The Posting Ch. 02

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Deb woke up early. It was still well before sunrise. Visible through the bedroom curtains, a warm pink glow was forming on the distant ocean horizon. Deb silently slipped out of bed without disturbing her sleeping husband. He had returned drunk the night before and had passed out as soon as he hit the sheets. He had obviously enjoyed the first day of his golfing vacation in Myrtle Beach. He had spent the evening at the 19th hole with his new golfing buddies and had way too much to drink.

Deb on the other hand had gone to bed early, exhausted from a fabulous day of incredible sex with Ethan. She knew hubby would be in bed a while longer, that he would wake up late, and would be in a big hurry to go out on his next day of golf. This would leave Deb alone. Alone to enjoy herself for the day.

Deb’s sights were already set on this new day with Ethan – a day she hoped would again be filled with more smoking hot sex.

Deb had arranged this “golfing” vacation for her husband. But she had also arranged it so she could finally meet Ethan. He had posted an amazing online ad months earlier. The posting had somehow triggered her imagination, and something deep inside her. It had somehow set her fantasies, imagination and libido on an unstoppable trajectory. It had filled her with lust and desire. Deb finally decided she had to meet Ethan. As Deb discovered yesterday, Ethan was very sexual. And he was multi-orgasmic and could go the distance as her sexual equal.

They had both cum countless times yesterday. Ethan would cum and then stay hard. He had proved over and over yesterday and he could easily fill her pussy repeatedly for as long as they both wanted. Deb smiled at the thought. They had both wanted. They had both wanted a lot.

Ethan knew what to do with his cock, mouth, hands and fingers. He was every bit her sexual equal, and she absolutely loved every second, minute and hour of their first encounter.

As Deb softly maneuvered her feet to the floor she could do little but think about the sex marathon the day before. Ethan had been a total stranger – although not a stranger anymore. And she was amazed by the thoughts possessing her mind . Deliciously dirty thoughts of how unbelievable it had felt yesterday. Deb and Ethan had sucked, fucked, fingered, massaged and played with each other all day long, and it was marvelous.

Admittedly, Deb had felt a bit nervous at first, but this feeling faded quickly and was replaced by a ravenous, insatiable, inexhaustible sexual hunger. A hunger that surprised her even after months of fantasizing about meeting Ethan. A hunger for all things sexual that she had gladly and willingly given herself to.

The result was that Deb had enjoyed an exciting, even thrilling day of life altering hot sex. For the first time in her life she felt sexually fulfilled. It was a glorious fuck fest that went on and on for hours. A mutual fucking that completely overwhelmed her and satisfied her soul.

Deb slid her feet into her slippers and silently padded out of the bedroom and into the condo’s living room. As she looked around the living room, she saw the couch where Ethan had bent her over and had savagely drilled his incredible cock into her hot pussy to the deepest depths. Drilling her from behind with raw passion. Where he had repeatedly fucked her with his thick hard hot cock. He had made her cum and cum and cum with waves of amazing orgasms.

It was also where she had pushed Ethan back onto the plush cushions and had straddled his cock and made him cum repeatedly deep inside her throbbing, convulsing, clenching cunt while she rode him and absorbed all the cum into her body that he could give her. She had fucked him mercilessly.

And they had fucked each other like there was no tomorrow. But tomorrow was here, and Deb was excited.

Deb’s inner warmth began to grow as she thought about yesterday, and she could feel the stirrings of wetness and warmth as she began to think about how she would enjoy another sex marathon today. As she thought of these things she looked at the pre-dawn glow over the ocean and decided to go out on the balcony for a better view.

The vacation condo she had rented in North Myrtle Beach was really nice. A 7th floor view of the ocean and the wide sandy beach below greeted her eyes. While enjoying the view her mind shifted to the day ahead. Ethan said he would be waiting nearby when she texted him. He would be back at the condo just as soon as her husband left to go golfing for the day, and Deb’s thoughts and imagination now started to plan what the day would be like.

Deb was completely thrilled by yesterday’s sex marathon with Ethan. He clearly loved sex just as much as she did. Deb had a high sex drive and loved, loved to fuck, the same as Ethan. There was nothing better than the feeling of a hot cock pounding her tight wet pussy and slamming her wet cunt with lustful madness.

