Uncharted territory chapter 3

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For some odd reason after all that had transpired between the two, Matt and Sally were acting rather awkward around each other. Sally had a full scale war raging on inside her as part of her felt like she should be locked away for taking advantage of a young boy’s confused emotions and another part of her knew there was no turning back, this same part of her made her feel hot and bothered and very aroused when she thought of how she had found a new sex toy, one that would be willing act out her filthy fantasies with no questions asked. Matt on the other hand was just shy around his mother. Boys his age usually are shy around the girl they have a crush on and that usually changes once they have sex but it probably had something to do with fact that the woman he had a crush on, had sex with and his mother all happened to be the same person. It would confuse any teenage boy.

A few weeks went by and nothing more than a few awkward glances happened between the two as James was around more often now. This frustrated both Sally and Matt beyond what words could explain as neither of them said it but both felt the uncontrollable desire to ravish each other on site. Their frustration grew as the days passed which caused Sally to get tired of being a house wife waiting to get fucked by the stud so she went out and found a part time job being an office temp. She really didn’t do it for the income as James’s job brought in a pretty neat wage she just saw it as a place to escape her life for a few hours a day. Matt on the other hand threw himself into his school work and football which to his own surprise paid off as he was getting pretty good at playing football. This meant him coming home later than usual from football practice and also meant he was away for the weekends most of the time. Before anyone in the family could notice several months had gone by, it was actually more like a year as they just busied themselves with their individual lives.

The summer came around and school holidays were underway. Matt felt a bit of relief as all his pressures from school had disappeared, no school work, no football practice or games. He took this as an opportunity to get back to his old self, a full summer of video games and internet surfing. On one particular day he was playing one of the popular online multiplayer war strategy games and wasting away in his room when he heard the door the front door open and close. He thought it a bit odd considering it was 3 o’ clock on a Tuesday afternoon which meant everyone was at work. He went downstairs to see who it was and found his mother in the kitchen drinking a glass of water.

“Hey mom. You’re home early.” He stated sounding more like a question.

“Hey Matty. The office closed early being our last day and all. It’s so damn hot today.” She replied, returning to her glass of water.

Sally worked as a temp secretary at a school. She found that job quickly because the school needed someone to replace their secretary who was on maternity leave and Sally had a friend in the office who recommended her for the job. Being school holidays they closed when school broke up for the holidays.

“Oh ok. Cool!” Was all Matt said as he turned around and walked away headed back for his bedroom to continue his game.

Sally turned to him and was about to say something but lost her train of thought so she just kept quiet. She watched him walking away trying to remember what she wanted to say and then she noticed something.

“What the…?” She trailed off as she watched Matt walk up the stairs.

The last times he had paid any attention to him was before she started her job. She hadn’t noticed him changing all this time and it confused her a bit because from the back she almost never recognised her own son. Matt kept his hair shorter now as it was pointless having hair getting in his face while he played a football match. He was wearing a white sleeveless vest and red shorts that just passed his knees which meant Sally noticed how much broader his shoulders had gotten and his arms and legs were thicker and a bit more muscular than she had known them to be. Matt seemed to have gone through a growth spurt and having being tricked into joining the football team during this developing time meant that he had developed and athletic kind of build to him.

Sally was beyond words. She couldn’t think how he could change so fast and so she began counting in her head how long it had been since the last time she saw him naked. The amount of time that had passed shocked her completely. She hadn’t noticed that a whole year had passed since their encounters, so much so that things had almost become normal between the two. Almost! As she watched him disappear up the stairs she was caught off guard as she felt her pussy clench and begin to warm up.
“No Sally stop it!” She scolded herself and turned away. “This whole mess seems to be behind us and things seem to be back to normal. Don’t go there Sally.” She continued as she sat down on the sofa, kicked her flat pumps off and got comfy only to find nothing interesting in TV. Meanwhile Matt was suddenly being annihilated on the game he playing as he couldn’t concentrate. He paused the game and sat back on his bed as images of his mother flashed through his head. Her appearance was still fresh in his mind as it had only been a few minutes since he had seen her. His mind went over it several times in detail. The way her breasts were ballooning against her silk shirt, the way the pencil skirt she was wearing hugged her wide hips like a second skin, the black stockings she was wearing seemed to lovingly and tightly cling onto her shapely legs and for some reason Matt found himself being aroused by the fact that she wore flat pumps instead of high heels. It gave her an innocent ‘cute mom’ look that was driving him crazy.

