The Trip

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If there was one thing I enjoyed it was cycling.

We lived on the outskirts of the city so after work I could hop on my bike and cover my five miles of country road.

I had indulged myself in a quality ten-speed cross-country bike; it was lightweight and negotiated rougher secondary roads quite well.

My husband thought I was crazy but I explained it kept me in pretty good shape instead of becoming a couch potato like him. The only exercise he got was the occasional game of golf.

I had covered all the roads around our house many times and wanted a change of scenery.

I trip to Canadian Tire and I had a bicycle rack attached to he rear of my Camry to I could carry my bike for trips further a field.

It was early on a Sunday morning the first time a loaded the bike onto the car to venture to new territory.

The sun was still burning off the morning mist when I pulled into the Ancaster trail parking lot.

The Ancaster Trail was an old abandoned railroad right-of-way that had been converted into a bicycling path. The rails had been removed and a layer of fine powdered stone provided a smooth surface to bike over.

The trail traveled about fifteen miles through wilderness terminating in the neighboring town of Brantford. Being an old railroad right-of-way there were no grades greater than 3%

Birds were singing joyously from the trees welcoming another day as I pushed off on my journey.

It was August and we were in the middle of a warm spell so I had chosen to wear a brief pair of satin shorts with a loose fitting tank top. My petite breasts secure in a sports bra.

All was serene for the first twenty minutes of so as a cruised along in solitude. Then Dave overtook me.

Dave was a high school teacher also out for his daily exercise. Coming abreast of me he slowed down to exchange greetings. As we made small talk Dave continued at my side governing his speed to match mine.

As we rode side by side the sun continued to climb in the sky. It was getting noticeably warmer and sheen of perspiration begins to form on my skin.

It was about forty-five minutes later when erenköy escort Robert caught up to us. He was a dark handsome guy with a camera hanging around his neck. Joining us he introduced himself telling us he had a photography studio in Ancaster.

That explained the expensive looking Nikon SLR hanging from his neck. From what I knew about cameras I knew it was worth about a month of my salary.

Robert explained to us he was always looking for new subjects on his outings. He told us he had discovered many samples of flora a fauna during his trips through the woods. He said he usually had a 105MM lenses on the camera, which was good for shots from about fifty feet. For close-ups he could snap on the 35MM lenses.

Three abreast we continued deeper into the wilderness.

As the sun approached its zenith we pause at a shaded glade for a break. I rummaged through my bag for a Granola bar and a bottle of Gatorade.

As we tarried Robert searched the area for subjects to photograph. It was now quite warm and the guys had peeled off their shirts.

“Why don’t you take your top off?’ Dave suggested.

It was legally permissible for women to go topless here in appropriate circumstances and it was not like I had really big breasts.

“Yea, there’s nobody else around.” Robert agreed.

It was true, we had seen no one else during our ride into the wilds. Deliberately I lifted my top off over my head. Not to be bothered I unfastened my bra and removed it also. As I stuffed the unwanted garments into my bag I was highly aware of my friends examining my bare breasts.

Robert brought his camera up to his eye ready to click my picture.

“Robert!” I protested.

“Aw c’mon, just for my own use?” he argued.

“Well, OK.” I agreed.

Dave sat in awe as Robert clicked a series of pictures of me bare-breasted.

“How about something more daring?” Robert asked.

More daring? All I was wearing was my shorts and running shoes!

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Dave watched intently as Robert suggested I remove my shorts!

I don’t etiler escort know if it was because I was away from home with strangers or being flattered by being the center of attention but I stood and peeled down my shorts and panties.

I stood proudly before my new friends totally naked. The guys scrutinized by body, my pert breasts with their pink button nipples, my neatly trimmed pubic hair adorning my naked pussy.

“Very nice!” Dave gasped.

Robert’s camera was clicking furiously recording my exhibitionism.

Here I was, far from home, naked with two strangers. The compromising situation was making me excited; good judgment went out he door. I posed provocatively for Robert, presenting my naked charms conceitedly for his lenses. I found myself bending over and looking at the camera from between my spread legs, my vagina wide open for the camera to record.

“Want to have some fun?” Dave asked.

I thought I was having fun? “What do you mean?”

“Ever have a threesome?” Dave continued.

A threesome! Never had I done anything so wicked, I had not even had another man since I had been married.

“No.” I answered suspiciously.

“Would you like to?” Robert watched for my approval.

It was a beautiful day, good company and a spur of the moment opportunity to shed my up to standard behavior for the moment. “Sure!” I smiled.

Dave took my naked body into his arms and caressed my bare breasts. I felt Robert’s hand slide across my bare rump on its was to explore my womanhood. I sighed as Dave’s tongue entered my mouth and Robert’s fingers my vagina.

I was in a world I had never ventured before; two men were making love to me at the same time. I moaned softly as my entire body came alive.

“Oh yes, yes!” I approved.

It was unmistakably the head of Robert’s cock I felt move across my bare stomach as he replaced his fingers with hard cock. I sucked Dave’s tongue as Robert slid into me.

My entire weight was almost lifted from my feet as I hung on Robert’s cock. Dave was kneading my small breasts while we kissed.

My florya escort pussy begins to get wetter than it had in a long time. As Robert’s pole slid in and out of my tight hole I can feel my juices flowing. My arms are around Dave’s neck; his tongue is in my mouth while another man’s cock is in my cunt.

I want Robert to come in me; I want to feel his creamy cum filling my hungry hole. I contract my pelvic muscles as much as I can in an effort to squeeze his sperm from him. My efforts pay off; his cum starts spurting like a fountain up into my wet cave. Cum still flowing he withdraws from me to offer his mess to Dave.

Dave gently guided me to a patch of grass where he lay me down. I was on my back and open my legs wide, knees in the air, offering myself to this stranger I had only known a few hours. I closed my eyes and waited for him to enter me.

It was not his cockhead I felt at my portal, it was his tongue! Dave was knelt between my open legs and was licking Robert’s goo from my sloppy pussy.

His tongue dashed about like a live animal inside of me, scavenging every drop of Robert’s jism he could find. The sensation was driving me crazy.

I lay there writhing, listening to the soft slurping noises Dave was making cleaning out my sodden vagina. There couldn’t have been a trace of Robert left inside of me when Dave rose up to cover me.

His hard cock slid smoothly into my prepare cunt spreading me once again to that wonderful filled feeling.

“Oh yes!” I moaned, “You feel so good.”

I was on the verge of my orgasm. It had begun as a lark, I had not expected to orgasm with this pair of strangers. Now my fuse was short as I begin getting fucked again.

Dave was a skillful lover; long deliberate strokes accustoming to his shaft. Gradually the rhythm increased, the strokes became more powerful and penetrating. I lay with my legs splayed wide open, my hips thrusting upwards to meet Dave’s plunges.

“Oh God, I’m going to come!” I cried.

Dave increased the intensity of his fucking to bring me home.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed as my world was ripped away from me.

The orgasm was cruel, my entire body quivered from my hair down to my toenails. My back arched beneath my stud. My vagina rising to receive his sperm. That was when I blacked-out.

When I opened my eyes both Dave and Robert were bent over me.

“Are you OK Michelle?” Robert asked.

“Never been better!” I smiled.

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