Wifes First Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Seeing Karen there was the last thing Bri had expected! Hearing her ask if she could join was just way too much to ask for. Bri was sitting at her new desk reflecting on the events of the past weekend. She was just having her first coffee of the day, and couldn’t help but think back on how the little party just got so much better then. While she stirred in the creamer she had brought with her, Mocha Chocolate, she went over the events again and again in her mind.

Karen stood there like a Goddess. Her waist length platinum blonde hair hung like a picture of elegance. Her flawless ivory skin and green eyes set her eons apart from other women. She was tall, about six feet, long legs and a very toned body. Ken called her a trophy wife! She always seemed out of reach, a little standoffish. She always seemed to be alone at parties and just unapproachable. Now standing by Bri’s hot tub, this perfection to men’s eyes was actually offering to join in! Ken looked at Eliot, who in turn looked at me! I couldn’t help but choke back a smile, given my present position, and just say” Sure, the more the merrier!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Karen pulled her yellow sundress over her head, revealing a perfect set of B cup tits. Her toned and flat stomach led to a very trim, yet almost boyish waist. Those legs of hers seemed to go on forever. Not a tan line or blemish could be seen on her body. No airbrushing could have done a better job. She wore a white lace bra and matching thong panty. The white foot socks and white running shoes fit perfectly with her discarded dress. She kicked both off quickly. The boy’s eyes never left her almost naked form.

I felt as if I’d been forgotten, so I said. ”Hey fella’s, never see a naked woman before?’

They turned and looked at me, realizing I was still in the tub with three, now limp cocks, surrounding me. Slightly embarrassed, Ken and Eliot helped me to my feet. I was still a little weak in the knees, so they just held on as I got out of the hot tub. Josh still had a look of utter wonder on his face. He stared at Karen as if Aphrodite herself stood before him. Karen smiled and reached for my hand. The boys had again forgotten about me!

“Looks like their all yours Kar, hope you are up for it? They sure don’t appear to be, quite yet!” I said looking at the trio of limp dicks. We both laughed as the boys all reflexively covered themselves with their hands.

“If it’s ok with you Bri, I think I could get a rise out of them!” she said. I motion for her to have fun and sat in the lounge chair to watch her in action.

She almost glided to the tub, with all eyes still plainly focused on her alone. As she reached the steps, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra dropping it to the ground, while somehow keeping her tits covered with her arms. “Nice touch”, I thought to myself. I was beginning to like Karen more and more.

She turned away from the boys facing the tub, hooked her fingers into her panties and slid them down to the ground. The slowness of her actions allowed the boys to get a very good view of her perfectly toned ass. I was also just a little entranced by her deliberate actions. She kicked the panties to Eliot, who stood there as if pole-axed. Karen slowly climbed into the hot tub, never once showing any more than was needed. If nothing else she knew how to put on a show!

As she sunk into the tub, her hair fanned out around her like a halo in the water. She slid slowly back against the powerful jets at the far side, still facing us all. Her emerald green eyes never once left the boys. Meanwhile, it seemed as if Eliot had been drugged and Ken had just gone dumb. Josh was the first to move towards the tub before stopping up short of entering. He turned to look at Eliot as esenyurt anal yapan escort if asking his permission before proceeding. Karen saw this and quietly said, “I think I can speak for myself Josh. I believe Eliot and Ken can just watch while you do for me what you just did for Bri there!”

Josh’s reaction was just as I thought, his cock sprung back to life at the thought of eating this woman’s pussy. She floated to the top of the water exposing a completely shaved pussy. Even I couldn’t help but marvel at her near perfect body floating on the water! Josh nearly tripped as he made his way into the tub. We all chuckled at his excitement. Karen just parted those long, long legs and allowed Josh entrance to her slice of heaven. His head buried itself into her snatch and we knew he was lost.

At first she just closed her eyes, but as the minutes went by her fingers gripped the side of the tub harder until she was literally digging into the wood siding. A small whimper escaped her lips and I knew exactly what she was feeling, having been there myself so recently. Then she began bucking her hips into Josh’s waiting mouth. This continued for some fifteen minutes, as her bucking got wilder and her moans of pleasure got louder. She seemed on the verge of a huge explosion. Then her back arched and an almost animal scream escaped from her.