He somehow managed to snap out of it and looked down to see his cock erect and trying to tear its way through his shorts. He noticed the large wet spot appearing by the tip where loads of precum was oozing out.

“Dammit. Now I gotta change before anyone notices.” He said to himself, frustrated that he seemed to be heading back down this road of lusting for his mother just when he thought he had sorted his head out. He changed his shorts and headed down to laundry to put his shorts in the wash. On the way back he decided to pass through the kitchen and grab a can of cola from the fridge when he caught the scent of something all too familiar. He could smell the scent of an aroused vagina mixed with the scent of nylon and to top it off, the smell of his mother’s heavenly perfume that always seemed to make him weak in the knees. Without thinking he followed this scent all the way into the lounge where he found his mother sitting on the sofa facing the TV with a distressed look on her face. He looked down to see her legs closed and her thighs tightly pressed together as if she needed to pee badly. Sally looked up and saw her son standing in the door way, her eyes followed his structure all the way up until their eyes met and at that moment it was as if a bomb had been detonated and the explosive fire consumed them both. They both now had completely expressionless faces and stared at each other as Matt moved toward her. No one dared speak, they just moved as if someone else was controlling them. Matt approached Sally and got down on his knees in front of her and she opened her legs for him to move closer and she wrapped her firm legs around his waist all the while neither of them broke eye contact and were completely silent. Matt reached down and unbuttoned the front of his shorts and pulled his fully erect cock out and aimed it at his mother who had pulled her skirt up and was ready and waiting. Neither of them registered that she was wearing full pantyhose as Matt moved forward slowly and pressed his cock against her nylon clad pussy. As luck would have it Sally wasn’t wearing any panties under her pantyhose and by some miracle Matt’s cock was pressed against the weakest part of the seam in her pantyhose. She sat there motionless and silent as he slowly but forcefully pushed like a mindless sex drone.

“I missed you.”

Sally whispered barely audible and never breaking eye contact and just as she said it the seam of her pantyhose gave way and Matt’s cock was quickly enveloped in her hot pink pussy which was practically dripping from her being overly aroused. Matt began pumping his cock into his mother slowly and steady, neither of them said a word or made a sound as their stares consumed one another Sally tightened her thighs around her son’s waist and was aroused even further by the feel of his muscular waist. It sent shivers up and down her spine and caused her pussy to quiver. Matt felt his mother’s pussy quiver and try to stretch around his cock and some of her pussy fluids oozed out and began dripping off his balls as he slowly but very forcefully pumped into her. Sally felt herself nearing a climax causing her pussy to contract and Matt felt it quite strongly. He pulled out almost all the way and gave one final thrust. As his cock bottomed out in her she felt his cock pulsate inside her at exactly the same time her pussy would contract almost as if it were trying to clench closed but the cock inside it would pulsate and force it opened. They both just silently stared into each other’s eyes as their bodies fused together in a heated orgasm.

Once their orgasms subsided they sat there panting and breathing heavily as sweat dripped off their faces. Both mother and son had lost track of time and were startled when they heard a car door being shut in the drive way. Without saying anything Matt pulled out and stood up in one motion. Sally sat there with her legs opened, now feeling empty as she looked at her son’s still erect cock literally dripping with a mixture of her vaginal fluids and his own cum. A wicked smile crept up on her face as she closed her legs and leaned forward, taking his cock completely into her mouth and down her throat and closed her eyes.
“Mmmmmm.” Was the only sound she made before opening her eyes and letting her son’s cock slip out of her mouth with a popping sound. The sound of keys rusting outside the door was heard shortly after and they both knew it was James. Matt tucked his cock back into his shorts and rushed out of the room headed for his bedroom to try and act inconspicuous. Sally on the other hand simply licked her lips and sat back on the sofa, crossing her one leg over the other looking as casual as ever as the front door opened.

“Hey honey. Did you have a good last day at work?”

James asked as he walked through the door.

“Oh kocaeli escort better than you can imagine my dear. It was very…warming to find out some people still appreciate what I have to offer.” She replied with a beaming smile on her face as she felt her pussy tingle from the brutal fucking her son had just given it only moments ago.

