The Traveler – Part 1

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The Traveler
by Droid447

Day one: Afternoon

Police Captain Daniel Vega was driving through his old neighborhood. Some gang members were gathering in the alleys, smoking pot and drinking in plain view. It was only 5:30 pm.

How has it come to this? he thought.

Not many years ago, this had been a safe place to walk around. Now, anybody that passed through these streets, even in the middle of the day, was at risk of getting robbed or hurt by someone else. Only the gang members were safe as they relied on each other to stay alive. That was, of course, if there wasn’t a gang fight which always seemed to end with one or two dead guys.

Vega’s cell phone started vibrating in his jacket pocket, “Yes, Mike,” he answered.

“Captain, I’m at the scene of the multiple homicide reported in Third Street… I think you should come over,” Mike said.

“I can’t go right now. I’ve been getting home pretty late these last few days and my wife will kick my ass if I do it one more time. Can’t you handle it yourself?”

“I really think you have to see this, Captain,” Mike responded with a strange tone of voice.

Damned! Vega thought. “Ok, I’m on my way,” he finally said.

When Vega arrived at the scene, he saw one uniformed officer throwing up in a trashcan at the side of an old house. The TV stations hadn’t arrived yet but they wouldn’t take long. There were several police patrols parked outside the house.

Cap. Vega entered the house and it became pretty obvious that it had been a gathering place for drug addicts. There were syringes and other drug related devices spread around on the floor. He crossed the main hallway and when he reached the living room he could not believe his eyes. Six bodies were lying around; five men and one woman. Many bullet holes covered the walls and ceiling and there was blood everywhere. The bodies were severely damaged. One of them had been decapitated. Another one was missing an arm. It didn’t look like they were ripped apart; it looked more as if they were cut up by some sharp blade like a knife or sword. The woman’s body was almost untouched, except of course for the three bullet holes in her chest. It seemed like she was unarmed and caught in crossfire as she tried to reach the hallway. There were AK-47 rifles near the bodies and two pistols still in the dead guys’ hands.

“Talk to me, Mike,” the Captain said.

“We can’t find the head,” Mike responded, visibly shaken up by the gory scene.

“What?” Vega said.

“That guy’s head is missing, Captain. They took it! …I really have no idea what happened here. I can’t see any bullet entries in the bodies, except for the girl. I’d like to say this was drug related… a territorial fight between gangs, but I have never seen a gang that used knives instead of guns for a fight, much less when the opposite group is heavily armed like this one. I’m honestly clueless right now. And why in the hell did they take the head?!”

“Ok, calm down Mike, let’s wait for the CSI guys and see what they can find out,” Vega said.

As he left the room, he almost stumbled over the dead woman and he couldn’t avoid looking at her pale face and glassy blue eyes. She had clearly been a junkie but despite it all, she was a pretty girl. What a waste!, he thought coldly.

Day two: Morning

The following day, Captain Vega was talking in his office with Sgt. Goodman, the CSI lead man.

“I have never seen anything like this,” Goodman said. “There is not a single indication that someone else was in that room. Whoever killed those people was pretty meticulous about cleaning his tracks.”

“What else have you got?” Vega said harshly.

“We have identified the bodies, including the headless guy. He’s a gang leader known as Billy ‘The Butcher’. Do you know him?”

“Yeah,” Vega answered, “He’s been a pain in the ass for years. He is… well, he was a dangerous guy. His leadership was entirely based on fear. What else did you find out?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that there was another woman in the room that day. We found a spot of female urine in one corner of the living room, and it doesn’t belong to the dead woman. The shooting must have scared the hell out her. We also found a picture of the dead girl with another woman. She may be the one present at the moment of the killings,” Goodman said.

“Good job. We may have a witness now. Let’s find this girl,” Vega said calmly.

* * *

Across town, a blonde girl was lying on a dusty floor inside a completely dark room. She could not remember anything after the shooting until she woke up in darkness. The sound of trucks in the distance indicated that she was still in the city. Her voice had faded a little since she had been screaming for help for a long while. Her hands were shaking, both from fear and drugs withdrawal. It had been several hours since she last ate or drank anything, and worst of all, she hadn’t had her usual hit of heroin. She felt desperate and hungry.

There was a sound in front of her and suddenly a door high up on the wall in front of her opened. Bright light poured into the room, blinding her blue eyes for a moment. She realized that she was in some sort of basement and the door that just opened was at the top of a wooden stairway. She could discern a figure walking though the door. It was a large man… or was it? She could only distinguish a wide bulk moving in a strange way into the room. Then, everything went dark again as the door was closed.

The girl could hear heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. Her chest was heaving with panicked breathing. There was a weird smell in the room. Like humidity or mud. The footsteps approached her.

She screamed in panic, “Nooo!!! Get away from me!!”

The blonde felt something cold touching her hand, like glass. She moved it away but not before a few drops of water fell on her fingers. She was so thirsty. She carefully smelled and then licked her hand, realizing that it was fresh water. She searched with shaking hands around her and found the glass again. She grabbed it, but it was held firmly by the man. She accidentally touched the man’s fingers and they felt cold. She pulled harder and the glass was released. She drank the water desperately, finishing it in a matter of seconds. She put the glass on the floor and then listened carefully. Not a sound. She knew the man was very close to her.

She asked with trembling voice, “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

In response, she felt a strong hand grabbing her right wrist, then her left wrist and she was forced to stand up brusquely. Her hands were pinned high above her head against the wall behind her, but her feet were still on the ground. She could hear his breathing near her face.

She was terrified. “No, please… let me go!” she pleaded.

Then a strong hand ripped off her blouse and bra from her body, leaving her naked from the waist up and exposing her firm, rounded breasts. She was grateful that the room was in darkness and he couldn’t see her. The cool air enveloped her delicate nipples as the girl started crying quietly, knowing that she was going to be raped.

The woman shuddered when she felt his hand touch her flat belly. His skin was roughed. It moved upward, until he reached her breasts and she gasped. He started massaging them, squeezing and distorting their natural shapeliness. His fingers moved to stimulate her nipples, twisting and pulling, tweaking harder, abusing her.

Much to her disgust, she felt her nipples react to the rough handling. She mentally recoiled from each touch, yet each touch felt less disgusting than the previous one. Already her firm nipples were swelling larger, almost painful, as he fondled insistently. She hated herself as the little bud of her clitoris stood proud, seemingly peeking from between her pink cunt lips.

Gasping, she felt a tongue slide around, circling her left breast. Then, she realized that something was wrong. The wet limb was too large. She felt it almost all around her tit, squeezing it. Despite this, the blonde’s nipples swelled more than she thought possible, hard and fully erect. Then, without losing its merciless rhythm for an instant, the tip of that weird tongue lashed lightly over her aching nub. Her body betrayed her as her back arched by reflex, thrusting her chest forward against the slick, tormenting tool.

While her left breast continued to receive attention from his hand, his tongue moved to her right tit, circling it, squeezing and pulling. The feeling of both her nipples being manipulated at once excited her even more, her mind blanking out briefly with the intensity of sensations. She couldn’t believe she was getting excited by this, by being rape.

He released her hands as he continued licking her. Her arms fell slowly to her sides. She didn’t know what to do. Her brain ordered her to push him away but her body refused to obey. At that moment, he pulled back, leaving the girl standing helpless against the wall. She was confused. The cool air circled her wet nipples and kept them hard as rocks.

Then, with one sudden move, he ripped off her skirt and then her panties flew away too. She sighed loudly but stood still. The darkness in the basement sheltered her slim body. The slender hips, her flat belly, glistening now with sweat, leading to her scarce blonde pubic hair that did little to hide her pouting pussy lips.

Next, the woman felt his hands grab her hips and push her back against the wall. The cold wall rubbed against her buttocks. The long tongue extended again, sliding over her inner thighs and moving slowly but purposefully upwards. She could picture the man kneeling in front of her with his head between her legs.

Avoiding her moist slit for the moment, his tongue slithered across her pubic mound, tickling her lower abdomen before retreating downwards, straight down the center of her pussy, pressing lightly over her erect clit. She gasped. Then it moved down until it almost lost contact, then back up, pressing stronger now, easily spreading her nether lips and sliding between. The tongue rubbed the entire length of her pussy, to flicker over her now fully exposed clitoris, almost frictionless between its own slime and the blonde’s copious juices. It moved back and forth, stimulating her until she was more than confused as conflicting emotions crammed her brain.

The tongue slid away from her vagina and she was dimly aware of the man rising in front of her, his broad chest almost caressing her tits, strong hands gripping her waist and fingers digging into the soft cheeks of her ass. The blonde felt something huge pushing at the tight entrance to her pussy. Visions of a huge member invaded her brain.

She screamed in helpless fear, “No, please, ple….”

Pushing insistently, the big phallus forced her pussy lips apart until, inch by inch, it penetrated into the depths of her vaginal cavity. Stretching her inner walls wider than ever before, she felt it moving slowly, pushing right into the very center of her body and stopping only when it reached her cervix.

Despite the horror that dominated her mind, the girl started to lose control of herself, her eyes fluttering and her mouth gasping to cope with the overpowering feelings.

The man took the opportunity to slide his tongue between her full red lips. She felt it slipping down her throat and beyond. She almost gagged but the feeling in her pussy faded out everything else. She was getting close to an orgasm… an unwanted orgasm. Her mind was torn between hatred and lust, wanting it to stop, wanting it to go on forever.

The huge phallus moved faster within her, buried almost to the hilt every time, thrusting into her tight pussy without mercy. Unbearable pleasure shot again and again through her entire body, joy and pain inextricably mixed together in one indescribable feeling. Her legs were shaking, threatening to cave and let her fall to the floor.

But that would never happen, even if she lifted her feet from the ground, she would remain there, pinned to the wall by his huge shaft. Cock pumping and mouth gasping in perfect rhythm. Every hard stroke almost lifted her in the air, just to recede and come back again with equal force.

“Ahhh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhh, aaaghhhhh, Aaannngggghhhh…”

A tremendous orgasm crashed through the beautiful girl as she completely lost control, writhing helplessly in the bonds of his hands and his hard cock that held her erect. Incoherent sounds tumbling from her gaping mouth partially muffled as the alien tongue slipped deeper inside.

Her cunt contracted hard several times, clasping down on his member.

* * *

A pleasing thought formed in the intruder’s brain, This species is so easy to manipulate… much better than the previous one. But this is not a good time for impregnation… yet.

* * *

Her legs were shaking uncontrollably beneath her as her orgasm slowly faded away. Her body relaxed little by little while he pulled his cock out of her slick cavity. He released her and the feeble woman slid to the floor, landing on her rounded buttocks.

His still erect cock was just inches away from the woman’s face. She was unaware of this because of the total absence of light but the man could see everything perfectly. He aligned his dick to her mouth and moved forward.

The blonde felt the large phallus poking at her lips and she didn’t understand what was going on. The overwhelming orgasm was still lingering in her brain and she couldn’t think straight. He pushed harder and she was forced to open her mouth, allowing access to his fat cock. The blonde opened her eyes wide when her brain finally processed what was happening and she tried to move her head away from his dick.

Immediately he grabbed her head and kept her firmly in place, then he started to move slowly in and out of her oral cavity. Some sort of creamy substance was leaking from the tip of the phallus. The taste was sweet. She liked it. As more of the fluid spilled inside, she started to swallow. She was so hungry. The blonde began to suck eagerly, trying to get more of it.

He concurred with her efforts and started to fuck her face harder and faster. The man smashed the back of her throat with every thrust but it was evident that she didn’t care. A few minutes later, he felt his balls tingle and he slowed down a little. The blonde was grabbing his dick with both hands and was massaging him as if he was a long time lover.

Finally, he climaxed! He blasted a huge amount of semen into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. As much as she tried to swallow, more sperm was pumped in. The creamy substance began to leak in great quantities from the corners of her stretched lips. It kept spilling down her naked breasts, stomach, pussy, creating a puddle on the floor beneath her legs.

At last, he withdrew, creating a momentary strand of cum hanging from the tip of his cock to her lower lip. Then he turned away and walked up the stairs, leaving the girl kneeling on the floor, leaning back against the wall.

The blonde followed the noise of his footsteps as he moved up. He reached the top of the stairway and opened the door. When the light rushed inside, she was able to see a little more of the man that had just ravished her.

It startled her. He was very tall and muscular and he was wearing some sort of gray suit that covered his entire body. Even his hands were covered with gray gloves that ended with long, sharp claws.

He closed the door leaving the girl surrounded by total darkness again. Her chin, her breasts and thighs were covered with cum. At least she wasn’t hungry anymore. Strangely, she felt no need to satisfy her addiction to heroin either. Her body was calmed and fulfilled but not her mind. She thought about her precarious situation and started to cry.

* * *

Back at police headquarters, Sergeant Goodman was leaving the Captain’s office. A tall man stood just outside the door. Vega saw him with apathy. The man was wearing a black loose-fitting jacket, jeans and mountain boots. “Can I help you?” the Captain asked.

“Yes… I think so,” the man said as he walked into the office.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” Vega asked.

“I just asked where your office was and they told me,” the man said.

“Shit! Some security we have here… This is a restricted area.”

“I’m not sure if you’re the person I have to see,” the man interrupted.

“Why are you here Mr.…?” Vega asked patiently, looking down at the papers on his desk.

“I have some information about the murders on Third Street,” the man said.

This sentence captured Vega’s attention and he turned his head to the man, looking at him intently. “What kind of information?” he asked.

“I have a pretty good idea of who killed those people,” the man said.

“You haven’t told me your name,” Vega said.

“Kurt. You can call me Kurt,” he responded. He’d seen the name on a nametag over one of the desks on his way in.

“Ok, Kurt. Tell me who killed those men and how you got that information.”

“Can we go to a more private place?” Kurt said looking at the windows all around the office. The Captain thought about it for a moment and said, “Ok. Follow me”.

Both men walked down the hall toward one of the interrogation rooms. The first one was busy so they moved on to the next. As they walked beside the window in the first room, they saw a young woman interrogating a crying teenager. The teen’s clothes were torn and dirty and she was describing some painful events to the woman. Kurt stopped at the window and observed them for a moment.

“Are you coming?” Vega asked looking back.

“That young girl is lying,” Kurt said.

Vega walked back and looked through the window too. Officer Karen O’Malley was consoling the sobbing teen. “Oh, yeah? How do you know that?” Vega asked.

“The mind may not always tell the truth, but the body never lies,” Kurt answered.

Vega grabbed Kurt’s arm and said, “Come on, let’s go”.

Sergeant Jameson was coming out of her office in front of the interrogation rooms and passed by Vega and Kurt. The beautiful brunette displayed a discreet smile, leaving behind a trail of her perfume. Kurt stopped abruptly. That scent was instantly recognizable. He looked back at the woman as Vega pulled his arm, urging him to walk into the private room.

“OK, talk to me Kurt, what do you know about the killings?” Vega asked.

“This case is nothing like you have ever seen before. I am sure that it will change your life forever,” Kurt said.

The Captain was intrigued by the man’s words, but wondered what the hell he was talking about. “How is that?” he asked trying to remain tolerant.

“Answer me this, Captain. Do you believe it’s possible that there’s intelligent life outside this planet?”

Captain Vega was getting upset now. He couldn’t believe he was wasting his time with this idiot. “What does that have to do with anything?” he asked impatiently.

At that moment, Sergeant Jameson opened the door and asked “Captain, are you busy?”

Vega considered finishing the interview with Kurt ‘the crazy man’ and attend to the attractive Sergeant, but then he had an idea. This was a good opportunity to have a break from the day’s tensions and have some fun with the situation; share a good time with his friend Claudia and this harmless lunatic.

“Claudia! Come in! I think this might be interesting for you,” Vega said to his partner.

The elegant woman walked in and approached the table were the men where sitting. “What is it?” she asked puzzled.

“This is Kurt” the Captain said, “and he says that he knows who’s responsible for the multiple homicide in Third Street, but he has a question for us first,” Vega told his partner.

Kurt immediately knew that the Captain was trying to make fun of him and he decided to play along. He had to contact that gorgeous woman anyway so this was convenient for him.

“What’s the question?” Claudia asked Kurt, sizing him up from head to toe. Hmm, not bad, she thought.

“Well, I was asking your Captain, if you believe it’s possible that there’s intelligent life outside this planet,” Kurt said with a serious expression.

Claudia looked at him for a moment and then looked back at Vega. When their eyes met, she had to use all her power to avoid bursting out in laughter.

“How is this subject related to the killings, Mr. Kurt?” Vega asked again.

“We’ll get to that. First answer the question,” Kurt answered.

“Ok,” Claudia said, intrigued by the handsome man, “I think there is the possibility of life somewhere in the universe, but I guess we will never get to see it. At least not in our lifetime.”

“I agree with her,” Vega added “I think there might be life out there but not close to earth and certainly not intelligent,” Vega confirmed.

“Why not?” Kurt asked.

“Its only logic,” Vega said, trying to ascertain his opinion. “On this planet, we have millions of different life forms and only one is intelligent. Thinking that this will happen again is ridiculous,” he said convincingly.

“That’s a good point,” Kurt said “But why don’t you look at it this way: you know only one planet containing life on it, and this single planet has intelligent life. So, as far as you know for every planet with life there is one intelligent species. The odds are pretty good, don’t you think?”

Captain Vega though about it for a moment and said, “Ok. That’s a good point too”.

Then, Claudia asked, “Wait a moment. You said, ‘you know only one planet’, don’t you mean ‘we know’?”

“Umm…sorry, I meant ‘we’,” Kurt answered.

“Ok. I think we’ve answered your question. Now, are you going to tell us about the killings or are you just wasting our time?” Vega asked, getting irritated.

Kurt looked at Claudia and Vega for a moment and then stood up, walked towards the two-way mirror on the wall and closed the plastic curtain. The officers looked at each other and Vega unclipped his gun, just in case.