She had admitted to herself a long time ago that she truly loved sex and everything about it. She had güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri always loved getting fucked hard. She loved getting her clit sucked and her pussy licked, and she equally loved sucking cock and giving pleasure to a man. And she was talented at all of it too.

While she and her husband enjoyed sex, he would usually cum quickly and then go limp, leaving her unsatisfied. Deb couldn’t count the number of times she had faked an orgasm just to please him. After years of marriage, sex was less frequent, and was mostly the same old thing. Sex had become kind of boring. But most of all sex with her husband simply wasn’t fulfilling. And it wasn’t filling her secret needs for more.

Today, Deb was glad she had finally taken the big step of submitting to her needs and desires. To satisfy her lusts and innermost hidden secret feelings, she had finally taken the big step of fucking another man. She had suppressed her secret fantasies, lusts and desires for years. But all that was behind her now, and she was glad. She looked forward to a future with lots of good quality sex in it, and selecting the right sorts of partners.

Ethan in many ways was just like her. He was sexual. He had no inhibitions, and would try anything and everything. And he easily kept pace with her high sex drive. As she considered how many times he had buried his cock inside her, she admitted that his sex drive might exceed hers. But she was joyously happy to take it all. So yesterday he had fucked her like a machine, sometimes screwing her mercilessly like a rag doll, pulling her hair and slapping her ass while he fucked her. His cock felt like a huge jack hammer, ravaging her cunt, filling stretching her open with a delightful feeling.

He could repeatedly cum hard and flood her depths with his hot sticky cream. But instead of going limp like her husband, Ethan had remained as hard as a rock and had kept on fucking her hot pussy with his thick cock without skipping a beat. Their fucking had given her innumerable orgasms as he dominated her and kept on plowing his hard cock into her depths over and over and over.

Yesterday he had sucked, massaged, fucked, fingered and played with her body endlessly. Sometimes though he would be gentle, and they would fuck long and slow. Not so much as to trigger an orgasm. But simply long and slow enough for them to both enjoy the glorious sensations and pleasures that come from a nice long fuck – one of the greatest pleasures of good sex in the book.

Deb had taken control on occasion too and had fucked Ethan like a slut. Several times she had used her cunt like a weapon on Ethan’s cock, stroking his full length in and out of her pussy, squeezing his cock tight with her hot cunt, lubricating him smoothly with her flowing silkiness, and making him cum hard many times.

In all they had fucked each other off and on for over 8 hours yesterday.

And Deb had loved every moment of it. It was thrilling. It was exciting. It was nonstop. One fuck session was really hot and lasted over 2 hours nonstop. Both of them had cum more times than she could count as they endlessly screwed each other, over and over, long and hard, and with complete abandon. Sometimes long and slow, and sometimes fast and furious. All sorts of positions. Some of which were new to Deb – new positions which she really enjoyed.

Some were new to Ethan too, as Deb showed him some of her favorite techniques. One of them gave him an enormous orgasm that shot cum everywhere on her body, and he had nearly passed out from the fabulous intensity of it.

Deb had never experienced such a great glorious marathon sex before, and she wanted more of it today. She wanted today to be filled with sex, Sex, screaming HOT SEX. Marathon SEX. As much sucking and fucking as possible.

Her 3 weeks of vacation was going to be totally awesome! She knew her pussy would be shredded, sore and worn by the time she went back home to Texas. What a great way to go!!

Standing on the balcony, Deb was already wet and well beyond horny as she thought of these things.

As she leaned against the railing and looked out over the brightening vista, she saw a few joggers on the brightening sandy beach below, and a woman walking her dogs on the wide sugar white beach in the soft pre-dawn light. If anyone had looked up, they would have seen a shapely middle aged woman wearing nothing but a flimsy, sheer, semi-transparent, see-through negligee. They could have easily looked up and seen her nakedness, with her shapely ass and her warm throbbing pussy in easy view. But no one looked up. Deb honestly didn’t care if anyone did. Deb was already lost in a reverie as she imagined how the day would start.

She was already thinking of how she would greet Ethan at the door. Yesterday Ethan had taken immediate charge and had been in complete control of her body and soul from the very start. He had started by giving her the most intense oral she had ever experienced. It was what he called güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a “tongue fuck.”

