The Resort

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NOTE: This is the sequel of ‘Road Trip’, which was my first story. I’d recommend reading that first to get some knowledge about the characters. English still isn’t my native language, thought I’d mention that one more time. Also, I decided to play around with the perspectives, so this story will be told out of Rose’s point of view.


I can’t help but smirk as Lance offers his hand to me, and helps me dismount the stairs of the RV. “Thanks.” I say, flashing him my sweetest smile. He did the same for Alexa and Giselle, my two best friends, a few seconds earlier, so it really isn’t that flattering. I join my girl friends, and look around excited. “This looks so cool!” Giselle says, clearly excited. After a road trip with my two friends, my boyfriend and Alexa’s stepbrother, we have finally arrived at the place of the party we’ve been looking forward to.

I softly yelp as I suddenly feel a hand slapping my ass. It wasn’t that hard, luckily, so my next reaction is smiling. I turn around, and although I was expecting it to be my boyfriend Jake, I’m not surprised to see Lance’s cheeky grin. During the trip, quite some interesting stuff happened. As in, everyone fucked everyone in the RV. I softly bite my lip and wink at Lance, glancing down at his crotch. I loved his cock every time he gave it to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply in love with Jake – although I’m not naïve either, and I’m not hoping on an extremely long future with him – but getting with another guy, whose equipment is also slightly bigger than my boyfriends, certainly was something.. interesting.

“Let’s go, girls.” Jake says, and now he’s the one slapping my ass. I give them a playful sigh as the guys laugh out loud, clearly amused by their actions, before taking the hands of Alexa and Giselle, walking up ahead. I know that the guys appreciate a glance at our behinds, so we often decide to give them something to look at while walking. I noticed that, although my rear is the smallest, being a petite girl, the guys love it. And, of course, I love that they do. The fact that it’s only covered by some really short shorts helps too. I’ve been wearing summer dresses the entire trip, so I thought I would give the cute flower pattern shorts a try, along with a matching crop top. Next to myself is Giselle with her bouncy ass, on which I admit to be jealous of now and again. Some guys would call her butt ‘fat’, although she isn’t fat at all. She has a beautiful curvy body. On my other side is the girl who has been my best friend since kindergarten, Alexa. To complete the introduction of asses, hers is firm and well-toned. She works out often, and I join her now and again, but certainly not every time she goes.

I have to be thankful to Alexa as she brought her step-brother, Lance. I feel like he’s the main reason why this road trip has been this fun. And well, he did give me my first threesome experience. Jake was also included, but he didn’t really have a choice but to let me fulfill my desires. Later, I had my first girl-on-girl action as well, so I guess I’ve been experimenting a lot. Anyhow, after a bunch of fun on the road, we arrived at our destination. The party isn’t the only thing going on here, but it’s definitely what we came here for. The five of us come from a small town, so we haven’t been able to attend many parties yet. We had a few, but those are nothing compared to the one we’ll get into.

As we walk over the open space which is designed as a parking lot, I can see the resort coming up. It’s huge, and it looks really expensive. Luckily, Jake paid for almost the entire holiday. Well, his dad did, but that doesn’t really matter right now. When I looked at the pictures online, it showed that the resort is mainly behind a building, which is the building we are walking towards right now. We have to check in before we’re able to enter.

We arrive at the stairs running up to the building, and I can’t help but glancing back. Just as I thought, the guys are using this opportunity to try and glance below Giselle’s dress. She’s wearing an off-shoulders summer dress, in a gorgeous turquoise. I’m wearing the shorts, and Alexa is rocking an awesome playsuit, so there’s not much more to see than before. But I’m sure they are getting a great sight of Giselle’s panties, or possibly her private parts.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone around, as it’s pretty early, but when we enter we luckily find some kind of life. There is an older guy standing behind the desk, and it’s obvious we have to talk to him in order to check in. Along with Giselle and Alexa, I get to a stop to look around while the guys go on to do the boring parts of the trip. Like they have been doing the entire time, in fact. The spacious room is decorated fancily. There’s a golden chandelier hanging, wealthy-looking curtains are hung up only as decorations next to the big windows, and the floor is covered in a dark-red carpet.

