White Panties

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It all started when we decided to do a little winter cleaning of the closets. The bags of old clothes at the bottom of the stairs were getting to be too many to count. As I moved them to car for their trip to the Goodwill, my wife gave me a quick kiss, before she hopped into the car to cleanse ourselves of the past.

The next day, I decided to clean the car since my wife had done such a good job on the closets. As I removed everything from the car to vacuum, I noticed some white material hanging out of her purse. It had some lacy trim to it. I could resist inspecting further. Sure enough, a white pair of Victoria’s Secret panties. A sheer material in all white with ruffly edges. The type of panties a woman buys for a date and not necessarily for the functionality and comfort around the house. The type that rides right up my wife’s tiny ass. I couldn’t resist putting them to my face. Unfortunately, there was no lingering scent of my wife. I snapped a picture and sent it to her.

“Didn’t want to get rid of them?” I said.

“I figured you might like them the next time we ever get to go out on a date again!” she quickly responded.

As I work from home, like a lot of people these days, I said, “How about a date tomorrow? Our bedroom. After you drop the kids off at daycare?”

I could hear her audibly say, “Yes!” from the other room.

Later that night after dinner was done, the dishes were washed, and the kids had been put down, I was relaxing in the basement watching some television. My cock growing hard in my pants, I couldn’t stop thinking about those white panties and what I wanted to do to her in them.

I texted her, “Tomorrow I want you to wear your white panties. Come to think of it, I haven’t tied you up in a while, and I am in the mood to do it.”

Now we are in no way a couple that regularly enjoys bondage. However, over the years I have amassed a few interesting things. First, a blindfold. The kind that has the Velcro to smoothly be sized to her head and be tightened during more vigorous activity. Second, some rope. What guy doesn’t have rope lying around? Third, some spreader bars. These I made by hand. Just some thick long dowels from the hardware store with some eye rings screwed into each end. Fourth, and the only expensive item in our arsenal, some nice leather straps for around the wrists and ankles. Each leather strap has metal rings attached to them that can be used with metal links for connecting to the spreader bars or anything else I might be in the mood to use to restrict her movements.

“Should I be nervous?” she said. I gave her a brief overview of what I planned on doing to her the next morning. Partially so she wasn’t so nervous and partially so she had an understanding of the few positions I was going to have her in so it would be easier to move around while blindfolded.

The next morning, I packed the kids lunches and had everything in the car as she brought them down. As she carted them off to daycare, I texted her a few dirty comments to get her excited for her return. I don’t think she needed much excitement though.

While she was gone, I prepared the bedroom. I stripped the bed of the sheets and comforter. She’s been making quite the wet mess lately when we have been fooling and who wants to do more laundry. I don’t mind the mess, but I do mind the laundry. If you can imagine standing at the base of the bed looking towards the headboard, I placed one piece of rope under the mattress on the left side and one piece of rope under the mattress on the right side. The ends were sticking out the top and bottom of the bed. The bed had been split into thirds vertically. I laid a spreader bar on the left side of the bed and the right side of the bed and fed the rope through each eye hole. I had bought some nice little connecting devices on the internet and used them to tighten demetevler escort the rope and in doing so tighten the spreader bar to the bed. I now had 4 points that I could use as attachments, one at each end of the spreader bar where the eye holes were located. Finally, I laid out the leather straps and the blindfold.

When she got home I could tell she was still a little nervous. I pointed her in the direction of the bedroom and asked her gently to put on a soft cottony tshirt and the panties. As she changed, I stared over her body. She had lost a decent amount of weight since her last pregnancy. Her stomach was flat and her ass was small but still stuck out. Her breasts had never shrank back to pre-pregnancy size but I certainly didn’t care. They filled her shirt nicely. Her long black hair was straighter today than her normally curly hair and she had it up in a ponytail. As I put the blindfold on, I started to kiss her gently. Feeling the nervousness on her lips.