Kurt pulled from his pocket a small square device similar to a cellphone, about two inches from side to side, and placed it over the table. It was completely black with silver edges. He grabbed two opposite edges and pulled. The pad stretched to one foot long. Then he grabbed to other two edges and did the same. The pad was now one square foot in size and the black surface looked very strange. It reflected nothing. Absolutely nothing. It looked like a hole in the table where light was not allowed.

“What the hell is this?” Vega asked.

“Do you want to see who killed the gang members?”

Without waiting for an answer, Kurt said something in a weird language. A tri-dimensional image appeared just above the black pad. Vega and Claudia jumped off their chairs in surprise. The image displayed a figure; some sort of animal. Or was it a man disguised as an animal? It was hard to say. The figure was nothing that Claudia or Vega had ever seen before. Both officers were speechless and their eyes were opened wide in amazement. The image was slowly rotating, allowing the viewers to appreciate every detail of the creature.

Claudia was looking at the image, then at Vega, then at Kurt and back at the image. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew that this kind of technology didn’t exist yet, and even if it did, it could only be possible in a room full of computers, lasers and who knows what else.

Captain Vega was looking intently at the image marveling at the clarity and definition. It looked like a real figure moving right there over the table.

“Can we talk more seriously now? I think this is going to take a while,” Kurt interrupted Vega’s staring.

The three of them sat down again and Kurt started talking. “You have had the misfortune of being visited by a …well; you don’t have a name for it, but let’s call it an aggressive alien species. I know it’s difficult for you to assimilate the idea of real aliens but you will have to make an effort to process this knowledge fast. That thing will keep killing whenever it wants if we don’t stop him. And even worse, it will begin to reproduce itself in a matter of weeks and then, the catastrophe may be unstoppable.”

Claudia’s head was spinning. This was confusing even for an intelligent and educated woman like her. The Captain was in the same situation. He tried to ask questions but the words cluttered in his brain. The alien’s image was still rotating on the desk and it alone confirmed that Kurt might be telling the truth.

Then, Kurt continued “This life form, I mean, the alien, was created artificially thousands of years ago for combat purposes by an inexperienced civilization. As usual, they screwed up and now this dangerous species has scattered in this galaxy. One of them reached this planet and I am here to help you get rid of it”.

At this moment, Claudia blinked realizing something “Wait, does this mean that you are not from this planet, either?” she asked, starting to doubt again everything he said.

“Yes,” he responded briefly.

Vega and Claudia looked at each other and then Vega said, “Look buddy, I don’t know how you pulled out this trick with the image here, but do you expect us to believe that you come from another planet?”

This time, the question from the captain came more like a dare to see more proof than anything else. He also knew that the technology presented to him was not possible on earth and he had no intention of leaving the room just yet.

Kurt reached inside his jacked sleeve and a beep sounded in the room. Kurt’s body started to look fuzzy and then, it was gone. Claudia’s mouth was opened wide and her heart was beating like a marching band. Vega jumped out of his chair again

“What the….!” was all he managed to say.

“I’m still here,” Kurt said. His voice came exactly from the place he was standing before he disappeared. “I’m just projecting an image of the background around my body so you can’t see me.”

This was enough to convince both Claudia and Vega of the veracity of Kurt’s story and they spent the following hours taking nonstop. They had millions of questions but Kurt refused to answer most of them, except the ones concerning the alien’s capture.

“We will talk later about those other subjects,” was all he said.

Day two: Night

It was almost 11:00 pm and after a long visit to the killing site, Kurt said, “It’s getting late and I think that’s enough for today. We’ll start the search tomorrow.”

“Where are you going? Do you think that we’ll let you go just like that?” Cap. Vega said defiantly.

“Do you really think you can stop me?” Kurt said with a serious tone, and then he added, “I have something important to do tonight. We will continue tomorrow.”

Vega thought about it for a moment and he understood Kurt was right. Anyway, there was no reason why he shouldn’t show up tomorrow to begin the search as they had agreed.

* * *

At that same moment but on the other side of the city, the alien was looking down at the street from a seventh-floor ledge. A few guys were walking by, laughing and talking animatedly. The alien enhanced the audio on his helmet so he could clearly hear what they were saying. An instant translation device indicated that they represented no threat. He turned back to the open window in front of him. The room was dark but there was no doubt that his objective was laying inside. He had studied the situation carefully.

The female was alone in the large apartment and there was not much activity in the rest of the building. The alien jumped in and approached the bed. A beautiful young woman was peacefully sleeping. It was a hot night and she was wearing her tiny panties and nothing else. The alien noted that she was kind of small but she would do well and this place was perfect for his plans.

A soft gasp escaped the sleeping female’s mouth as he began to probe the delicate skin of her inner thighs with his long tongue. It slid further up, past her pussy lips and caressed her flat belly. The alien confirmed that the female was suitable. She moved her body slightly, perhaps incorporating those nice feelings into her dream.

She was being expertly handled by the alien. He ran his clawed hands over her breasts. His hard fingers cupped and mounded her tits, dragging on her nipples.

Oh God… This feels so good… she thought, half awake, half sleep.

A wet tongue circled her left nipple, then the other. The sensation was too real. Suddenly she realized that she was not dreaming anymore. Someone was really touching her! She opened her eyes in panic, seeing a shadow beside her. Before she could scream, a big hand covered her mouth. The young woman was in terror trying to jump away but the alien’s firm grasp kept her in place.

Feeling firmly pinned down on the bed, she reached out desperately and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. She was able to see the intruder. Her heart almost stopped when she saw the creature that was attacking her. It had the shape of a man but his chest was much broader. Its skin was thick and gray colored. The alien was not wearing any kind of clothes but there were a lot of electronic gadgets attached to its arms and thighs. He was also wearing a black helmet that seemed to protect a strange head, shaped like the head of a mantis. The helmet had a hole in the front for the probing tongue. The girl was trying to kick him or push him away.

The alien analyzed the situation. This female was a little smaller than the one in the basement and he knew she represented no danger, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He brought his hand up near her head and a small needle emerged from a metal box wrapped around his wrist. The alien spiked the woman’s neck and in a matter of seconds she stopped fighting. Her arms and legs went limp and her face changed from panic to serenity.

He released his hold on the girl. Next, he dragged and positioned her body sideways on the bed with her legs hanging from the side and her ass resting on the edge of the mattress. He grabbed her panties and yanked them away. Then, he removed his flexible helmet that fitted his head like a second skin.

The girl looked up at him with drugged eyes. She was conscious but her brain wasn’t able to complete any coherent thought. Her pink nipples were fully erect. The drug flowing in her veins was doing more than calming her down. She was lying naked on her bed, her pussy fully exposed to a strange beast, and she was feeling horny. She couldn’t understand it, but at the moment she couldn’t care less.

The alien moved his fingers expertly over her small right breast. Her breathing became ragged and she arched her back to meet his cold hand. Meanwhile, the alien retracted his claws and slid a finger between her cunt lips and into her already damp vagina. She gasped loudly at the feeling of his rough finger breaking in.


Her clitoris was being expertly manipulated by the creature’s thumb while two fingers pressed against the entrance to her pussy. They slipped inside easily and explored her inner walls before sliding almost all the way out again. As they slid back in, her cavity stretched to accommodate three fingers. The alien set up a regular motion, fingers probing deep while his thumb banged softly against the distended clit. One finger pulled out of her pussy and curled beneath, pressing over her anus.

The young woman was getting hotter by the second. She almost forgot that she was being raped while the creature skillfully manipulated her. Knowledgeable fingers worked faster, harder, increasing the lubrication within her tight vaginal walls, preparing her for the next step. The finger pressing over her anus curled more and slipped just inside. It was enough to bring her first orgasm.

“Aaarrggmmmphhhhh,” while she came hard and uncontrollably, most of the noise was muted by the alien’s tongue that probed the girl’s mouth. Her vaginal muscles clasped his fingers as the spasms rippled through her body. The alien sensed this and reasoned that she was ready.

The woman’s pussy was on fire. Sex juice poured down her slit to the crack of her ass. The alien aligned his hard cock, pressing the tip against her tight opening. He was eager to see the tiny hole widen as his fat member pushed the pink flesh aside.

Almost effortlessly, her cavity yielded, adapting quickly to the unusual size of the intruder. She instinctively spread her legs wider apart; such was her state of arousal.

Moments later, the alien was buried several inches deep, banging against her cervix. He moved his rod in and out a few times with accompanying gasps and moans of pleasure from the girl until feeling confident enough to attempt the ultimate insertion. This was going to be hard on the fragile female and he had to be gentle if she was to remain completely undamaged to accomplish her purpose. He positioned his cock deep inside her, resting against her cervix and then pushed hard. His dick went completely out of view, hidden in her slim body, well inside her womb and eliciting a loud groan from the female.

The girl stiffened all the muscles in her body as she felt the big phallus burying deep within her belly. It was amazing how far it went before it hit bottom. The monster slowly slid the fat cock in and out a few times, sending jolts of pleasure to the girl’s brain. He started pumping her with a rhythm which was soon followed by the woman’s hips thrusting in the opposite direction. Every time he slammed his weight against the young woman, her clit was smashed between both bodies increasing the incredible sensation. It only took a few minutes for the girl to reach another climax.

“Ahhhnnggghhhhh,” she shook spasmodically beneath his bulk in the throes of her powerful orgasm, her body twisting and thrashing frenziedly, impaled by the thick gray invader.

This was ignored by the beast, which just kept pumping relentlessly aiming for his own release. The exhausted girl welcomed his effort with short gasps as her breasts bounced freely back and forth. Finally, his balls reached the limit and the alien exploded inside the girl’s womb. The first ejaculation filled the tight cavity completely. The woman felt a warm liquid churn and disperse inside her belly. The second burst almost made the girl’s abdomen swell as it flooded her even more.

The fluid moved down her insides, looking for the only way out. When the third load was discharged, the semen was already leaking from the girl’s stretched pussy, accumulating on the bed-sheets.

His balls drained completely after a few more shots and he dislodged his cock from her.

At the feeling of the huge phallus sliding out, almost from her chest all the way to her pussy, the abused woman was thrown into a last sudden orgasm, wildly twitching and loosing control of her body one more time. Then, she fell unconscious. He left the girl laying on her bed with her pussy still leaking gobs of semen.

The alien jumped out the window. It was time to find a different kind of action.

* * *

On the other side of town, Claudia, Vega and Kurt were leaving the killing site around 11:00 pm, Claudia was getting in her car.

“Sergeant Jameson!” Kurt called her from behind,

Claudia was in the same mental state as Captain Vega, still trying to digest all the shocking information she had just received. She was unaware that this was nothing compared to what was coming for her.

“Kurt! What is it?” her heart started beating fast from nervousness and excitement when she realized that she was alone for the first time with him, a good looking guy… from another planet!

“I need to talk to you about something very important,” he said.

“You mean more important than the fact that aliens exist and they are killing people on our planet?” she asked tensely. He just smiled.

“In fact, it is more important for you,” he responded. She just stared back at him.

“You have a daughter, don’t you?” Kurt asked. Claudia was caught off guard by the question.

“Yes… how do you know that?” she replied.

“How old is she?” he asked.

“Why? How do you know I have a daughter?” she insisted but he just looked back at her waiting for an answer, “Ok. She has just turned 18. Please, tell me why you ask?”

“Is she sick?” he asked back.

Her eyes opened wide. Her daughter was really sick. Then she thought excitedly He has very advanced technology! Maybe he can cure her!

“Yes! She is very sick! Can you help her?” she asked.

“Maybe… what’s her name?”

“Her name is Faith,” she answered.

Claudia explained that her daughter had been a very healthy girl since she was born. She had never caught even a mild cold. But lately, she slowly started to lose her strength and all she ate was nauseating for her, sometimes causing vomiting. She was so weak now that she could not even get out of bed. The doctors had made a million tests and had no idea what was wrong with her. Claudia was so angry with them that she took Faith out of the hospital and moved her back home, hiring a full-time nurse.

“Take me to her,” Kurt said as he jumped in the passenger seat without asking for permission.

“How do you know I have a daughter and how do you know she is sick?” Claudia asked as she started driving towards her home.

“I’ll tell you, but first you have to tell me who is her father?” he asked back.

Claudia blushed and remained silent for a moment; then she started talking, “I was finishing high school and there was a big graduation party for all of us. The party turned out to be a little wilder than I thought and I ended up in bed with some guy, who I never saw again by the way. I got pregnant with Faith that night.”

“I knew you had a daughter because of your scent,” he said.

“What!? What do you mean?” she asked puzzled.

“Don’t get me wrong, your smell is exquisite. But there is a quality in it that indicates that you have been impregnated by one of us,” he explained.

Claudia was hitting the breaks and pulling off the road as she looked at him startled. “What!! Do you mean that I… that Faith…”

“Yes. The guy that got you pregnant 18 years ago was an alien, like me. Faith is a very special young lady and let me tell you right now that her life is not in danger,” Kurt said.

Claudia’s heart was beating hard and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Then, she burst into tears. Kurt leaned over to comfort her and suddenly she turned and held him tightly.

“Thank you…thank you… my baby is going to be ok!” she said with trembling voice.

Her delicious perfume filled his lungs and Kurt felt the urge to strip her and ravish her right there, but he controlled himself. He had to wait.

She drove back to the freeway as he explained further, “Faith’s body had been dormant during her childhood, waiting until her instinct signaled that she was ready for her transformation.”

“Transformation?” Claudia asked.

“Yes. But don’t worry; she will look exactly the same. She will only change inside. She will become a Queen breeder,” he said.

“A what?” Claudia was now truly confused.

“From now on, she will depend completely on beings like me for her survival. She will be fed and protected by one of us for many years to come.” Kurt said.

“What do you mean by Queen breeder?” Claudia asked.

“A Queen is born in four stages. Faith is the first. She will have a daughter and then her daughter will have another daughter and finally, a pure and unpolluted Queen will be born. I am sure there is already a higher entity waiting for the Queen’s arrival. But that won’t happen for many years, obviously. Of course, one year of your species is like a second for them.”

Claudia’s brain was spinning. This was way too much for her mind to process at once.

* * *

They arrived at Claudia’s house in the suburbs. Claudia went straight to her daughter’s room, followed close behind by Kurt. Rebecca, the nurse, was sleeping in a small bed next to Faith’s larger one. Claudia gently woke the nurse.

“Hi, Becky. Sorry I am so late. How is she?” Claudia asked.

“Oh, hi… she’s the same, she was able to eat some soup today,” the nurse answered and looked at Kurt standing at the door.

“He is a friend… a doctor… kind of,” Claudia poorly explained, then turned to Kurt and asked, “So, what should we do?”

Kurt stepped forward and looked at Faith. The teen was sleep but it was obvious that she resembled her mother a lot. She looked a little thin from her recent illness but she had a very sexy body outlined by the thin t-shirt she was wearing.

Realizing that Rebecca was going to be there full-time, Kurt suggested that they should explain the situation to her.

A few minutes later, the young nurse was clinging to Claudia’s arm and staring at Kurt, still perplexed by the notion of the existence of aliens. She was young, 22 years old, and open-minded so it didn’t take long to convince her that it was not a joke.

“The first thing I should do is provide Faith with fluids,” Kurt said.

“I gave her water a while ago,” Beck said.

“No, I mean alien fluids. Mine,” Kurt added.

Claudia heard this and didn’t like the sound of it. “How do you do this?” she asked apprehensively.

“The same way your species do. Body contact.” he answered.

Rebecca’s eyes opened wide. Claudia’s face turned white, then red. “No way your are going to touch my daughter!” she yelled.

“This is the only way,” Kurt said calmly, then added, “There is no other option. Faith is being monitored regularly by them,” he said pointing to the sky, “Soon they will know that she is ready and if I don’t do this, somebody else will. They’ll take her away from you.”

Claudia looked desperate and began doubting the whole thing again. This couldn’t be happening.

Then, Kurt said firmly “I’ll be glad to help you Claudia but I don’t have to do this. If you don’t consent, I’ll leave now. You know the consequences”.

Claudia was looking at Faith with tears in her eyes. When, Kurt turned toward to door she grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t! Please don’t leave”.

He understood the emotions conflicting her brain and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving, I’ll just wait in the living room”.

Sitting on the large couch, Kurt heard Claudia and Rebecca whispering in Faith’s room. They talked for almost an hour and they had no idea that Kurt could hear everything they said. Finally Claudia decided to go for it. She would do anything that was necessary to save her beautiful daughter. Kurt smiled as he was going to enjoy most of it. Claudia came down the stairs to inform the good-looking alien of her decision. He already knew it and he was ready to give Claudia a demonstration of how good it was going to be for her young daughter.

When the sexy police officer got close to him, he swiftly put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest. He kissed her passionately, slipping his tongue between her lips. Claudia opened her eyes, trying to push him away but he was too strong. He expertly kissed her until she stopped struggling and kissed him back. She threw her arms around him and pulled tighter. It had been so long since she’d kissed anybody. It felt good. Very good.

He didn’t bother to unbutton her blouse. He just ripped it open and pulled it off. She was wearing a brief bra that enhanced her well-cared-for figure. She unhooked her bra and his hands slid over firm breasts, caressing her inflamed nipples, eliciting a moan from the officer. Catching each rising nub between his thumb and forefinger, the alien man tweaked them tenderly. Claudia’s passion rose quickly.

Removing his hands for a moment, he stood back to admire the gorgeous woman. Then, Kurt bent forward and his mouth descended to capture one engorged nipple. His lips closed firmly around her breast as bursa escort his tongue circled about the redden nub, lashing them softly.

One hand slipped down to unbutton her executive skirt. The cloth fell to the floor exposing the brunette’s tiny panties, barely covering the well-trimmed dark pubic hair. His hand circled over her belly and dipped lower between her thighs, teasing the woman briefly until he touched the soft pussy lips through the thin cotton, rubbing them gently while his thumb pressed over the erect clit.

Then he moved his hand inside her panties; his fingers delicately parting her labia to dip into the warmth within. Her pussy was dripping wet and she moaned loudly from this arousing touch.