Impressed by what’s only the first room, the three of us turn back towards the avrupa yakası escort guys. They are talking to the employee, and soon Jake gestures us to come over. We obey immediately, and my boyfriend gives me one of the bracelets they have received. “Keep those on while we’re here. It’s an easy way for them to check if we’re allowed in here.” He says as he passes them around to the five of us. I take a look at the bracelet – it’s an orange one with the logo of the resort in the middle – and then slide it over my arm.

“Alright! Have a great holiday.” The old guy says, and I think I recognized a slight French accent. Jake has signed a few papers, and then we walk out of the building again.

We end up in some sort of park, which has all sorts of plants in it. The park is surrounded by buildings on all most sides, but all of them have a different use. The first one is the one we will be staying at. It mostly involves hotel rooms, along with a restaurant. It’s a tall building, and I’m sure a lot of people are able to stay there. The rest of the space is filled up with bars, a pool, a few cabins including Jacuzzis, and so on. There’s also a path leading down to the beach! Everything you need to have a wonderful holiday.

It’s still pretty early, so the party of tonight hasn’t started yet. We decide to check out our suite, and it’s even more than we expected. There’s a living room, three bedrooms which each include a king sized bed, and a bathroom with Jacuzzi! I’m pretty sure the five of us will end up sleeping in the same room, as we all suit into one of the beds if we cuddle up. I softly bite my lip as I imagine all the fun that might happen here..

Just to have enough room to put all our stuff, we split up in pairs anyhow. Jake and I immediately move over to one of the rooms, claiming that one as ours while letting the other three figure out what to do. I put my bags on the bed, followed by him doing the same, and then get pulled into his arms. Our lips meet into a deep, passionate kiss which goes on for several minutes until he finally releases me. I giggle and playfully squeeze his crotch, bringing my lips to his ear. “Later.” I just whisper, teasingly, and he nods. Probably as some sort of revenge, he kneads my ass for a few seconds before I pull away from him.

While unpacking, I take every chance I have to bend over and show off. When both of us are done unpacking, we leave the room to find Lance sitting by himself. I notice he changed shorts – yes, I’ve been glancing down at them now and again – to some swimming trunks. He’s still wearing the same tank top, which shows off his muscular arms. “Where are Giselle and Alexa?” I curiously ask, and he nods to the door that leads to the bathroom. “They want to go to the beach, so I guess they’re changing.” He explains.

I giggle softly and look at him with a played questioning gaze. “So you’re here by yourself instead of watching them?” I joke before returning to my bedroom. I pick a cute one-piece swimsuit and start undressing right there. Not worrying about them walking in at all, as I actually didn’t even bother closing the door.

I have always been the type of girl who is pretty shy, especially around strangers. I tend to open up more when I get to know people. But I discovered a whole new side of myself during this trip. A side which my mother probably wouldn’t appreciate that much. I learned that I love to show off my body, and it doesn’t take much to turn me on since the beginning of our holidays. I’m starting to think I’m an exhibitionist, actually..

As I leave the room, only dressed in the swimsuit, Jake walks in. We cross each other in the doorway and I can see him checking me out, which is exactly what I was talking about. I love it.

As Jake is back in our bedroom to change into some swimming trunks, I look over at my two girl friends. Giselle is wearing a pair of jeans shorts along with a pink bikini top, proudly showing off her curves, while Alexa is still wearing the playsuit, which makes me assume she’s wearing some kind of bathing suit below..

As we are walking to the beach, the resort seems to be busier. And that’s when I first notice there’s something strange with this place. I see the surprised and shocked looks of my friends as we all notice the same thing. People are barely wearing clothes, if they are wearing any at all. Of course, most of our own bodies are pretty revealed as well. Giselle and I are only wearing bikinis and Jake didn’t put on a shirt when we headed out. But this is different.. Out of all people we walked past, at least half of them are entirely naked. The others, who did put on some clothes, are only wearing some panties or bikini bottoms. I saw more cocks on the 10-minute walk to the beach than I’ve seen in my entire life..

There’s usually some conversation going on at all times, but now our group has gone completely silent. It’s like we might trigger something as soon as we bakırköy escort start talking about what we are seeing. We finally mount down the stairs to arrive at the beach, and although it’s pretty empty, there are a few groups of people spread around the private piece of beach. “So, what the fuck is going on?” Lance speaks up all of the sudden, looking at our faces. “Ehh.. I’m not sure.” Alexa mumbles as she looks around.