She stood up and clenched her pussy tight making sure none of the cum inside her would spill out and luckily none of it did considering she was wearing a skirt.

“I’ll get dinner started.”

She said as she walked toward the kitchen. Actually it was more like the walk of a model on a catwalk only she had a soft, wide, motherly ass that swayed as she walked. Sally was delighted at the thrill she was feeling from almost being caught as well as fucking someone she clearly knows she shouldn’t be.

Matt made it to his room and sat down on his bed trying to figure out what had happened. It was strange to him because he had already had sex with her before but something was different. Things had changed between him and his mother and now they weren’t as close as they used to be which is normal considering most teenage boys distance themselves from their mothers when they are growing older. His mind replayed over and over the way his body took on a life of its own and acted on pure instinct. It thoroughly went through how he just took his mother right there in the lounge without thinking what would happen should someone walk in and find them.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Sally was having more luck controlling her actions as she was preparing dinner in her normal fashion. Controlling her thoughts however was a different matter altogether. All she could think of was how she hadn’t even tried to resist when her own son took body and used it for his own pleasure and how much she loved being over powered and intimidated by him.
“My baby has become a man. When did that happen?” She said to herself as she thought of how much he had changed. In the middle of her conversation with herself Sally felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. She got excited thinking it was Matt only to find it was her husband James.

“Any chance I could interest my wife with a good night in bed?”

James said with a little bit of excitement in his voice.

“Not tonight honey, I’m really tired. I’ll make it up to you.” She replied.

“Oh, ok. no problem.” James said as he walked off into the lounge.

Sally felt really bad for blowing her husband off like that but she knew she had no choice in the matter. He would notice something was up considering her abdomen was loaded with cum and he would definitely notice her pussy has been stretched open.

That night the three of them had dinner but the room was filled with tension. Sally felt bad about blowing her husband off meanwhile her and Matt had to avoid looking at each other in order to avoid suspicion which was easier said than done. Matt tried to concentrate but all he could think of was cumming all over his loving mom and doing the filthiest things possible to her. At the same time all Sally could think of was throwing Matt to the ground, straddling his face and fucking it until kingdom come. James just brushed off the whole thing and really thought his wife was tired. He tried not to read too much into it. They finished up dinner and Matt called it a night and went to bed.

The next morning Matt woke up and found the house unusually quiet for a Saturday morning. He got out of bed, got dressed and made his way down to the kitchen to get something to drink. He got there and found his mom sitting at the kitchen table reading a book.

“Good morning.” He said as he walked past his mother to get a glass of water.

“It most certainly is.” Sally replied, looking her son’s body over from top to bottom.

Matt finished his drink and turned toward his mother who had returned her gaze back to her book. He looked at her sitting in a pink gown with her left leg crossed over her right, dangling one shoe off the tip of her foot and her thighs completely exposed. Matt couldn’t help but admire how her skin looked silky smooth with not a mark to be seen, soft and warm and begging to be caressed. Their silence was broken when her shoe slipped off and fell to the ground.

“Ooopsie.” Sally said as she looked down.

“Be a darling and get that for me please.” She requested as she returned her gaze to her book once more.

What should’ve been as simple as picking the shoe up and placing it on her foot turned into something much more considering what these two had going on. Matt went down on one knee and picked the shoe up but before placing it back he looked at his mother’s delicate foot with pink nail polish.

“You really like pink don’t you?” Matt asked.

“Pink is the best colour a girl can wear, its feminine and cute. Tell me it doesn’t make you wanna kiss those toes and I’ll call you a liar.” She replied not moving her gaze from her book.

“They do look pretty.” He admitted to her.

“Thank you dear. Well go on, mommy’s toes aren’t going to kiss themselves you know.” She said to him with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Matt laughed and gave them a tiny, quick kiss. Sally expected to feel her shoe being put back on but instead felt another kiss, and then another, and another, each kiss lasting longer than the previous one until she suddenly felt his hot, moist tongue slide between each of her toes. What started as a joke turned into something extremely sexual and neither of them were in the least bit surprised. Sally spread her toes and was rewarded with her son gently sucking each one until he was satisfied. With her face hidden behind the book, Matt didn’t realise her eyes were closed, her breathing had become laboured and she was biting her bottom lip. She suddenly felt the sensation stop.