My hands started at her ass, grabbing gently and pulling her towards me. I kissed her deeply and I could tell she wasn’t ready for it. But she immediately melted in my arms and kissed me back passionately. My hands reached under her shirt, running up her stomach, playing with her nipples as they gently swelled between my fingers. As I kissed her neck, my hands again went to her ass and I could see how good it looked in the mirror behind her. Also, I remembered why she didn’t like the white panties, they rode up her ass. I certainly didn’t mind but I know she didn’t find it comfortable. I continued to stare at her in the mirror. Fixated on her ass in my hands as I grabbed and played with it. My hands slowly making it underneath the panties as I touched her for the first time between her legs.

I moved away slowly to grab the leather straps. The first I attached around her wrist as I slowly kissed along her arm. I could feel the chills running through her body as she tensed. The second I attached around her other wrist and I checked them for tightness. The third and fourth I grabbed and as I got to my knees to attach them around her ankles, I couldn’t help but bury my face between her legs, smelling her scent and her anticipation for what was going to unfold in the next few minutes.

I sat her down on the edge of the bed. I asked her to lay back and slowly slide towards the head of the bed until she was in the center of the bed. First, I took her left arm and folded it over her chest, connecting the metal ring on the leather strap to the eye hole on the spreader bar. Second, I took her right arm and folded it over her left arm and chest, connecting the metal ring on the leather strap to the eye hold on the opposite spreader bar. She now laid there, arms crossed, restricted hugging herself. Her legs were restless. Laying flat then moving back and forth then flat again. I turned some music on, something smooth and light with a good beat to it. Something I knew she liked.

I moved her right leg to the spreader bar, pushing her ankles back towards her so her knee went into the air and I connected the leather strap to the eye hole in the bottom of the spreader bar on the right side. I repeated the same maneuver on the other side for her left leg. I laid down next to her, staring at the situation she had herself in, and slowly ran my hand along her thighs, up her waist and along the side of her chest. My mouth locked on to hers as my hand began to explore her body more. My hands danced between her calves, thighs, hips and chest. Being careful to avoid the wet spot already forming in the white panties. As I kissed her deeper my fingers spread below her panty line. One finger ran along her pussy lips, gently massaging them as they swelled in my fingers. Flicky gently over her clit, there for a second and then gone, just enough dikmen escort contact for her to moan briefly as I continued to kiss her.

I slid down the bed and I noticed her try to slide her legs closed. But there wasn’t much room to move with her ankles restrained. I firmly pushed her thighs open. Again, viewing the wet spot that I knew was only just beginning to form under her white panties. I laid down between her legs to smell her arousal. I slid the panties to the left side, gently licking her pussy lip that was now exposed. I repeated the process on the opposite side. Taking my time to lick up her juices. Being careful not to get too carried away with myself as I had a few more things in mind for the morning.

I unclipped her left leg and left wrist from the spreader bar. I told her to rotate slowly to her side, as if she was going to be going to sleep on her side. I connected the left leg leather strap to the spreader bar on the left side which already had right leg attached. I repeated the same maneuver with her wrist. She now laid on her side, wrists pinned to the top of the spreader bar and ankles pinned to the bottom. Her panties peaked out between her ass. I climbed on to the bed and pulled the panties up and to the side. The head of my cock was swollen at this point, with some precum on the tip. I held on to her legs with one hand as my other hand held my cock. I slowly slid my cock up and down her wet slit. The head of my cock becoming shinier and shinier with each pass. I slowly slid just the head inside of her and she let out an audible moan. I again pulled out and ran my cock up and down her slit.

Making her wetter and wetter. At this point her panties were soaked but I don’t think she cared. I slowly slid my cock in about a quarter of the way and let her feel the size of me. Her pussy stretching around my cock as I could feel her getting ready for what was going to happen. I slid in about halfway and then pulled out. Repeating this a few times just to allow her to become more comfortable with my cock. In and out. In and out. I finally slid all the way in, slowly and deep this time, and she pushed her ass against me hoping to grind my cock deeper inside of her. I pulled out, resisting the urge to fuck her. I stroked my cock gently with her wetness as I looked down over her beautiful body. I again entered her and repeated the slow fucking until it was noticeable that she was getting extremely aroused. I didn’t want her to cum, at least not just yet.

I unhooked her left leg and moved it back to its original starting position. Her legs now spread before me. Her wet bush peeking out of her even wetter panties. I laid down between her legs again. Pulling the panties to the side, I slowly started to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Gently. Lightly. Barely even there. Then I took her clit into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. Rolling it over my tongue as I sucked gently. I knew she loved this and she begged for it every time, including now.