Eliot, by now was so hard; he seemed ready to bust himself. He was watching his trophy wife being given the eating of her life. The grin on his face was so big; it looked ready to split his face. Ken watched with a smug look on his face, I knew what he had in mind. He winked at me and just grinned. I couldn’t help but get a shiver of excitement, knowing he was going to ravage her, like they had done to me so many times. I couldn’t wait to see what came next.

Karen seemed to calm down slightly, then she release Josh’s head from between her powerful legs. Josh almost seemed to be stunned when she told him to stand up, so she could return the favor. He climbed up and sat on the tubs edge, so we could all watch as she did him. Slowly she reached out and cupped his balls. Then without the slightest of hesitation placed her mouth around his straining cock head. She winked back at Eliot, then slide her head all the way down his shaft to the base, snuggling her nose in his pubic hair. Not a sign of a gag or even any discomfort. It was then I remembered she had Eliot as practice. No wonder she could swallow him so easily!

It didn’t take long before Josh started to arch up to meet her mouth. He seemed to be in heaven and didn’t care if it ever ended. Karen must be very good indeed, because before long Josh was blowing his load down Karen’s throat. He moaned as he bucked into her face time and time again. Then after he realized what had just happened, he took on a look of shy innocence and began blushing at how quickly she had finished him. He slid from the tub wall and sank beneath the water. Karen pulled him back up and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you Josh, I have never been so well eaten before!” she said looking back at Eliot with a smile.

Eliot sprang to the hot tub, just as Josh was reaching the last step. He whispered something to Karen. She grinned and said aloud, “It’s about time, and I knew what you were up to when you invited me here. Just didn’t think you would let me join, so I came early.”

She pulled him in for a long and sensual kiss.

“Now you stud, fuck me like you did her and I’ll let you watch Ken really pummel Me.,” she said with a wicked laugh.

Ken’s prick began its slow rise to full attention. He was now really looking forward to giving it to her, but good. I just stretched back and refilled my wine glass; esenyurt escort I knew this show was only getting started. I also knew I would be getting back into it and soon! My clit was throbbing from all the hot action I was watching, it wouldn’t be long before I too, needed some attention.

Eliot turned Karen around so she faced us all, and put her arms on the side of the tub. He moved in behind her, he seemed more than willing to let us watch as he doggy-styled his gorgeous wife. She turned her head to the side and pushed her ass back at him teasing him to get started. The look of animal lust that showed on Eliot’s face was one I knew all to well. He started his slow slide into her. I could feel every inch as if it were I all over again.

Her perfect face took on the look all women must have at his intrusion, one of both pleasure and pain. Concentration on allowing his immense member to cleave it’s way inside. Her fingers griped the tub as he pushed inch after inch up into her. Then like he had me, he slowly retracted. His pace was identical to the one he had set with me. I can tell you, it feels like being plunged out with a club. Unlike me, however it did not remain that way for very long. After just a few short minutes, he began to pick up speed. He was setting a faster pace than he had with me. She moaned as if being fucked for the first time. The look on her face became that of a wanton whore. She enjoyed her cock as much as the next woman. I was really beginning to warm up to her now. As Eliot’s pace grew faster and more powerful, so did the moans and curses from her mouth. She honestly surprised us all at the words she used so freely.

This fuck-fest seemed to go on forever. She was slamming back onto Eliot’s cock like a paid pro! She was almost howling as he visibly reached the point of no return. Eliot grabbed her hips and savagely slammed into her, now quivering body. We could all hear the slap of his balls hitting her thighs. Karen was screaming for Eliot to cum with her. The look of lust in his eye was one I had seen myself on more than one occasion. He was ready to blow a tremendous load in her. In one final, and almost brutal thrust, he jammed that log of a cock into her and just convulsed as he shot his seed deep inside her. She was panting like a worn out dog. She looked barely able to breath; I wondered how she was ever going to handle Ken after that!

She must have saw the look in my eye, and then she looked at Ken. As she took in his mammoth size, she almost looked as if she would beg out. Then in a show of total resolve, she looked at me. “If you can handle these three, I don’t see why I can’t at least try!’ she said between ragged breaths. I almost felt sorry for her, almost!

