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I was 16 and had just dropped out of school, all my friends were still in school and I had no job so I set at home every day all day with nothing to do. The first Monday I was home about 9:30 AM I heard a car pull into the drive of the house next door, right outside my bedroom. I looked out my window to see a phone company van setting in the drive. I thought to myself that Nancy had phone trouble and went back to doing bongs. The next day at the same time the van pulled in again. When it pulled in the next day at the same time I started to think something was up. I went outside and saw the door open and Nancy let the phone man in. As soon as I saw him I knew who it was, he was a good friend of hers and her husbands who often was there with his wife and kids.
An hour later he was walking out the door, when he showed up Nancy was dressed, when he was leaving she was in her bathrobe. He turned and stuck his hand into her robe between her legs as he was leaving she laughed and said I’ll see you tomorrow as she closed the door. I set there stunned, Nancy had moved in 6 months before with her husband and 2 daughters. At first I didn’t think about her because she was about 12 years older then me with kids. A blue eyed blond she was about 5’5” with big tits and an ass that was nice but not as nice as the 15 year old behind me I was hitting on. I would say hi and that was about it. Her daughters were 8 and 10 years younger then me and she was much older then me so I didn’t care. Then I saw her laying out one day in her back yard in a bikini and couldn’t take my eyes off her. Soon every time I beat off I thought of her.
I thought about it, I had only had sex one time. She was 26 and we were at a party, I came out off the bathroom and she shoved me in a bedroom and fucked me. I wanted Nancy but until now didn’t see a way to get her. I went in and put on a pair of skin tight shorts, and then I went out in the yard and played some b-ball until I had a good sweat on and walked over to Nancy’s back door. I knocked on her door standing there with my 6-pack abs glistening with sweat she opened the door in her robe and a towel around her head.
“Hi Brian” she said, her eyes going down my young hard body, stopping at my now half hard cock. “What’s up?”
As I looked at her I saw her robe was open enough to see a lot of her big tits. ”I just came over to see what you were doing.”
“I just got out of the shower.” She said looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.
“I see, did you have phone trouble today?” I was looking at her full lips wondering how they would feel around my cock.
“Yes, and Gordy came to fix it for free, you know he is a good friend.” She was getting nervous and reached to pull her robe together at the neck.
“And yesterday, and the day before that? You must have some very bad phones.”
“That is none of your business.” She said.
“I want to fix your phones to.” I said my cock now almost all the way hard.
“I think you had better go home now before I tell my husband about this Brian.” She slammed the door shut as I stood there with a hard on.
I went back to my room and jacked off thinking about her. Then I thought about what I was going to do. That night I went to my old photography teacher’s house and talked to him about it. I had taken a few pictures of Nancy lying out in her bikini and taken them to him to develop so he knew who I was talking about. When I told him I wanted to get some pictures of her and use them to blackmail her he was all for it. He would develop them and keep a set for himself. He gave me a 35 mm SLR with a 150 mm lens on it. The next day when Gordy showed up I had pictures of him showing up at her house and her kissing him at the door. I went into my house and found that from my parent’s bedroom window I could see right in her living room. Nancy was on her knees sucking his cock when I got there so I got some good pictures of her deep throating him. She then pulled her top and bra off and let him fuck her tits. I got this on film as well. After that they went to the bedroom so I went out and hid across the street to wait for him to leave.
I got pictures of him rubbing her pussy as he was leaving that day, Nancy’s robe was open and you could see her blond bush as well as most of her tits. Later I heard her get into her car so I went to the other side of her house to find a place to hide. The next day when Gordy showed up I was in the bushes outside her bedroom window. They came in the room and he went down on her then fucked her before he got dressed to leave. After he was gone Nancy came back to her bed and pulled a dildo out of the nightstand, she then fucked herself with it until she had 2 orgasims before getting in the shower. This went on for 3 weeks. I had pictures of her sucking his cock, him fucking her in every position you could think of, he fucked her ass and used a dildo to fuck her pussy one day while I hid in the bushes and got pictures.
When I got all of the film developed I was ready to make my move, I went over to her place 45 minutes after Gordy was gone on knocked on her front door, and Nancy opened the door looking at me with annoyance in her eyes she closed her half open robe and said “Brian what do you want now?”
I looked at her and said “I want you to suck me, to fuck me, to take my cock up your ass and lick it clean after.”
Her eyes got big and she said “I’m going to tell my husband what you are doing; you had better bursa escort leave right now!”
I smiled and said “I don’t think you want me to leave or that you want your husband to know anything about this.”
