The T-Ball Coach

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I received a call two days ago from one of the kid’s mom of the t-ball team I was coaching. The season had just wrapped up, and, being a light summer, I agreed to coach my nephew’s t-ball team. None of the parents wanted to step up and coach the little buggers, and once I took over the team I understood why they didn’t want to have the responsibility of being the official head coach.

Nevertheless the season was over, and honestly, it wasn’t too bad. The kids were cute, and the parents weren’t too overbearing at the t-ball level. Being a single guy it provided an opportunity to lust after the t-ball MILFs and possibly meet a cute single mom or perhaps a kid’s nanny.

The season provided just that. I was coaching in a pretty affluent part of town, so most of the moms were moderately hot, obviously some more than others. About half of the kids moms were married, and the other half were divorced or a nanny, although, most of the nannies were too stuck up to consider a guy that’d waste his Tuesday and Thursday evenings devoted to five and six year olds.

Before I received the phone call I figured since the season was over it was pretty much a finished chapter, but Heather, one of the divorced mom’s of the more athletic kids of the team, gave me a call about a week after the last t-ball game. Basically, she informed me that a lot of the mom’s appreciated what I did, spending the time I did on their kids, especially since I didn’t have a child of my own on the team, and they wanted to show their appreciation. She invited me to her house and was calling to see if two days from now fit my schedule. As you probably guessed, my schedule was open, and I hate to admit, I was looking forward to seeing the moms again.

I walked up to the standard suburban house at 8:00p sharp like Heather asked me to, and rang the door bell. Heather greeted me at the door in a halter top and jean skirt. She was definitely one of the first moms I noticed, primarily because of her 36C breasts on her petite frame. She was one of those girls that you wondered how she had such large breasts on a tiny, slim frame.

“Thanks for coming Thomas, I hope you didn’t change any plans for us.”

“No no, not at all, it’s my pleasure.”

“Well, come on in, can I get you anything to drink?”

“Ah sure… what do you have?”

“Wine, beer, coolers, hard stuff, pretty much anything.”

“Oh wow, great, I guess I’ll take um…” And at that point we walked into the family room and many of the other t-ball moms were in the family room sitting and talking.

“There he is! The world’s greatest t-ball coach!” One of the moms said out loud. It was Tiffany, a tall, slender, probably the best looking of the moms. All the other moms cheered my arrival as I immediately started blushing.

“Ah wow, thanks um… really it was nothing.”

Most of the mom’s stood up and greeted me as I walked in. Tiffany first, then a red head, Maggie thanked me with a hug, finally followed by Chris, a really cute petite brunette.

“Well Thomas, as we said, we really appreciated what you did for our kids, and we want to show you our appreciation.” Heather said. “We all got together and we decided not to just show you with some lame gift certificate for coffee or Home Depot, but wanted to get you something we really think you’d like. So…” and with that for some reason all the other mom’s left the family room, and headed to the door that led to the basement.

Heather paused letting the women make their way to the door. “Here you go…” she said handing me and envelope. “Thanks again.” and proceeded to walk to the basement door and disappeared downstairs herself.

I stood there alone and confused. Why had they all left so suddenly? I ripped open the envelope, and inside was a small typed piece of paper. It read:

Dear Thomas,

Thank you again for all your sacrifice to coach our kids. We really want to show our appreciation but didn’t know what to get you. There was only one thing we could all agree on what would be the best thank you a single guy would ever REALLY want from a bunch of single mom’s.

We hope you like it. If you want it, come downstairs and look for another note on the couch.


Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


Immediately my heart started racing. Could the note really mean what I thought it meant? There’s no way, but then again, what could it possibly mean? What if I thought it meant something that they didn’t? What it they bought me like a table saw or something? How do I hide a hard on if I think what I think it is, and it’s some tool?

Well… there’s only one way to find out, and I headed down to the basement.

Sure enough on the couch in the basement was another note with a black stocking cap next to it. I opened the envelope.

Dear Thomas,

We are all so excited to give you your thank you present. We all think you are the hottest, and sexiest coach in the history of t-ball, and we all want to know which one of us you like best. So we decided to have a reality show of our own to find out. Call it the t-ball bachelor.

