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The numbers came up wrong for the third time and I slammed my fist down on the desk. This taking work home thing was NOT going well. The budget forecast was due two days from now and I had three, maybe four days of work to do to get it done. I heard the front door open and heard someone walk in. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashley walk in from her shopping trip and waved over my head.

“Wow,” she said. “Nice to see you, too.” She had that hurt tone in her voice, so I put down my pencil and swiveled in my chair.

“Sorry, baby. You know I’ve got a ton of work to do. I’m sorry I’m ignoring you, really I am.” I pulled her onto my lap, hugged her and gave her a kiss. “I’ll make it up to you when I get this budget stuff done. Promise.” She smiled at me from under her mass of red curls.

“Wow. If this is what making up is about, I want someone to screw up with me more often.” That voice certainly didn’t come from my lovely wife. That voice came from Becca, Ashley’s best friend. Terminally single, Becca was always making fun of the way Ashley and I were around each other. She claimed we were like two teenagers, always wanting to get it on. The fact we’d been married just over a year didn’t help our arguments against her. Things had been different since I had gotten this job at the company. Stress and bringing work home weren’t helping my romance situation. I’d overheard Ashley and Becca talking about it just last week. Ashley was saying that I was overworked and that I wasn’t taking notice of her anymore, which was total crap. I couldn’t help but notice her. She was literally my dream girl.

Ashley is five foot six with nice curves all over, especially her ass. Nice and round, not to mention bigger than average, which was perfect in my mind. Breasts to die for and red hair in those tight curls that just make me want to beat off in her hair.

Becca, on the other hand, was shorter, about five two, with really big breasts and dark brown hair that was sometimes dyed black. She was curvy as well, with slightly wider hips than Ashley, but by no means fat. Her smile was great, too. It was one of those very genuine smiles that was infectious.

Anyway, back to the story:

“Becca, you know you would do just about anything to be sitting here where I am,” Ashley teased. Ashley knew I found Becca attractive, but she also knew I wouldn’t touch Becca.

“Well, you’re close,” Becca responded, walking up to us, “I’d do ANY thing. Now give me my seat” she said, laughing. She came up and started tickling Ashley, causing her to wiggle around on my lap. That certainly didn’t help my enthusiasm for getting back to work. However, since I didn’t want to get fired…

“Whoa, ladies. As much fun as this is or could be, I HAVE to get this stuff done. You know what the boss will do if I don’t get it finished in time.” I gently picked Ashley up off my lap and stood her on the floor, giving her another kiss.

Ashley pouted for a second and then smiled. “Okay, Mr. Spoilsport. Becca is going to help me get this stuff upstairs. We’ll try to be quiet.” She gave me another kiss and started chatting with Becca as they picked up their bags and started upstairs. I sighed and sat back down to work.

About ten minutes later, I heard a large crash from upstairs and bolted from my seat, heart racing. I took the stairs three at a time, turning the corner that led to our bedroom, calling Ashley and Becca’s name, trying to see if anyone was hurt. What I saw stopped me cold.

Ashley and Becca were in a pile on the floor, one of the legs of our bed frame having given way. Bags everywhere, they had ended up a tangle of arms and legs. It almost looked like a women’s wrestling match. I chuckled, seeing that everyone was all right, and bent down to help untangle everyone. In the process, I accidentally grabbed one of Becca’s breasts while trying to hold her shoulder. I yanked my hand back as if it had burned and I’m sure I turned bright red. I mumbled an apology and finished helping get them untangled and everyone standing back up.

I leaned down and looked at the bed frame. There was no way I could fix it, even if I had time. I had the girls ataköy masöz escort move and hauled the mattress and springs off the ruins of the frame and leaned them against the wall. I took the frame out in the hall and replaced the bed. “Well, babes, I guess we’re sleeping a little closer to the floor tonight. I’ll toss the frame out in the trash. Everybody okay?” The both nodded, Ashley rubbing her gorgeous behind. I left the room and grabbed the bed frame, walking it outside and leaving it with the trash. I figured I could break it up later if I needed to.

A couple hours later, I was still hunched over the paperwork, things working a little better, but not looking promising. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, starting to squeeze. I groaned at the pressure of her fingers. “Oh man, I needed this. Thanks, hun.” She grunted softly in response and dug her thumbs under my trapezius, causing my eyes to roll back in my head as the stress left my muscles. I let my arms drop to my sides and let my head lean back on the chair.

She moved one hand up to my neck, my head rocking back and forth slightly, her other hand resting on my shoulder. Eyes closed, I turned my head and kissed her finger, eliciting a slight gasp, which I found kind of odd, since I did that on a regular basis. Her grip on my neck shifted slightly and I suddenly felt her breath on my neck, moving to my right and her teeth nibbling slightly on my ear. I inhaled softly, feeling a slight stirring in my pants. She knew I liked that and I felt her hand start to move down my chest. She moved her mouth to my neck, biting softly as her hand found my groin and squeezed softly. I responded by pushing my crotch into her hand and moaning. After a few seconds, I couldn’t take any more of that, so I started to turn around, feeling her hands and mouth move away from me as I turned.