“Why??” she said, a look of fear coming over her face as she saw the photo album in my hand.
“Invite me in and I will tell you.” I said, smiling, I knew I had her right were I wanted her.
She opened the door wider and stood to the side. I walked in and laid the pictures down on her coffee table. She picked them up and started to flip through the pages, looking at each one and going very pale as she did so.
“I’m going to have you arrested for spying on me if you don’t give me all of these right now.” she said, trying to sound tough but looking very scared.
“Go ahead, and your husband and Gordy’s wife will have copies before I get out.” I said already thinking of how good fucking her was going to be.
“I can’t fuck you, you are under age.” She said.
“Then you had better get ready to end your marriage.” I looked at her legs where the robe was falling to the side as she set. “I’m going to fuck you any and every way I want or turn my other copies of the pictures over to your husband and his wife.”
She looked at the pictures and then looked at me. Standing up she dropped her robe and walked over to me her D-cup tits bouncing with every step she took. “Ok, you win, want do you want first?” she got on her knees and smiled up at me,”You know, if you were 18 I would have done this a long time ago.” With that she pulled my cock out and started to suck like I had never dreamed a woman would. She deep throated me with ease even though I was rock hard. Her lips were buried in my pubes as I grabbed her head and started to trust in her mouth. She stopped and looked up at me.
“Don’t do that, let me take you in, don’t hold my head and force me, I will suck your cock but don’t try to force me to take in or try to make me keep it in my mouth.” She then sucked on my balls before taking me back into her hot wet mouth. She sucked me for a little while longer before I felt my cum start to rise, I told her I was cumming so she pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked me off in front of her face, when I got off she caught most of it in her open mouth but a lot went on her face. She stuck her tongue out to show me my cum before she swallowed it. “I normally just swallow but I thought that you would like to see you’re cum shoot into my mouth.” She said as she stood up, looking down at my cock she saw it was still rock hard. “Oh my, I think I can get used to this.” She said as she reached down and stroked my cock, grabbing onto it she lead me into her bedroom.
Once in the bedroom she lay down on her back and told me she wanted me to eat her, I got down between her legs and started to lick her pussy. “Not like that, suck on my clit while you finger me.” She said.
I looked up at her and said “What’s a clit?”
Nancy smiled and reached down to her pussy, she pulled her lips open and showed me a dark red bump at the top of her cunt, “That is my clit, if you suck on it you will drive me wild and I’ll do anything you want.”
I put my mouth on it and found it with my tongue; I started to suck on it and stuck 2 fingers in her wet pussy. I was sucking her clit and fingering her when while she was rubbing her fingers through my hair. “Rub my g-spot, its inside of me; at the top of my pussy, it’s kind of behind my clit on the inside. It will feel rough, or textured.” She said I felt around with my fingers until I found it. “Oh god yes, that’s it.” She said as she stiffened. Soon she was grabbing the bed and screaming as she rode out her orgasim. I smiled, that was the first time I made a woman cum. Nancy was very wet by now her pussy juice and my spit were running down the crack of her ass onto the bed spread. “Get 2 fingers wet and put them in my ass.” She said, she was pulling on her nipples now and licking on them as I was going down on her.
I did as I was told and got 2 fingers wet with her pussy juice then slid them up her ass, she ground into them saying “Oh yes, god yes, finger that ass for me.” Soon she was cumming again while I sucked on her clit and fingered her in both of her holes. After she got off the second time she pulled me up between her legs and started to kiss me and lick her cum off of my face. She French kissed me and when I kissed her back she stopped and told me how to be a better kisser. We then kissed some more before she reached down and grabbed my hard cock and guided it to her dripping wet pussy for the first time. She put her legs over my shoulders and lined my cock up with her pussy. I leaned forward and slid in all the way. “Oh god,” she called out as I slid in her pussy, “I know now why they call it forbidden fruit. Your cock feels great in me, just slid it in and out for now.”
I looked down at her and thought to myself I’m really fucking the one woman that I wanted to fuck, the only one that I had thought about for weeks. I watched her tits bounce as I fucked her and looked down to see my cock slid in and out of her pussy. Nancy was moaning as I fucked her then she started to dig her nails into my upper arms and told me to fuck her harder as her pussy clamped down on my cock. I started to stroke her as fast as I could as she had an orgasim. After she got off she pushed me off of her and got on top of me, she grabbed my hands and put them on her tits and told me to pull on bursa escort bayan her nipples as she rode my hard cock until she came again. After that she had me fuck her doggie style as I reached down and slid my thumb up her ass. I told her I wanted to cum and she told me to go ahead, she was on the pill so I shot my cum as deep as I could in her pussy.