We kurtköy escort bayan are all going to try and win you over in a few different categories, and you are going to choose which one of us you like best in each category. Whichever girl wins the most categories, wins you.

The first category is lingerie modeling. Use the paper to write down which one of us looks most sexy in her lingerie. Four for hottest, one for least hottest. When you’re ready, whistle when you are ready!


Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


Yep, it’s what I was hoping it was. Holy cow, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I looked over to the stage, and it had an interesting setup. It looked similar to a puppet stage with a black drape at top and the bottom.

Trying to control my excitement, I whistled, and about ten seconds one of the moms was standing in her bras and panties. The stage obscured her face and pretty much her knees and below, so I couldn’t tell who was who except for the obvious fact of breasts size and build.

It looked like Tiffany, the tallest of them all by at least four inches. She had on an amazing black lace bra, with a matching black lace panty, and black thigh highs. She barely filled out her bra cups, as she was definitely the flattest of the moms. Next to her belly button she had a number one sticker stuck to her, and she “modeled” her outfit by turning around and showing me her perfect ass, and she ran her hands over her well toned body. My dick was straining in my jeans, and she disappeared stage right as another mom came onto the stage from the left.

It looked like up next was Heather wearing a really beautiful blue lace bra that barely held her 36C breasts and I could barely make out some really nice nipples through the lace. She was wearing a really pretty blue boy cut lace panties. Like Tiffany before her she had a sticker next to her belly button, she was number two, and she also “modeled” the lingerie, running her hands over to petite body.

She exited stage right, and on came who I was guessing was Chris with a number three sticker on her. She was wearing a really pretty red lace corset with a matching red g-string panty and red thigh highs. She had perfect C cup breasts, and was very curvy as she carried a bit more weight than the other moms. She looked amazing in her red lingerie.

Finally came out Maggie, again, I was guessing. She was wearing a pink silk night gown that showed some very nice cleavage and framed her petite body perfectly. From the looks of her nipples poking through, it appeared her modeling was making her very cited. She was very toned, had nice legs, and as she twirled around, she lifted the gown to show a matching pink g-string and a very tight ass and a number four sticker on her.

From behind the “stage” I hear someone say, “make your choice now for sexiest lingerie. Whistle when you’re finished and we’ll start the next category.” What a tough decision, making the decision between four very attractive moms in their lingerie? But, having to choose, I went with the red lingerie as hottest, followed by the pink nightgown, then the black bra and panty set and in last the blue bra and panties.

I whistled, and when I did, another envelope came flying out. I opened it and read the next note:

The next category is best breasts. Use the paper to write down which one of us has the best breasts, again four for best, one for least.


Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


From stage left came on what I was guessing was Chris in her red corset. She slowly unbuttoned the back, and let it slide off revealing her near-perfect full C breasts with dark red nipples and a number 1 sticker on her now. There was a slight sag, but nothing to complain about, and she presented her breasts to me now only wearing the red lace panty and thigh highs. Her nipples were at attention, and she gently pulled on them as she exited stage right.

The black bra and panty, probably Tiffany, came on next wearing the number two sticker. She reached behind her and exposed her small A cup breasts with rather large, dark nipples. She ran her hands over the tiny mounds and down to her stomach and around her panties as she turned around presenting her topless self to me.

Next came the pink night gown. She slyly slid off her tiny strap off one shoulder and revealed one milky white, perfect breast, and then repeated the seductive move on the other side as the pink night gown slid to the floor and her breasts were displayed for my pleasure. They were a small C cup, with more sag than I would have guessed, but perfect large pink nipples ready for attention.

Finally came the ones I wanted to see, the blue lace bra, probably Heather. She pulled her straps off her shoulders, and then unhooked her bra, catching it from falling off, and then slowly letting it drop into her hands finally allowing me to see her large mammories. She flung her bra in my direction as the lace bra came to rest at my feet. Let me tell you, they… were… maltepe escort bayan stunning. No sag, and very large amazing red areolas and nipples. There really was no contest. Number four got four, number one got three, number three got two, and unfortunately the smallest were last.