Claudia moved her hand over his crotch and felt his swelling cock trapped inside his pants. She wanted to see it, to touch it, to feel it inside of her. She dropped onto her knees and unzipped his pants, pulling them down to the floor. Kurt was not wearing anything underneath and his cock dangled freely in front of the woman’s face. It was enormous. His dick was still not fully erect yet and it was already eight inches long.

She grabbed with amazement the thick piece of meat and leaned forward, the tip of her tongue already sticking out. She slowly licked along its length, coating the phallus with saliva. It stiffened to full size; ten inches of pleasure before the woman’s eyes.

Her jaws stretched wide to accommodate the girth as she forced her lips over the head, taking it into her mouth. The pretty woman began to suck while pre-cum mixing with her saliva in her mouth. The mix escaped her lips around the swollen penis to drip down her chin. The huge member forced Claudia to alter her posture, preventing her from falling backwards. Her lips stretched until she thought her jaw would surely dislocate. The swelling head forced itself deeper, almost down her throat, making breathing difficult. Still she continued to suck, harder now. Her burning pussy was dripping abundantly, soaking her panties.

The penis came free of her mouth with an audible plop as he grasped her waist and lifted her effortlessly to her feet. He grabbed his panties and yanked them away. Following this, Kurt sat on the couch and pulled her along, sitting her on his lap facing him. He positioned her vagina over the tip of his organ.

Claudia was trembling with excitement and nervousness. She never imagined having a cock of that size inside of her body.

Still gripping her tightly, he forced the whimpering brunette downwards onto his shaft, her pussy lips stretching to accommodate its bulk. The massive cock plunged very slowly until it was completely sheathed within her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, her lips parted in a silent scream. Leaving her there for a moment, motionless, he ran his eyes over the slender body he was ravishing. She was certainly a gem. A precious jewel helplessly impaled on his cock. It gave him great satisfaction to hear her moaning as he tugged on her erect nipples, distended with lust.

Claudia’s arms were resting on his shoulders, her proud tits swung in front of his eyes. Her blue eyes were unfocused and her red lips were parted, panting with need as her body was filled to its maximum capacity. She started to move her body up and down on his penis.

Her soft white body was wracked with lust and it amused him to see her so easily enjoying their new relationship. Lifting her body slowly until less than an inch of his member was still inside, he suddenly slammed her back down onto his prick. She yelped. Muscular arms repeated the motion, again and again. The officer’s eyes were closed now as her body was consumed by an aching pleasure. High-pitched moans merged together into a continuous unearthly keening under the assault. Swollen tits bounced freely in time to the rhythm.

Rebecca heard weird noises coming from the living room. When she was half way down the stairs, she froze. She saw Claudia’s naked body straddling Kurt and bouncing up and down on his large cock. At first Rebecca thought that he was raping her but then she watched more carefully, realizing that Claudia was eagerly impaling herself on his cock. Maybe enjoying the ride more than he was. The nurse started to walk back silently, but the curiosity made her stay a little longer. Listening to her boss panting and gasping blissfully, made her pussy tingle and her nipples swell beneath her white nurse uniform.

“Mmpphhh … Ahh …aargg,” Grunting sounds escaped Claudia’s lips as she started to climax.

His cock pushed still deeper into her body even as her pussy contracted wildly and her body shuddered under the power of the incredible orgasm crashing through her helpless figure. She felt the member swell impossibly large within her widespread walls, then it twitched while gush after gush of warm seed spurted into her cavity.

Finished with their exertions, Claudia collapsed over him, gasping, her body still trembling in the aftershock of her blissful experience. This had been the greatest fuck of her life! Somehow, she felt at peace with the idea of her innocent daughter experiencing the same later on.

* * *

At that same moment, across town, a bullet slashed the side of the beast’s helmet. The alien grabbed a boomerang-like blade attached to his belt and threw it at the big black man that had shot at him. The blade flew at incredible speed, cutting through the man’s throat, almost severing his head. The alien decided it was becoming too dangerous and activated the mirroring shield, making him virtually invisible. After that, it was easy to kill the rest of the armed men. Twenty minutes of constant fire from the drug dealers had lifted a cloud of thin white dust spreading in the air and pieces of broken glass scattered on the floor. There were dead bodies everywhere. The illegal workers, mostly female, that had not been wounded or killed during the shootout, were escaping through the small windows of the cocaine lab.

The alien grabbed the ankle of a young Nicaraguan girl that was halfway out. He pulled her back in and pinned her against the wall. The terrified girl was just able to see a blurred figure, something like a ghost, moving in front of her, pressing her chest. The alien contracted his claws and put the palm of his hand over the woman’s belly. She could feel his hand moving around her stomach and down to her pussy but she couldn’t see it. Just as he reached her cunt, the situation became too stressful and she fainted.

Day three: Morning

Captain Vega was resting immersed in his thoughts after a sleepless night. Aliens exist! He was still trying to find a logical explanation other than aliens but he knew there was none. It was very hard for him to believe that kind of stuff, but the evidence he had seen was irrefutable. In the long hours they had talked with Kurt, they had agreed to start a methodical search in the places most likely to be preferred by the alien. That is, far from crowded places but not too far from the ‘hunting’ areas. They also agreed to keep a very low profile on the alien situation to prevent any leaks of information to the press which would certainly cause mass hysteria.

Kurt had informed Vega and Claudia that the government was already aware of the existence of life on other planets since finding hard evidence around the crash landing of an alien spaceship many years ago. They had found some burned bodies and metal parts but not much else. They had decided to keep it secret from the world in order to have a strategic advantage over other countries.

“Fucking bureaucratic assholes!” was all Vega said when he heard this.

Vega threw away the covers of his bed in exasperation. Time to work!

* * *

Claudia woke up in Kurt’s arms. It was 7 am and they were still lying on the couch. Claudia had an incredible feeling of satisfaction. She wanted to stay there, close to her lover’s warm skin, holding him tightly, but she knew it was getting late.

She noticed that Kurt was already awake and said, “I better check on Faith. You wait here until I explain everything to her and then I’ll call you, ok?”

She walked up to her daughter’s room and closed the door. They talked for a long while. Claudia told her everything that had happened in the previous hours. She told her about Kurt’s origin. She explained Kurt’s theory about Faith’s unknown father being an alien and that the reason for her illness was only a consequence of her changing body. Of course, Claudia didn’t mention the part when Kurt magnificently fucked her brains out just the night before. The hardest part was to explain Kurt’s ability to cure her in a rather unconventional way; sex.

Faith was certain that her mother had gone absolutely nuts. First she thought her mother was joking, but Claudia would never joke about something like this. Then, she thought that maybe a fanatic cult leader had convinced her mother of that madness just to screw her, literally. She couldn’t believe that her mother had bought such a stupid story. Nonetheless, Claudia looked more relaxed than ever. She was really serious about it.

Finally, Faith spoke, “Ok, mom. I have to be honest with you. I don’t believe a word you’ve said. I have to see that unquestionable proof you mentioned.” Faith was amused and a little excited after that weird but interesting conversation with her mother.

Claudia understood her daughter’s doubtfulness and finally called Kurt. He put on only his jeans and walked up the stairs, entering the teen’s room. Faith looked intently at Kurt’s muscular body up and down. He didn’t look like a fanatical cult leader. In fact, he was actually very handsome.

If I have to have sex with this guy, I definitely won’t mind, she thought playfully. In reality, she was a little frightened, even though her brave and overprotective mother was in the room with her.

Kurt showed the teen some tri-dimensional images with his pad. Faith, Claudia and Rebecca saw a few of the most beautiful and strange life forms in the galaxy spinning slowly in display over her bed. At the end of the show, Faith and Rebecca were fascinated. They both believed everything now.

“Can I talk to Faith alone please?” Kurt said. Rebecca left the room immediately and Claudia followed her reluctantly.

When Kurt and Faith were alone, the man asked the very scared teen, “Have you ever been with a man, Faith?”

She thought about it for a moment. She had seen a boy’s penis before, if that’s what he meant. She gave a blowjob to her last boyfriend a few months ago, and she even let him cum in her mouth. But, she had never gone all the way with anybody.

“Well, I guess so…” she responded shyly. She was visibly shaking from nervousness.

“Don’t worry, darling,” he said with a soothing voice and added, “I promise you that by the end of this week, you will feel stronger and healthier than ever. You will never feel sick again”.

Faith’s heart was beating faster. She considered his words for a moment and she liked the idea. She liked it more than anything.

“If that’s true, I will do whatever it takes,” she said more confident of herself.

With that, he unexpectedly pulled his cock out of his pants. The teen was startled at the sight of his giant and still growing dick. She leaped backwards to rest on her side, away from him. The penis she’d sucked months ago was nothing like this. Kurt’s organ was much bigger and it was not fully erect yet! Faith was frozen, staring at his manhood. Her small rosy nipples swelled a little and she felt a tingling building in her untouched pussy.

Kurt took her hand and pulled it over his hardening cock. The teenager grabbed the phallus gently as she felt it grow completely erect. Without any further indication, she leaned forward and licked a drop of lubricating fluid already forming on the tip. It tasted good. She licked again, this time holding her wet tongue a little longer over his cock-head.

Kurt’s dick was now displaying its ten inches to the excited girl. He pushed forward slightly, pressing her soft lips. She got the message. Faith opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the head of his cock. Her mouth could barely fit it while her lips stretched to the limit.

The teen completely forgot about her usual early-morning nausea. Kurt’s phallus tasted delicious and she wanted more, much more. She eagerly massaged his cock with her tongue while he grabbed the back of her head, trying to push it deeper inside. Faith was not sure about letting him go deeper but she had no option, he was too strong. Kurt pushed harder until he banged at the back of her throat. She gagged for a second but recomposed quickly and urged him to move forward. She was breathing heavily through her nose and the excitement was building rapidly within her tender body.

Kurt pulled her long t-shirt up to her waist. Surprisingly, Faith was not wearing panties. He leaned to his side and cupped her pussy, rubbing her inflamed clitoris with his thumb. The teen moaned with Kurt’s cock still embedded deep in her mouth. It only took a few seconds for her to reach her first orgasm. A long awaited climax that had been suppressed by her illness. Faith’s vagina contracted on itself while her muscles stiffened and relaxed spasmodically for almost one minute. The young girl was trying to catch her breath while her mouth was completely blocked by the man’s giant cock.

Kurt had total control over his body and decided that it was time to give Faith her ‘medicine’. He secured her head and discharged the first load of sperm in her mouth. The teen’s orgasm was still lingering and she opened her eyes wide when she felt her mouth filled with his warm, gooey fluids.

“Swallow it, baby. Swallow all of it…” Kurt ordered.

Obediently, she let the white cream slide down her throat. When the second load of cum poured inside, she gulped it down too. She kept swallowing and he kept cumming. But the fluid was gushing too fast and it started to escape from the corner of her lips, down her chin and over the white sheets.

This was extremely exciting for her. Kurt’s sperm tasted like nothing she had tasted before. It was intoxicating and addictive. She loved it. She needed more. She wished to fill her body with it until not another drop could be pumped inside. And he was ready to satisfy her wishes. His reserves of sperm were more that the small teen could handle. Her stomach was already full and he kept coming. Even then, Faith remained attached to his cock as if her life depended on it. Finally, he knew it was enough and he pulled his dick away with a popping sound. A gush of cum spilled from the girl’s mouth as the man dislodged.

Faith gasped for air, her head falling down to the pillow as a second climax rippled through her body. The tickles in her stomach, esophagus and mouth were enough to send her over the edge. Kurt was not even touching her body as this happened. The spasms flowed from her pussy, all over her contorting body, to her overwhelmed mind. The orgasmic contractions pushed more cum up her full abdomen and out of her mouth. He observed with a grin of satisfaction as the innocent teen twisted on the bed, her legs shaking while her orgasm peaked and slowly receded.

Claudia was listening carefully behind the door. She heard her daughter’s whimpering and she could not wait any longer, rushing into the room. She saw her beautiful daughter laying flat on the bed. Her untouched pussy was glistening with vaginal fluids. Her face was smeared with Kurt’s cum and her expression was indescribable. It was pure ecstasy. Claudia noticed that Faith’s belly was a little distended.

“What happened?” she asked with surprise.

“Faith ate. You will see that later today she will feel better and stronger,” Kurt responded.

Claudia sat beside her daughter and asked. “Are you ok honey? Do you still feel sick to your stomach?”

“No, mom. I feel great. I haven’t felt this good in months,” Faith whispered, a little out of breath.

Claudia leaned forward and held her daughter tightly, crying with happiness.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Kurt said walking out of the room. As he stepped out, he saw the nurse walking down the hall in a hurry and a little embarrassed.

* * *

Later that same morning, Mike’s voice sounded on the car radio, “Captain Vega, we have another massacre. We’ve found nine dead drug dealers so far; again not one of them has bullet wounds. The location is a cocaine lab disguised as a furniture warehouse. Some illegal workers are talking nonsense. Something about a ‘Diablo’ they say, it means ‘the devil’.”

“I’ll be right there” Vega responded, turning on the siren. He knew exactly what the Diablo looked like.

Vega arrived at the scene and walked around the destroyed place. He was informed that there was another decapitated body. A big black man’s head was missing and it was nowhere to be found. There were bullet casings everywhere and hundreds of bullet holes in the walls and ceiling.

This alien is going to be a tough one to catch, Vega walked around thinking. If he was able to defeat these cold blooded fuckers without using firearms, what the hell could he do using them?

This was not good news for the police captain. He realized that Kurt’s offering to help seemed a bit more critical now.

“There is a missing girl,” Mike said.

“What? Another one?” Vega asked.

“Yes. The other women say that the guy responsible for the shooting pulled the girl back inside the warehouse when she was almost out the window and they never saw her again. We checked inside and she’s not in there,” Mike confirmed.

Vega remembered Kurt’s words the day before about the alien looking forward to breeding.

Day three: Noon

The illegal worker girl woke up hours later lying naked on the floor. The sun was high in the sky. She looked around to discover that she was inside a large apartment. The wide space had two levels and was decorated elegantly with brick walls and fancy paintings. She looked up, noticing that the upper level was some sort of open bedroom, about half the size of the main floor and there was a big bed that occupied most of the room. She distinguished a woman sleeping sideways on the bed, with her legs hanging from one side.

The foreign girl didn’t know if she should hide or try to run away. She chose the second option, but discovered that the main entrance was locked and using the windows was impossible since the apartment was seven floors up. She walked silently around the place trying not to wake the sleeping woman but she became frustrated when she couldn’t find a way out. The only place she hadn’t checked yet was the upper floor. Despite her fears, she slowly climbed up the stairs until she was standing just beside the bed. The sleeping young woman was completely naked and breathing peacefully. Her legs were slightly spread. The illegal girl looked a little closer and noticed a white creamy puddle between the girl’s thighs, just outside her vagina. Her pussy lips were also covered with the slimy substance.

“Ay Dios! A esta mujer la violaron!” The Nicaraguan girl exclaimed. She leaned over and tried to wake up the woman without success. Suddenly, she saw a shadow move outside the window! She jumped swiftly to hide behind the bed, almost slipping in the creamy white goo spread on the floor beneath the sleeping woman’s hanging legs.

The gray bulk of the alien passed through the window carrying a woman’s naked body. It was a blonde, apparently unconscious. He dropped the blonde over the bed, next to the other female and looked down to the main floor.

The girl from the cocaine lab was not where he left her. He turned his head scanning the apartment.

There were not many places where she could hide. The beast took a step forward and looked behind the bed. There she was: A trembling, thin, dark-skinned woman looking hysterically back at him. He would “work” with her later. He just turned around, jumped out of the window and climbed the outside walls of the building with the agility of a spider.

After that terrifying encounter, the foreign girl’s face was pale and her heart was pounding hard in her chest. She jumped on the bed beside the sleeping woman and held her hand.

Moments later, the blonde woke up feeling dizzy and very hungry. She saw the dark-skinned woman sitting beside her on the bed. The blonde sat up.

“Where am I?” She received no response from the woman but a puzzled look.

The blonde looked around. From the bed, she could see the whole apartment except for the bathroom and the area below the loft. It was just past noon and the place was very well illuminated. It was clean and elegant. She looked at the foreign looking girl and said


“Hello,” the Nicaraguan teen answered with an accent.

“Do you speak English?” the blonde asked.

“Just…few words,” she answered.

“What is your name?” the blonde asked.

“Rubi,” the foreigner answered, “You?”

“I’m Shelly,” the blonde responded.

Shelly and Rubi talked for a while with some difficulties. Rubi explained that she had been smuggled into the country a few days before and after that, the drug dealers had forced her to work in their cocaine labs. Shelly told Rubi that she was on a break from her studies in New York. She had gone to the house of a friend when this beast suddenly appeared and kidnapped her, placed her in a dark basement for two days and then moved her to this apartment. Shelly didn’t mention the part where the alien killed the gang members that used to supply her fix of heroin. She also felt too ashamed to tell Rubi that the alien fucked her brains out the day before and that she enjoyed it enough to reach the best orgasm of her life.

Shelly asked Rubi to help her move the sleeping woman to a more comfortable position. While they were doing this, Shelly looked at the puddle of white sperm accumulated on the sheets and a sudden rush ran through her body. Her heart started to beat faster and her mouth began to salivate. She knew what the substance was and she had to fight the urge to taste it, to eat it one more time.

Suddenly, the unconscious girl woke up and sighed loudly. She looked at the girls sitting on her bed and asked, “What is going on?! What are you doing in my apartment?”

After they explained their current situation, she remembered her ordeal the previous night with this awful gray thing and she burst into tears.

“What’s your name?” Shelly asked.

“Lisa…” the girl said sobbing.

“Don’t worry Lisa, we will find a way to get out of here,” Shelly comforted her.

A while later, Lisa explained that the building had just been remodeled and it was almost empty except for a few apartments in the lower floors. She was the only resident above the fourth floor. The odds of being rescued were not good. The alien had cut off the phone line and sealed the main door. It was the only entrance.