Deb was not a screamer, but she had screamed at the top of her breathless lungs as Ethan fucked her clit with his tongue. This was a new experience for Deb, and it had given her a new understanding of what a man’s cock might feel during sex.

During this “tongue fuck” Ethan had curled his tongue and formed a small tube with it — something like a tiny wet cunt. And had then taught her how to fuck his hot wet tongue tunnel with her clit.

Deb pulled back the hood of flesh covering her sensitive clit while she did this and fully exposed her enlarged nub and learned how to repeatedly plunge it in and out of his tongue tunnel with small motions of her hip and tummy muscles.

Soon she was stroking her swollen clit all the way in and out of his tongue tunnel – blissfully fucking his tongue like there was no tomorrow. Fucking it like a man fucks a pussy!

She fucked his tongue the same way Ethan’s cock fucked her pussy – passionately. The intense sensations and pleasures coursing through her body that flowed from her electrified clit led to a supernova orgasmic explosion like she had never experienced before. It was something she wanted to experience and feel again later today. And perhaps every day of her vacation. It was soooooo fucking gooooood!!

Deb wondered if this is what Ethan’s cock felt when stroking in and out of her hole. But no matter what, Deb loved the sensations that rushed like a flowing river from her sparkling nub as she stroked her clit in and out, and in and out, repeating the fucking motion over and over.

There’s a first time for everything, and Deb found that she LOVED fucking his his warm, wet, tight tongue tunnel. It was like her engorged clit was a small penis. With her clit aroused, erect, and hard, she felt like she was fucking a warm wet tight pussy with it. Wow – what a feeling! It felt WAY better than simply having her pussy and clit licked, or having a man’s tongue explore her vagina.

And when Ethan clamped down on her by tightening his tongue as her orgasm overwhelmed her, he jammed several fingers into her spasming hole and another finger into her asshole – and she literally exploded all over his face! There were no words for it and she had almost passed out from the raw pleasure of her cumming!

It was the absolute best orgasm ever. Well maybe not ever — some of their fucking yesterday was just as awesome too. It made her completely limp from the intensity while waves of pure female pleasure rocked and shuddered her body.

Then, while utterly limp during the heights of this oral orgasm, and before she had recovered her wits, Ethan had started to penetrate her pussy for the first time with his thick manhood. In doing so, he had given her the most delicious, long, slow, teasing, cunt filling cock penetration ever. OMG — she wasn’t ready to fuck — but oh — did it feel good!!

He had taken at least 10 minutes to fully penetrate her pussy all the way in. As Debs electrified clit recovered from the amazing tongue fuck, she began to enjoy the feeling deeper inside as his thickness ever so slowly inched deeper and deeper into her body.

Fabulous millimeter by gloriously agonizing millimeter his big cock tip began to spread her labia lips, then her inner lips, then her entrance and then his hard cock smoothly pushed her inner walls apart apart as he slid it inside her still quivering hole. Deb could only muster enough energy to spread her legs wider as he did this and enjoy what he was doing.

As soon as Ethan was balls deep in her cunt, his thick shaft impaling her body, splitting her pussy wide open, his hot cock painlessly resting on her cervix, he had started to fuck her with long, deep slow strokes with his big thick shaft. With his hot steel rod plowing endlessly into her fertile hole, he purposefully worked the penetration angle to stroke her g-spot with his cock tip.

His cock’s girth had stretched her cunt wider than she had ever been stretched before, and he had repeatedly filled the depths of her womb with cum loads that overflowed and oozed out of her pussy while they fucked. As he kept on screwing her, the mixture of their cum juices turned into a lubricating froth, whipped by the union of their genitals. Almost like a tasty whipped cream. And as Deb discovered a bit later- it was very tasty indeed!

But instead of cumming and going soft, Ethan just kept on fucking her with jackhammer strokes and remained fully erect and hard! Her orgasms were nearly endless waves of multi-orgasmic delights. Some orgasms that were towering tsunamis as this multi-orgasmic man fucked her over and over and over, and as her body responded on pure female instinct to this nonstop cock’s invasion of her throbbing hole.