I was getting the hang of how this worked, and I whistled after I was done judging, and then next envelope came out.

We hope you enjoyed that ?

Our next category is, who has the best pussy. We are VERY curious to know what you like.

Enjoy! Love,

Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


Out came the pink panties first, probably Maggie, again with her milky breasts swaying freely. She turned around showing me her perfect ass, and slowly slid off her g-string revealing her ass and a slight view of her pussy. When she turned around she revealed a perfectly shaved snatch. Her lips were a bit longer, and she ran her hands over her smooth private area. She then squatted down a bit revealing her inner lips. Her lips were longer, but her pussy was a beautiful red, and looked as if it were ready for some attention. As she walked off, she threw her pink panties off the stage in my direction.

On came the blue panties, this time with a number two sticker, again it had to be Heather as I got to see those perfect breasts again. She turned and faced me and played with her panty band, and then pulled aside her panties and revealed her vagina to me. She wasn’t completely shaved, but had her pubic hair trimmed, and very short. She removed them completely and also threw them out toward me. I could easily see her pussy through her hair, and she slid a finger between her lips, and slowly squatted down to give me a better view. Her clit and hood were promanate, and her entrance was very wet, and pink. She slowly stood up and walked off naked, also her ass and breasts jiggling as she left.

Up next came the black panties and thigh-highs. Her body was just amazing and fit, and she slowly slid off her black panties revealing a picture perfect pussy. She also wasn’t shaved, but had perfectly trimmed her jet black pubic hair, and her very pink, very wet pussy was clearly visible. Her clitoris was peeking out and she leaned back to give me a perfect view. My penis was begging for attention at the site of this perfection. It was amazing that she had a kid because the way she looked, she seemed as tight as she’s ever been.

She exited also throwing her panties at my feet, and on came the last snatch revelation, most likely Chris in her red lace panties. She turned her back and bent over, and pulled aside her panties to show her butt and some of her pussy peeking out. She then stood back up and slowly finished removing underwear showing me her most intimate secret. It was beautiful too; she was shaved clean except for a small landing strip of brown pubic hair leading the way to her clitoris and slick opening. She also left me her panty as she exited, and I knew I had to try to rate one of the most beautiful visions I’d ever seen.

Tiffany’s was almost by very definition the perfect vagina, so she got the four. I honestly couldn’t decide between Heather’s and Chris’s, both were so enticing, I enjoyed them both either shaved or not, so I decided, they tied at three, and since they tied, then no one got a two, and Maggie got the one.

I whistled again and another envelope came out. I was wondering if that was it, all the moms were naked now, but I quickly found out there was more to come, much to my delight. I opened the next envelope, and read the next message.

You have now seen us all at our most intimate.

Our next category is best tasting pussy. We don’t know of any guy who would decline eating four hot moms out, but you have to decide which pussy tastes the best.

Now we can’t have you seeing which pussy belongs to who, so go sit in the chair next to the couch and put the blind fold on. You will get 45 seconds to taste us and then the next one will come out. Whistle when you’re ready…

Yum Yum! Love,

Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


I didn’t know how much more I could take. Now I got to eat the mom’s out? This definitely was the best thank you ever, without a doubt. The thing that was so amazing about this was, these were normal suburban moms doing this. At t-ball not one of them let on they were capable of hosting a competition to seduce the single t-ball coach.

Sure enough there was a chair facing the arm of the couch, so I moved to there, and put the stocking cap over my head, and whistled. I heard some wrestling on the couch, and then heard, “Take the blindfold off.” As my eyes adjusted I saw a pussy spread out in front of me, wet and ready for action.

This was the neatly trimmed, perfectly formed pussy. Whoever this was, probably Tiffany, was hiding under a blanket from her chest up, and she had positioned herself laying down on her back on the couch with her legs over the arm of the couch, spread open to give me perfect head level access to her vagina. I slowly lowered mecidiyeköy escort bayan my face to her and felt her heat coming from her most delicate flower, and slowly began licking. She tasted wonderful as I immediately tasted the salty, metallic unmistakable taste of pussy. I started on the outside of her outer lips and slowly made my way inward, separating her inner lips apart and licked gently into her entrance. I then made my way up to her clit and when I did I heard a sharp breath from her as I started to circle her bud. I felt her secreting more as I teased her clit, and started to make my way back down to her vaginal entrance when I heard the ding of a timer. She quickly pulled her legs back over the arm of the couch and told me to put the blindfold on.