They all took long baths and soon realized that there were no clothes either. Lisa’s large closet was completely empty. There were only towels and bed sheets to cover their naked bodies. Rubi’s clothes, which were scattered on the living room floor, were very dirty and ragged and she preferred to wear just a towel like her new friends.

Clean now but with no way to escape, the girls had no choice but to settle down and hope for rescue.

* * *

In the destroyed cocaine lab, the investigation continued. “Captain! Look at this!” a uniformed officer called Vega.

“What is it?” Vega asked approaching the officer.

The officer pointed at a footprint on the ground. The footprint was very similar to a human’s but larger and instead of toes, it had some sort of claws.

“What do you think it is? Do you think ‘Bigfoot’ did this?” the officer said joking.

“It’s probably just a joke. I don’t think it’s related to the killings,” Vega said, trying to cover up the fact that it was indeed some kind of Bigfoot. The alien responsible for the shooting had made that print. He needed to locate Kurt and start with the search plan. The whole situation was getting out of hand. If the FBI gets involved, he thought, there’s going to be another massacre, but this time it would include not only dead drug dealers or gang members.

A few minutes later, Claudia and Kurt walked into the wrecked cocaine lab.

“Where the hell have you been?” Vega asked.

“I’m sorry we’re late. What happened here?” Claudia asked.

“You can see for yourself. It’s a mess,” Vega answered.

Kurt was already looking around the crime scene, looking for clues to the alien’s location. Officer Karen O’Malley approached him and asked, “Who are you? You shouldn’t be here!”

“It’s ok. He’s with me,” Claudia said, “He is helping us with the case.”

“The young girl was lying, right?” Kurt asked O’Malley.

“What? What girl?” O’Malley responded confused.

“The girl who was crying yesterday in the interrogation room,” Kurt clarified.

O’Malley didn’t answer back, startled by his statement. She wondered how he knew.

Vega approached them and dragged Kurt away from the officer. “You better keep a low profile, Kurt,” Vega said. “We don’t want people to know who you are, do we?”

“It’s ok. I’m sure Officer O’Malley won’t be a problem if she finds out,” Kurt answered, looking back at the tough yet feminine officer.

Not far from there, the alien beast was on top of a tall building, observing Captain Vega at a distance. He had returned to the killing site immediately after dropping Shelly at Lisa’s apartment. The officer was walking around the destroyed lab, talking to a tall man. The alien’s instincts indicated that there was something different about that man but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

The alien started to analyze the weapons carried by the officers. He wanted to learn about the battle capability of this planet’s authorities.

So far, they showed nothing different from the guns he had already seen. Maybe this planet was not as interesting as he’d thought; maybe it was a better idea to focus on the breeding issue. He had already captured three female humans with practically no resistance. Two of them were already pregnant and the new one was waiting for him.

However, the alien’s necessity for battle was always there. Soon he would pay a visit to the authorities’ headquarters.

Day three: Evening

The sunlight was fading on the horizon and the girls were leaning out the window trying to get someone’s attention. They were waving a white cloth at the people below but nobody was looking up. Lisa heard something above them and looked up to see the alien moving from the roof towards them. Lisa screamed and they all ran away from the window.

Shelly knelt behind the bed, followed by Rubi. Lisa ran downstairs and into the bathroom, locking the door. The beast came inside and immediately had Shelly and Rubi trapped between the bed and the balustrade delimiting the upper floor. He wasted no time and with a swift move, injected Rubi’s neck with the relaxing substance. The girl’s body went limp, falling backwards over Shelly. The alien clasped Rubi’s slim waist and threw her onto the bed, in exactly the same position that Lisa had been the night before. Shelly was kneeling just half a meter away from them with her back against the nightstand, frozen with fear.

The towel-clad Rubi was not unconscious but her eyes stared up vacantly. The alien was standing between her spread legs. A quick pull stripped the towel away, exposing her to the eyes of the creature and to Shelly. The alien’s hand slid down between Rubi’s splayed thighs. His long fingers traced down the valleys to each side of her vulva, while his thumb slid over the soft folds that hid her swelling clit. Rubi gasped. Shelly didn’t understand why Rubi was responding so eagerly to her rapist.

Soft words escaped Rubi’s mouth, “Ahh… si…”

The alien was a fast learner and he knew what the girl wanted. One of his hands centered over her soft pussy lips, while the stiff fingers of his other hand circled over the area of her clitoris. He rubbed and tugged at her soft labia, teasing her before allowing a long forefinger to part the outer lips and slide between. Soon, three fingers were moving in and out, stretching her pussy and preparing her for his fat penis. Rubi was panting now and her hips moved up and down, trying to follow the rhythm of his hand.

The alien was getting ready, too. Shelly observed his cock enlarge quickly reaching an incredible length. She wondered how that monster hadn’t split her in two when he fucked her before.

Rubi was writhing sexily on the bed, eyes partially closed, engorged nipples poking upwards, screaming for attention.

“Aaaahhh,” she thrust her hips up, seeking a deeper penetration from his fingers.

Each thrust forced her cavity wider, filling her pussy almost to the limit. Her mouth gaped wide to suck in air while she grunted with a combination of pleasure and pain. Now he was shoving his fingers in frantic motion.

Despite the presence of the huge monster in front of her and her mind in full awareness, Shelly began to get aroused as well. Her breathing deepened as erotic noises invaded her ears.

“Aaaahhhhh,” Rubi screamed when her body shuddered in climax, juice flooding abundantly, giving that extra bit of lubrication needed for the next step.

She was about to be ravished and part of her welcomed it. She needed a man’s cock like never before. Her ‘boyfriend’, one of the drug dealers, had made her shave her pubic hair completely just the day before. Now he was dead and she was lying with a huge monster. She didn’t care one bit. All she wanted was his phallus inside her as soon as possible.

His hands curled around her swollen tits, squeezing hard, forcing her to whine as hardened nipples bulged upwards. His enormous cock insinuated itself at the entrance of her vaginal cavity. Then, with a hard sudden move, it sank completely into her! It stretched her wider than ever. She climaxed again.

“Nnngghhhh”, Rubi wailed in the midst of her orgasm while the appendage filled her to full capacity, gliding over slippery surfaces, stimulating her g-spot, banging against her cervix. Another hard push and he was inside of her womb.

Shelly was now unconsciously rubbing her pussy with one hand and massaging her breasts with the other. Her eyes were fixed on the gray cock sliding in and out of the Latin young woman.

Every stroke penetrated Rubi several inches before pulling out almost completely and pushing in again. The woman’s belly swelled to accommodate the giant rod and the air was pushed out of her lungs. She gasped loudly following his rhythm.

“Aaaah, Ahhhhh, Ahhhh, aaaaahh, Aaanngggghhh,” another climax ignited through her bouncing body! She was experiencing an intensity of sexual arousal never dreamed possible. Orgasm followed orgasm during this relentless ravishing.

Then, he grunted and exploded inside of the overwhelmed girl. Shelly saw his large balls pulsate again and again while Rubi’s belly bulged at the spot where the head of his cock was. Shelly’s heart was beating out of her chest and her pussy was a waterfall of fluids that soaked her fingers. Soon, the alien’s semen poured out of Rubi’s stretched cunt and dribbled to the bed. Shelly couldn’t take it any longer and jumped over the bed and to the girl’s pelvis, sucking and swallowing the sperm that escaped between Rubi’s pussy and the beast’s cock.

The creature watched pleased at Shelly’s slavish actions and he pulled out his cock, allowing more room for her eager mouth. A large quantity of sperm flooded out of Rubi’s body. Shelly shifted her position between the girl’s legs and stuck her mouth directly on the open cavity to receive as much fluid as possible. She was in a cum-eating frenzy. Her brain was not processing any information other than consuming the alien’s delicious cream. She had become helplessly addicted to it.

Rubi’s body was still twitching from her overwhelming sexual experience. Soft moans escaped her mouth as Shelly finished cleaning the excess of sperm.

The alien walked down the stairs following Lisa’s scent and opened the locked bathroom door without much effort. Lisa screamed as she saw the huge monster walk in but a quick needle in her neck muted the frightened girl. This time she didn’t go limp but just lost her will to fight. Her nipples swelled rapidly revealing her induced arousal. The alien grabbed her hand and she submissively followed him to the living room.

After the challenging battle with the drug dealers he needed to celebrate his victory. Impregnating Rubi wasn’t enough for him and Lisa would do just fine to satisfy his needs. The woman’s womb was already full with his sperm from the hard fucking the night before and the reproduction process had already started inside her body, so he decided to play with her another way. The beast forced Lisa to lay on her back on the couch with her head hanging over the edge.

The small-framed girl looked upside-down at the rod dangling in front of her face. The alien aligned his dick at her pink lips and pushed. The injected substance that flowed in Lisa’s veins made her flexible, both mentally and physically. She willingly opened her mouth, letting his cock sink until it reached the back of her throat.

The alien began to fuck her face. Lisa could barely breathe but even so, she sucked him eagerly, massaging his cock head with her tongue. She was very aware of what she was doing and she new it was wrong, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She wanted him to ravish her, to abuse her at will and take her to the stars like he had done the day before. The injected substance was doing a good job within her brain.

The alien pushed increasingly harder against the entrance of her throat. She got scared and tried to stop him, but he was too strong and she caved. The large dick slipped past her gullet invading her esophagus. Lisa could clearly feel the firm piece of meat moving deeper inside of her, inch by inch. This excited her even further. The alien kept pushing until his balls were resting on her face. Lisa’s cunt was gushing. Suddenly, she realized she was running out of air. She pushed the monster desperately as she began to choke.

The female was useless if she died, so the alien pulled out to let her breath. After allowing her a few intakes of air, the alien shoved his cock back into her mouth. This time, it was her that pulled him deep. He complied shoving his cock until his swollen balls smashed her forehead. He waited until she was choking again and pulled out. The process repeated several times. On the last stroke, he discharged a fountain of semen directly in her esophagus.

The alien began to pull out of her as he continued to spray cum in large quantities. Lisa could feel her stomach bloating from the viscous juice filling her insides. Her clitoris was swelling large from the extreme arousal. The head of his cock reached her throat and immediately gobs of sperm filled her mouth. It tasted delicious; she wanted more but he pulled completely out of her mouth. Semen sprayed all over her face and hair. Lisa tried to catch as much as she could, eager to gulp it down.

The helplessly woman didn’t know that she was becoming addicted to his cum, as Shelly already was.

Day three: Night

It was almost sundown when Kurt and the officers decided to call it off for the day. They had carefully searched the cocaine lab for clues but found nothing. They had also searched a few possible hiding places for the alien, unsuccessfully. They would continue the next morning. Claudia was anxious to get home and check on her daughter. Kurt had promised she would be much healthier.

As soon as they got out of the car, Claudia ran into the house. She found Faith sitting in the living room, wearing her usual t-shirt and watching TV. She looked better than ever. Claudia sat beside her and held her tightly.

“I’m going to clean up,” Kurt said walking up the stairs.

Mother and daughter talked for a while about the marvelous recovery and then Faith remembered, “Did Kurt say he was going to clean up?”

“Yes, why?” Claudia asked.

“Rebecca is using the bathroom,” she answered.

Kurt was standing in the middle of the bathroom, observing the silhouette of the nurse bathing behind the plastic curtains. She was standing inside the large Jacuzzi-like bathtub. Her body looked slim, yet very strong. Firm legs and arms indicated that she exercised often. Her perky breasts matched perfectly the curvy lines of the rest of her body. Suddenly, Kurt heard Rebecca moaning softly. It became evident that she wasn’t just bathing her body; she was doing more than that.

Kurt carefully moved the curtain aside and saw the woman rubbing her clitoris with one hand while she sprayed water on her pussy with the other. He quickly undressed and silently entered the bathtub.

Rebecca played with herself still unaware of his presence. She was facing away from the man that she secretly desired. She tenderly caressed her clitoris while thinking about Kurt, wishing it was his hand touching her.

Kurt approached from behind and grabbed her shoulders. Rebecca jumped scared and was about to scream but he covered her mouth and said softly, “Don’t be scared, it’s me, Kurt.” Then, he added, “I saw you yesterday watching us in the living room. You were looking at Claudia and me having sex”.

This statement put her mind in motion and the urge to scream disappeared. Kurt removed his hand from her mouth.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t…please don’t hurt me,” Rebecca said almost crying, still facing away from him and trying to get loose from his hold.

“Hurt you?” he interrupted “I would never hurt you. I just want you to stay with me. You belong with us. With Claudia, Faith and me.” He put his arm around her waist. Rebecca was still scared but her nipples reacted immediately to his embrace.

“You know I can take care of you better than anybody else on this planet,” Kurt said.

The nurse was not struggling anymore and was listening attentively to his words. Regardless of the awkward situation, she wanted this and she was caving to her desires.

Her pink nipples poked out when he grabbed the soapy sponge and started to bathe her with tenderness. First she felt the gentle touch in the center of her back. Circular movements spread out around her waist, dipping lower, massaging into that delicate curve between her lower back and the tops of her buttocks. Lower again until each of those pert ass cheeks was being massaged. She felt slight tugs on her pussy lips, as her cheeks were forced apart with each rotation. Her breathing deepened. Then his hand dipped into the crevice between her legs, moving easily in the confined space due to the soapy lubrication. A finger touched lightly over her sensitive anus causing a shiver of lust.

Rebecca was just standing there, frozen and entranced by his expert touch; the fluids dripping from her pussy disguised by her wet body. His left hand was lightly touching the area just above the edge of her fine pubic hair, not moving, not just yet. Meanwhile, his right hand continued to massage the backs of the nurse’s thighs, fingers pushing into the resistance between her partly opened legs.

Almost unconsciously Rebecca shifted slightly, spreading her legs wider. The heel of his hand slipped between her legs, massaging gently upwards, still avoiding her overheated pussy. He caressed her between her ass cheeks that now openly trembled.

Then his fingers explored the edges of her cunt lips until his middle finger slipped to the center. He pressed harder and she opened to his touch, letting him penetrate into the tight passage. The helpless nurse moaned loudly, feeling his strong finger slipping back and forth, and his thumb pressing lightly onto the small knot of her anus.

Using his left hand, Kurt pressed between the pouting lips, finding her clitoris hard and erect. He manipulated the sensitive love button between two fingers, and this was enough… Rebecca lost control. With a groan, she fell forward to her hands and knees, legs spread.

Kurt’s hand still continued its manipulation of the throbbing clitoris while his right hand slid across her anus and pressed a finger that slipped inside almost effortlessly. Soapy walls gripped and released his finger as it moved smoothly in and out, increasing her arousal even further.

Rebecca’s breasts heaved and her breath shuddered in tortured gasps. Shifting her weight onto one hand, she began manipulating her own tits, squeezing and tugging the hardened nipples, swollen with lust.

Sensing what was coming, Kurt pulled his finger out for a moment. A small moan of disappointment escaped her lips, which changed to a sigh of pleasure as he inserted two, and then three fingers into her pussy. Kurt brought his thumb round to press hard again onto the little pink knot of her anus. Then, it was back inside. Moving faster now, two fingers rubbing over the clit from the front, three fingers shafting in and out of the cunt from the rear, the thumb almost touching them through a thin membrane.

Rebecca exploded. She fell forwards onto her face with a shriek as a powerful orgasm shot though her twitching pussy and spread throughout her body. He continued to stimulate all areas until he was sure he had given the woman every last bit of pleasure she could take.

Kurt’s cock was hard as a rock and now it was time to show her why she should stay in the house with them. He took advantage of her current position; face down on the bathtub floor with her ass up and exposed, wet and ready. He wasted no time. The muscular man aligned his cock at the tight opening of her anus and pushed steadily. Much to his surprise, Rebecca reached back and spread her ass checks for him. He entered her rectum easily, one inch, then two, three; in the first push, his whole rod disappeared inside the nurse’s fit body. Her legs trembled as she grunted in bliss.

Claudia walked into the bathroom and stood by the door, observing the couple. Kurt was ramming his cock in and out of the nurse’s ass with long, slow motions. She could picture the head of his cock moving deep inside the nurse’s rectum, pulling out and then pushing in again. Then Kurt increased the speed of his thrusts.

Rebecca was ecstatic, moaning loudly while her breasts dangled back and forth a couple of inches over the bathtub floor.

Claudia watched with amazement at Rebecca’s exertions. The nurse was totally submissive to her new lover and Claudia found the situation incredibly hot.

Kurt’s sperm was boiling in his balls ready to burst. A few seconds later, he ejaculated a large wad of cum up the nurse’s ass. Rebecca felt the warm fluid filling her insides and this sent her over the edge again, her legs shaking uncontrollably and her spine bending up and down with strong spasms. He kept sending jets of cum into her body while her climax refused to fade away.

At last, Kurt slowly withdrew from her, careful not to let the cum spill out of her ass. He stood up bringing the shattered girl with him. Holding her tight, pressing her back against his chest. Rebecca was barely conscious.

Claudia was still there, motionless watching them. Her nipples hard and erect.

“Grab a towel and help me get her dry,” Kurt told Claudia while turning Rebecca around and exposing her ass. He was curious about what Claudia would do.

Claudia snapped out of her voyeuristic spell, pulled a towel from the shelf and moved closer to the couple. She started drying Rebecca’s hair and gently moved the towel around her back, then lower to her ass checks. Claudia could feel her nipples almost exploding beneath her blouse.

She knelt, still making slow circles on Rebecca’s rounded ass. She noticed a thread of white cream leaking out of the nurse’s anus and sliding down her inner thigh. Almost unconsciously, bursa escort bayan Claudia leaned forward and licked it, cleaning the gooey fluid with her tongue. At first she couldn’t believe what she had just done, but then, a delightful taste saturated her tongue and stimulated her brain.

Claudia grabbed Rebecca’s ass cheeks, spreading them apart, and buried her face within. She licked every drop of sperm that escaped the nurse’s ravished hole.

