Tropical Temptations Ch. 10

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It is just after dawn, not fully light, the sun still behind the hills. The clouds still have pink and red edging, and the sea is a deep mauve in colour. The water is eerily calm, as if waiting for

the light of day to bring it the energy to move. I am standing in the trees

at the edge of the beach, my naked and quietly aroused body wrapped only in a sarong. I am looking for a man to seduce. Not just any man, but the partner of the woman that my lover has already gone off to fuck in her room.

The early morning beach is empty, a very gentle breeze rustling the tops of the palm trees, and the mangroves. I can hear sounds, and perhaps voices, coming from the trees to the left of me. I begin to walk, my bare feet silent on the sand, towards the sounds.

As I move closer, the sounds begin to differentiate. I hear a low male voice, possibly the man I am looking for, but then I hear a gasp, and a low grunt and a moan. The same person? Someone else? Is he already with someone else, and I am too late? I move silently closer.

“Oh yes, that’s good.” I hear a male voice say, the voice dripping with lust being fulfilled.

Is this the man I am looking for? It is hard to tell. But whoever he is, he is not alone, and the sexual charge in his voice shocks my already stiff erect clit. As I move even closer, I still cannot see anyone, but the lubricious sounds of energetic sexual activity, the slap of flesh on flesh, hints of juiciness, and inarticulate sounds of pleasure being enjoyed, arouse me to a fever pitch, and I want to be part of whatever is happening.

But I am still not ready for the sight that awaits me through the trees. As soon as I see them, my body reacts, before my mind has time to analyse what it is I am seeing. My buttocks clench, I thrust out my big tits, my nipples become instantly rock hard, and the tightly wound heat from my centre explodes in a massive, contact-free orgasm. I almost fall, but grab onto a mangrove branch, and stay upright.

I stand, open mouthed, wide eyed, as the spasms of pleasure fade, and try to take in the sight that caused something that has never happened to me before. Despite the release of my orgasm, I am still mightily aroused, and, finding the gap in my sarong, my fingers seek out the stiff knob of my clit in my juice filled pussy, while my other hand tugs at

my hard and needy nipples. My body is following its own directives, before my mind has decided whether I like what I am seeing or not. A small part of my mind notices this, for deeper future consideration. But what is it that I am seeing, that has taken my body out of my control as never before?

There are three people in front of me. One is lying on his back, his cock deep inside the body bouncing astride him. A third person is standing above the head of the man lying on the ground, stroking his cock, the head of which is in the mouth of the person bouncing on the man lying on the ground.The bouncing, sucking person is the one I am seeking , the man I intend to seduce.

I had no idea that I would be so excited by a sight like the one before me. But I am, and I am strumming my clit furiously and tugging my hard nipples until I crest the hill and reach down and slide all four fingers into the aching vastness of my empty pussy. And I come once more, sobbing with the intensity of my pleasure and still unsatisfied need.

I am feverish. There are three hard cocks close to me. And none, it seems, in need of my desperate to be filled pussy. It is excruciatingly frustrating and unbearably exciting. I need to be part of this.

They have stopped. They’re all looking at me, my whole body twitching with desire.

” I think we have a fourth player,” says the man I was seeking. “You will join in?” he says to me.

I nod, dumbly, and unwind my sarong, letting it fall to the sand. I stand before them, naked, very aroused, and eager to join them. My man sits up, abandoning the big, still glistening and erect cock that had been in his mouth, and spins around on the cock still inside him, drawing gasps both from himself, and from the man he is impaled on.

“Stay in me,” he instructs the man on the ground, and, somehow, they both stand up together, without disengaging.

“Turn around and bend over.” He instructs me. “This is what you wanted from me, isn’t it? He grasps his impressive erection, and waves it at me.

I nod again, unable to articulate the conflicting feelings coursing throughout my mind and body. I am desperate to have his big hard cock inside me, but to be fucked by someone who is simultaneously being fucked, well, this is beyond my experience.

I turn away and bend over, presenting my swollen wet pussy and throbbing clit to him by backing towards him. The other man, whose cock was beirg

sucked, comes around in front of me. His big hard glistening cock sways like a cobra in front of my face.