“Wow mom, your toes are really soft.” He said to her.

She finally opened her eyes and caught her breath.

“Only you can turn something as simple as kissing a foot into something erotic.”

Matt’s senses calmed down and he came back down to reality. Without saying a word he slipped her shoe back on, stood up and walked away. He headed straight into the shower hoping it would clear his head and it did but only for a few minutes and that’s when the thoughts of his mother came crashing into his head again giving him a raging erection. He couldn’t understand how just her foot alone could make him loose it in an instant.

He finished up his shower and stepped out into a misty bathroom. While getting dry he suddenly noticed a figure standing in the mist and was about to freak out when he could just about make out the curvy hips that could only belong to one person. He looked down and recognised those same pink polished toes that almost made him loose his shit about thirty minutes ago.

“Mom what’s going on?” He asked, the voice that replied sounded similar to his mother’s but was different, thick and heavy with lust.

“Nothing much, there’s no milk for my coffee so I just came to get some.” She replied as she started moving toward him, more like gliding sensuously through the mist. She reached him and got down on her knees taking his cock into her mouth and humming like it were some sort of delicacy she enjoyed tasting. She started off sucking him slowly as his mind adjusted to this warm and moist sensation. Soon she was moving fast, fucking her throat on his cock. Now Sally had never been one for blowjobs, she was never an adventurous woman but her son seemed to bring out the raw lust in her making her do and think things she wouldn’t otherwise do.

The mist began to clear and Matt looked down and all he could see was his mother on her knees sucking him off like a porn star.

“You really like giving blowjobs don’t you?” He asked her as she sucked like her life depended on it.
She slid his cock out of her throat and caught her breath.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to judge mister ‘I like to suck mommy’s toes’. Each person has what turns them on. And mine is sucking your delicious cock.” She said and began twirling her tongue around the tip of his swollen cock head. She looked up at him and began stroking his cock with her hand.
“Are you going to give your dear old mom some milk? Please baby I’m desperate?” Sally was now practically begging her son to cum for her as she stroked his cock. His reply shocked them both.

“Since you’ve been a good little slut and begged on your knees I’ll let you have some of my cum. But next time you have to work for it ok?” He said in a firm manly voice.

Sally blushed and nodded her head then smiled like a little girl.

“Thank you Matty, next I will work really hard to get it.” She said as she swallowed his cock again.
She began sucking it extremely hard and fast at the same time using her hand near the base to jerk him off. In no time Matt was groaning telling his mother that he is about to cum. With her other hand Sally undid her gown and let it fall open exposing her surprisingly firm and milky breasts. She slipped his cock out of her mouth with a muffled popping sound, tilted her head back with her mouth opened and began stroking his cocking really hard and fast as if she were trying to snatch it off his body. All it took was for Matt to look down and see his mother practically naked and jerking him off and that was it. Thick ropes of cum shot out from the tip of his cock and landed all over his mother. Some of it went in her hair which was loosely tied in a ponytail, some of it covered her face, most of it landed on her tongue which was sticking out ready and waiting for his cum. The rest of it oozed out of his cock and dripped onto her tits. One or two steaming drops landed directly on one of her nipples and sent electricity up and down her body in seconds. She stuck her tongue out and licked up the last drop and then sat back on her legs and smiled warmly at him as she closed her mouth and swallowed the cum on her tongue. Matt could swear he actually heard a gulping sound when she swallowed which aroused him immensely.

“Well thanks for the milk my angel but I think I need a shower to wash all this cum off me.” She said as she stood up. She turned toward the shower and was walking away and Matt watched her ass sway from side to side captivating him in an erotic haze.

“Mom?” He said suddenly. Sally stopped and turned her head to look back over her shoulder.

“Yes dear?” She replied.

“Would it be ok if I had a taste of your cake?” He asked.

“What cake? I didn’t bake a cake.” She said but Matt just kept quiet. A second later kocaeli escort bayan it dawned on her and she burst out laughing.

“Aren’t you just the cutest? Of course you can my baby.” She said as she walked over to the faucet, placed her elbows on the edge of it as comfortably as she could get and bent over at the waist which caused her ass to stick out a bit and her swollen, wet pussy lips to protrude just below her asshole.