What am I doing? Claudia thought. But she didn’t stop doing it; the taste was too good. She wanted more. She needed more.

Rebecca was in heaven. The incredible feeling of the warm tongue poking at her anus made her clitoris swell again and now it was rubbing against Kurt muscular leg. She wanted this to continue forever. Unfortunately for her, when there was no more fluid to swallow, Claudia pulled away.

Claudia’s mouth and chin were totally smeared with Kurt’s sperm. Kurt turned the limp nurse around to let Claudia dry her front. Rebecca opened her eyes weakly, looking at her boss. Their eyes locked as Claudia moved her hands down, rubbing gently on her friend’s tits. Rebecca moaned slightly. Claudia had never been with a woman before but this was really exciting. Something had changed within her as her usual shyness about her sexuality had completely vanished.

Claudia’s pussy was soaping wet. She moved closer to the nurse as the towel traveled down to dry Rebecca’s pelvis. She made circular motions over Rebecca’s pubic hair and gently caressed her clitoris with the soft fabric. Rebecca placed her arms around Claudia’s waist. Unexpectedly, the women kissed each other passionately. Rebecca could taste Kurt’s sperm in Claudia’s mouth, which increased her excitement. Tongues dueled wildly as Claudia dropped the towel, caressing Rebecca’s clitoris and cunt lips.

Kurt was very satisfied. He and the women were one.

He broke the kiss, much to their disappointment and carried Rebecca to Faith’s room. Claudia followed them close behind. He placed the nurse on the teen’s bed and left her alone with Claudia. He knew what was going to happen next and he was counting on it. He needed the women to get close to each other in every possible way. He shut the door behind him and walked down the stairs to join Faith in the living room.

* * *

Meanwhile, at Lisa’s apartment, the alien finally got tired of ravishing Lisa and left the girls alone. Shelly watched the monster jump out the window and then she walked downstairs to the main floor. Moments ago, she had witnessed how the huge cock of the beast penetrated Lisa’s mouth beyond the impossible. Did he hurt her? Was she still alive?

Shelly noticed that the small, assailed girl was breathing normally and her eyes were closed, as if she as peacefully sleeping. Lisa’s head was still hanging over the edge of the couch. Shelly saw the great amount of cum spread all over Lisa’s face, some of it still dripping to the floor. The temptation started in her pussy and traveled through her belly up to her mind.

She wanted to taste the wonderful fluid once more. The sperm she sucked out of Rubi’s vaginal cavity was only an appetizer for her needs. She knelt beside the couch and got closer to Lisa’s face. She was a few inches from the brunette. The closer she got to the cum-smeared skin, the harder it became to resist. Shelly kissed Lisa’s face, timidly, but the brunette didn’t move an inch. She licked her own lips, tasting the white cream. Then she licked Lisa’s cheek, filling the tip of her tongue with the sticky goo. The familiar, exciting tingling saturated her mouth. Soon, she was eagerly sucking Lisa’s face clean.

When Shelly swept the sticky fluid off Lisa’s soft lips, the petite girl came back to her senses and instinctively stuck her tongue out. Shelly was startled for a moment but then she responded to the brunette, burying her tongue in Lisa’s mouth. They kissed passionately. Shelly grasped Lisa’s breasts, gently squeezing them and caressing her nipples. Lisa arched her back and a big load of goo flowed out of her mouth into Shelly’s. The blonde was caught by surprise but immediately tried to swallow all she could; some of it spilled to the floor.

This increased Shelly’s arousal even further. She stood up, walked around the couch and threw her body over Lisa’s. They kissed fervently while breasts rubbed over breasts and pussy over pussy. The new-found lovers enjoyed each other for a long time until it was dark outside.

Meanwhile, Rubi remained still unconscious on the upper floor, with her womb completely filled with alien sperm.

Day three: Late Night

The alien was hanging outside a window of the second floor at the police headquarters. His invisibility shield was activated. Below him, on the street, a dozen patrol cars were parked and many men in uniform walked in and out of the building. A young female scent flowed out the window and the beast had his eyes locked on his prey. He slipped silently inside.

It was late and Officer O’Malley was finishing some paperwork before going home. She had the feeling of being watched but she looked around and everyone was immersed in their own work. Then, from the corner of her eye, she saw a figure materializing beside her. This was impossible. It must be tiredness playing tricks in her mind. She turned her head and there it was! The huge gray bulk of a man was standing beside her desk. Two meters high. Very broad shoulders and chest. A lot of electronic devices attached to his arms and legs. She just had time to gasp before a needle stung her neck. She wanted to grab her gun but her arms were not responding.

“What the hell is that!!” someone shouted from the other side of the room.

Everybody looked at him and then looked in the direction he was staring. Most of the twenty officers in the room watched the alien at the same time. The alien was in attack stance. Knees partly bent, ready to jump. Torso leaning forward as his eyes observed every move of the surrounding officers.

An instant before the first gun pointed in his direction, he jumped at incredible speed, attaching himself to the left wall a few feet above the ground. The first bullet cut the air, flying across O’Malley’s opened window. When the next round perforated holes in the wall, the beast was already running fast toward the closest man to kill him, cutting his chest and face with his blades. Seeing this, the police officers took cover behind their desks and started shooting again, trying not to kill each other in crossfire.

A different shooting sound crossed the room. Faded. Almost like a blowgun. A bright bullet flew across the room at lightening speed. The fireball passed through a metal desk like butter and killed another officer, throwing him back several feet. Another explosion blasted near the center of the room and a cloud of gray smoke spread quickly inside the room. Soon, it became very difficult to see beyond two meters.

More screams meant more officers down. The fire alarms went off. The place was in total chaos. Bullets flew everywhere. More policemen were entering the room, trying to figure out what was going on, ready to shoot at the invaders. Smoke was escaping through the windows. The invisibility shield was activated again and the alien rushed to O’Malley’s desk, grabbed the young woman by her uniform and dragged her out the window. He carried the woman up the exterior wall, using the smoke and the moonless night as cover. Then, they both disappeared into the darkness.

Some officers were still behind cover, looking for the attacker. A heavy silence reigned on the room as the smoke slowly started to dissipate. There were several wounded and dead bodies lying around.

“What the hell happened?” one of the officers asked. “What the fuck was that thing?”

Nobody answered.

* * *

A short time later the alien arrived at Lisa’s apartment carrying O’Malley. He removed her uniform and laid her naked body on the bed, beside Rubi. O’Malley was still unconscious but the effect of the injection was fading away. The alien watched Shelly and Lisa sleeping together on the couch downstairs. He decided to wait until the new girl was fully awake. It would be more fun that way. Anyway, he still had some pending work with Shelly. Her womb had not been filled with his sperm yet.

He walked down to the main floor and stood in front of the couch. Lisa was waking up. When she saw the huge gray bulk standing beside her she jolted, pushing Shelly away and waking her in the process. Both girls sat on the sofa looking at the alien, the weird shape of his head, his broad chest, his strong arms, and his long, fat cock. Shelly could not take her eyes away from it. Lisa didn’t know what to do and just held tightly to Shelly’s arm.

The alien moved his clawed hand to the back of Shelly’s head and pulled her toward him. She resisted for a moment but he was too strong. Slowly, her face approached his penis until her cheek was pressing on his still soft cock. Feeling his ruggedness on her face instantly spiked her arousal. She spontaneously grabbed his rod and put it in her mouth.

Lisa was amazed watching her new friend collaborating with the monster while the fat cock started to grow fast. Moments later, Shelly’s lips were widely stretched and her head was bobbing back and forth, blowing him fervently.

Sucking noises filled the room and Lisa started to feel tickles between her legs, her excitement also increasing rapidly. Lisa was very close to Shelly’s face and the alien’s dick. Inevitably she caved to her desires and leaned forward, licking the part of the alien’s cock that could not fit inside Shelly’s mouth. Both girls got him hard and lubricated. He was ready now.

He grabbed both girls and pulled them off the couch, then he sat down with his cock pointing up like a rocket. Shelly and Lisa were standing in front of him, confused. The alien signaled Shelly to approach and she obeyed, her eyes fixed on the enormous phallus. He held her waist, turned her around and lifted her over his lap, facing away from him. Her pussy was now hovering over the tip of his long cock. A rush rippled across the blonde’s body, who looked up at Lisa, still standing in front of them. The alien let Shelly’s own weight force his cock into her, pushing her soaked pussy lips apart and sinking deep into the warm cavity. Shelly gasped, her eyes still locked with Lisa’s.

Slowly and steadily, the alien’s rod penetrated the tight cavity, until it hit bottom. He began to rock Shelly’s body up and down, fucking her delightfully and she responded by waving her hips around, enjoying every second of it. Shelly wasn’t scared anymore. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted his large, hard cock inside of her, filling her so completely over and over. Her body needed his seed. She needed to taste that addicting creamy fluid that only he could give her.

Lisa looked into Shelly’s eyes until they rolled back into her head, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure.She could not just stand there and do nothing. Her body was also on fire and she needed some release. She stepped forward, straddling the alien’s legs and sitting down in front of Shelly, kissing her, rubbing her tits and increasing the bliss. Shelly wrapped her arms around Lisa’s body, pulling her closer. The petite brunette felt her nipples rise fast as the blonde’s body jumped up and down and Shelly’s tits rubbed on hers constantly.

Then, Shelly started to convulse, “Aaahhh Goooodd! Aaahhrggg”

Her orgasm came like a freight train crashing down, her impaled body twitching with violent spasms. The alien seized this moment to finish the penetration. He pushed down on the blonde’s waist and his cock popped through her cervix reaching the bottom of her womb. This extracted a wheeze from the ravished girl and extended her orgasm a little longer. Then, her arms went limp.

Upstairs, Karen O’Malley was regaining consciousness. She opened her eyes and found herself in an unknown place. She couldn’t remember anything after she saw that man in the office wearing a gray costume. She realized that she was naked and inside an elegant apartment. She saw Rubi lying next to her and tried unsuccessfully to wake her. The young girl was breathing serenely. Her legs were spread wide, hanging to the side of the bed and there was a white liquid accumulated between her legs, mainly near her crotch.

O’Malley suspected that the fluid was semen. But it couldn’t be; there was too much of it. It looked like a hundred guys had jacked off between the girl’s legs. The officer leaned closer and it smelled just like sex. It had to be semen. Then, she heard a soft moan coming from downstairs and looked down through the balustrade. What she saw almost sent her heart out of her chest…

The man with the gray disguise was there! And he was fucking two young women! She looked around for her gun but it was nowhere to be found. She walked silently half way down the stairs trying to understand what was really happening. When she was closer to the trio, she saw the beast’s head! It was not a disguise! She had to cover her mouth to avoid screaming.

This was impossible. Maybe it’s just a sex toy she thought. She observed as the blonde woman’s body shuddered under the spasms of a strong orgasm. The second girl was also sitting on his lap, devotedly helping him to stimulate the ravished girl. That thing looked too real to be a toy. O’Malley couldn’t understand why these girls were willingly fucking that horrible creature. She considered approaching the alien and hitting his head with something, but she was too scared to move. The situation was all too confusing.

Even though Shelly was almost unconscious from her never-ending climax, the alien was still grabbing her waist, rocking her body up and down like a rag doll. Lisa was pressing her body against Shelly’s flat belly, pinning the girl in between. The cock hammering in the blonde’s womb increased in strength and speed. Shelly just grunted and moaned trying to bear the incredible fuck. Lisa was jealous. She wanted the giant dick inside of her as well. Her swollen clitoris rubbed against Shelly’s skin and it only boosted her fire.

Then, she felt the powerful arms of the alien wrapped around her body, and pulled her tightly against Shelly. The alien roared and exploded in climax. A fountain of white fluid gushed inside of Shelly’s stretched womb. Lisa could feel the blonde’s belly bloating every time his balls contracted. Shelly started to shiver again as a renewed orgasm crawled inside her blurred mind. Lisa felt one of the alien’s long fingers penetrating unexpectedly into her anus. This was exactly what she needed; her own orgasm exploded from the center of her sex to her brain and back. She clenched harder to Shelly as their bodies shook convulsively.

After a few minutes, the alien stood up letting both girls fall to the carpet. He looked to the stairway and found O’Malley staring terrified back at him. He walked toward her while she ran back to the upper level and jumped over Rubi, behind the bed. The alien passed by the bed, not caring about the frightened police officer. He put on his helmet and leaped out the window. O’Malley almost fainted from the blood speeding through her veins. After a few minutes, she calmed down a little and looked in the direction of the girls lying on the floor below. When she was sure that the beast was gone, she stood up and walked down to the main level again, approaching the girls.

* * *

The ambulances were rushing in and out of the police headquarters. Dozens of police officers were searching the building and around the block, trying to find the assassin that dared to attack them.

“What’s going on?” Vega asked through his cell phone.

“The police headquarters has been attacked by some lunatic!” the voice answered in the other end.

“Shit! I can’t believe this! Is anyone harmed? Did you get the guy?” the Captain asked.

“No sir. He escaped. Some officers are saying something about some sort of animal being responsible for it. It’s chaos down here.”

“Damn! I’m on my way,” he ended the conversation.

Captain Vega arrived at the building and soon was informed of the situation. There were seven officers dead and twenty-one injured. One officer was missing.

“What do you mean one officer is missing?” Vega asked.

“Yes, captain. Officer O’Malley was here at the time of the attack but we can’t find her”

This is getting out of control. Where the hell is Kurt? Vega thought tensely.

* * *

Earlier, back at Claudia’s house. Kurt had not yet sat down on the couch, when Faith was already jumping over to kiss him and hold him tightly.

“How did you do that? How did you take my illness away?” Faith asked him.

“Your body won’t be needing food or water anymore. You just need me,” Kurt answered.

Faith just looked at him with admiration and then put her hand over his crotch, “Can you make me feel even better?” she asked.

“Sure, that’s what I’m here for,” he said, pulling her t-shirt over her head.

Kurt let the beautiful teenager lay down on the couch while he pulled his clothes off. Her pink nipples were already erect with anticipation. She rested her head on the sofa’s arm and he moved on top of her, kissing her passionately on her full, red lips. Then he moved down and around her neck, kissing and licking her tender skin above her breasts. The innocent woman gasped at every touch, getting easily closer to her first orgasm of the night.

Kurt covered her with kisses, moving slowly down her body. He reached her breasts and sucked one of her swollen, sensitive nipples into his mouth. Faith arched her back with delight, smashing her perky orbs against his face. He released her nub and moved to the other. As soon as he nibbled the hard flesh, she climaxed. The teen gasped loudly and bucked up and down trying unsuccessfully to control herself while he remained stuck to her nipple. While her first orgasm faded, he continued his journey down the soft skin of her belly. Her hands grabbed his head, pushing him down to her waiting clitoris. She wanted to cum again.

Kurt reached her already soaked pussy. An erected clitoris welcomed his mouth. He dove directly on her oversensitive button, sending a jolt of electricity straight to her brain. Faith screamed with joy and grasped his hair as a strong spasm waved across her body. Kurt worked skillfully in the girl’s pussy, licking her cunt lips and sticking his tongue in her tight canal. The young woman squirmed over the couch, her legs already shaking even before her second orgasm completely built within her.

Kurt felt warmth enveloping his cock. He glanced down to see Claudia kneeling beside the couch, engulfing his growing dick. The woman was a true expert handling a man’s meat. Using her lips, teeth and tongue alternatively, she had him hard as a rock in almost no time.

Claudia sucked on his fully erected cock with eagerness. Rebecca was there too, kneeling beside her boss, watching her work on their new lover. The nurse observed with astonishment how the long phallus sank inside of Claudia’s throat, deeper and deeper until it was gone completely between her stretched lips. Then, she pulled out all the way and swallowed it again until her nose was touching his pubic hair. Rebecca was horny as hell even after being fucked by Kurt moments ago and after Claudia had just extracted another huge orgasm from her in Faith’s room.

The nurse crawled closer to Faith’s breasts and started to caress and pinch her nipples. The teen looked at her with lust in her eyes, reaching out and pulling her closer. Rebecca bent forward and licked her nipple fervently. The sensation of the nurse’s warm mouth nibbling her delicate button and Kurt’s expert ministrations on her pussy sent the teen for her second orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her body stiffened before the first convulsion wracked her body. Kurt almost lost his grip on the teen’s hips as she rose and arched wildly over the sofa, bucking up and down. Claudia, still with the huge cock in her mouth, watched her daughter enjoy life for the first time in months.

Kurt was really excited working on the new Queen breeder. He knew what this meant for him in the next several years and he could not believe his luck. His excitement grew until his balls were about to explode. Finally, he climaxed. A large quantity of sperm gushed into Claudia’s mouth. The woman’s small oral cavity was almost filled with his first squirt. She was about to swallow but then she thought of Faith. Her daughter needed this more than her. Claudia pulled Rebecca close to her as the second shot overflowed Claudia’s mouth and the fluid started to dribble from her lips to the floor. She released his cock, her cheeks bulging out from the sperm churning inside. Claudia put Kurt’s dick in Rebecca’s mouth an instant before he sprayed the third shot. No semen would be wasted. The nurse welcomed it and started to swallow the delicious juice. Claudia then moved up to her daughter’s face.

Faith, fully recuperated from her orgasm, observed her mother’s actions, she quickly understood her intentions and opened her mouth wide. Claudia let a thick stream of white cum trickle down into her daughter’s waiting mouth. Faith swallowed it fast and waited for the second discharge. Then, Claudia moved away and Rebecca took her place. She dribbled more semen between Faith’s lips and kissed her afterwards, smearing both her faces. The girls were immersed in some sort of sexual trance which made them do things that a few days before would have been unthinkable.

This is going to work perfectly, Kurt thought. Now, it is time for impregnation.

At that precise moment, the phone rang. It was Vega, informing them about the incident in the police building. Faith’s impregnation would have to wait. Claudia and Kurt quickly got dressed and drove to the new killing site.

“I hope we can find a clue this time,” Claudia said in a worried tone.