“Suck me.” He commands. But his hypnotic snake is already in my mouth before he finishes. He grunts canlı bahis with pleasure. The excitement of his big cock in my mouth almost makes my pussy explode with pleasure, and as it is simultaneously filled with the cock plunging deep into it from behind, I come explosively, crying out into the cock in my mouth, and only still on my wobbly feet because I am propped up by a cock in each end of me, and hands grasping my head and hips

“Excitable, aren’t you?” He growls from behind me, and begins to pump into me, a consequence of the man behind pumping into him. He growls and moans in his double pleasure. I too am lost in the pleasure of two cocks in me, but I focus my attention on the increasingly excited cock in my mouth. I tongue the pulsing head, and reach to carress his tight balls. I feel them pulse, and contract, and the head of his cock swells in my mouth before his hot, slightly spicy, come fills my mouth.

There is a moment of quiet pride, when my mouth is filled with cock and come, as my body tightens and reaches its own peak of excitement. My attention moves from the activity ending in my mouth, to my pre-orgasmic pulsing pussy: pulsing with its own excitement and with the pounding of a big cock into it. My focus goes and I come massively, three simultaneous waves of pleasure, from my pussy, but also from my spicy-come filled mouth and swinging nipples.

I return to myself, my mouth still filled with a hard, but very post-come sensitive, cock, and my pussy being penetrated deep by a big cock, fucking me fast. There is something odd about the feeling, and I realise, and immediately come sharply with the realisation, that the pumping of the big hard cock in my pussy, is not the action of the man fucking me, but of the man fucking him. I sense that one of them is (or both of them are ) past the point of no return, and I am further turned on by the rapid pounding into my pussy, and the grunts, gasps and moans behind me, in stereo, from both men. I touch my clit, the still hard cock is withdrawn from my mouth, and I come once more with a big cry. As I do, movement freezes behind me, and I hear the sound of a man coming. But it is not the cock in my pussy. There is a moment’s stillness, and I can see in my mind our tableau: me standing, bent over, my head brushing against the crotch, and still hard cock of the naked, well-built man who has just come in my mouth, him still holding my head. Behind me, my companion from last night bending over my back, his big cock deep in my pussy. Close behind him, the third man, holding tight to my companion, his just-come cock still deep in my companion’s arse.

I do not want this to stop. I want to be fucked more, I want to suck more

cock, I want to be filled with cocks. I want to come and come and come,

I wriggle expectantly, wondering why the big throbbing hard cock in my pussy is not moving. He must be very near to coming.

“Not yet,” he murmurs to my neck as his breathing slows. “Its not over yet.”

I sense and feel the just come cock withdrawing, and then l gasp as my pussy is suddenly bereft as the throbbing cock withdraws from my still needy pussy. I stand up.

“Your place?” asks the man who was fucking me. He is not talking to me.

The rather beautiful, now that I am paying attention, man who came in my mouth nods, as he slips into swimming shorts, still erect. The man who had come inside my friend is only semi tumescent, as he removes the full condom, ties it up in a knot, and slips it into the pocket of his shorts, before putting them on. He, like his partner who had come in my mouth, is well built, and, even in a state of semi- repose, his satiated member is of a thickness and length that my clit notices with a throb of approval and desire. My friend, still very erect, wraps a sarong around him, and reaches down to pass me mine from the sand.

Still in an inarticulate haze of lust, nipples stiff, clit throbbing and pussy pulsating, I wrap the sarong around myself, squeezing my tits together as I do so, anxious to get somewhere that I can make use of these three men, and their, for now, infinitely desirable hard appendages.

My friend grabs my arm, and together we follow the other two to a bungalow just behind the edge of the beach, that I had not previously noticed, at the very edge of the cultivated area.

“I see them most mornings,” my companion says quietly as we walk, “But I think I shall enjoy sharing them with you. I told them I thought you would come…”

He pauses and turns to me and smiles, “…but I did not realise how many times. Just relax when we get inside, Pleasure is our only principle.”

I say nothing, not wanting to engage my mind in something my body seems to be managing very well on its own. I have a physical need to be filled, everywhere, and a physical understanding that my needs will soon be met. I need know no more than this.

Inside the bungalow, the small room is filled by a king size bed, white slightly rumpled bottom sheet bahis siteleri and nothing more, no pillows. The beautiful man who came in my mouth lies on his back on the bed, stroking his already hard cock to a peak of erection, before sliding a condom on to it.

