head with it. I could hear she was giggling under the blue cape, but on muffled voice so she probably continued the sucking. The drunken Batman was laughing and he moved her head under the cape, fucked her face with large thrusts. Then he pulled the cape away. The pirate girl raised her head up, and jerking his cock, laughed at the guy before her,

“You’re a fucking animal!”

“I’m the fucking Batman!” he shouted, with his arms spread. The girl laughed, and I was grinning. But the football player below us didn’t say anything, he just pounded the girl’s pussy with his huge cock. The Batman grabbed the pirate’s blonde hair again and pulled her mouth back to his cock.

We fucked her with all our power. Now all the three cocks pounded her open and hungry gaping holes.

She closed her eyes again and cried out loudly, “That’s it! Fuck me!”

The pilot was watching us from the arm chair. He didn’t jerk his cock any more — he even put it away. But I could see he bit his upper lip a few times.

This made me fuck his girl even harder. I leaned on her, grabbed her tits through her costume and pounded her balls deep.

“Ohhh…” she cried out, “that’s so goood…”

I could tell she was close to her orgasm.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried out.

I could feel her ass clamping down on my cock as she rode out her orgasm. The football player let go with his load, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside her. That was enough to make me unload, too. I pushed deeper and let all my juices shoot out into her hot, tight ass. I could feel my balls tighten and empty their load into her body.

But we didn’t have time to enjoy our mutual orgasms. The Batman pulled her away and forced her on her knees on the floor. He grabbed her head and jerked his cock furiously at her panting face. He only needed a couple of strokes, and came like a pornstar; with a loud groan, he sprayed his huge load on her cheeks, on her nose, on her lips, on her jaw, everywhere.

He backed up and sat to another armchair beside the pilot.

“See?” the pirate girl said. “That’s why I like him so much. I can always count on his big cock.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” her boyfriend asked.

“Oh yeah… I’ve never come like that before.”

After we put our costumes back on, the pirate girl winked, then said to me,

“It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Bond.”

I pointed at her and winked with my fingers doing like a shot at her. She smiled and I got out of the room.

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