Wicked Sin Ch. 1

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I had just unlocked the front door. Man was I dead tired, exhausted is more like it. Dropping my keys into the small blue change bowl in the front entryway I turned to the kitchen, which I had just finished remolding only earlier this month. My dream apartment you could say I had found my love of life: interior decorating, as I had just returned from a job site in New York that evening pending. Life was taking its toll on me. Don’t get me wrong I had a great job; great friends…see my problem wasn’t life; it was not enough life…it was like life was just spinning me through this zone of complete boredom.

Everyday it was same old dull routine, nothing new and it was like one major factor still stood out…the sex, and maybe even the romance. Sighing I plugged in the kettle and then turned it on. Opening the cupboard door just above the sink I took out my large black java mug and took it into the living room wondering if anyone had called. Walking over to the phone I saw that I had indeed missed a couple of calls 13 in fact. I turned on the answering machine and sat down on my lazy-boy and listened. Nothing had been missed as I continued to listen to messages from family and potential job offers. Nothing. Until my very last message it was Emily one of my very good girl friends.

“Hey Faith, its Em. I know your busy (I laughed) and all but a couple of the girls wanted to go to a club tonight and I wanted to know if you were up to joining us? Well let me know what your plans are tonight ok? Talk to you soon then!”

I quickly thought of another night at home reading another romance novel and shuddered. Making a quick call to Em I discovered that we would all meet at my place and then cab to the club. Em was the clubber of the group and suggested ‘Wicked Sin’ a new place that opened up in the middle of the downtown and was admitting ladies free for the night. It was a hot new place she was dying to explore and well we were all up to it. The time was set for 9 o’clock my place so I quickly checked the time eight eleven. Shit! I didn’t have a lot of time. Hurrying towards the bedroom I stripped out of my clothes down to my black thong undies that I had gotten from Victoria Secret earlier on that day in New York gölbaşı escort on a wild and very needed shopping spree. Quickly I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. That being done, I returned to the kitchen to turn off the kettle that had already been boiling for some time. Then while in the kitchen I went over to the fridge wanting to get a quick bite. Scanning the contents of my fridge I noticed I was again lacking in great choices. Sighing I closed the door and took off to the bedroom to grab a towel.

After a quick scrub and washing and drying my hair I was almost done. I then reentered my bedroom to grab some hot looking clubbing clothes and found nothing of great interest. Damn. As I pulled on a silk black bra and a matching thong, I heard the door. Shit that was them. Looking around in despair I opened a drawer to revel some old shirts and shorts. Pulling on a white t-shirt and a pair of cut off jean shorts I ran to the doorway.

Opening the door came as a shocker for their stood Emily looking gorgeous as always with her blonde hair tied back into a tight ponytail she was wearing a white see-through top and a very short white mini skirt and to top it all off she was wearing white hooker boots, standing behind her was Jamie, another member to the small click of a group, she was wearing a simple red crop top with some very tight-ass black shorts, and black spiked heeled shoes that tied all the way up her calf’s.

We were all very good looking girls as we all stood around five foot nine to eleven. Emily was the blonde of the group with her blue eyes and perfect lips, while Jamie had the flaming red head with dark green eyes that would shock a guy stupid, while I was nicknamed the “gypsy” for I was a tall legged vixen and stood five foot ten with piercing brown eyes that have never really been called brown because they looked black, as black as my jet black hair and with my tan complexion I made the group stand out more then ever.

“What the hell are you wearing?” snickered Emily, “Why I think someone is screaming for a make over!” laughed Jamie.

“Come in you idiots,” I said shaking my head smiling. Leading the way into the living room Emily and keçiören escort Jamie followed amazed in the drastic changes that had not so recently took place in my small but very posh flat. Emily sat down on the love seat and started to rummage through one of the bags she had brought with her while Jamie stood transfixed at the paintings and many other decorations that had been very carefully placed around the small room.

“What’s in the bag Em?” I asked noting clothing being produced into my view as I spoke.

“Just a little something out of the world of Em” she laughed, “knowing you, and I do, I knew you’d never find anything suitable in that thing you call a closet, so I picked out something for you.” She then unraveled her long smooth looking legs and stood up unleashing another vision… from the world of Em. You see “the world of Em” was no joke ,it was it was an actual clothing store that Emily owned, where she designed and produced her own clothing, it was a major hit up here in Toronto the newest city of sin. It was where I got my first job to interior decorate a store and it was also my biggest hit.

“Thanks Em,” I said looking at the so-called piece of clothing. Taking it into my hands I found myself struggling to find the tag and figure on just how I got it on. I looked up at Em with a question in my eyes and was shocked to find a look of pure lust plastered onto her face as she stared at my with apt fascination.

“Here she said let me help you get it on,” she said leading the way to my room, ” Jamie,”she called out, “Can you order us some Chinese food?”

“Sure no problem,” replied Jamie

Off we strode into my bedroom me completely unaware that the next events that would carry on in this room would change my life forever.

Emily shut the door behind her and asked me to remove my clothing. Seeing no problem with this having changed in front of them before I did as I was told, removing my cut off jeans and my white t-shirt. Only then had I finished that I looked up, and foundd Emily staring at me with eyes of complete lust.

“Damn. Faith,” she stopped and paused for breath as she was breathing hard now, “you look good…damn good.”

“Good ankara escort enough to eat?” I joked not realizing then where my words would take me.

“Yeah,” answered Emily closing in towards me, “good enough to eat…” her voice trailed off as she closed in the remaining space keeping us apart and kissed me full on the lips. I pushed her back startled.

“What are you doing…” was all I got out before she closed in again. This time I allowed her to open my mouth and explore it with her tongue, not really knowing what to do or say or even how to move. I just stopped and felt. Emily continued her assault on my mouth and this time I let myself enter the game of play shoving my tongue into her mouth stroking and sucking on her tongue with mine.

Mean while Jamie who was still sitting outside in the living room on the lazy-boy was wondering just what it was that was making us take so long, decided to investigate. Opening my bedroom door she found Emily and I rolling around on my bed like a couple of horny male teenagers really giving each other what we could, and all the while enjoying ourselves. Jamie just stood back smiled and watched.

Emily had my bra off now and was sucking on my nipples while her hand roamed down and slipped into my underwear. She then grazed my clit with the tip of one her fingers. I groaned loudly from pleasure and begged her to do it again. She did and this time she shoved two fingers into my puffy wet dripping cunt. I was really feeling this and decided that I needed better access to Emily’s cunt as well. We decided to do a sixty-nine me on top, and Emily on the foundation.

Jamie, who was all the while watching, quietly slipped her hand into her shorts and shoved two of her fingers into her cunt.

Emily was really getting her fingers up my own cunt, thrusting them in and out, while I sucked her pussy dry. We went on like this for another fifteen minutes orgasm after glorious orgasm . Until we decided that both of us were obliviously to tired to do anything more, and then we turned finally realizing that Jamie was in the room and had been for some time and was now just finishing off her own orgasm. Removing her fingers from her shorts, she then licked her fingers off; she asked if we would be wanting anything to eat?

Emily and I both laughed chuckling we got up and started to redress each other. We were going to wait for dinner to arrive and then follow through with earlier plans and go to the club…but that is another story waiting to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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