“Well..” Giselle speaks up, as she’s the one who primarily planned the trip. “The site of the resort did say nudity is allowed. I didn’t pay much attention to it, as I didn’t think everyone would be naked..” She admits, and we all stare at her for a few seconds. Jake is the first one to start laughing, followed by Lance. They seem to be very amused by the whole situation. When they see our surprised looks, Jake just shrugs. “It’s not such a big deal. I mean, you’ve seen us naked the entire trip, mhm.” He says with a wink.

Well, Jake is right and we decide to not pay any attention to it. It won’t ruin our trip at all, and after Jake makes another joke about the nude people being pretty hot, we all laugh this time. But he is right again, as most people didn’t seem to be very old, as you’d expect in traditional nudist camps. Bodies are bodies, after all, so we start walking again. We find a nice spot to lay out our towels and take a seat.

I must have drifted off, because I wake up by someone gently pulling onto my arm. I look to my right to notice Giselle, who’s now gesturing to my other side. I look over in that direction, only to notice two people in a rather.. odd position. Well, odd together with the fact that they’re on a relatively public beach. The couple – at least I expect them to be together – seems to be slightly older, I’d say they are in their mid-thirties. The guy is sitting up, his hands holding, without any sight of shame, the woman’s butt while she’s squatting above his crotch.

I’m not able to see much more than the guy’s slightly hairy back, but I’m pretty sure what they are doing. The woman is properly bouncing up and down, and there’s no sign of clothes nearby. I look back at Giselle, and notice our entire group is watching their show by now. I giggle and sit up properly, crossing my leg as I feel a bit embarrassed by the wet spot forming on my bikini bottoms, to continue watching. The girl was kissing her man last time I looked, but now she’s looking in our direction. She’s a blonde, and although she’s pretty far away, I’m pretty sure she caught us watching.

“Now that’s something else.” Jake comments, as he takes a sip of his beer. I giggle a bit, and then feel how he pulls me closer towards him. “Want to follow in their footsteps, babe?” He whispers into my ear and playfully licks my neck. I giggle even more now, and shake my head playfully. “In your dreams.” I say, loud enough for the others to hear and start laughing. Jake sighs, but when I sit back in my previous position I can feel him starting to tug onto the strap of my top. “Hey!” I call out, slapping his hand away. Luckily, he wouldn’t expose me without my permission, so he doesn’t pull further.

“Well, you can go on being a prude, Rose, but I’m feeling challenged.” Giselle says jokingly as she nods over at the couple fucking in the sand. “Just the way she’s looking at me.” She jokes, but only about the challenge part. I’m pretty sure she’s going to claim at least one of our guys, and my suspicions get confirmed within seconds.

I look over her body, and notice she has been stroking Lance’s monster for a while now. It’s rock-hard, and I can see it slightly shining of some saliva. Glancing over at Alexa I immediately know who the perpetrator is. I hear some whispers and before I know, Giselle gets into position. Apparently deciding to make it very clear to everyone what she’s doing, the ebony girl gets onto her hands and knees. Her ass is raised high for Lance, who immediately gets behind her onto his knees.

I get pulled against Jake again, and I just rest against his chest as we watch our friends getting into the action. Lance pulls Giselle’s bikini bottoms – she got rid of the shorts when we arrived at the beach – to the side and starts rubbing his thick shaft all over her juiciness. At the same time, I can feel Jake’s subtly starting to rub after sliding one of his hands between my legs. We let out an almost synchronized moan as the guys start playing with our sensitive parts.

I enjoy Jake giving me attention, but my eyes are glued to Giselle and Lance. He’s aligning his cock with her pussy, rubbing it over the thick lips for a while before slowly thrusting his hips forward. Another, yet louder, moan escapes Giselle’s mouth as he starts fucking her, but her eyes are somewhere else. I glance over and see the older couple has changed positions. She’s still riding him, but in a reversed cowgirl. The two of them are watching Giselle and Lance fuck, and vice versa.