My friend helps me remove my sarong, and sits me, now naked and very aroused, on the bottom of the bed.

“Relax and enjoy. You have all our attention from now on.” He disrobes, releasing his still very erect and throbbing cock.

The third man reappears, naked, from the bathroom. I gasp involuntarily when I see his erection. It is quite long, but it is its thickness that is most remarkable. My pussy spasms and contracts in anticipation of being filled by this monster cock.

The man on the bed sits up and slides down to sit directly behind me, his legs either side of me, his condomed erection pressed hard against the small of my back, his hands reaching round to stroke the sides, and to cradle, from beneath, my big heavy breasts, that feel, in another new sensation, that with a few more strokes, he will make me come. I lean my head back onto his shoulder, thrusting my tits out. As I do so, the man with the big thick cock leans forward, reaches down and squeezes my full and excited tits together and sucks hard on my nipples, one after the other. Mg legs spread wide, involuntarily, in silent invitation and pleading, and the intense pleasure in my tits and nipples suffuses my body, with a direct broadband connection to mg clit, which seems to explode in pleasure, as I come.

As I recover, I reach out to grasp the big thick cock, the proximity of which contributed to my over excitement, and I become aware once more of the hard cock pressing into my lower back, and hands still carressing my big tits. The big cock is not immediately available, and when I open my eyes, I see my friend standing close, looking at me, smiling, and stroking his hard member. I open my mouth in silent invitation, and then moan as I realise where the big thick cock has gone. He is sitting between my spread legs, leaning forward, and kissing my inner thighs. I whimper as he moves his hot tongue around my pussy lips, before seeking out my throbbingly excited clit, and beginning to pleasure it with an expert tongue.

My friend moves closer, and guides his erection to my open mouth. I hold his hot hardness and take him deep into my mouth, caressing his sensitive parts with my tongue. My legs spread wide, a knowing tongue pleasuring my clit, my tongue and lips pleasuring the hard cock I am firmly grasping, an erection pressed hard into the base of my back, my tits and nipples being stroked and squeezed. Overwhelming pleasure. Orgasm. And again. And once more as I feel the cock in my mouth swelling, moans from my friend as his big orgasm becomes inevitable. I pump his cock, feel it swell to explosive rigidity; sense his balls contracting, and feel as his orgasm pulses through his cock and fills my mouth with rope after rope of jism. My nipples are being tugged hard, and as I press the head between my legs against my pussy, I explode in a super-massive orgasm, the cock popping out of my mouth and come dribbling down my chin as I cry out the pulsing of my pleasure.

I am lost in a fog of physical pleasure, all thought put aside as I luxuriate in my physicality. I have no will aside from a physical desire for more pleasure. I hear the distant voice of my friend, as the man behind me pulls me, firmly but not roughly, up the bed.

“Over to you, boys, give her more of what she wants…”

My only coherent thought is ore of relief that there is more to come. I am now in the middle of the bed, and the man behind me is manhandling me to liedown on my stomach. With a frisson of mixed fear and anticipation, I realise that it is not my pussy he will be seeking with his hard cock. I am proved right, as he spreads my cheeks and, inserts a heavily lubricated finger into my tight arse. I moan out loud, with pleasure and anticipation of something bigger to come. He adds more lubricant, and finger-fucks my arse as deep as his finger will go. I am very excited, and push back against his finger, my well lubricated hole already wanting something bigger. He seems to notice this and, pulling his finger out, slides two well lubricated fingers into my arse and fucks me hard and fast with them. I slide my hand under myself, and touch my super stiff clit. Just touching it, with two fingers deep in my arse, makes me come, loudly, pushing back against the fingers.

I feel him moving, kneeling behind me,and then the fingers are removed, and I feel his questing cock, snuffling at my arse, before sliding his head inside. I gasp, it is bigger and thicker than two fingers, and I feel pain, and a little fear, before he withdraws, an re-enters, a little deeper, and withdraws, and re-enters, until, to my surprise, I realise that he is fully inside me, and there is no pain, only a full feeling that excites me, and, rubbing my clit under me, I come again.