During the car ride, Kurt was looking carefully at a map of the city on his display pad zooming in and out of several locations and calculating distances and population densities.

They reached the police building and acknowledged the situation. Kurt was really annoyed when he found out that the alien had taken Officer Karen O’Malley. That woman had combat training and was very attractive. He wanted her to be part of his group. Karen would make a good protector for Faith along with Claudia and he didn’t want some dirty beast messing around with the valuable officer. This meant war!

Kurt searched carefully around the window near Karen’s desk and also checked the outer window frame. And there he found something! A very small, almost invisible piece of red brick that didn’t correspond to the building. He picked it up and the accumulation of dust below it indicated that it had been recently left there. The brick piece had to come from somewhere else and it was very probable that the alien carried it unknowingly in its claws.

Kurt selected the buildings that contained that kind of brick in a three-mile radius. Comparing the different buildings to the nesting behavior of the killer alien, he discarded most of them until he had only seven possibilities: tall, quiet buildings with easy access from the roof. The search would start the next morning.

* * *

Back in Lisa’s apartment, O’Malley was checking on the girls. Lisa was recuperating from her almost self-induced orgasm and Shelly was completely gone, sperm still leaking from her pussy.

“Hi,” Lisa said when she saw Officer O’Malley.

The policewoman grabbed a ceramic sculpture from a table and yelled at the tiny brunette, “Don’t move! I’m a police officer… what… what is going on here?”

“I don’t know… really… this is my apartment but this creature has all of us captive here,” Lisa answered.

“But, I saw you having sex with… whatever that thing is!!” Karen asked.

Lisa looked at Karen for a moment and then started crying, hiding her face behind her hands.

Shelly woke up shortly afterwards and they explained everything that had happened in the past three days.

O’Malley was a little embarrassed at being nude in front of the girls and she grabbed one of the towels to cover herself. Strangely, Lisa and Shelly were not shy anymore about showing their naked bodies. They also explained to Karen that, despite the fact that the animal had raped them more than once, he had not hurt them in any way.

At that moment, the girls heard a scream on the upper level and they all looked up at the same time. It was Rubi, who had woken up and she was watching the alien move swiftly by the bed toward the main floor. He didn’t bother to take the stairs and just jumped over the balustrade. He landed on his feet near the couch with a loud thump. The women were amazed by his speed and agility and when they finally reacted, it was too late. The alien had taken Karen by the waist and was pushing her backwards until she was pinned against the wall. The towel was ripped away and the slender officer was nude again.

“Don’t fight him!” Lisa yelled, “If you do what he wants, he won’t hurt you!”

Shelly walked boldly closer to them and said to Karen in a whisper, “Just be still. Please try not to move.”

The alien knew that this female was working with the authorities and she was a warrior of some kind. He decided not to use any drug to subdue her, he will do it by force… or by coercion. This was interesting and exciting to him and his phallus was already hardening by the time they reached the back wall.

Karen was terrified, but even so, she thought it was a good idea to listen to the girls’ suggestion and she stood very still under his strong grasp.

The alien was looking down at her and she was looking up at his black helmet. Her hands were shaking with fear. Suddenly, she saw his long tongue sliding out of the mouth hole, coming close to her face. She turned her head to one side but his tongue had another objective. It kept moving down until reaching her left nipple and expertly started to massage it.

Karen looked down to her chest and saw with repulsion the probing limb that was licking her body. The tongue was more than a foot long and it was pointy and flexible. It thickened as it approached its base, which was at least two and a half inches wide. She impulsively tried to push him away but he moved his hand incredibly fast and grabbed her wrist tightly, almost hurting her. He let her arm go immediately but the message was clear; don’t move! The alien kept licking and pulling on her delicate nub and it started to respond as if it had a will of its own. When the nipple was completely erect, he moved to the other. Soon, it was swollen and sensitive, aroused by the cool air and his skilled ministrations. Her hands were not shaking anymore.

Shelly and Lisa had approached them, hand in hand, and watched the action from a couple of meters away. In some way, they tried to be supportive for Karen but in the back of their minds, they were a little envious of her as a little tingling had already started between their legs. The thought of his creamy, white juice was taking control of their minds.

The warm wet tongue slid down toward Karen’s belly while the alien knelt in front of her. He moved his hand to grasp her thighs and forced her legs apart. His tongue proceeded to dance around her navel, then down around her soft cunt lips and over her inner thighs, all the way to her anus and back up her navel.

Karen was breathing heavily both from fear and from the unwanted excitement. Nobody in her life had ever caressed her body so delightfully. She looked at the girls and Shelly told her in a very soft voice, “He won’t hurt you”.

At that precise moment, the slippery tongue entered her pussy, just one inch. Karen gasped loudly and her whole body became rigid with tension. The alien started to move his tongue very fast within her cavity, massaging her vaginal walls as it penetrated deeper. The policewoman opened her mouth wide, amazed by a feeling unknown to her, both physically and mentally. Here she was, being raped by a monster from another world and she was beginning to enjoy it. She hated herself. But the sensations waving through her body were too intense and too good to be denied. She started to understand why Shelly and Lisa had been fucking the alien so eagerly a few hours before.

The pleasurable feeling of his tongue was up to her belly now. It was moving like a snake inside of her, touching places and awaking nerves she hadn’t known she had. Karen was panting and her legs were trembling, but this time fear was not the cause of it. She looked down and saw the alien had removed his helmet and his mouth was almost touching her pussy lips. It meant that his long tongue was completely inside of her, penetrating her deeper than she thought possible. Her first orgasm was approaching fast. She knew it. She couldn’t believe it but it was happening. She wanted it to happen. It was just a few seconds away… closer now… suddenly, he pulled out.

No, please, don’t stop! she thought, or maybe she said it out loud. She didn’t know. She felt an unbearable void in her pussy and all she wanted from him was to finish the job.

She opened her eyes and saw the alien standing in front of her. She looked at his great bulk, his broad shoulders and then, his cock. His huge dick was completely erect, inches away from her belly. She could not take her eyes off his swollen cock head. The beast moved forward and bent his knees, enough to position his cock just outside her pouting pussy lips. Vaginal juices and alien saliva was dripping down her thighs and she felt it was burning hot. It didn’t matter who or what was in front of her, she wanted that phallus inside of her.

She grabbed his cock and pulled him closer. The alien was pleased with her behavior and complied with her wishes. He pressed against her pussy and it spread apart, allowing his thick member to penetrate her. Karen felt like the entire world was pushing inside of her body but she welcomed it. The beast kept pushing and the phallus kept sliding in, deeper and deeper with one steady and firm move. Karen lifted her body until she was standing on her toes but there was still more cock to be received. As the tip of his cock reached her cervix, he grabbed her waist and lifted her from the floor. Now the pretty officer was pinned against the wall, with his dick impaling her as deep as her cavity allowed and her feet hanging a few centimeters above the floor.

Her eyes were opened wide, fixed on his head. Her chest heaved with each deep breath. Her world had become surreal. She thought this had to be a dream, a wonderful and strange dream. Then, he started to pump his cock in and out of her warm, tight hole. He was not gentle. Every hard thrust expelled the air from her lungs. It took only six strokes before she exploded in the most potent orgasm of her life. Her body started to contort wildly as her pussy twitched around his fat dick. Her legs were trembling convulsively. He kept pumping harder and faster. Her climax seemed to last forever. Finally, she couldn’t endure such overwhelming bliss and her body went limp. The alien knew what he had to do and grabbing her waist a little tighter, he pushed hard and penetrated the woman’s uterus. Karen just gasped lightly, half conscious.

The alien started to thrust inside of her with a fast rhythm while her feet and arms were dangling freely. She breathed with short intakes or air while saliva drooled from her mouth to her chest. The beast pumped hard for a while until his balls were charged and ready. At last, he spurted his load inside of the woman’s womb. Karen was cognizant enough to feel the hot juice fill her body and it sent another orgasm crashing through her brain. As usual, it was too much to be contained in the slim body and it started to dribble down her legs and to the floor beneath. Shelly and Lisa saw the precious fluid and started to lick their lips with anticipation. They had been rubbing their clits and breasts since the beginning and now they were horny as hell. Rubi watched everything from the balustrade on the upper level. She felt a strange tingling between her legs too.

Day four: Early morning

Kurt knew that the monster had at least three women captive and that should keep him going back to his nest very often. Vega was on the roof of an old building, eating an improvised breakfast and using his binoculars to observe a tall brick building across the street. It was one of the possible hiding places for the alien. Kurt and Claudia were together, a few blocks to the north watching another possibility. A building in construction with the lower floors already finished and ready to be occupied.
Going into the buildings and searching for the missing girls was not an option because the beast might catch them inside and things could turn into a nightmare.

“I wish we didn’t have to be here. I could take a few days off and we could just stay home, helping my daughter get well… enjoying each other,” Claudia whispered.

“I wish we could do that, but first I have to finish this job. Later we will have a lot of time for ourselves,” Kurt answered.

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” Claudia said, cuddling against his body. It was a cold morning and they had been at their post more than an hour already.

Claudia wrapped her right arm around his waist and moved her left hand to his crotch.

* * *

Meanwhile, at Lisa’s apartment, Karen woke up lying on the bed. She noticed someone asleep next to her and she jumped, surprised and confused. She looked around and quickly remembered where she was and everything that had happened the night before. She knelt on the bed and saw Lisa beside her and Shelly on the other side. Rubi was also there, resting her head on Shelly’s shoulder.

Karen looked at her crotch and the sticky goo smeared all over it. She touched her tender parts and they were still sore from the extreme experience of last night. She remembered the incredible orgasms that drove her almost unconscious. The last thing she remembered was having Lisa’s mouth stuck to her clitoris, draining the last bit of strength she had. Thinking of this made her nipples swell.

Karen made sure that the beast was not around and woke up the girls. Rubi was introduced to the policewoman and they started to discuss the situation. They needed to find a way to escape. Although, Lisa and Shelly were not sure anymore they wanted to leave. If they got to escape, how could they obtain more of the alien’s delicious cum? No human man could provide that.

Shelly noticed that more of the fluid in question had dribbled out of Karen’s pussy during the night and was spread between her thighs. She unexpectedly reached out and scooped some semen, taking it to her mouth.

“Hey!! Don’t do that!” Karen yelled.

“Sorry…I…I needed it” Shelly replied.

They were interrupted by Lisa, who said, “Something is moving inside me…”

“What?” Karen asked.

“I feel something moving in my belly” Lisa confirmed this by taking Karen’s hand and placing it on her stomach, which was slightly distended.

“I can’t feel anything,” Karen said after a few seconds.

“Let me check,” Shelly said, pushing Lisa back on the bed and placing her ear over Lisa’s abdomen. She heard weird noises coming from within. Squishy noises.

Instead of feeling terrified or even worried about it, Lisa was really calm about her situation. Karen couldn’t understand it, nor could Rubi who was looking intently at Lisa’s belly. It seemed that it was swelling by the minute. Half an hour later, Lisa appeared to be five months pregnant.

The alien jumped abruptly through the window, scaring the girls. He stood beside the bed with his large cock already erected. The four women looked simultaneously at his thick penis and all of them instantly remembered their previous fuck sessions with this magnificent tool.

The alien grabbed Lisa’s hand and made her stand. She almost lost her balance with the new weight in her abdomen. Then, he sat on the edge of the bed and positioned her in front of him, turning her around so she was facing away from the bed, towards the window. The rest of the girls were frozen in place, unable to decide what to do.
The beast grabbed Lisa’s waist and lifted her easily to place her pussy above his shaft. Shelly moved in front of the alien to see what was going on. If there was going to be sperm around, she wanted to be a part of it. Karen moved beside Shelly and also observed the action.

The alien started to lower Lisa onto his cock but just as her pussy lips spread wide and the tip penetrated her lubricated hole, he lifted the pregnant woman and moved her a couple of centimeters forward. The beast started to lower her again and Lisa felt the pressure of his cock head against her anus. She let out a soft gasp and tried to move away but he didn’t allow it. The tight sphincter yielded to his demands and opened as the woman’s body was forced down.

Lisa seemed about to be split apart by the giant phallus impaling her. A moment later, it was all inside. They both stood still for a moment. Lisa’s eyes were unblinking as her brain tried to adjust to this new overwhelming sensation. Her belly looked more bloated now that her insides were pushed aside by the fat cock within. Her nipples were proudly erect, almost ready to burst. The couple was still immobile. Then, Lisa moved her hips slightly back and forth and this was the signal he was waiting for. The alien lifted her body and let her fall onto his rod. Lisa grunted and threw her head back. He did it again and Lisa gasped. They began to get a rhythm and soon after, she was riding his cock almost savagely. She was moaning and screaming so loud, that the rest of the girls were getting excited just by listening to her. Thirty centimeters of hard meat were rubbing in and out of Lisa’s anus and it was driving her crazy.

It was obvious to everyone that her orgasm was near. Lisa grabbed her bloated belly with both hands as her head bobbled from side to side and her hair flew in every direction. Then, her orgasm arrived. Her eyes went blank, her body began to convulse back and forth, and her legs stiffened to each side. The alien smashed his cock one last time into her contorting body and suddenly, something started to come out of her vagina. The rest of the girls were mesmerized observing how some sort of maggot squeezed itself out of the Lisa’s tiny hole. It was the size and shape of a large cucumber and was totally white. Lisa’s body kept shaking with the fat cock stretching her anus and the thick maggot stretching her pussy, until the weird creature was completely out and fell to the carpeted floor.

The alien lifted the exhausted girl, pulling his still erect cock out of her anus and threw her onto the bed. He walked forward to where the three other captives were standing and pushed them all down to their knees. He placed his dick in front of Karen’s face and grabbed her head. She knew she had no choice but to open her mouth. As she did, the beast plunged his fat meat inside, stretching her lips widely. He pumped her oral cavity just a few times and without warning, blasted a huge load of cum inside of her.

Karen’s cheeks bulged out from the sudden discharge and she was forced to swallow, then another spurt and even a third one. The white cream was dripping all over and was even coming out of her nose. Karen was about to choke when he pulled out and placed his cock in front Rubi’s face. The scared girl just did as her friend had and soon she was swallowing her share of semen. Shelly almost couldn’t wait for her turn and it didn’t take long. She eagerly sucked out his cum until he popped out of her mouth and moved back to Karen.

* * *

Kurt was carefully watching all the windows across the street with his binoculars. It was difficult to concentrate since Claudia had his cock completely buried down her throat. She moved her head back, letting his phallus slid almost out of her mouth, just to dive forward again, swallowing his manhood all the way to his balls. This woman was the best cocksucker he had ever known. She had been working his rod for almost thirty minutes and she was as eager as the first second. He was about to explode and he let her know…

“I’m coming baby… be ready!”

“Ummmhh” was all she could mumble.

He grabbed the back of her head and she plunged forward one last time. The first discharge was gushed directly into her throat, then the second and the third. Claudia was running out of air but she wanted him to finish before pulling out. After seven shots, the spurts became shorter until they stopped. She pulled back and filled her lungs with deep breaths. Then, she looked up at him with a mischievous smile and licked her wet, smeared lips.

“I think this counts as lunch,” she said.

Still, nothing was happening in the building across the street.

Day four: Noon

The alien was crouching on a roof beside a huge water tank observing the partially destroyed police building from a safe distance. A lot of people were moving in and out; uniformed guys, technicians and construction workers, but there was not a sign of what he was looking for. The beast was searching for one particular subject he had seen the day before in the cocaine lab. That man looked different from the others. He moved differently too. It could be a ‘Traveler’ and if that was the case, the alien had to be ready for a dangerous fight. The blood in his veins started to pump faster just thinking about it. He had heard that the Travelers were one of the few species that could defeat a perfectly skilled assassin like himself in a one to one combat. The alien felt a rush anticipating the battle. If he was going to die, it would be worth it.

Vega was having the same luck as Kurt and Claudia from his observation point, finding only an empty building across the street. He called them on the cell phone and they decided to abandon their current positions and change locations. Vega drove south for ten minutes and posted himself in front of a recently redecorated edifice with two smaller buildings to each side.

Kurt knew that the search could take a few days and he was eager to start Faith’s impregnation cycle. It would be a great honor for him to start a Queen breeding process and he couldn’t get that thought out of his mind. After a short internal deliberation, Kurt decided he and Claudia were going to make a quick stop at her home before moving to the next position. The search would have to wait for a few hours.

* * *

Back in Lisa’s apartment, the four women were sitting on the bed, observing Lisa’s new baby. The cucumber-shaped maggot was slowly creeping over the sheets. It moved like a worm, enlarging and contracting its body, taking its grip from the bed-cover’s irregularities.

“We have to destroy this thing,” O’Malley said in her usual police voice. She and Rubi had not been fed with enough quantities of the alien’s addictive sperm, so their brains were not yet totally submitted to his will, but it was just a matter of time.

“No!” Lisa and Shelly said almost at the same time. Their bloodstream was already saturated with the monster’s intoxicating DNA and all they cared about was get more fluid and more of the beast’s large cock, even if they wanted to deny it.

“If we hurt this thing, the monster will kill us for sure!” Shelly said, her eyes fixed on the big maggot.

“Yes, we have to be careful with him,” Lisa added, as she grabbed the worm lovingly and put it close to her chest. Instantly, one of the maggot’s rounded ends changed shape, turning into a little mouth that attached firmly to one of Lisa’s nipples.

The girl gasped and her eyes rolled back when an incredible feeling of satisfaction overcame her. The mouth was making sucking motions, as if it was a baby feeding from his mother and in some strange way, it was. In a matter escort bursa of seconds, warm milk began to flow from Lisa’s breast to the small animal. The woman was breathing deeply now and her chest heaved with each intake of air, rocking the maggot along. The others observed the scene attentively.

The maggot was growing incredibly fast. Each ounce of fluid that entered its body, contributed to its enlargement. The growth was almost perceptible to the eye. Lisa pulled the suckling creature and placed it on her other breast. A white drop dribbled down the spent nipple, rolling down to Lisa’s belly.