I gasped as beşiktaş escort I suddenly felt a cock entering my own pussy. My head immediately turns, only to accidentally press my lips against Jake’s. We start passionately making out, as I needed something inside of me anyhow, and start grinding my ass back against him. We shift both onto our side, and I lift my leg. He holds it up and starts thrusting hard and fast into me, making me moan louder than both the other girls. I glance back at the others. Alexa has started furiously masturbating as she watches the three couples fucking around on the beach. Lance is now pulling Giselle’s body into his own every time he thrusts, which causes his cock to slam deep into her, his balls clapping against her thighs.

I turn my head on a lucky moment, right in time to see the older guy pulling his cock out of his girl, spraying a thick load of cum all over her pussy lips and stomach. He does have a really big cock, and we are only able to see it from a distance.. I softly bite my lip as I get pounded by my boyfriend, the main turn-on being the show right in front of me.

The other couple starts cleaning up before laying back down on their towels, as if nothing happened. The five of us, on the other hand, keep going on for several minutes before the guys – or in Alexa’s case, herself – make us cum. My pussy tightens up around Jake’s cock, which triggers him to explode inside me. I moan loud as I feel his sticky cream filling me up, and when I look up I figure that Giselle got the same treatment.

We all drop down onto our towels, panting heavily. I’m the first one to sit up properly and take a look around, noticing a few people are still looking at us. Not sure if they are expecting a sequel of our show, but I do know that even more people were watching us when fully in action. I let out a sigh, as I have to admit; I loved putting on a show as much as watching one..

About half an hour later, we are starting to get pretty bored. After all the action, just laying down on the beach isn’t that interesting anymore, so we decide to get some dinner and then get ready for the party. The sun was starting to go down already by now, so it will start pretty soon. Of course, as recommended, we don’t want to be in time.

Another two hours later – nothing interesting happened during dinner outside of waiting for a really long time to get some average food – we are all dressed up and ready to go. I decided to wear one of my famous summer dresses, as it’s a pretty warm day. It’s one of my black pieces, so it looks pretty classy. Especially on my pale skin, which the guys seem to adore for some reason. The dress reaches slightly below my thighs, so it’s not too revealing. Alexa’s dress is another story, as the off-shoulders piece barely covers her ass. Last but not least, Giselle chose a longer skirt which was open on one side, so it casually showed off one of her legs. It looked gorgeous together with the matching crop top..

The guys both go for a simple outfit, shirts and jeans, and off we go. It was past 10 by now, so it’s a perfect time to arrive at the party. Everything will be started by now, but nobody will be too drunk for us to not be able to catch up to them.

The main place of the party is in a building which is right next to the beach, so we actually have to head down there again. The music is truly blasting, so it’s loud enough for people to dance outside in the sand as well. We walk past a number of people having fun, and head straight in. “First round’s on me!” Jake announces and we all let out playful cheers. The usual actions are already going on – people are talking, dancing, drinking and over all, enjoying themselves. As expected, people aren’t as nude as during the day in here, but who knows that the night might bring..

As the minutes pass by and the people get drunk, everything starts escalating slowly. The dancing is replaced by grinding against each other, the innocent talking turns into proper make-out sessions now and again, and the drinks keep flowing over the bar. The music is really awesome, but the five of us stayed at the bar for a pretty long time.

“Let’s dance!” Giselle suddenly says – each of us had multiple drinks by now – and takes Jake’s hand. He looks at me and shoots me a fake innocent smile along with a shrug of his shoulders, as the girl pulls him towards the open spot. I look back at Alexa and Lance, and the three of us quickly follow my boyfriend and Giselle. We catch up, but then I notice Alexa is talking to a few people. They must have introduced themselves while we walked to the dancefloor.

Apparently, the people, 2 guys and a girl, were on the beach earlier today. And they actually saw the little group fun we had there. “It was soo hot.” The girl shouts as she bites her lip, clearly thinking back about what she saw. She’s a petite blonde girl, a bit taller than myself, who introduced herself as Shirley. She’s not a strawberry blonde like Alexa, I figured as there are some lights shining onto us now and again. I took a good look at the next flash over them to get a visual of how they looked. The girl’s hair is what I would describe as dirty blonde, as well as one of the guys. I’m trying to figure out if they are related, but then they lean in to kiss each other.

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