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I am, as I just heard on tv, a trysexual. I will try just about anything if all partners are willing and I like just about everything I try. The problem is finding a partner who is also a trysexual.

I have a partner,Jane, now that I think is a trysexual. So far nothing has fazed her. She seems to like everything we do to, with, and for each other.

The other night I decided to try something new for us.

We got home from work and decided to go out on the town to celebrate my raise. We got in the shower together “to save on water”. I turned the shower head to gently pulse nice hot water. I put her under the water first, letting the water flow over her breasts and down her belly to her hairless cunt. I then put some shampoo in my hands and started washing her hair. I kissed her slowly while I gently massaged the shampoo into her hair. I turned her around with her back to me and pulled her against me. The shampoo was sliding down her back letting us slip and slide together. I put my sudsy hands over her breasts and rubbed them in slow circles. I slowly slid one hand down her belly to her slit. I slid one finger in the slit and found her clitoris, the magic button. I heard her moan softly. I started going around and around in a circle, just barely touching the head of her clit. She started breathing heavier.

“I’m going to get off any second if you keep that up” she said.

“Go for it baby”

” Not without you” she cried.

I was canlı bahis so turned on by rubbing all over her, when she reached around and touched me I exploded. I didn’t even notice her exploding at the same time.

After we got our breathing under control, we got down to business and finished our shower. We knew if we didn’t, we probable would not leave the apartment that night.

We dressed in our sexiest clothes and headed to town.

When we got to our favorite club, we ordered drinks and got up to dance. They had a nice live band that played a little of everything. We danced to a couple of fast dances and when a slow one started , we sat back down to listen and enjoy our drinks.

We had a few more drinks as the evening went on and danced to a few more fast dances. We were really enjoying ourselves.

A really good looking guy came in a started checking out the “scene”. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and smiled. We waved him over to our table for a drink and conversation.

As he walked over to us, he looked real good. Nice tight jeans, black shirt, smooth. His name was Fred. We started talking about the club and the music. He got up and danced a couple of times with us.

We were all getting along real good, so my girlfriend and I decided to invite him home with us.

We got in the car with him in the middle of the front seat with us. Nice and cozy. My girlfriend was letting her hands roam a little but he was not bahis siteleri complaining. I kept rubbing my arm against him when I would turn the steering wheel. It was getting a little warm in the car.

As I parked the car, my girlfriend leaned over him and gave me a real long kiss with her tongue going halfway down my throat all the while rubbing her tits on him. Then she turned and kissed him the same way while I reached down under her skirt to rub against her thong.

We managed to get untangled and go into the apartment. Jane turned on some soft music while I poured some wine. We toasted each other and started swaying to the music. Next thing I knew we were slow dancing and caressing each other.

“Why don’t we take off our clothes and dance some more” asked Fred.

He took off his shirt. Jane took off hers to reveal a black push up bra.

“Leave it on” Fred said.

“Now you” he said looking at me.

I pulled my shirt over my head slowly revealing my belly and then my chest.

“Nice” they both said.

The three of us wrapped our arms around each other and danced that way for a while. Naked chests against naked chests.

Fred then dropped his pants, no underwear. Jane and I both started breathing heavier.

He was impressive.

He reached down and picked up his hard dick with his left hand and started stroking it slowly up and down.

I swear, I saw it get even bigger.

Jane got real close bahis şirketleri to him and started rubbing her tits against him. I knelt down to get a closer look at his dick. I could smell the sex on him. I watched him stroking as long as I could stand it and then I stuck out my tongue and licked the head.

He liked it. He started pushing it towards my mouth. I didn’t need any more hints. I took him into my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the head. I heard Fred moan. I looked up and saw Jane and him kissing passionately. I reached up and started rubbing against Jane’s clit through her silk thong. I could feel her start to purr.

Fred was pulling the thong up against her making it tight.

Next thing I knew we were on the floor with Fred on his back and Jane sliding up and down his hard cock.

I kissed Jane pushing my tongue down her throat as far as I could. Fred was rubbing his hand between my legs. I straddled Fred’s face and let him lick me with his long wet tongue while I kept kissing Jane and playing with her nipples. Jane licked her fingers and ran them around my nipples. Next we were rubbing our nipples against each other harder and harder. Fred was thrusting his cock into Jane and tonguing me. All at once we came at the same time.

We slowly came around and found ourselves in a naked pile on the floor. Our bodies had turned to mush. We were still slowly caressing each other in the aftermath of our climaxes.

Jane and I looked at each other and kissed Fred with both of our tongues in his mouth.

When we stopped, Fred looked up and told us that was the best sex he had ever had with two women and would like to try another round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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