The Trophy Wives Club Pt. 05

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We sent out invitations to our guests for our first official sex club party. It would be a Halloween Erotica Ball. Our six categories of recommended costumes would be: Bondage or S & M, Famous people or characters, fantasy, taboo, horror or sexual creatures. Only human pets were welcome. Prizes would be awarded for sexiest costume, naughtiest costume, best costume idea and the scariest, since it was Halloween and all. There would be special sexual performances and guests. Other games and contests would be played throughout the night with generous prizes to be won.

Our first official launch party was tonight and there was a lot more things we needed to prepare. First was the food. We hired an exotic catering company that would give us anything we wanted. So we ordered all kinds of finger foods in all kinds of shapes. They had cut fruits to look like vaginas, pigs in a blanket that resembled a dick enveloped by pussy lips, and jello shots in the shape of a bosom. They had all kinds of party favors, but the best that was served later was the young lady resembling a young Princes Leia who had layers of different desserts served on her naked body for all to enjoy. We gave her away as prize later to the sexiest costume winner to enjoy for the rest of the evening, after all the desert was eaten off of her of course.

The special arrangements we added to our house included a stripper pole in the recreation area downstairs, a glory hole box in the basement, additional flat screens in more areas playing only porn all night and we redecorated the basement bedroom to be an awesome bondage dungeon. Tom hired Marissa part time to be our sexy maid with benefits, (he must have done something he’s not telling me). She comes every Friday to clean, but I must admit she usually has no clothes on by lunch as I can’t keep my hands off her lovely young body. All of the maids will only be wearing fish net stockings, heels and a bustier that starts below their naked breasts and goes only down to the top of their legs. They have specific instructions to help keep the house clean and to suck any cock clean that is offered to them all night. Otherwise they can have fun most of the night with any of our guests or each other.

With a whole week of preparation, we felt we were ready for the best party of the year. Tom, Chantal and I welcomed each guest to the party with a hug and a sexy kiss. We gave them the itinerary for the night with options to move around freely, participate in the Halloween Hunger Games or select a specific function they wish to be a part of including using the stripper pole, lap dancing and the glory hole. The Hunger games were to be for couples to compete. They could not be married or in a relationship with each other and they had to choose someone wearing a costume in their category. It was a little after seven, when the first guest arrived. It was Teresa and she was wearing a very sexy, bright red, dominatrix outfit. After kissing all three of us she told us that her husband was coming a little later and she had quite the surprise for him.

Over the next two hours most of our guests made their arrival. The costumes were simply amazing as everyone came to play. I must have been kissed and groped fifty times by our guests as they playfully made their way in to our home. I loved Lisa’s outfit, a visitor from Avatar, wearing only body paint and heels. Lindsey wore a Native American warrior outfit that was mostly just a type of loin cloth and layers of beads and knee high moccasins. Tom’s boss Bruce came as Franken cock, basically a great Frankenstein costume with a large cock prop, (almost 2 feet long), hanging out of his zipper. His wife Doreen had the typical private school girl uniform on but with go go boots, a choke collar and costume enhanced bosoms sized 44DD’s, (good girl gone bad). There were lots of sexy witches, nurses, felines and jungle women. Cleopatra and one of her pets on a leash made an appearance. Naomi was dressed as a slutty housewife and she brought Alisha who wore a black patch with a fake diamond on each breast. Her bottom was a black g string with a matching black patch in the front. She also wore a black collar with the leash being held by Naomi and a black mask. This outfit made her one of the most desired women at the party. Chantal had brought Ling who wore the tigress style lingerie, high heels and a collar with lease held by Chantal. Arriving halfway through the crowd was Carolyn who wore the Playboy bunny costume that could barely contain her large breasts.

The men were a little more predictable with many flashers, a few hunky firemen, exotic dancers, erotic vampires, S & M costumes, super heroes and Tarzan. My husband Tom always wanted to be Hefner, so he wore only a silk, maroon robe and slippers. I wasn’t sure why he did not want to pair up with me on a costume so I decided to be a Vegas style showgirl, complete with headband, high heels and mostly shiny strings of beads covering my body. My breasts were uncovered of course, since gebze escort I wanted to offer them to everyone to look at or play with and my pussy was on display between the beads.