Nancy had me lay on the bed with her after that and asked me all kinds of things about sex. She also told me many things that I never even heard of. After a while she rubbed my cock just a little and it started to get hard so she took it in her mouth and sucked it hard again. She looked at me and said “You did tell me you wanted to fuck my ass, right?’ and then got on her knees with her ass up in the air. I walked up behind her and started to ram my cock in her ass when she stopped me. “Be genital, my ass wont take you like my pussy, you are bigger then my husband and Gordy and if you try to ram that thing in me you might hurt me and then you wont get to fuck my ass.” With that she got back on her knees and I slid my cock up her ass very slowly and then started to fuck her.
When she got used to it she told me to fuck her a little harder, then harder, and then soon she told me to pound her ass as hard as I wanted. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that I shot a big wad of cum up her brown eye as she played with her pussy. I pulled out of her ass and saw that her asshole was open in the shape of my cock until she moved and it closed. Nancy turned around and took my cum and ass covered cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. She looked up at me after she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said “Is that all you wanted, or do you want more?”
I looked at her and said “That’s all I want today, but I want more of the same tomorrow.”
She looked at my cock and reached out to lovingly rub it and said “I was hoping you would say that, I have already fucked you today so it might as well go on.” Then looking up at me she said “11:30 tomorrow morning, I’ll be ready for you.”
The next day at 11:30 I was at her back door, she opened the door in the nude and took me to her bed as soon as I walked in the door. Nancy said that she wanted to 69 me to start with and told me to lie down on my back after she helped me strip. I lay down and she got on top of me and put her pussy right in my face. I reached up and started to lick her as she kissed and rubbed my cock. Nancy told me to start licking her clit and lick all the way to her asshole. I did as I was told and when I got to her ass she told me to stick my tongue up her ass. I started to tongue fuck her ass as she was licking my cock. I got my tongue up her ass and was licking all around her brown eye as she took my cock all the way her mouth and started to hum.
I pulled my tongue out of her ass and went for her clit then. I sucked her clit in my mouth and started to hum as well. I then put 3 fingers in her pussy and went for her g-spot as her pussy started to get very wet. When I put 2 fingers in her ass she came, clamping on my fingers until I thought she was going to break them. Its was right after that that I told her that I was cumming. Nancy took my cock all the way down her throat and swallowed every drop. After I got off Nancy didn’t stop sucking me, so I kept eating her pussy. She sucked me and I felt her playing with her tits with one hand as she did so. I got her off twice more as we gave each other pleasure with our mouths. After 20 more minutes I shot my wad in her mouth, this time I didn’t tell her I just got off.
After she swallowed my cum Nancy set up and climbed off of me. She turned and looked at me and said “I thought you could cum and keep going, I wanted to see if I was right. This is going to be so much fun.”
With that she went to the kitchen and fixed something for us to eat. I got up and put on my shorts as I followed her naked ass to the table, she cooked and severed me in the nude letting me suck on her nipples as she served me. After we ate she took me back to the bedroom for more sex. Nancy only needed to stroke my cock with her hand to get it hard again. She then got on top of me and started to grind her pussy into my cock, riding me as I watched her grab her big tits and suck on them. After a while she had me do her doggie style as she rubbed her clit and reached down to play with my balls. I flipped her over and put her legs over my shoulders after she had an orgasim so I could fuck her and watch my cock slid in and out of her pussy. We fucked for 45 minutes and she had at least 6 orgasims before I rammed my cock as deep as it would go in her and shot my wad in her pussy.
Nancy said “Wow, that was great, are you done for the day or do you think you can go again later?”
I looked down at her well fucked pussy with my cum starting to run down her legs and wanted her right then. I looked up at her and said “If you suck me hard I think I could go again.”
“I will, I want a good ass fucking next.” She said as she lay back on the bed. “I can’t believe that I find a lover to keep up with me and he is only 16. You are the first one that I have found that can cum in me 3 times and keep going.”
We stayed in bed and she told me more things to do and what not to do to be a better lover. I could talk to her about things that I could never talk to anyone about. Nancy was a great lover but she was a kind and gentle teacher at the same time. She told me where I was fucking up in trying escort bursa to get into girls panties. Like the 15 year old who lived behind us. After a while she looked at the clock and then took my cock into her mouth, sucking me hard in seconds she got on her back and told me to fuck her pussy for awhile, I did this sliding easily into her pussy still lubed with my cum. I was fucking her when she told me to fuck her ass. Nancy told me to lift her ass up and fuck it while she was on her back. She said I want to see you when you cum.
