Wine Country Weekend

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As the plane pulled up to the ramp I felt my excitement rising. After all these months of erotic conversations I was finally going to meet him. From his pictures I knew what Bob looked like, but I still felt like I was about to meet a stranger. I don’t know why, maybe because I find it hard to trust people when I’ve never actually seen their face. How do I know he is who he says he is? Everything could be a lie. Well I was going to find out, and very soon.

The plane docked and people began to shuffle forward. Finally I was able to move and slowly made my way off the plane. Emerging from the tunnel I looked around and quickly saw him. I felt a little thrill run through me which I didn’t expect. As I came up to him I dropped my bag and gave him a hug.

I expected a hug back, but I received a very uninhibited kiss that almost made my knees weak.

I stood there as the passengers were getting off the plane, waiting for Suzanne to emerge from the tunnel. We had talked and emailed and sent pictures of each other, but this was our first actual meeting. As I stood there I wondered what she would be like in person. Expressions mean a lot to me and I couldn’t wait to see her face when we met.

There she was now, coming through the door along with a crowd of other people. As she followed the group she looked around, knowing I was there somewhere. When she found me her expressionless face turned into a bright smile that warmed my heart. All I wanted to do at that moment was kiss her lips, and when she reached me that is what I did. We held each other for a moment, then I took her bag and we headed for my car.

She had taken a red eye and had not slept much on the plane, so she slept most of the way up the coast. We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and had our first face to face conversation.

We had turned each other on many times over the preceding months, and I felt a little tinge of excitement in my loins just being this close to her. I think the sexual tension was mutual as she was very flirtatious all through lunch.

We got to his car and started up the coast. He said he planned to stop in Santa Barbara for lunch and I was excited to see the coast line as we drove. Unfortunately I had been up since 3 a.m. and he had to wake me up when we got to the restaurant. He said not to worry; the best part of the drive was still ahead.

Lunch was nice, but bob was nicer. I found myself more and more drawn to him as he talked. He looked even better in person than he did in his pictures. I found myself compelled to touch him at every opportunity and I yearned for the opportunity to be alone with him. I had seen a naked picture of him that made me wet, but he was so much more sensual than any picture could portray. I imagined myself ripping his shirt off right here in the restaurant.

After lunch I drove north towards San Luis Obispo and we talked and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

Our first stop was at the south end of Edna Valley at Kynsi winery. I explained to Suzanne that they source their grapes from Bien Nacido vineyards, which were in very high demand, and they make an excellent Pinot Noir. We tasted their Syrah, also from Bien Nacido, and a pretty decent Chardonnay, as well as both Pinots.

With two bottles of Pinot in hand we continued to Paso Robles where I had rented a house on top of a hill with a 270 degree view. I had stayed there before with other couples on previous winery touring trips. It was a large house with a magnificent view, a Jacuzzi, outdoor fire pit and a hammock. It was pretty pricey for one couple, but this was a special occasion and I wanted it to be something Suzanne would never forget.

I gave her a quick tour; we unpacked our things in the master bedroom and headed down the road to Templeton for dinner at Mc Phee’s Grill.

The drive up from Santa Barbara was beautiful. We stopped at a tasting room along the way and the wine was excellent. Bob bought two bottles to take with us and we continued through San Luis Obispo, which is a beautiful little town, and got back on the freeway toward Paso Robles. We drove up to this house on top of a hill with a breath taking view and Bob said this was where we were staying for the weekend.

He gave me a tour and I loved the place, although it seemed pretty large for two people. There was a Jacuzzi that looked inviting and I did not have a bathing suit. I wondered if he had one, and was willing to bet he didn’t. Delicious thoughts were running through my head.

It was getting late and Bob suggested we change and go to dinner.

Templeton is a very small town with 3 good restaurants and Mc Phee’s is one of the best for steaks. I took one of the bottles of Pinot with us and we had a great dinner, but Suzanne was the best part of the evening. Right from the moment we entered the restaurant all eyes were on her. She wore a low cut summer dress that displayed her ample breasts well. When we were seated at the table opposite of each other I was tempted to move my chair next to hers.

The food was good, the wine excellent, but Suzanne was the best part of the akyurt escort evening. God how I longed to make love to her. She had such a seductive look on her face as she peered into my eyes. She could say ‘I want you’ with just a look. At least that was how I was interpreting it. I was fighting the urge to rush through dinner and get back to the house. I wanted to get her in that Jacuzzi, and since I had not mentioned it I doubted that she had a bathing suit.

The town we went to for dinner was a very small cattle town. As we got off the freeway I noticed stock yards and wondered if this was wine country or cattle country. I didn’t see any horses but a lot of guys were wearing cowboy boots.

The restaurant was surprisingly large and bustling. Bob had arranged for a table in the rear and we were seated fairly quickly.