Facing me was not my wife, but her friend Becca. I saw that Ashley was watching from a few feet away, her eyes alive with desire. Becca started undoing the buttons on her shirt and smiled at me. “This is to thank you for saving us earlier,” she said quietly. “I don’t know what we would’ve done without you.”

Ashley stepped forward, pulling her shirt up over her head. “But we know what we want to do with you.” Honestly, I can say that I was frozen with awe. Never would I have guessed Ashley would put something like this together. Not that I was minding at all, but I wasn’t sure how I should proceed. I decided the best course was to let the women take the lead.

Becca had her shirt fully unbuttoned, her breasts absolutely gorgeous in a black bra that set off her slightly pale skin. Ashley moved behind her and reached around Becca, fondling her through her bra. Becca leaned her head back against Ashley’s cheek and sighed. I looked Ashley in the eyes and she nodded slightly, giving me her approval. I smiled back at her and started to move.

I leaned forward and started to undo the front hook on Becca’s bra, Ashley moving her hands so I could release Becca’s breasts from their confinement and push he shirt from her shoulders. Becca looked down at me and smiled, pushing her breasts toward me. I took one hardening nipple in my mouth lifting her other breast in my hand toying with it, fondling it as I sucked the other. Becca moaned as I too her nipple in my teeth, a moan that was stifled after a second. I raised my eyes to see my wife kissing Becca. Ashley had never given me the slightest inclination that she liked women. I would find out later that it was just Becca she was interested in.

I felt movement under my face. I loosed Becca’s breast from my mouth to see Ashley sliding her hand into Becca’s pants, Becca spreading her legs slightly wider. I stood up at this point, in both senses and started to nibble on Becca’s neck, pushing my erection into her crotch and my wife’s hand. This went on for several minutes, Becca trying to move her body in two directions at once. She stopped the two of us and said, “No way, Tiger. This is your thank you, so sit back down in that chair.”

I did what she said and looked up at her excitedly. She leaned over me, kissing me and ataköy otele gelen escort undoing the button and zipper on my pants. She reached into my pants and stroked me lightly. She told me to lift up and as I did, she pulled my pants down to my knees and the kneeled in front of me. She took my shaft in her hand and stroked it up and down slowly, grinning at me from her knees. Ashley knelt down behind her with something in her hand. After a couple of seconds, she started to rub and fondle Becca’s breasts again.

Becca took the head of my cock in her mouth and bobbed up and down. I laid a hand on her shoulder and closed my eyes. Ashley was great at giving head, but Becca was something else. It was like making love to her mouth. This could’ve gone on all day and I wouldn’t have cared, but it stopped, only to be replaced with velvety softness of a different kind moving up and down my shaft. I cracked my eyes to see Becca’s large breasts wrapped around the shaft of my cock, moving up and down. I groaned, wishing I was standing so I could fuck them, rather than being passive.

She moved her breasts up all seven inches and squeezed at the top, causing a delightful pressure on the head of my cock. I closed my eyes again, focusing on the pleasure I was receiving, when another sensation appeared. I opened my eyes again to see Ashley kneeling next to Becca, her head in the cleft of Becca’s breasts, sucking the head of my dick as Becca lowered her breasts.

I tried pumping my hips against Becca’s flesh and my wife’s mouth. Becca chuckled and leaned back slightly and I scooted forward on the seat and began thrusting in earnest. Ashley moved her head away from Becca’s cleavage and began kissing her again, which was a greater turn on than before.

I groaned and leaned my head back, feeling the buildup to orgasm deep in my gut. My breath caught in my throat as I bucked my hips, the first stream of cum exploding from my cock as if it were shot out of a canon. It hit Becca’s chin with a quiet but audible squishing sound and she moaned into my wife’s mouth. Strands and strands of cum leapt onto Becca’s neck and breasts. Ashley broke away from Becca’s mouth and began to scoop up my cum with her tongue and feed it to Becca. Becca swallowed every bit Ashley gave her and licked more off of Ashley’s face.

I leaned back, breathing quickly, my penis pulling free of Becca’s breasts and twitching in front of me, letting me know he wasn’t going anywhere. Becca and Ashley both swept in to lick me clean, my cock virtually vibrating where it stood. Ashley took it in her mouth and sucked, getting one last blob of jizz from the head. She moaned softly and swallowed that all on her own.

Becca stared at my penis, amazed that it wasn’t softening. Ashley chuckled and whispered, “Let’s show him what else we want to do to say thanks.” She raised Becca from the floor and pulled her toward the stairs by the hand. I stood up and tried to follow, only to be confounded by my pants. I pulled them up enough to shuffle and followed the women up the stairs.