The slurping sounds that filled the room were interrupted by an intestinal noise coming from Rubi’s abdomen. It wasn’t until then that the girls noticed her bulging belly. It was almost as big as Lisa’s before she gave birth and they could see the fear in Rubi’s eyes. Shelly looked down to check herself and could distinguish a small curve forming in her belly as well. Rubi wrapped her arms around her body, trying to hide her enlarged figure but it was of no use. Out of the corner of her eye she detected a shadow moving by the window and she knew it was time to give birth.

* * *

When Kurt and Claudia entered the front door, the first thing they saw was Rebecca sitting nude in the living room with her head thrown back and her legs wide open. Faith was kneeling in front of her, diligently licking her clitoris, learning how to please a woman as well as her mother could do it.

The women looked up as they heard someone entering the house. Faith and Rebecca stopped what they were doing and ran to welcome them. Faith threw her arms around her mother and Rebecca moved to kiss Kurt. He kissed her back passionately and the overexcited woman almost had an orgasm right there.

Kurt let go of Rebecca and pulled Faith into his arms. The teen crushed her body to his, rubbing her swollen nipples against his chest. She looked up at him, her eyes shining with passion and kissed him. Her tongue was darting inside his mouth almost desperately. She could sense that her virginity was about to be taken by the man she loved, and her mother was going to be there to witness and share this long awaited experience.

Kurt lifted the young woman from the floor and carried her upstairs into her mother’s bedroom. Claudia and Rebecca followed them close behind. He placed Faith on the large bed but she immediately jumped to her knees and began to undo his belt.
Faith’s arousal was growing by the second while she stared at the large bulge inside his pants. She pulled down his jeans and his enormous cock jumped out in front of her face.

With a little whimper of delight, her big blue eyes darted from his enormous dick to the large, bloated testicles beneath, and she shivered just to think of that big piece of meat inside of her slim body. Bending down, she brushed her lips very lightly across his cock head. A small drop of translucent liquid quivered on the tip, and she flicked out her tongue, swiping it off.

The sweet taste was already familiar to her and she couldn’t get enough of it. Kurt groaned in pleasure when his new teenage lover pressed her hot lips against the side of his cock and suckled it greedily, swishing her tongue back and forth like a paint brush. Faith moved slowly down the phallus until she had pressed her lips into his crotch, strumming the base of his fat root with her tongue. Claudia was sitting on the bed, amazed at her daughter’s recently acquired expertise.

Faith reached out and curiously lifted Kurt’s heavy balls into her hand. Bending down again, she brushed her lips across his scrotum and flicked out her tongue, licking it. Eagerly, her tongue darted back and forth stroking across each cum-bloated nut and visualizing all that hidden sperm gushing into her body.

“Oh, you are an angel, baby!” Kurt gasped hoarsely, “I love what you’re doing…”

His voice kindled her fire even more, and Faith redoubled her efforts, licking and sucking excitedly at his balls. Reaching up, she encircled the base of his rigid cock and squeezed it lightly, feeling his pounding blood. She remembered how her mother had sucked on his entire phallus and Faith was suddenly consumed with an overpowering urge to do the same. She lifted her head and gazed with mixed passion and trepidation at the huge head of his prick. Circling her lips into an ‘O’ she pressed them against his cock head. Her tongue poked into the eye of his cock and she lightly sucked the tip of his dick. Then, she slowly moved her head forward and let several inches of the bulging phallus slip between her lips and scrape against the back of her mouth.

“Oh, yes, baby! You’re doing it so good!” Kurt moaned, beginning to move his hips back and forth.

Claudia had already undressed and was mesmerized by the scene, licking her lips and pushing one finger in and out of her pussy. Rebecca was standing beside her, massaging one of her breasts.

Kurt ran his fingers through Faith’s hair, applying light pressure to the back of her head as she slurped and sucked with passion. She felt his knob punch against the back of her throat. She gagged but pushed a bit harder, lodging the tip of his dick in her gullet. Her senses reeled and her impulse was to back off, but she remembered how her mother had taken the entire length of Kurt’s rod into her throat.

She wanted to reach her goal and she was not about to give up. Bravely, Faith swallowed hard, at the same time pressing her face against her lover’s crotch and opening her mouth as wide as she could. Her eyes widened and swam with tears as she felt the bizarre sensation of a thick, firm pole of flesh sliding deep into her throat completely stuffing her esophagus. Her lips mashed against Kurt’s pubic hair, snapping warmly around the thick base of his dick.

Kurt couldn’t believe what this sweet, innocent young woman had just done! She had deep-throated his entire ten-inch boner. His head swirled in rapture. He knew she was born to do this but it was always amazing to see a Queen Breeder at work. He grunted in delight as he felt the entire length of his prick enclosed in the warmth of her mouth and throat.

Faith pulled back her head slowly, letting the phallus slide several inches out of her mouth, and gulped down a lungful of air before she forced her head all the way down on his cock again. She began to rhythmically bob her head up and down, sucking and slurping loudly, swallowing each time the phallus into her throat. Quickly, her muscles relaxed and delicious warmth rushed through her face. It was a euphoric feeling to have her mouth stuffed again and again with her lover’s manhood.

Faith’s senses whirled. Kurt wasn’t being gentle anymore. His cock slammed into her throat hard, and his fingers dug into her head. But somehow, this increased her excitement incredibly. She gave muffled mewls and murmurs of pleasure, her tongue flickering rapidly, her lips straining as she sucked hard at the piston that pounded into her mouth.

“I’m cumming, baby!! Be ready!” Kurt announced suddenly, ramming his hips forward.

Faith’s eyes bulged as he thrust all the way into her welcoming gullet. She felt the heated sides of his dick expand, and then, a hot blast of cum jetted directly into her stomach. Faith gave a muffled gasp of astonishment as she felt his squirting semen spray inside her body with incredible force. It ran in streams down her esophagus while she gently grabbed his balls with her fingers, milking as much of the fluid as she could.

He knew that this was just a preview of the events to come and he stopped the jizm, slowly pulling back from her mouth. Faith reluctantly released his stiff prick and looked up at him with innocent, blue eyes. Her face was flushed with arousal, her sensuous, red lips were wet with saliva and cum, which stilled oozed in rivulets from the corners of her mouth. Her glittering pink tongue flicked out and swiped at the lingering strands of cum. Kurt reached down and lifted her from her knees, drawing her gently down onto the bed. Claudia took the opportunity and kissed her daughter on the mouth, sucking the remaining sperm from her face.

“It’s time to make love, honey,” Kurt said, “The Queen breeding process is about to begin”.

“Oh, yes, please!” she whispered softly, “I want to feel you inside me, more than anything else in the world.”

He circled his hands around her soft breasts, squeezing them gently, feeling her hard nipples grazing against the palms of his hands. He decided to let Faith receive his cock for the first time at her own pace. He lay down on the bed and pulled her into a sitting position on top of him. Rebecca wondered how Faith was going to take that huge piece of meat inside her virgin pussy, but Kurt knew she could take that and more.

Faith was straddling his hips, and she could feel his rigid penis sliding against her cunt. His prick was completely erect, imbued with her saliva, and it was pressed against his belly by her weight, pulsating with excitement as she slowly began to grind her wet pussy lips back and forth.

“Raise yourself up,” Kurt said, gripping her slender waist and lifting her.

Faith’s mother moved forward and helped her daughter to bring her knees closer until they pressed against Kurt’s sides and lifted her ass into the air. Rebecca joined the action too. She closed in behind Faith, grabbed Kurt’s cock and positioned it directly below Faith’s soaked pussy. Then, Kurt slowly drew the teen down.

Faith shuddered in involuntary excitement and gave a sharp little intake of breath when she felt the fat tip of his cock butting against the tight entrance of her pussy. It felt enormous, like the top of a baseball bat! She whimpered in mingled desire and fear.

“It’s okay, honey,” Kurt said soothingly, digging his fingers into her waist and gently but firmly pulling her down until the lips of her pussy widened and slipped over the tip of his cock head.

When he felt himself wedged securely in place, he released her hips and ran his hands seductively up her body, gripping her breasts and pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Just let yourself go,” he said softly, “relax and let it slide inside of you.”

Faith’s heart was pounding violently. She couldn’t control the shudders that seemed to rustle through her sex-starved body again and again. Her pussy was on fire and the hot round cock that was lodged against the orifice sent darts of delight and urgency through her loins. Tentatively, she let her weight down on him. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she uttered a soft cry of pleasure. The thick knob stretched her vaginal lips wider than they’d ever been, and then, with a sudden sliding motion, it was inside. Her pussy lips snapped snugly around the entire knob of his phallus.

Faith gave a sob of pleasure. Her constricted vagina was throbbing with rapture. The pain had been minimal; a mere aching which was quickly overwhelmed by the rush of exquisite bliss that consumed her body. But she had only taken the tip of his dick. The flames that were flickering in Faith’s belly were excruciating, and she had a burning desire to feel more and more of his cock inside her pussy. She relaxed her lower body and gave a whimpering moan, dropping her entire weight on his upright organ. For an instant, her tight, glove-like channel resisted the thick form of his cock. Then, all at once, it stretched wide open, and Faith’s eyes rolled back as she felt the unbelievably delightful sensation of having his entire pulsating shaft crammed inside her slim body.

Kurt’s huge cock banged against her cervix. Her pussy lips clutched at his dick, as her buttocks were resting in her lover’s lap. Faith sobbed in joy as she carefully began to move. The teen’s silken sheath slid tightly around his erection as hot fires of passion kindled in her loins. Kurt had to fight off the impulse to stroke savagely in and out of her. He had to be gentle and patient until she relaxed and got used to the sensation of being fucked. He knew from experience that after a while, she would reach the point where he could handle her at will, and she would enjoy every moment of it. But, for the time being, she was still overwhelmed by the unusual sensations of being ravished for the first time. He began to slowly and cautiously oscillate his hips stirring his throbbing rod inside of her.

Faith gasped at the slightest movement of his cock within her sensitive tunnel, which sent bursts of intense pleasure coursing through her body. She slowly lifted herself off his lap, letting a couple of inches of his rigid cock squelch out of her. Then, she sat back, taking the entire length inside of her again. A shock of exquisite rapture tore through her and she cried out loud in ecstasy. Eagerly, she lifted her hips higher and dropped her weight upon him, impaling herself wantonly. It felt so good she nearly screamed. She began to bounce on him with abandon, swiveling her hips and churning her heated insides with his large cock.

Rebecca was now sitting on the edge of the bed less than a meter away from the couple and Claudia was buried between her legs, finishing the job that Faith had started half an hour ago in the living room. Every time the agile tongue whipped against her clit, the nurse’s body quivered with delight and a short gasp escaped her mouth. Her ears filled with the sounds of Faith’s suckling pussy lips making squelching noises as they clutched and released the base of Kurt’s cock.

Kurt groaned in joy as Faith began to rock up and down on his fat penis. He dropped his hands from her breasts and gripped her hips. Then he began to draw back his phallus and shove it forwards, driving deeply into her each time she came down on him. Faith didn’t mind his actions in the least. She was adapting to the sensations of getting fucked and she loved it. She knew that this was going to become her mission in life and she couldn’t be more grateful for it. Kurt began to hammer his pelvis back and forth vigorously, stabbing his dick up into her heavenly body again and again. Faith was groaning and screeching with delight.

“Yess!” she gasped brokenly, “It feels so goooood!”

Claudia’s bed was beginning to creak and bounce noisily, and out of the corner of his eye, Kurt caught sight of Rebecca’s writhing body as it convulsed in the throes of an orgasm.

Kurt took hold of Faith’s waist tightly, skewering her deeply on his dick. “Hold still, babe,” he ordered, and the teen obediently stopped squirming.

With his entire phallus embedded completely in Faith’s stretched cavity, Kurt rolled the two of them over so that the teen was lying on her back and he was nestled on top of her. He slid his hands down and gripped her beneath the knees, slowly bringing them forward.

He placed her ankles over his shoulders and slid his arms around her legs, planting his hands on the bed on either side of her head. He stared down into her beautiful, flushing features framed by her disheveled hair. He backed his ass away from her drawing his rigid cock almost all the way out of her pussy. Then, he thrust forward with a bestial grunt, slamming his dick hard into her, their crotches mashing together. Faith’s features contorted in a grimace of delight and she gave a soundless gasp of passion. Her hands flew up and grabbed onto his back, digging into it in a frenzy of lust. She began to undulate her hips, swishing them from side to side and churning his cock deep inside her body.

Kurt pumped her rhythmically, gradually increasing the force and frequency of his strokes while his big balls slapped against her buttocks. Faith’s breath rushed from her lungs in little whimpers and gasps each time she felt her lover’s prick slide inside of her. Flutters of passionate joy began to accelerate in the girl’s quaking loins, and her mind began to reel with lust.

“Ooooh! Ooooh! Yessss! Aaaaahh!” she screamed, bucking her hips wildly. Kurt knew she was about to reach her peak.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh!” she shrieked, tossing her head violently backwards. Molten lava seemed to seethe through the lower part of her body, rolling over her nerve endings and setting them on fire. Her cunt convulsively sucked and quivered around Kurt’s cock, which plunged in and out of her harder and harder, faster and faster. Kurt shuddered in delight as he felt the tight, clasping sleeve of her heated pussy squeeze and milk his pumping shaft as the girl came and came and came.

From the sound that Faith was making, Claudia realized that her daughter was having a series of multiple orgasms, and Kurt relentlessly continued driving his phallus in and out of her, stuffing her sweet hole to the brim every time. Faith’s senses were whirling. The feelings that flooded through her body were too intense. She moaned and gasped with joy, her body shuddering with intense orgasmic spasms that rippled through every cell. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Kurt swiveled his hips, slowing down the pace of his strokes, grinding to a stop.

He just stayed there, buried to the hilt inside of her. His big balls tightened and then he exploded with full force. Hot jets of cum blasted deep into Faith’s womb, spraying her full of his semen.

As soon as she felt the hot liquid spatter deep inside of her, Faith felt her abdomen contract with excitement, and a gush of searing pleasure coursed through her again. She gave an impassioned shriek, bucking back against Kurt’s impaling cock, while her orgasm reignited and her entire body blazed with libidinous delight. Her vaginal walls gripped his cock with incredible strength keeping him sealed inside of her. Several streams if cum flooded her body, slowly lessening in frequency and quantity until it stopped completely.

Kurt stayed on top of her for a minute, kissing her delicately, allowing her body to relax. Then, he slowly drew his prick out of her oozing cunt. He soothingly stroked her trembling body, then moved away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. Immediately Rebecca moved forward and started to lick his cock clean.

Claudia watched her exhausted daughter lying limp on the bed, her pussy leaking Kurt’s cum in thick white treads. She lay beside Faith and caressed her flat belly imagining the white sperm churning inside and the new baby girl starting to grow within the teen’s womb.

* * *

Meanwhile, Vega was sitting at his post, carefully observing the building across the street. He was in an empty room on the fifth floor; the windows wouldn’t open and the heat was starting to get to him. Then, something moved on the roof across the way. He just caught a glimpse of it but definitely something was in motion up there. He looked intently for a minute and nothing happened. Then, there it was again on one side of the building. The angle from which he was observing didn’t allow a good view but he could clearly distinguish something moving down over the wall. It went out of sight for a few seconds and again, it appeared a few feet further down. Vega was sure it was the alien. Nothing else could climb down a wall that way. The last time he saw it, the alien was approximately three levels down from the roof. Vega counted the floors up from the street. It was the seventh. He left the building and walked casually along the sidewalk until he got a better view of the apartment building. Most of the upper floors looked empty except for the seventh which had a window wide open and semi-transparent curtains swinging lightly with the breeze. That high up Vega couldn’t detect any movement in the apartment but he was sure the beast was hiding in there.

The Captain felt the urge to go up and check it out but he knew it was too dangerous. He would be confronting a creature unknown to him except for the tridimensional projection that Kurt had displayed a few days before. He didn’t know the fighting skills of this thing and he certainly knew the destruction it had caused in the police headquarters. Vega decided that it would be stupid to go up there alone so he called Kurt to inform from his discovery.

Day four: Afternoon

The alien entered the apartment through the window and moved swiftly toward the bed unaware that Vega had spotted him. The women looked at him but this time they didn’t run away. Lisa was very close to orgasm from the maggot suckling eagerly at her nipples. Rubi was resigned to her fate and caressed her bloated belly in a submissive attitude. Shelly was almost happy to see the source of her beloved white fluid closing in on her. Karen was scared. A part of her wanted to run away but another part wanted to stay. She remembered the rush from the previous night. A rush of delight she had never experienced before and her body was longing to feel it again.

As the alien approached the bed, his cock was already enlarging to full size. He looked at the maggot attached to Lisa’s nipple. It had almost doubled its size. The alien knew the girl’s breasts were running dry and soon she would have to be ‘recharged’. He would take care of that later.

The alien grabbed Lisa by her slim waist, lifted her from the bed and placed her on the carpet a few feet away. Karen was already standing near the bed, undecided on what to do or where to go. She felt a strange itch in her pussy and she couldn’t take her eyes off the alien’s phallus. Shelly was feeling the same way but she didn’t just sit there to watch; as the alien moved onto the bed and sat with his back resting against the headboard, Shelly impulsively jumped forward and engulfed his cock with her mouth. Her lips stretched widely as her head began to bob up and down, trying to extract his sperm and feast on it.

But the beast had other plans. Ignoring Shelly, he made a sign to Rubi, who was sitting at the far end of the bed, indicating the girl to move closer. Rubi was already breathing faster and her pussy was moistening.

Obediently, Rubi approached him. He made her stand in from of him, straddling his lower body and facing away from him. Shelly kept sucking eagerly on his cock that now was hard as a rock, pointing upward. He ran his clawed fingers down Rubi’s back and grasped the shimmering mounds of her ass cheeks. Spreading them apart, he revealed the sweet winking rosette of her anus.