I heard her leave, and another get into position. She gently said “I’m ready” and I pulled off the blindfold again to find another snatch displayed to me. It was the “landing strip” pussy, and she was leaking. I lowered my head and licked up the excess juice and started to explore this vagina. I was about to answer a question only a handful of men have answered, do women’s vaginas taste different? There was a slight difference between this one and the previous one, same general taste, but again, different. Both great, but being clean shaved gave it a different feel. All too soon the timer bell rang again, the fastest forty-five seconds ever, and she withdrew under the blanket.

I put the blindfold on as number two left, and number three got into position. “Ready” was barely audible, and I took off the blindfold to see the other shaved bare pussy. This had to be Maggie, the redhead, because I have never seen a pussy this red before. I wasn’t as subtle this time and I dove right into her, tasting a third different taste in about three minutes as I explored her gentle folds. I decided to enter inside a bit more, and felt her push closer to me as I did. Immediately her hips moved with me, and I could tell she was directing me upward toward her button. I lightly flicked my tongue over her clit as she squirmed in response. Again, too quickly the timer rang and I was forced to stop and reluctantly put the hood back on.

I heard the two moms switch places, and this time she used her legs to start to take the blindfold off which indicated to me she was ready, and I helped her by pulling it off, and saw the other unshaved pussy. Her outer lips were very swollen and as I saw from the stage, her clit was really pushing at the hood. As I started out tasting her and her pubic hair, she let out a whimper, mostly indicating that it probably was a while since she was licked down there. She was definitely was the most vocal and she moved with my lips and tongue as I ate her out. Her moans were getting louder, and I quickened my movements in response as I paid attention to her clit and then back down to her entrance. As quickly as the others, the timer bell rang, but it was met with a desperate “No!” and suddenly arms appeared from under the blanket and grabbed my head and pulled me deeper into her snatch. I didn’t protest and continued eating the amazing vagina in front of me and quickly she started bucking and I heard a distinct orgasm come from her mouth with stifled “ughs” and gasps as sweet fluid flooded out her vagina.

Suddenly the hood was placed over me, denying me a chance to fully taste all she secreted, and another envelope was placed in my hand, and an instruction to wait thirty seconds and write down the scores from this round.

Being honest, the last one did taste the best, although I did get to taste more of her than the others. Second had to be the perfectly formed vagina, followed probably by the fully shaved, with the landing strip coming is a very close last. I mean, I was really splitting hairs here.

You’ve tasted us, now we get to taste you in this final round. We get forty-five seconds to orally pleasure you now, and you choose who gives the best head.

If you cum, whoever made you cum, gets the automatic 4 points, plus a bonus 2 points. We will calculate the scores after this round, and see who the winner is. Try not to cum, because the winner wants your cum inside her (don’t worry, there won’t be any little t-ball players on the way).

Thanks for making us feel good. Now take off your pants, move back to the couch, put on the blindfold and whistle when ready.


Heather, Tiffany, Maggie, and Chris


My mind was about to blow out my skull. Not only did I get to see all these moms naked, but I got to eat all these moms out, and now they’re all going to suck me. I quickly lost my pants and finally let my desperate penis out. It was beyond hard and there was a tad bit of pre-cum already leaking out. I threw the blindfold on, and mustered a whistle, and soon felt a presence in between my legs. This would be an interesting round because so far I thought I knew who was who, but with the blindfold on, I probably wasn’t going to be so certain as to who was sucking my cock. Slowly I felt a nice warm mouth slide over the head of my penis, and slowly down my shaft, and back up. It felt incredible as she finished and I heard a distinct suck as she came off my tip. She then gently tickled my most sensitive spot, causing a little more pre-cum to trickle out. She then got a little more into it, moving a bit faster putting me into her mouth, and I was wondering if I was going to be able to hold back from exploding when the bell rang, ending the first session.

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