Over dinner we talked about family and friends and hobbies and such, but my mind was not focused on those things. Bob had all my attention and my eyes roamed over his body at every opportunity. I didn’t want to seem too anxious, but I couldn’t wait to get his clothes off. Maybe it was the wine but I was already moist just from anticipating what would happen when we got back to the house.

Once dinner was over we got back on the road north. It was only about a 20 minute drive back to the house and as I drove I mentioned that I thought it would be nice to use the Jacuzzi. Suzanne said she had not brought a suit, and I admitted that I had not either. She smiled, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “I like the way you think” she said.

We rode in silence for the rest of the trip back, and once I noticed Suzanne yawning. I realized that she had not gotten enough sleep and hoped that the wine would not have a sedative affect on her.

We entered the house and I said I was going to check the temp on the Jacuzzi then open that second bottle of wine.

The Jacuzzi was just right and I returned to the house to get the wine. Suzanne was not there and I assumed she was getting out of her clothes. The thought caused a stirring in my loins and I decided to join her in that endeavor. I entered the bedroom and found her lying on the bed wearing nothing but her panties, sound asleep. I stood there looking at her beautiful body and contemplated whether I should wake her up. My cock was standing straight up and I wanted nothing more than to take her nipples into my mouth. I decided to let her sleep. I wanted her fully awake and eagerly participating when I made love to her.

I went out and turned down the temp on the Jacuzzi and sat on the patio looking at the stars. I thought about opening that wine anyway, but decided to save it.

After a little while I went into the bedroom. I undressed and pulled the covers back on the bed, then maneuvered Suzanne in between the sheets. She mumbled something that I could not catch but did not wake up. I got into bed with her, snuggled up behind her and spooned her, wrapping my arms around her and pressing our bodies together. “Mmmmm”, she murmured, but her breathing continued slow and deep. Before long I drifted off to sleep.

Not being one who can sleep late I was up at 6:00. I was sitting on the patio drinking coffee at 7 when Suzanne emerged wearing a silk robe that barely covered her ass. There was a little nip in the air and her nipples got hard right away. I motioned for her to come sit in my lap and I’d keep her warm, and she didn’t hesitate. I sat my coffee on a table to free my hands. I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt and I could feel her body heat immediately. Her legs were exposed practically to her hip and I began to caress her thigh with one hand. I doubted she could miss the fact that my cock was rapidly growing.

When I awoke the next morning I realized that I had fallen asleep soon after we returned from dinner. I got up and grabbed a silk robe from my suit case, hoping a little sexiness would help to make up for it. I looked around the house but did not see Bob. I smelled coffee and knew he must be around somewhere. I looked out on the patio and saw him sitting in a chair. I went out the door and was struck by the chill in the air. I knew my nipples would get hard quickly and this thin robe would not hide them. I saw the hungry look in Bob’s eyes as he invited me to sit in his lap to warm up. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do at that moment, and I sat with one arm around his neck and my legs turned to the side. He began to caress my thigh and I began to get warm immediately. I looked at him and we kissed a soft, languorous kiss. His hand moved up my thigh to my hip as we kissed and I felt myself getting moist. After stroking my thigh and hip a few times he moved is hand up to my breast. He found my hard nipple and squeezed it through the silk material, causing me to moan through our kiss. I could feel his hardness and knew he was finally going to fuck me.

He slid his hand inside my robe and placed his palm on my breast, squeezing and pressing and making me feel so hot. I was more than moist now and would soon be soaking through the robe ayaş escort and onto his bare thigh. His lips moved to my throat and it felt sooo good I couldn’t help but moan again.

Suddenly he put his arm under my legs and stood up, picking me up at the same time.

“Finally” I thought, as we walked toward the house. He carried me into the bedroom and sat me on the bed.

“The Limo will be here in an hour and I need to feed you first”, he said, “so hurry up and get dressed. It’s going to be a hot day, so wear something cool, like a skimpy summer dress”, and he winked as he turned and left the room.

I sat there stunned. How could he get me so hot then walk away. I was not sure if I should be angry or not, but I was definitely disappointed.

Hmmm, he said Limo. I wonder what he has planned.

I could not resist pulling her onto my lap and giving her a kiss. Those nipples pointing through that material were so inviting and those legs, mmmm. I ran my hand up her thigh and it went all the way to her hip without finding any material. No panties, God she excites me. I reached up and found her breast and my cock was just throbbing. We had to stop this or we wouldn’t be ready when the limo got here. Besides, I didn’t want to spoil my plans.

I picked her up and took her into the bedroom and told her to get dressed while I cooked breakfast.

30 minutes later she emerged from the bedroom looking like the Goddess that she is. As recommended she was wearing a short summer dress with buttons from top to bottom. The top two buttons were open and her nipples were barely covered. Her hair was glamorous and she was wearing an exotic perfume that made my head swim. I was tempted to call and cancel the limo right then. Suzanne walked up and took a plate of food from my hand and sat at the table. With great difficulty got control of myself and sat down to eat.