“There you go honey. Eat as much as you like, this cake is all yours.” She said as she faced forward and smiled with anticipation. It was highly possible that she was more excited than he was.

Matt was on his knees and behind her in seconds. He admired her ass for a few seconds, staring at it in wonder as if it were the promised land. He held onto her hips and pressed his face into her pussy and began licking nonstop. He literally licked every inch of visible flesh that could be classed as her vagina. He tickled her clit with is tongue and then licked all the way up her crack where paused by her asshole and gave it a good licking.

“Oh my.” Sally said out load blushing profusely.

“I see you like both kinds of desert. What did mommy do to deserve such good behaviour from her baby?” She said as she felt his tongue circle her pink rose bud several times before pushing into it with his tongue and fucking it. Sally felt her heart beat start to race and her body temperature rose quite quickly.
“Honey that feels so good it’s unbelievable but it’s turning me on way too much. Stand up please?” She asked while trying to catch her breath.

Not knowing why she asked him to stop, Matt knew better than to question his mother when she was this aroused so he obliged. Sally didn’t change her position but simply reached up to the medicine cabinet above the faucet retrieved a tube simply written ‘heat’ on it.
“What’s that?” Matt asked.

“It’s lubrication sweetie. I bought it a while ago hoping your dad and I would use it but I was just never in the mood. Not like I am with when I’m with you.” She explained. Her mood seemed to dip as she thought about it but then it quickly come back as she remembered what she was about to do. She smeared some of it on two of her fingers and then proceeded to rub it all over her horny asshole and pushed her fingers inside a little just to make sure it goes inside.

“Ok honey the tube says that it will make the body part you apply it to feel very warm, kind of like holding a hot water bottle to your bare stomach on a cold day. Would you like to try it?” She asked. Her voice was sounding quite hopeful as she asked him.

“Mom we can try anything you ask. I slid my tongue in your asshole, I think that shows I’m willing to do anything to make you feel good.” He replied. Matt had no idea how much weight those words had on his mother.

“Just to be clear sweetie, you know this is incest right? You know what that is?” She asked him quite seriously.

“Yes I know what it is mom.” He replied sounding annoyed.

“Then you know it’s wrong?” She asked.

“Yes I know but I couldn’t resist you even if I tried. I mean look at what happened yesterday, I couldn’t control myself. I just keep wanting you so badly it burns me inside.” He said as he looked down at the floor not knowing how his mother would take it.

“Honey you don’t have to feel that way anymore. Any time you want me, just take me and fuck my brains out, suck my toes, whatever nasty fantasy pops into your head, I’m your gal.” She said giving him a wink and squeezing the tube over his cock, smearing it evenly all over until it was glistening like glass.
“You ready baby?” She asked him sweetly to which he just nodded in reply.
She resumed her position and he took it as a signal to go ahead. Sally was already feeling the effects of the lube as she felt her asshole warm up quite a bit. Matt pushed his cock head against her asshole which felt incredibly soft to his surprise. He gave another push and his mother’s asshole gave way and opened up to welcome his cock. Sally’s eyes opened wide as she felt it stretch her poor asshole and invade her rectum. Once fully inside her, Matt steadied himself and was shocked by this new sensation. He suddenly felt his cock heat up to a higher temperature than his mother’s rectum and so he began sliding in and out slowly. Sally on the hand was on the receiving end of this, having a heated penis up her rectum made her feel like she was going to melt or burst into flames. It soon became too much for her to handle as it was a mixture of discomfort and sheer pleasure.

“Fuck! What have I gotten myself into?” She said, sounding quite distressed.

Matt looked in the mirror to see her face was crimson and tears were welling up in her eyes.
“Mom are you….” He asked but she cut him off.

“Don’t even think about it. It’s too much but it feels so good at the same time. Now would you kindly continue raping my asshole so I can have an orgasm?” She said to him, sounding quite out of breath.
“You are such a slut!” He said with surprise in his voice as he began fucking her ass slowly but quickly built up speed until he was mercilessly ramming his cock in and out of her ass which was now turning pink from being groped and fucked.

“That’s it baby. Use that thick fire hose to put out the fire in my ass. Work mommy’s ass like you are angry with me.”