He bahis şirketleri is deep inside me, but is not moving. He moves his arms, from being outstreched, his body not touching mine above my buttocks, so that he collapses onto my back, his hands reaching under me, to enclose a breast in each hand, my hard nipples between his fingers. Oh, god, it feels good. I strum my clit until, pushing my tits down on his hands, and my arse up at his cock, I explode in orgasm again. Immediately afterwards, he rolls onto his back bringing me with him. I lie on top of him, legs wide, his cock deep in my arse, and his hands squeezing my big excited tits.

I open my eyes, and see my friend standing at the side of the bed, looking at me with naked lust, stroking his, hard once more, cock. The other man, huge cock prominent in front of him, kneels on the bottom of the bed, and advances towards me. I spread my legs wider in unconscious invitation, eager for this huge cock to fill my pussy, a germ of fear in the back of my mind adding to my arousal, and I come, hands free, before he gets close.

He spreads my legs further, my knees bent. He kneels before my pussy, his legs outside the legs of the man under me, my legs already spread wide and raised on each side of his hips. He rubs his big hard cock against my clit watching my face as I watch his. I think that he will see, reflected in my face, what I see in his. Unbridled lust.

With no further foreplay he plunges the full length of his massive cock deep into my pussy. I feel about to burst, or split open, my pussy filled as never before, and behind a seemingly very thin and fragile membrane, another hard and excited cock in my arse. The pain, discomfort and trepidation mingles with extreme arousal, and l reach down to pull him even deeper into my pussy. The big cock begins to move in me, and the pain and trepidation disappear, as I am overcome with another orgasm. I raise my legs high, and he begins to move more rythmically, thrusting hard into me. I feel full to bursting with the two cocks seeming to take over my body. The hands oh my tits begin to sgaeeze and rub more rythmically, and I gasp and move my head from side to side I hear him moan under me, and, difficult as it is to separate sensations, he seems to get bigger and harder inside me, as the other monster cock pumps hard into my pussy.

The moaning from beneath me and the increasingly fast thrusting, and grunting, from above me, together with intense pleasure from my tits, arse and pussy, flings me over the top and I come in a short sharp shock. He does not stop pumping inte me, faster, harder. The man beneath me is holding his cock deep and hard in my arse, his moans almost constant, his hands and fingers running wild on my tits and nipples. I feel wonderful, we will soon all come again.

Mg tits are squeezed tight and hard, gasps and cries fron below me, and a stiffening and pulsing in my arse, and he is coming. As that is happening, the other man is getting to his own short strokes, and I realise, with a flash of insight, that, despite the pleasure I am enjoying, this is not about me. I am the vessel through which tley are fucking each other. Before that thought has time to establish itself, I totally let go of myself and lose myself in wave after wave of pleasure, that continue long after both my pussy and arse are full of come. As the waves subside, I feel a warm wetness splash on my tits and chest. I open my eyes to see my friend standing over me, tighly clutching his throbbing cock, as it pumps its come over me.

I am exhausted. The big cock withdraws from my battered pussy, and the detumescing cock slides out of my arse, leaving both places, it feels, wide open and empty. I roll off the man beneath me, and curl up on my side. I am physically drained, and I am keeping my mind deliberately empty. I feel the two men get off the bed, no sign of affection or even acknowledgement from either of them. Irrationally, I feel a little hurt, though I know I have used them at least as mush as they have used me.

My friend curls up behind me, his hard again cock between my cheeks, one hand reaching under my neck, to cradle and squeeze my tits together, the other reaching over to cover my pussy. It is comforting. He whispers to me about how sexy it was to watch me, and as he describes watching me being fucked, and the sight of me coming, and coming, he strokes and caresses my tits, and my clit, and I am turned on once more. As he describes watching me being fucked in the arse, he slides his cock easily into my come slicked rear entrance, and begins to fuck me, squeezing my tits, and rubbing my clit. He graphically describes what he saw, and to my surprise, I soon come again, pressing back against his cock.

” I want to come too,” he growls, turning me onto my stomach.

Squeezing my tits, he begins to thrust hard into me. I reach down and pleasure my clit and come once more, as he begins to gasp and grunt, and with two last, deep thrusts, he comes.

He immediately rolls off me, and lies, breathless at my side. It is strange, but his stories and fucking have exorcised the beginning of self loathing which I had been in danger of indulging when the other two men left the bed.

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