She motioned for Ken to join her now. We all could see she was still shaking from the fucking Eliot had just delivered. Eliot looked at Ken as if pleading for mercy. Ken just smiled and reached for the other glass of wine beside the hot tub. “No worries my friend, I won’t damage her too badly. I have other plans for this weekend, and it just wouldn’t do to have her out of action this soon!” he said with an almost boyish grin.

A look of gratitude came over Eliot’s face, quickly replace with one of pure evil, as he realized what Ken had just said. Eliot waved his arm in Karen’s direction and said, “Have a blast, I know she isn’t prepared for you!’

Ken joined Karen in the hot tub. He handed her the glass of wine and watched as she carefully took her time drinking it. For once I saw Ken relent to the fact that Karen was indeed out of her league here. I swelled a little with pride at that one thing I had over her. She wasn’t quite done with her wine when Ken lean back against the tub wall, esenyurt eve gelen escort and pulled her to him. We could see her take a hesitant step over, to straddle Ken’s mammoth cock. A look of conquest came to her eyes as she thought she could and would prevail. Yet, like so many women before her, she soon realized the enormous girth of what she was now attempting to ride.

A look of panic soon crossed her pretty face as Ken slowly slid that cow-fucker into her tight slip of a pussy. Panic was replaced by sheer agony, and then ultimately by sheer pleasure as her cunt adjusted to his huge pole. She took her time at first, and then we all could see, as she gave in and lost all control. I myself still have not completely overcome that urge when Ken’s inside me.

Karen began to fuck him for all she was worth, trying desperately to finish what she had gotten herself into. The look of total concentration on her face betrayed the fact that she was not at all ready, for what she had begun just an hour before. I almost felt sorry for her, but she was determined. As the action heated up and Ken started to finally get into it, Karen was now riding him like a wild bull. She was no more than a rag doll as he started to plunge himself deeper and deeper into her. She was literally being raised out of the water by his punishing thrusts.

Finally after what seemed an hour, she collapsed on top of him. She was a quivering pile of flesh, a feeling I also knew all to well. She wasn’t even able to move. Her eyes were closed and I knew she was on the brink of passing out. “OK Superman”. I yelled, “ Let’s let the woman have a breather. You have done what you set out to do, smart-ass.”

He looked at me as if he had no idea what I was saying. Then he said, “ And just what am I supposed to do with this?’ he said pointing to his, still ridged cock.

“I think I will finish what Karen started, I’ve been way to hot watching for entirely to long.” I said. Karen’s slightly lifting hand was my sign to go for it.

As Josh and Eliot gently pulled Karen’s limp body from the tub, I slid into her place. I literally picked up where she ended. I told him I wanted no mercy, even from the start. He grinned that wicked grin, and obliged me by unceremoniously slamming his entire cock to the hilt inside me. I felt my pussy erupt, I wasn’t prepared for that, and now I was again at Ken’s mercy. I was beginning to feel like Karen felt, a rag doll. Ken slammed time and again into my ready hole. He seemed on a mission to make us both pass out at his actions. But what he didn’t realize was that he had already been at it with her for almost an hour. I soon regained control of myself and, began to fuck Ken back. The muscles of my pussy contracted around his shaft like tiny fingers. Now it was me that would finish this.

Ken’s eyes lit up as I massaged his meat with my pussy. Soon he began to show signs that it was almost over. He pumped furiously into me and I knew he was done. His cock got so very hard and he started shooting rapid-fire into my waiting pussy. I held on as my own orgasm took me in wave after wave. When we finally both returned to earth, Josh, Eliot and Karen sat beside the tub grinning as we finished. Karen was the first to speak, surprisingly, ”I never want to be left out of these parties again, understand? It may take me time to get used to all this, but I will be damned if I won’t try!” she said with some determination.

Eliot looked at Ken and said,” What did you mean when you said you didn’t want to wear her out just yet?” We all looked to Ken for the answer to that question.

Ken simply laughed, and said, “ Well if my time is correct, the rest of the boys should be here shortly!” Karen looked at me and quietly mouthed “Boys?”

I said with a smile, “ I think you’d better have a few more drinks and I’ll fill you in”

I took her inside to freshen up and explain what was about to happen.

Just then the phone on my desk rang, waking me from my dream. I guess work does take away from some things after all. I’ll let you know what happened in the next part! See ya!

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