Matt grabbed a hold of her waist and as if he wasn’t doing enough damage to her he began fucking her furiously with all the strength he had. Sally was shocked and instantly regretted saying what she did as she felt him pound her like some worthless prostitute. At this point she was screaming out in pleasure and pain as she felt this mixture of sensations tear through her body. She reached down under her and began rubbing her slit. Matt noticed what she was doing and instantly stopped and pulled out, leaving her ass gaping. The heat was instantly replaced by a cool breeze that blew into her ass which made her weak in the knees and she almost collapsed but somehow managed to stay standing.

“What are you doing? Why did you pull out?” She asked, annoyance clearly evident in her voice.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, now just shut up and take it like a slut.” He said in a stern voice which shocked Sally beyond repair.

“I’m sorry.” She said I a soft voice sounding like a child who is being scolded by their parents. Matt slid his cock into her swollen pussy until it was completely inside her. At that moment Sally knew that game had just changed. She was no longer in control and Matt had become consumed by his lust. He would fuck her to death if he could and she knew there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it except pray he wouldn’t destroy her holes completely.

Matt looked over at the full length mirror on the wall and felt a sense of pride as all he saw in the reflection was himself with his cock inside the most gorgeous woman he will ever have sex with. He looked her curvy body over in the mirror and admired it as it began to glisten with sweat. She looked over to the mirror as well and looked at his face and realised once agian she had nothing to fear. She recognised that look, the same look she saw a year ago when this nonsense all started, the look of a man that would go to the ends of the earth to please her.

He began sliding his cock in and out of her and she started feeling the heated sensation in her pussy canal as well as her rectum. Sally thought this is it, there’s no way a human being can withstand so many sensations all at once without their brain exploding. Matt pumped his cock in and out of her at a decent speed, soft enough not to hurt her but hard enough to let her know that she is being fucked as a slut and also as his mom. Pretty soon Sally felt her legs weaken again only this time they gave way and she collapsed on the floor as a fiery orgasm tore through her body. She shook uncontrollably and held on for dear life trying to ride this one out as. She eventually calmed down and came back down to earth from what she knew was by far the best orgasm she had ever experienced. When she finally came around she noticed she hadn’t quite hit the floor, only her son had caught her as she collapsed.

“You caught me?” She looked up at him with a surprised look.

“Of course I did, I’d never let you fall.” He replied quite casually as he helped her to her feet.
Sally stood up and acted casual about the whole thing but in her mind it had a massive effect on her. The fact that he could do that to her and still catch when she fell held great significance for her. Sally got in the shower and turned the water on.

“Are you not joining me?” She asked with a pout on her lips.

“As much as I would love to because it would just give me more time to get my hands on that gorgeous body of yours, I don’t think we have time. Dad will be home any minute now.” He said as he walked out and closed the door behind him. Sally leaned against the wall and let the water pour down on her. She thought about what had just happened. This whole thing began because Matt had a crush on her, and now the tables have turned, he is the one thinking with a clear head and she is the love-struck teenager. Just then she realised something.

“Oh my God. It’s Matt’s 16th birthday tomorrow.” She said to herself not believing she could forget such a thing. She quickly calmed down when she remembered she had an advantage most woman don’t. She can give her son birthday sex!


Matt woke up in the next morning and found a birthday card on his desk. Next to it was a note.
‘Hey honey. Dad has gone to work but will be back later this evening. I’ve gone to the Mall to get your birthday gift so I’ll be back a bit later.
Love Mom.’

“Typical.” Matt said to himself as he rolled out of bed. He looked at his cell phone and found a few text messages from friends wishing him happy birthday. He hopped in the shower and got ready wondering what this surprise gift would be but quickly gave up guessing and headed for the lounge to watch TV.
Soon after he heard the front door open and he looked up to see his mother walk in holding a few shopping bags.

“Hey sweetie, how has your day been so far?” She asked him.

“It’s been alright, nothing special.” He said as he continued watching TV

“Well let’s see if we can improve that shall we. I’m sorry this can’t wait but I have to give you your gift before you dad gets home. Come up to your room in 20 minutes ok?” She said, walking up the stairs without even waiting for his reply.

“I wonder what it could be. And why izmit escort would she need to give it to me before dad gets home?” He asked himself but came up no conclusion.