The beast scooted forward slowly until his head was inches away from the lobes of her firm buns. Then, he flicked his tongue out of his helmet’s mouth-hole and swiped it over the tight anus. Rubi’s body jerked and she gave an astonished gasp of pleasure. He began to work his tongue back and forth rapidly, plunging the tip of it against her sphincter, slowly inserting it into the clenching muscle.

A sob of dumbfounded delight broke in Rubi’s throat and she instinctively pressed her ass against his tongue, giving her tormentor easier access. The alien keenly snaked his tongue back and forth, driving it almost four inches into her slick cavity and pulling it back again. From the manner in which she reacted to this ass tonguing, the beast knew that the girl was more than ready for what was about to come. He abruptly pulled back his head and rested against the headboard once more.

The alien grasped Rubi’s waist and started pulling her down onto his shaft. Shelly realized that she had to move away and reluctantly released the alien’s phallus. Trembling with erotic anticipation, Rubi complied, parting her little ass cheeks and spreading her legs. Her anus was gleaming with saliva. She kept moving down, approaching the bulging head of the alien’s cock until it pressed against the tight entrance.

With a savage grunt, the alien grasped her waist and pulled downward with full force. For an instant, Rubi’s sphincter muscle resisted the offensive, but then it inevitably yielded allowing ten inches of alien meat inside the woman’s curvy body. Her eyes and mouth shot open as a combination of pleasure and pain ripped through. The alien felt her throbbing sphincter muscle spasmodically clenching and releasing his enormous cock.

At first, she struggled, trying to break away from him, but his strength made it impossible. He held her in a vise-like grip and slowly began to manipulate her. Rubi’s sobs began to abate. After a moment, she was gasping and giving little startled moans of renewed pleasure.

Soon the pain had evaporated and she was suddenly consumed by an escalating excitement that turned into screams, but they were screams of pure bliss.

She wanted it. She wanted that thick, brutal member battering deep inside her simmering ass. And the beast was eager to oblige. He slammed in and out of his slave’s constricting hole with all his might. Each time he banged into her, a bone-rattling shudder rushed through Rubi’s body and she groaned in ecstasy.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhrgggghh…” Rubi cried.

Her screams started to gain a higher pitch as her peak approached. Her body became rigid for a second and she opened her eyes incredibly wide. Shelly watched amazed as a strong gush of fluid squirted out of Rubi’s pussy. It was immediately followed by the tip of the maggot, pushing its way out of the girl’s womb. Rubi’s body started to convulse as her orgasm took over and it ripped through her entire body until the white, alien baby was completely free. At that moment, Rubi’s body went limp. She had passed out from the overwhelming experience.

Shelly knew that now was feeding time and she couldn’t wait. The beast threw Rubi away like a rag doll and the maggot started the slow journey across the bed in search of the girl’s nipples.

The alien got off the bed and Shelly ran to him. She knelt and engulfed his rod with her mouth. It didn’t take long to obtain her reward. He blasted the first wad of cum which was enough to fill her mouth completely. She was still swallowing when the second spurt gushed in and began dribbling down her chin. Shelly, not wanting to waste a single drop, desperately pushed forward and buried the large cock into her gullet.

The alien was pleased with her submissive behavior and delivered a few more shots before withdrawing from the blonde’s mouth. Lisa was already waiting beside her friend and she just opened her mouth as the fountain of white fluid poured in.

Watching Rubi’s exertions and the cum-feeding frenzy of her friends, Karen’s hesitation vanished and now she was waiting for her turn. She also didn’t want to waste a drop and followed Shelly’s example, swallowing his dick down her throat as he rewarded her with the addictive substance. When the alien finished with Karen, he moved back to Rubi. He dragged her unconscious body to the edge of the bed and let her head hang from the side. Then, he forced her jaw open with his still rigid cock and sank deep in her esophagus. Finally, he sprayed the last streams of cum directly into Rubi’s stomach. She needed the food as the white maggot was already attached to her left nipple and milking her feverishly.

The alien spent the rest of the day fucking the girls in every possible way. It was an amazing view as the four girls revolved around the large bed and around their master. They suckled, licked, engulfed and swallowed. Karen was the first one to find out that the maggots not only liked to suck on the women’s nipples but also liked to hide in warm tight places.

* * *

Meanwhile, Kurt and Claudia had left her house as soon as they received Vega’s call and agreed to meet him at his observation post across the street from Lisa’s apartment. Kurt used the heat sensor device and detected five bodies moving behind the wall not too far from the window where Vega had last seen the alien. One of the bodies was far bigger that the others and Kurt assumed that it had to be the alien. The rest would certainly be his breeding captives.

By the movements of the bodies, Claudia realized that they were engaged in a wild orgy and she couldn’t avoid feeling a little aroused as a consequence of her recently awakened sexuality; a sex drive so strong that she hadn’t even minded exploring with her own daughter.

The last image Claudia saw before Kurt switched off the surveillance device was one of the women standing over the large figure of the beast and sitting down onto his overheated phallus, which appeared white hot on the screen.

They decided to wait until the following morning to make the first move in order to capture and eliminate the killer alien. Kurt already had a plan and he needed daylight to make it work.

Day five: Morning

The sun was coming up and illuminated a surreal scene on Lisa’s bed. The alien was still resting flat on his back and Shelly was laying on top of him, facing up. His large cock was sheltered within the girl’s anus. The blonde was unconscious, her arms resting flaccid by her sides, her eyes were half opened and a thin thread of white sperm was dribbling from the corner of her partly opened mouth, down her cheek and onto the alien’s chest. Her belly had recovered its usual flatness and a baby maggot was sucking eagerly on one of her nipples. It had doubled its size overnight.

There was a loud sound outside the window and the alien jumped from the bed in a fraction of a second. His cock slid out of Shelly’s body leaving her gaping ass wide open and dripping the previously trapped sperm. The beast ran to the window and looked carefully outside. At first everything looked normal and he couldn’t determine the source of the sound. But then, he saw a large army truck driving down the street and passing in front of the building. He activated the camouflage shield and leaped out to the external wall of the apartment to have a better look.

Apparently, the truck’s presence had no relation to him and drove past the building continuing down the road. But the alien kept looking. The truck was filled with soldiers and all of them were carrying assault rifles. It was interesting. The killer alien climbed to the roof and jump to the next building, following the truck’s route. Then, his fighting instinct became too strong and he decided to pursue the military transport and confront the soldiers when the opportunity was right.

Kurt’s plan had worked.

He stepped on the gas and the alien followed him from a safe distance jumping from building to building toward the industrial zone of the city. The alien was too far away and too excited to notice that the soldiers were fakes, mannequins dressed in military uniform, and the weapons were props borrowed from a movie set.

Kurt drove the truck into a large abandoned factory, half destroyed by a fire years ago. He jumped out of the truck and moved to a hiding place on the second floor. In less than a minute, a shadow moved slowly across one of the upper windows. It was the alien, looking down at the truck below, analyzing the situation.

Something was wrong. His heat sensors indicated that the soldiers sitting in the back of the military vehicle were too cold, like dead. It made no sense. He carefully climbed down the wall and swiftly jumped to the roof of the truck, ready to slash some heads… but nothing happened. He immediately realized that the soldiers were not real. It was a trap! As fast as he had reached the truck’s roof, the alien bounced away, just in time to evade a lightening fast bullet that passed through the truck’s entire cabin ending in the ground below.

In midair, the killer alien shot a blast in the direction of the bullet’s origin destroying an empty water tank, but Kurt had already changed places and he was ready to shoot again. The projectile cut the air and passed through the alien’s right arm severing some muscle tissue and damaging the invisibility device along with it.

Captain Vega had also followed the army truck despite Kurt’s suggestion to stay away from the fight. He was supposed to help Claudia with the girls’ rescue. He heard the commotion inside of the factory and ran toward the noise with his gun in hand.

The alien screamed in pain searching desperately for his foe’s position as he grabbed his boomerang-shaped blade. The beast knew he was not fighting a regular human being. His attacker was too fast, almost as fast as he was. Using his helmet sensors, he tried to locate the assailant, assuming that he was using a camouflage device of some sort. He used echo-location to obtain a complete blueprint of the floor’s contents. His opponent’s soft body, as opposed to the hard metal structures, should be enough to give away his position. It was done in less than a second and the alien succeeded. He found a mark.

The alien aimed his blade at the moving body forty feet away and threw it with incredible force. Kurt had the alien’s head in his cross-hairs but before he could shoot, he saw the alien’s blade flying toward an unknown destination. Kurt moved his gun intuitively and shot. Vega took Kurt’s bullet in the leg and fell to the ground just in time to evade the alien’s blade that passed half an inch above his head.

Kurt didn’t have time to see what happened to Vega, the moment he fired his gun, his position had been uncovered and he had to move fast. One bright bullet passed right beside him as he jumped to a lower level. When he landed, another bullet smashed a thick metal beam in front of him and was deviated to the left. This gave him a few milliseconds to react and aim his gun toward the alien. He fired and missed.

The alien had already jumped to an upper level, trying to gain an advantage position higher than Kurt’s. The alien turned in midair and shot one more time at Kurt, who was now rolling on the floor looking for a cover. The alien was already planning his next move, even before he reached the metal pipe high above but when he did, a searing pain in his wounded arm made him lose his concentration for an instant. This was a fatal mistake.

Kurt had both feet planted firmly on the ground and made a perfect final shot.

Moments later, it was all over. The projectile had blown out the alien’s helmet, causing vast damage to his head. The beast had fallen to the dusty ground and Kurt approached him carefully. He stopped right beside him, aiming at the alien’s head.

The killer alien looked up at his exterminator, The Traveler, and then his two hearts stopped beating. He was dead.

Kurt helped Captain Vega to his feet and fixed his wound the best he could in that empty warehouse

“The son-of-a-bitch shot me!” Vega said, not knowing that it had been Kurt who shot him saving his life in the process.

“Yeah! He did,” Kurt responded with a faint smile on his face.

* * *

Back in Lisa’s apartment, Claudia was carefully following Kurt’s instructions. She used a strange device to unweld the front door and entered the apartment. She saw what she was expecting to see; four nude women, all young and fit. Claudia immediately recognized Karen O’Malley and started walking towards her. She noticed that her fellow policewoman was pregnant and by the look on her face, she was also very confused.

And indeed Karen was puzzled. She had several mixed emotions crowding her brain. Part of her was happy that they were finally being rescued but part of her didn’t want to leave. She needed her share of the white fluid that only her alien lover could provide and she also wanted to stay with her new friends, the only ones who could understand her exceptional feelings toward the beast.

“It’s ok, honey. I know everything,” Claudia said reassuringly to Karen. Then, they both heard moaning across the room and looked at the other girls. Kurt had also predicted this…

The maggots had sensed danger through the girl’s bodies as they suckled on their breasts and now were desperately trying to hide in the only place they knew it would be safe, their mothers’ cavities. Shelly’s maggot was the smallest of the three and it had already crawled two inches up the girl’s anus. Shelly, far from resisting, was reaching back to keep her ass cheeks apart as the semi-hard intruder squeezed its way inside her rectum. Shelly’s eyes were half-closed while she moaned loudly. When the last tip of the animal disappeared through her sphincter, the girl collapse onto the bed, her hips still bucking up and down.

Rubi was saying something in Spanish as her own baby-maggot was worming its way up her tight pussy. She was sitting on the carpet, slightly bent back to allow the squirming creature access to her insides. Claudia could clearly see the Nicaraguan girl’s belly bulging as the worm pushed up, helped by the teen’s hands. After great effort and a few screams of overwhelming rapture, the maggot was back in her womb. Except this time it was much bigger than the day before. The slim teenager looked eight months pregnant and could not balance her weight to stand up. She just stayed on the carpeted floor lying on her back, breathing heavily and caressing her inflamed belly.

Lisa was another matter. Her maggot had become excessively big and as much as it tried to push itself back into the woman’s warm tunnel, it was an impossible task. Lisa was lying on the bed facing up, with her legs wide open and her arms resting at her sides. She was not moving except for a slight waving of her hips. She was waiting for her alien baby to enter her, enjoying its efforts enormously as it rubbed along her opened slit and against her clitoris. But it was useless; the girl’s vaginal cavity was too small for the widened cylindrical body. Claudia approached the bed, pulled out a syringe and injected the large creature. It contorted for a few seconds and then stopped moving. It was dead.

Now, Claudia had to get the other maggots out the girl’s bodies and destroy them too. She knew how to do it and she was ready for it.

At that moment, Kurt entered the apartment. He had left Vega in the hospital and he was checking up on Claudia’s assignment.

“How did it go?” Claudia asked, surprised to see him back so soon.

“The alien is dead,” he said calmly “Vega was hurt but he’ll be ok. How are things here?”

“These three girls have aliens inside,” Claudia said to Kurt.

“Ok. Let’s start with the biggest first and I believe it’s this one,” Kurt answered, pointing at Rubi.

Claudia moved Lisa off the bed while Kurt carried Rubi over. He placed the girl on her back in such a way that her head was hanging over the side. Kurt pulled his erecting cock out of his pants and fed it to the Rubi. She recognized a familiar taste in the human-looking cock and opened her mouth, welcoming the offer. Claudia dove between the girl’s legs and started to suck her clitoris as hard as she could.

Karen O’Malley could not believe what she was seeing. Who was this man and why was his cock in Rubi’s mouth!? And even worse, why was Sergeant Claudia Jameson’s face buried between Rubi’s legs?

The answers to her question would become evident after a few minutes. Kurt was fucking Rubi’s mouth relentlessly and pinching both her nipples at the same time. Claudia had her tongue deep inside the girl’s pussy and was rubbing her clit with her insistent fingers. Rubi was moaning, muffled by the large cock, and her body was waving in synch with his thrusts. Suddenly, her body arched despite the big weight of her belly as a huge orgasm ignited in her loins. At that instant, Kurt blasted a large wad of cum down Rubi’s throat and simultaneously she squirted a blast of white fluid into Claudia’s mouth and all over her face. The girl’s abdomen started to contract forcefully and the large maggot was pushed inexorably out of her womb. The alien slid out with one strong push accompanied by lots of fluid that spread across the bed. Claudia hurriedly injected the animal and soon it was dead too.

It was Shelly’s turn. She was placed onto her stomach over the cum smeared bed and as Kurt made her swallow his whole prick, Claudia licked her anus and inserted one finger as deep as it would go. Soon enough, the girl was wriggling with unrestrained pleasure and her body convulsed with a hard orgasm. The following contractions pushed the creature out of her tight cavity while Claudia spread the girl’s ass cheeks apart, amazed by the size of the maggot that kept coming out, reaching at least twelve inches in length. Finally it was expelled completely and this alien was also killed. Shelly was savoring Kurt’s sperm, realizing, as Rubi did before her, that this alien-man tasted even better than the alien-beast.

Kurt checked on Karen and realized that she was not ready yet. He and Claudia agreed to take the girls to the officer’s home, since their addiction to the alien sperm was definitive and irreversible. They would always be dependent of that sticky white fluid and the only providers were certain alien species, including Kurt’s. He knew it and he already had a plan for each of the beautiful girls.

Claudia bought some robes for the women and they all left Lisa’s apartment. Karen was still a little reluctant to leave but she had no choice.

Day five: Afternoon

On the way back home, Claudia was driving and Kurt was in the passenger seat. The girls were in the back seat holding each other. The alien man was observing officer O’Malley on the rear view mirror. He couldn’t wait to feel her white skin. He had desired that woman since the moment he saw her in the interrogation room, the first day of his arrival. The unexpected presence of Claudia that day had diverted his attention but now his crotch was getting hot for the beautiful policewoman.

Half an hour later, Faith came down the stairs to find four young women sitting in the living room with her mother and her beloved Kurt. One of them looked pregnant.

“Hi!” Faith said enthusiastically.

“Hi, baby,” Claudia responded. She introduced the women to her daughter, Faith bent down and kissed each one on the cheek.

“They are our new guests so be nice to them, ok?” Claudia added.

“Sure,” Faith said, sitting beside Karen and starting to rub her belly.

Karen’s nipples swelled Immediately. Faith noticed this and boldly leaned forward, kissing one of the hardened nubs. Karen gasped. The Queen Breeder took this as a go-ahead sign and sucked the bulging nipple into her mouth. Surprisingly, a sweet fluid very similar to Kurt’s sperm flooded into the teen’s mouth. This sparked an instant fire in Faith’s loins and she began to milk the officer’s breasts with eagerness. This sexy spectacle turned on the heat within the observing crowd and soon everyone was engaged in yet another orgy.

Kurt thought it was time to eliminate the last maggot. Karen was on her knees sucking Claudia’s pussy, unaware that Kurt was approaching her from behind. He grabbed Karen by the waist and impaled her ass in one stroke until his phallus was buried to the hilt. The officer never lifted her face from Claudia’s crotch and just moaned as she felt Kurt’s cock pushing deep inside her body.

It didn’t take long before Karen reached climax and the last maggot was squirming on the carpet in the middle of a large puddle of white fluid. Claudia leaned forward and destroyed it. The last of the killer alien’s offspring was dead.

Three weeks later

Everything was ready. Kurt had used his small transport module to move the women one by one to his large spaceship. The women understood that life as they knew it was over and they were all excited to new experiences on far-off planets. Kurt located and recovered the killer alien module. There was nothing else to do on earth and they left. He was planning to have a very pleasant trip with seven horny females around, including the invaluable Queen Breeder.

Captain Daniel Vega was the only one that stayed behind who knew the truth about the aliens. The incident at the police headquarters was passed off as the attack of a highly trained lunatic who went over the edge. They were still looking for him.

* * *

Not far from Lisa’s apartment, a blonde woman in her early twenties is sitting naked in her bedroom. She is watching as the bigger of the large white pods is opening up, filling the room with squishy sounds. Then, a large creature, very similar to the killer alien but completely white, stands up from the pod, looks at the female and walks toward her.

She lays back on the bed, ready to attend her newborn.

The End.

Note from the author: There is graphic (CGI) version of this story.

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