At 8 o’clock I made the announcements in the living room that we would be putting on 30-40 minute fantasy exhibits that everyone could watch. We had a queen mattress, bed spring and headboard in the middle of the room so our performers could be seen from all sides. This was the following schedule of acts:

9 pm Tantalizing threesome

10 pm Lesbian Bondage Seduction

11 pm Anal Delights

Midnight Virginal Sacrifice

I announced, “The Hunger, (for sex), Games start at 9 pm in the bonus room upstairs. You will need to find a partner of the opposite sex who is not your mate and wearing a costume of the same category as yours. You will compete in four very sexy contests to win wonderful prizes, including a maid or a pet to play with for the rest of the party. Announcements of prize winners from the costume contests and games will be around midnight. We have provided you with a special bondage room, stripper pole, glory hole, and 3 other public bedrooms. We may sleep some tonight but the party doesn’t end until at least noon tomorrow. We have music out in the patio for all types of dancing. Other than the master bedroom/bathroom you may start any erotic encounters inside or on the patio. Please do not have any sex or nude conversations in the front of the house. No means no here and unless you have agreed to be a submissive pet, you will not be asked to do something you do not wish to do.”

I continued, “We have a special contest going on in the dining room. Let me present to you Doreen’s niece Brooke who is only eighteen and a virgin. She is expected to marry well some day and wants to be able to keep a handsome, wealthy gentleman happy for many years. Her desire is to learn how to be please a man and a woman sexually. She also wants to learn how to be sexually satisfied by a man and a woman. She does not want to learn these skills in the back seat of a car with another inexperienced teenager, so she has agreed to sacrifice her cherry to the winning couple of her choice who will compete with other couples to win Brooke for the midnight virginal sacrifice for all to watch. They can go around and have more fun or share the remainder of the evening with her. Each couple will compete in these four areas:

Erotic Fantasy to share with Brooke tonight after midnight.

Special tip or instruction on the art of sexually satisfying a man or a woman.

Physical attraction and chemistry

Strategies and skills to find and attract the right suitor some day.”

Brooke was dressed in a simple, stunning, off white, wrap that accentuated every curve or her luscious body. She wore exquisite bracelets on both wrists and ankles. She had dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Her body was a very firm 38-26-36 with full D cups and large areolas you could see a hint of through her sheer wrap. She was a stunning young woman everyone would want to make love to.

I completed the instructions with, “Okay contestants, decide what you would like to compete for and make sure you are in the right room by nine, ready to compete with the correct partner.” I knew this could be the king of all sex parties if we could pull it off the way we planned it. We had great guests, costumes, food, games and prizes. Also we had many extremely attractive women, well hung men and expert lovers that were all excited to get started.

Teresa’s Talents Unleashed

Teresa’s husband, Gerald, arrived just before the announcements, dressed in a stupid looking cowboy outfit that wouldn’t have attracted the ugliest woman in the room. After hearing about the contests and seeing all the scantily clad women parading around, he asked Teresa if they would be playing with anyone else tonight or competing in the contests.

Teresa answered, “I am responsible for the first three sexhibitions here in the living room. There should be lots of sexually charged up people we could meet or play with after the 30 minute demonstrations take place. We will have to be back here 5 minutes before the top of the hour, so the shows start on time.”

He asked, “Who would you want us to be with tonight?”

She replied, “Look at my costume silly, I am a dominatrix. I can take anyone I desire tonight. Look at your costume. You couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse like that.”

He whimpered, “I am sorry, I didn’t know this was going to be this wild of a party. I didn’t know you would ever be up for this kind of adventure.”

She came back with, “Why don’t you go bring Gwen over here?”

He left the room to find me and we returned a few minutes later.

Teresa then revealed, “Gwen and I have known and cared about each other for years, you know this. What you don’t know is we have been intimate lovers for the past few months, sharing göztepe escort any physical lovemaking that came our way. Isn’t that right Hun’?”

I came up close to her, wrapping my arms around Teresa and saying, “Yes my lover,” before pulling Teresa in for a very wet, passionate kiss. Teresa felt my naked breasts, later taking one into her mouth.