He waited 20 minutes as instructed and then made his way up the stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs a womanly fragrance crept up his nostrils and intoxicated his brain, captivating his senses. He walked over to his room and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” He heard his mother say. He opened the door and walked in only to find mother laying on his bed in a sexy pose.

“This beats a video game as a gift don’t you think?” She said with a huge smile on her face.

She had gone all out. She had been to the hair salon and got her hair done which ran past her shoulders in a silky jet black stream, she was wearing makeup complete with red lipstick and all, she wore a sheer black negligee with pink lining around the top and bottom, a black and pink thong to match, sheer thigh high black stockings with a thick black seam running up the back of her shapely legs and black strappy high heels that had diamonds across the ankle strap and toe strap. Matt paid such close attention to his mother that he even noticed she had had her nails done as her fingernails were painted and he could see through her stockings that her toes were no longer painted pink but instead had a French pedicure.
“Wow.” Was all he could muster up as he felt like he was about to faint. She looked like a model from a lingerie advert. Maybe even a tab bit better than that. She lifted her hand and gestured him to come over with her index finger and like a puppet on a string he walked over to her. The fragrance coming from her was mind numbing and left him defenceless against her motherly charms.

“You like?” She asked with a coy smile. All Matt could do was nod and try to keep himself from drooling which didn’t work too well. Sally was delighted with his reaction and swelled up with pride that her efforts had paid off. Matt was sporting a massive erection which was now tenting in the tracksuit bottoms he was wearing. Without saying a word Sally lifted her legs and placed her feet at his waist, hooking the heels of her shoes into the waistband of his pants. With a fluid motion she slid his pants down and exposed his erect cock which was pulsating and longing for her touch. She began playfully flicking his cock with the heel of her shoe which turned him on beyond repairs as he marvelled at how sexy her feet looked in what he could only describe as ‘fuck me heels’.

After having her fun she motioned him to come closer to which he responded by lying on top of her on the bed.

“You take my breath away every time I look at you.” He whispered as he moved closer and kissed her slowly. They kissed wildly like passion driven animals, ridden with lust for one another. Soon neither of them could control themselves.

“Do you want me baby?” She asked her son in a shy voice.

“More than anything in the world!” He responded as he kissed her again. She pulled her panty to the side, revealing her moist pussy. She looked up at him and smiled.

“If ever you want this pussy, take it! No matter what I’m doing or where we are you can always have mommy’s pussy whenever you need it.” She gave him a peck on the check and in return he slid his cock inside.

“No matter how many times we fuck, I can never get used to your size. It’s amazing, I love the way you stretch me Matty.” She said as he slowly pushed into her.

Matt felt overwhelmed by his desire for his mother and the way she looked didn’t help either. Any man would drop to his knees and worship her as a goddess (and then probably rape her brains out) if she walked through the street wearing that get-up.

He stopped thrusting and sat back on his legs and pulled her into him, lifting her slightly off the bed as if she were weightless. She was intimidated and turned at the same time by his ability to overpower her and lift her so effortlessly. She gave in and followed his lead, getting into position she laid on her back and lifted her legs up in the air. She wasn’t’ sure what to do with them so Matt gently held her feet and rested them against his chest.

“But honey wont that hurt? I am wearing high heels after all.” She asked, quite concerned but he just shook his head and continued what he was doing. She smiled because she had to admit that it felt good to be able to rest against a strong man even though it was only her 16 year old son.
Once in position he gently pushed into her. She was delighted to feel his thick cock in her once again but thought it odd that she couldn’t feel him bottom out at the same point he usually does. With her legs opened and up in the air she finally had the chance to see everything that was going on down there. She saw that being in that position meant there was a lot more space between them. Then she realised he was about to go deeper than he had ever been inside her. She let her head fall back on the bed and closed her eyes as he felt his cock travel deeper and deeper into her body until she finally felt his balls touch against her ass.