I pulled away and this time I unhooked both her wrists and switched them to the opposite side they had been previously. As she rolled over I made her comfortable setting the pillow under her head. Her breathing was steady but certainly elevated. I unhooked her right leg and moved it to the position of the left leg. She was now pinned to the spreader bar on the left side of the bed. Her ass pointing in the same way as earlier, but just in the opposite direction. My fingers again toyed with her panties. I rolled my fingers between her pussy lips and massaged her clit. She pushed her ass towards my hand, wanting to be finger fucked but I still had more I wanted to do to her. This time I didn’t start slowly, but drove my cock steadily and deeply inside her. She made the largest moan so far, and settled her pussy down on my cock. ankara escort My thrusts matched the music as I continued to slowly and gently fuck her. Each time I settled deeper and deeper inside of her. I could hear her getting closer to the edge this time. With each deep thrust her moans became slightly louder and louder. I pushed my cock in deep but I didn’t withdraw. I felt her pushing her ass against the swollen head of my cock. She was starting to get a little too close to the edge and I pulled out. Looking at her sigh in a combination of arousal, excitement, and disappointment all in the same breath.

I unhooked her wrists and ankles from the spreader bars containing her. I took her hands and legs and stretched them out gently. We weren’t done yet. I asked her to get on her knees, facing towards the leg end of the bed. I placed her ankles next to the top of the spreader bars and locked them in. I then placed her wrists next to the bottom of the spreader bars and locked them in. She was now kneeling doggy style in her white panties on the bed. I stood before her and looked at the somewhat dirty and sexy ponytail in her hair hidden underneath her blindfold. My hand grabbed the ponytail and guided her warm mouth towards my hard cock. Hesitant at first, she circled her tongue around the swollen head of my cock. She quickly changed her tune and eagerly took me deep in her mouth. I got harder as I looked at her locked on the bed as I fucked her mouth. This was her turn to try to make me cum, but I controlled the speed of her mouth as I fucked it. Feeling her warm tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. I pulled her mouth off of my cock and as I leaned down to give her a warm wet kiss, I asked her if she was almost ready to cum. The music got louder before I could hear her answer.

I moved around to the head of the bed. I had placed a pair of scissors there earlier. I kneeled on the bed behind her. I carefully cut a hole in the panties. They were going to be sent to Goodwill anyway so they weren’t going to be a keeper. The slit was about 3-4 inches and I could tell as I cut she wondered what that odd noise was. I placed the scissors down and kneeled behind her. My fingers slid between the cut slit in the panties and I made an opening to shove my cock in. I pushed in deeply and as I did she moaned loudly. She pushed her ass against my cock and tried to fuck me as much as she could. I pulled back, wanting to be in control of the situation. I again rhythmically slid in and out. Trying to draw her closer and closer to the edge. Wanting her to get there but not quite finish completely. I again buried my cock in deep, pressing down on her back and she placed her face and shoulders against the bed. My hand reached around her hot sweaty body and began to play with her clit as I kept my cock buried deep inside of her. Flicking her clit in different rhythmic motions, fast, slow, slow, fast, slow, slow, fast, fast, faster she quickly got close to the edge and I took her back down. My hands explored her breasts and rubbed her back but I never took my cock out from being buried deep inside of her. The seconds passed and the requests for me to fuck her till she came became more desperate and closer together.

I unhooked her ankles and asked her to spread her legs wider. I slid underneath her and hooked her ankles again. She was now on top of me, with her pussy hovering over my cock. I couldn’t see her eyes but the look on her face said it all. She wanted to cum. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on to my swollen cock. This time I wasn’t going to slow down and take my time. I grabbed her ass and continued to pound her pussy against my cock. You could hear the wetness. You could smell the arousal. The music got louder. I could tell she was about to let go. I could tell she wanted to. I thrust my cock in deep. Pushing hard. Feeling her about to come. As I exploded inside of her I could feel her same release. The hot wet orgasm dripped out of her and all over my cock. As she moaned she slid down on top of me. I continued to thrust. Slow and deep. Her orgasm seeming to last forever. She kissed me gently and melted into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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