Ethan had controlled everything yesterday and it had been beyond all expectations and her beyond wildest imaginings. Never had sex been this raw, this overwhelming, güvenilir bahis şirketleri or this good before. Never had a man fucked her this good. Never had a man fucked her for so long without stopping. Never had a man fucked her this hard. Never had a man cum deep inside her so many times. Never had a man fucked her without stopping.

And never had she passionately and instinctively fucked any man back with all her might and given him all she had to give, even when there was nothing left for her to give. Never had she unashamedly craved and enjoyed a time of screwing, oral, playing, touching, massaging, fingering, passion and non-stop SEX like this before.

Today the sex would be just as good, but it would start differently. Today it would be her turn. Deb would return the favor and would be in complete control from the start. Today Deb would give Ethan the fucking of a lifetime.

She thought of how she would be completely decked out in her best and sexiest birthday-suit. How she would be bare-assed naked. How she would be soaking wet inside. How she would be ready to jump on his cock and fuck-Ethan-senseless when he arrived. She would be soaking wet inside and eager to jump on his bone and fuck him when she answered the door. No foreplay whatsoever. Just riding his cock off into the sunset until he couldn’t cum anymore — which might take a while…

Mmmmmm… delicious she thought. Deb did not think of herself as a slut. She simply loved good sex. Both receiving and giving. Yesterday was mostly her on the receiving end of Ethan’s cock. Today the roles would reverse. Simple. And great sex for them both, no matter who was driving.

Deb imagined hungrily yanking him inside and slamming the door. She would have her legs apart, and her nipples would already be hard she came in the door. She imagined in her mind how she would immediately unbuckle his belt, undo the top button, and then unzip and pull down his shorts and underwear. Then she would yank his t-shirt off over his head , to would expose his good looking chest to her hungry gaze. She wanted him to know that he was in for a treat. And she wanted him as naked as she would be as soon as she could rip off his clothes.

She would admire his already hard male member — proudly standing at full attention. Deb imagined touching it, stroking it, sucking it, and fucking it. How it would be hers to use, abuse, and to give pleasure to. She felt an unbridled passion and anxious sexual desire to get started.

She wanted his raging nakedness and sexual hunger to match hers. Deb imagined how she would be the aggressive one this time – just as he had taken full control of her body and imagination yesterday. How she would skip the foreplay and get right down to it. It was not usually her nature to be so aggressive, but for some reason, she wanted to control and drive today’s sexual festivities.

She would start the day off by giving Ethan a raw, passionate, unbridled, nonstop fuck. A fucking that he would never forget. She would give him such great pleasure with her pussy, and her mouth, and her hands, and her breasts, and her ass. With every part of her body. How she would give him multiple orgasms and drain him completely – just as he had drained her of everything yesterday.

And then she would fuck him again and again, just as he had mercilessly fucked her repeatedly and viciously, screwing her pussy hard when she had nothing left to give. Tit for tat.

Deb imagined how she would push Ethan down on his back. Laying him down on the cold hard tile floor right by the door and spred her legs to straddle herself above him with her naked body. How she would position her knees and shins on the floor, positioning her aching cunt just above his raging hard cock. How she would spread her legs extra wide as she straddled him.

She gloried in the thought of letting him view her glistening naked shaved swollen pussy and all that she was about to give him. She could imagine his lust growing as she unashamedly exposed her delicate but ravenous, glistening female parts to his hungry, horny gaze. Little did he know the sort of raw savage fucking he was going to receive from her.

Deb imagined how she would ever so slowly relax her thigh muscles and spread her legs wider, letting her body lower itself vertically toward his stiff erection. She relished the idea that he would watch her breasts bouncing, while his cock disappeared in and out of her soft labia lips. She could feel her surging spread-eagled pussy’s hunger as her labia lips touched onto the very tip of his cock where she settled momentarily to savor the delightful sensation of first contact.

Deb saw that his cock had a drop of precious sticky precum at the tip. She could feel her wetness and aching desire to feel him inside. She reached down to grasp his cock in her hand. And she felt so sexy as she began to slide his cock tip up and down her slit’s outer lips and mixed the clear sticky drop of precum with her own glistening wetness. She loved the feeling of stroking the tip of his cock up and down on her lips.

From her entrance all the way up and over the flesh covering her clit. She did this several times, and stopped a few times to deliciously tickle her clit by sliding his cock tip over and around the fleshly cover protecting it.

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