I turned the corner into our bedroom, but the doorway was blocked by Ashley and Becca making out against the door. They were both trying to remove the rest of each other’s clothes at the same time. I could see their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths as they moved.

Now, Ashley and I had discussed having another woman join us and she decided that she didn’t think she would handle it well, so I had dropped it. This was so out of character for her that I would’ve guessed she was someone else. In the time it took me to blink twice, Becca had pushed her onto our bed and was straddling her, biting hungrily around Ashley’s nipples.

I stepped up behind Becca and ran my hand over her ass. She wiggled for me and dragged her belly across Ashley’s, moving her dark brown pubic hair over Ashley’s light red bush. Ashley leaned her head back into the bed and gasped. She wrapped her fingers in Becca’s hair and pulled Becca further into her breasts. I took this opportunity to lower myself to my knees and gaze upon two beautiful women grinding their groins into ataköy rus escort each other. I smiled and leaned into Becca’s pussy, lapping at her lips. She froze for a second then returned to kissing Ashley, holding Ashley’s hands down on the bed.

I began pushing my tongue around Becca’s clit while pushing a finger into Ashley’s wetness. They both moaned into each other’s mouths and they writhed closer to each other. I sucked Becca’s clit into my mouth and added another finger to Ashley’s dripping hole. I began that ‘come hither’ motion and I heard Ashley’s deep intake of air and knew that she was just about to cum. I kept it up, tonguing Becca faster. Soon, they were both cumming and grinding into each other.

Becca was still trying to catch her breath as I stood up and placed the head of my still-hard cock in her wet pussy. She looked back at me and smiled and then gasped as I shoved my cock into her as Ashley took one of her nipples into her mouth. I held my place in Becca’s pussy, feeling her still twitching muscle as they shuddered around my shaft. I ran my hands over her ass again, grabbing it and kneading it.

Becca began to move against me, which meant she was moving against Ashley as well. Becca laid her head on Ashley’s chest and closed her eyes. Ashley and I locked eyes, my motions grinding Becca into her. She ran her tongue over her lips and closed her eyes, wrapping her fingers in Becca’s hair again.

I kept up my pace, Becca adjusting herself to my cock. She arched her back, running my head over her hot spot, groaning with each stroke. Ashley released one hand and slid it down between their bodies. She took two fingers and began playing with Becca’s clit. Becca gave out a loud gasp and I felt her muscles starting to spasm again. I pounded her relentlessly and she cried out, her whole body shaking in orgasm. She climaxed for at least thirty seconds, screaming and digging her nails into the bed. finally, she collapsed onto Ashley completely, her breath ragged. My cock popped out as she deflated, still looking as angry purple as it had when I started.

Ashley looked at my twitching cock and lowered her legs, allowing Becca to slide off to one side. I kneeled on the bed and buried myself in one thrust, burying myself to the hilt, making Ashley moan. Becca, her eyes closed, began playing with Ashley’s clit in return for her previous effort, causing Ashley to arch her back. I kept pounding away, knowing that Ashley liked the hard fucking when she got seriously aroused, like now.

I pushed her legs back toward her head and started putting some muscle into it. I was almost literally bouncing her ass off the bed as I fucked her. I pulled out slowly, leaving only the head touching her lips only to slam back down as hard as I could. She cried out with each thrust, one hand grabbing Becca’s head, the other tearing up handfuls of the sheet underneath her.

I felt her muscles start to tense, her face turning pink. she clenched her legs around my waist and pulled me in deep, groaning as her orgasm hit, flooding around my shaft. Her legs dropped to the side after an excruciating couple of minutes. I could tell by the way her eyeball rolled back in her head that she had had enough. Becca didn’t look like she was up for much either, so I pulled my dick out of Ashley’s hole and began stroking it over her belly. They both looked up at me and smiled.

Becca reached up and took over my wanking duties. I let her, preferring a hand job to doing it myself. I began fucking her hand hard and fast. She matched my rhythm, whispering ‘Give us your cum.’ It didn’t take much after that. I closed my eyes and grunted, feeling the pulsing start.

My first shot of cum almost made it to Becca’s face, landing squarely between Ashley’s breasts. Becca kept stroking, my cum landing on Ashley’s belly, with one blob landing in her belly button. We all chuckled at that and Becca released my cock, it still twitching, but softening.

Becca took a finger and gathered up a shot of cum and stuck it in her mouth, licking it clean. She then took a cum covered finger and fed it to Ashley who also licked Becca’s finger clean. Becca then fed Ashley the rest of my cum that way until Ashley was all clean. Becca moved enough to lick up any extraneous cum from my wife’s belly and then laid back down next to her. I took up the same position on the other side of Ashley. Everyone sighed and I laid there, my eyes open, wondering what the hell just happened. And if we could get it to happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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