Gerald could not believe his eyes. Not only had his wife been with another woman, but the way we were hot for each other made him both confused and horny at the same time. He could not stop watching us. We were two beautiful women who continued to increase the sexual heat in the room all by ourselves.

Teresa teased, “Did you enjoy me kissing one of my favorite lovers?”

Gerald could only nod his approval. Then he had to ask, “How many lovers are we talking about, Honey?”

Teresa shot back, “Well since I have started with Gwen and her husband, I have probably been with more than a dozen of the people who are here tonight, including Chantal and a few of the maids. By the way, I love Tom’s cock, yours’ not so much.”

Gerald went from amazed to being confused and shattered.

Teresa continued with, “You haven’t treated me very well in years, so I confided everything to Gwen one night. We got a little tipsy trying to forget the pain of me settling for you and then we made passionate love together for an entire day, with Tom arriving home at just the right time to share more lovemaking with us the following night. You have been both pathetic and unfaithful to me. You have the chance to somewhat redeem yourself tonight if you want to try. We can start working out more of a plan after tonight if you agree to my conditions.”

He was startled then asked, “What are your conditions?”

She replied, “Gwen and I have started this unique living and loving club for women like us who haven’t lost their husbands yet or don’t want their husbands to look for other women for their needs. Together we will make a difference with our group. I love what we have started and I love being with wonderful lovers who won’t hurt or disappoint me repeatedly. I will have all the lovers I want and we will see what we can do for you.”

He shot back with, “Wait, why am I being chastised, while you have had sex with half of the people here?”

She answered, “It will become clearer for you as the night progresses.”

He wondered, “Ok, so what shall I do right now?”

She replied, “Why don’t we start teaching you some lessons. Some will be very good and informational, others may be a bit harsh but you will learn from them too. Why don’t we settle in and watch the first show here. We can discuss more afterwards or play it by ear until the next show.”

Not having a clue where this was headed, he just gave a shrug meaning okay for now.

The first act was going to be an artsy version of two playful ladies being discovered by a very well hung, extremely handsome black man who fulfills many of their fantasies.

Teresa announced to the crowd, “Gather ’round everyone and enjoy our first presentation. Feel free to let your hands or lips wander throughout.” She gave a signal for the first performers to come out to the bed and start.

Two striking young women, (both hired actresses), lay next to each other on the bed, dressed in only bras and panties. They were talking about men and asking some very personal questions like how far can you suck a dick into your mouth and do you always swallow. They were both platinum blondes, early twenties with very tight young looking bodies. They could have passed as sisters. Suddenly as the questions got even more risqué, their hands started to lightly touch each other. This led to a very passionate kiss as the crowd moved a little closer to see more. Their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies as one woman became a little more dominant by rising to put her tongue into the other’s mouth from above. Breasts were gradually being fondled and then they both put their hands down each others’ panties to find some very wet clits to rub. They both removed the rest of their clothing soon after and started to rub each other fervently. Almost simultaneously, they both started moaning and breathing hard, anticipating a climax soon. Within the next few moments they both screamed in pleasure as they climaxed just seconds apart.

The young black man approached them to see the last few moments of lust between the two vixens. He called out one of them by name, “Cherie is this what goes on when I am away?”

Cherie replied, “Oh no Marcus, we were just discussing men and sex. Suddenly one thing led to another and we became obsessed with pleasuring each other.”

Marcus moved forward, undoing the ties of his pants, lowering them to show everyone his massive 11 inches of perfectly shaped cock. Chantal hired him from a male exotic dancer group. He was 6’2″, with a chiseled body completely shaved from the neck down halkalı escort and a large set of balls.

Some of the women in the crowd gasped.

Cherie offered, “Baby maybe we can make it up to you,” as she reached out for his manhood to pull him closer. She began to lick the bulbous head, then tried to put at least half of his member into her mouth, stroking him steadily as he appeared to get larger and harder. The other woman started to lick his balls in total lust.

Marcus said, “Okay, show me what you two can do.”

Cherie asked the other woman, “Chris, would you like a taste?”