I picked her ass up and she helped me to slide my cock into her ass. She put her legs on my shoulders and started to talk dirty to me as I fucked her ass. “Fuck my slut ass, treat me like a whore, fuck me, fuck my ass, stick that hard cock up my ass and fuck my tight ass, give me your hard cock, fuck me, fuck me like a slut, cum in my mouth, cum on my tits, I want your hard cock in my ass, I want your cum all over me, treat me like a slut, treat me like a whore.”
It didn’t take long for me to start to cum after hearing her talk like that. I pulled out of her ass and she jumped off the bed and got on her knees to suck my cock. Soon I was cumming in her mouth, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let my cum land on her face, neck and tits as she pumped my cock. She put my cock back in her mouth and sucked it clean, then she licked the cum she could reach off of her tits.
By then it was 2:30 and Nancy had to go get her girls from school. She put on her shirt with no bra and put on a pair of shorts with no panties. She gave me a kiss and rushed out the door. When she got home 30 minutes later I was standing out in the yard as she pulled up, her daughters said hi to me before going in the house. Nancy smiled at me as she walked by; I smiled and pulled my shorts down to show her my rock hard cock. Her smile got bigger and she said same time tomorrow.
The next day she was nude when I got there, I walked in, dropped my shorts, put her on her back on the kitchen table and started to fuck her. I then reached down and rubbed her clit. In just a few minutes I stiffened as I came in her and then kept going. There was a candle on the table beside Nancy so I grabbed it and poured some of the hot wax on her belly. She moaned and I felt her get wetter so I poured more on her. She moaned and said “Oh, you are kinky, I didn’t know if you would be or not.” After she said that I poured some wax on her nipples, as soon as I did that she cried out. I stopped and asked if I hurt her, she said yes but do it again.
I poured more wax on her nipples as she moaned and thrashed around on the table. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and poured hot wax right on her clit. Nancy screamed and jerked off the table, but at the same time she had the hardest orgasim she ever had. Nancy had gushed as she came, she didn’t know if she wanted to be mad at me or let me pour more wax on her clit to make her come like that again. That day we went through most of that candle pouring hot wax on her body, and yes more went on her clit. After I came in her we went back to her bedroom and she got out a whip. She handed it to me and told me make her feel it she had been bad.
She then got on her knees and started to suck my cock, I hit her on her back with the whip and she sucked harder, I got very hard as I hit her again harder. She moaned and sucked my cock, taking all of me in her mouth. I hit her on her ass with the whip as I grabbed her head. I let go and she looked up at me and said grab my head, face fuck me. Pull my hair, beat me, whip me. I grabbed her hair and she opened her mouth as I slammed my cock into her face. I was beating her ass, thighs and back as I fucked her face. When I was ready I pulled out of her mouth and shot my cum into her eyes, and all over her face.
I fucked Nancy twice more that day before she had to run to get her kids. 2 weeks later she told Gordy not to come around anymore. I would go there at 8:15 when she got home from taking her girls to school and we would have sex until 2:30 when she would run out the door to get her kids. We fucked every day that she was home alone, it started in late September and it went on until school got out in early June. We got together every day we could over the summer and when school went back in the fall we went right back to fucking every day all day.
Nancy helped me to find myself and to be sure enough of myself to get almost any girl or woman I wanted. I fucked the 15 year old behind my house that wouldn’t give me the time of day before. I fucked her, came in her mouth, and she let me fuck her ass for the first time but she didn’t have what I wanted so I moved on. I fucked 14 girls and women summer before going back to fucking Nancy every day. For my 18th birthday Nancy had a girlfriend of hers come over, a 5’3” hottie with long black hair and big brown eyes. She had nice big tits and a tight little ass. They were both nude when I got there at 8:15. When I went home that afternoon I had cum in the 2 of them 8 times that day. Nancy had done everything I wanted her to do, including getting into a hot 69 with her girlfriend. The next summer I went in the service and didn’t get back for over a year, we agreed not to write but she said that she would be there when I came home on leave. When I got back I found out her husband had found her in bed with her girlfriend and 2 other men and had kicked her out. Nancy had gone home to Tennessee and I never saw her again. But every women I go to bed with gets to feel what that hot blond taught me over the almost 2 years that we fucked. Nancy if you read this thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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