“Oh wow.” She said wide-eyed. She tried to adjust and move about to get used to the sensation. His cock had now entered her womb and was now resting in the very same place he had come from. The thought of this made her chuckle a little bit. Sally was feeling awkward because she didn’t know what to do as she felt excited, anxious and nervous altogether as if it were her first time. Matt looked her over his eyes taking in every curve of her body as his hands caressed her legs and thighs sending electric pulses up his spine and straight to his brain. He struggled to keep his composure as having her delicate feet in wrapped in nylon and sitting in the sexiest shoes he has ever seen resting on his chest and so close to his face was making it increasingly difficult for him not to blow his load right there and then. He pulled back almost slipping out completely in order to cool down and gather himself. When he did he pushed back in her gently and the feeling of being stretched and penetrated like that caused Sally’s back to arch high up as she let out a load moan.

“That felt so good, please don’t stop baby.” She pleaded with him and to her delight he continued pumping in and out of her, picking up pace with each thrust. Soon they had a steady rhythm going which looked more like love making than anything else.

“I’ve never seen you with a French manicure before.” Matt said between breaths.
“Yeah I know, don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. The woman that gave me a pedicure convinced me to go this direction. And she kept going on about how pretty my feet are when she was done. I was worried she was about to start kissing them or something.” She replied.
“Can you blame her? These are the feet of a goddess.” He said and winked at her. They both laughed causing them to break rhythm.

“Ok it’s my turn honey. Lay on your back.” She said with her voice thick with excitement.
Matt pulled out and turned on his back and where Sally got up on her knees, removed her thong and moved up on the bed. She lifted her one leg up and over his head and to his surprise she straddled his head and got rather comfy on it.

“I’m so sorry my angel, I really am but I’ve been dying to do this to you for so long it’s ridiculous. I really hope you forgive me for this.” She said as she began rocking back and forth, literally fucking his face. She felt guilty but not enough to stop. Suddenly she felt his tongue dart out of his mouth and into her pussy where it began flopping about like a fish, licking everything it could. This caused Sally to rock her hips even faster as she felt herself reach an orgasm.

“Oh my God.” Was all she said in a weak voice.

Not long after her body went stiff as she felt waves of pleasure wash over. The orgasm didn’t last very long but it was by far the most exhilarating because she climaxed through one of her biggest if not the biggest fantasies she has ever had.

She calmed down and lifted herself up onto her knees only to find her son smiling under her.
“I’m so sorry baby but I just had to.” She said in a sincerely apologetic voice.
“It’s fine. If I didn’t like it I would’ve lifted you off me. Think about it, who wouldn’t wanna be used a chair for sexiest woman on earth. You can do that to me any time you want mom.” He said quite warmly. This made her blush profusely as she kept being made to feel like a teenage girl. It felt good for her to be the centre of someone’s desires once again.

She moved down his body until their hips were in line and she was hovering over his cock which looked more like a thick flag mast. She held it in her hand and positioned herself. Even the feeling of her soft hands on his cock was driving him mad. She blew him a kiss as she slowly sat down, taking him in inch by inch until her ass cheeks and thighs touched the sides of his stomach. The feeling of his muscular body sent shivers up and down her spine.

“I always wanted to be the girl who dates the football player in high school. I guess dreams do come true.” She thought to herself as she smiled at him. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest to steady herself and then began to rock back and forth slowly. They both began moaning as the sensations they experienced were beyond words. She kept her pace steady but added more force behind her thrusts and he lifted his hips to meet each of her motherly thrusts.

“Oh baby I don’t know how I’m going to live without this. It feels so good I could cry.” She said as she rode him slowly but hard. His hands travelled up and down her body, starting from her thighs to her ass, up her silky back, round to her tits and back down to her meaty thighs. Sally was just about losing her mind as she felt his strong hands caress her soft skin and she fucked herself on a cock that she swore was taken straight out of one of her fantasies.

Suddenly she felt him firmly grab her meaty ass cheeks and his thighs stiffened.

“Mom I’m coming. I’m sorry but I can’t hold on anymore, you are just too sexy for me to handle.” He moaned out to her. The knowledge that he was about to send of a huge load of cum directly into her womb mixed with the words she had just heard were too much for poor Sally to handle.

“I’m coming too baby. Oh you going make mommy cum again. Cum with me baby. Cum with mommy.” She yelled out to him as she suddenly went stiff and her nails dug into his chest she squealed as her orgasm racked her body until she collapsed onto him. Her own orgasm was mixed with the sensation of her son pouring his cum into her body. She lay on him with her head on his chest.

“Happy birthday baby.” She whispered and fell asleep in seconds right where she lay.

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