Chris took a hold of the massive cock and tried to lick, suck or anything to pleasure Marcus. Cherie gave her a little instruction. They both started licking him together. They kept up a good pace receiving praises from Marcus. Little by little each time they traded sucking his big dick, they got a little more into their tiny mouths. Marcus removed the rest of his clothing and instructed them to lie on top of each other, face to face. He moved around to the other side of the bed and started rubbing his beastly dick between their wet openings. After gathering enough lubrication, he plunged his big black cock into Cherie.

Cherie moaned, “Oh god, you feel so good baby. Please teach us to worship your mighty cock. Please fuck me with every inch of your dick baby. Fill me up, cum all over me and my half sister. Make us drink up all your cum tonight and keep giving me more of your beautiful cock.”

Chris added, “Hurry Cherie and come all over him. I have to have that cock in me soon.”

Marcus pounded into Cherie hard while Chris stroked her clit feverishly. Soon Cherie was screaming, “Oh Baby, baby, baby fuck me now. Oh yes, yes, yes.”

Chris started plunging her tongue in Cherie’s mouth while her hands were playing with Cherie’s nipples and clit. They tagged team her into submission as Cherie screamed, “Oh yes, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me now. Yes, yes, yes, OH FUCK YES!” She climaxed for the very appreciative crowd.

After a short time Marcus removed his cock from Cherie and slammed it into her half sister Chris. His dark manhood pounding into these porcelain skinned pussies had a dramatic, almost hypnotizing effect on everyone watching.

Chris was being ravaged by the most cock she had ever felt. She could only kiss Cherie’s neck as she helpless gave herself to Cherie’s well hung boyfriend, while her body continued to caress her half sister underneath. Chris and Marcus were approaching orgasm together when Cherie started to moan along with them. They made almost perfect sexual harmony as Chris’ orgasm overtook her first, with Marcus close behind. His first couple of blasts filled up Chris, then he pulled back thrusting one or more streams of cum into Cherie. They regrouped within a few moments when Marcus instructed Chris to reverse her position on the bed.

She lowered her pussy onto Cherie’s face and started to lick Marcus’ cum out Cherie’s pussy. Cherie was doing the same thing on the other side when Marcus asked, “Well ladies, are you enjoying my tasty cum?”

They responded a moment later by starting the whole process over, taking his now hardening manhood and balls into their mouths.

Teresa chimed in, “Wow, what a hot performance. Let’s thank our sexhibitionists for a very steamy show. Let’s all hope we all feel as good as they do sometime tonight. Our next sexhibition will be in 20 minutes and feature ladies only. See you then.”

Teresa had been slowly teasing her husband throughout the show by fondling him though his pants and taking his cock out to stroke during the last few minutes of the show making him very aroused but not close enough to orgasm.

He was very aroused and said, “Oh baby, can you suck me off right here?”

She responded, “I can, but why don’t I have this young lady pleasure you for me.”

She grabbed the back of Tanya’s head and pulled it down to his crotch. She greedily sucked his cock into her mouth as Gerald started to moan more and more.

Teresa said, “Careful Tanya baby, don’t get him too excited. I want him to be good and hard for the next show.” Tanya playfully slowed down to mostly licking. This was a slow torture for Gerald who desperately needed to cum soon.

Teresa disappeared and returned with Naomi and Alisha who was now wearing a cloth hood over her head so she could not see. Teresa whispered some final instructions to them and had them get on the bed in front of everyone. After a few more minutes passed Teresa told Tanya to stop sucking her husband as the show was about to start.

Teresa addressed the crowd, “Welcome to our second sexhibition, we hope you will enjoy it as much as the first one.” She told Tanya she could keep slowly stroking Gerald throughout the show, but not to let him cum.

The show began with Naomi pushing Alisha down on the bed. She apparently had just taken her from elsewhere and was trying to make her into a submissive or pet. She pulled the hood off Alisha’s head and started to erotically get her all worked up by kissing, licking and fondling her everywhere. Alisha was starting to respond when Naomi informed her, “You will now be my pet. You will do only as I wish and you will not cum unless you have my permission, got that slut?”

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