We ate quickly and were ready when the limo arrived. I gave the driver written instructions and we piled into the back seat. It was too early to visit any wineries so the first thing on the agenda was a long drive through the back country. There would not much traffic at this hour.

I decided to challenge his resistance by looking as good as I could. I put on my most revealing dress, fixed my hair and put on my sexiest perfume. I looked at myself and felt there was no way he could resist me. As I walked out of the bedroom he stopped in his tracks and looked me up and down. He was holding two plates of steaming food. I could see the lust clearly on his face. I decided it was my turn to tease, and I walked up and pressed my body against him and kissed him on the lips. I could feel his hardness already. I placed one hand on his bulge and stroked him a few times, and then I took one of the plates from his hand and sat down to eat, feeling very much in control again.

45 minutes later we were driving down a country road headed west. It was a beautiful day, just beginning to warm up and the country side was incredible. Bob turned to me and we began to kiss. The kissing became more passionate, and our hands began to roam over each other. He began to unbutton my dress from the bottom up, and I gave him no resistance. A thought flashed through my mind that the driver would be watching, and that made it a little more exciting.

My dress was open up to the waist now and my powder blue panties clearly visible. Bob’s lips had moved to my breasts and his tongue had slipped under the material and found my nipple. I wonder if he can tell that my panties are soaked. I soon knew the answer as his hand traveled up my thigh to my hip and then across to my mound. He stroked me through the panties a few times before slipping his hand inside. I was moaning from his tongue on my nipple and his hand on my pussy. He slid a finger inside and began to stroke my clit. I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself and my whole body exploded into a much needed orgasm. Then he reached over and pressed a button and the roof opened up.

“Stand up” he said and he helped me to my feet. The top half of my body was outside the limo and the warm wind was blowing through my hair. The view was fantastic and for a short moment I forgot my excitement. Then I felt Bob pulling my panties down and off. He gently nudged my legs apart, drew his hands around my hips to cup my ass, and pressed his face into my wet pussy. He licked and kissed every part of my mound before finally sliding his tongue inside me. I had an immediate orgasm and my knees grew weak. Then I felt him lifting one of my legs and placing it over his shoulder. His tongue was working furiously inside me and I had another orgasm. This was awesome. Here I was sticking out of the top of a limo, driving through God’s country while this incredible guy was licking my pussy and driving me insane. I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up, so I pressed my elbows on the roof top, lifted my other leg up and placed it over his shoulder. He now had both hands under my bare ass and his tongue was working up and down on my clit. I was having orgasm after orgasm and ankara escort if there had been any cars on the road my squealing would have made it obvious to them what was happening. I reached up and unbuttoned another button on the top of my dress, exposing my nipples and almost all of my breasts. I wetted my finger and ran it around my nipples. The warm wind made them slightly cool and incredibly hard. I wondered briefly, between orgasms, how long Bob could hold me up. Forever I hoped; I did not want this to stop.

I had not planned on waiting until we got into the limo to enjoy Suzanne’s body, but circumstances had forced it to happen that way. By the time we got into the limo my lust had grown to enormous proportions and I almost felt like I had a volcano in my pants.

Once we were inside the limo I pulled Suzanne to me and began kissing her with a passion that was almost frenetic. I kissed her lips, her neck, and her ears while my hand roamed over her breasts and then down to her thigh. I slid my hand up the outside of her leg almost to the hip and then decided to get the dress out of the way altogether. Blindly I searched for the bottom button on her dress and began to undo them, slowly moving up until I could feel her stomach. While kissing her lips I turned my head so I could look down and I saw that her dress had fallen to the sides and both legs were exposed as well as a beautiful, skimpy pair of blue panties. I had been aching for her for so long and now here she was, displayed before me. The table was almost set, dinner would soon be served.

I caressed her thigh briefly before moving my hand to mound and feeling the heat and wetness beneath. I pressed on her pussy and stroked it a couple of times, but my patience was gone and I pulled her panties off. My lips were now on her breasts and my tongue searched beneath the edge of her dress until I found her nipple. I played with her nipple while my hand pressed on her soaking pussy and a finger slipped inside. Suzanne was moaning loudly and I assumed she was close, so I stroked up a few times, sliding my finger across her clit sending her into a convulsive and very load orgasm. When her body stopped shaking I opened the sun roof and asked her to stand up. At first she gave me a quizzical look, but then quickly got to her feet and the top of her body emerged from the limo. I nudged her legs further apart and slid my hands up the backs of her legs to her ass, pulling her toward me and leaning my head forward. After all this time, all excitement and anticipation, her hot and very wet pussy was finally mine. I had an unquenchable thirst for what was before me and I quickly slid my tongue inside. Within a couple of minutes she had both legs on my shoulders and I was holding her up with my hands under her ass. I licked and kissed and sucked on her clit, and in spite of the sound of the wind I could hear her moaning and squealing with each successive orgasm.

Finally my arms began to tire and I slowly lowered her down. Her legs slid off my shoulders and she came to rest on my lap, her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She had a glow on her face and a light in her eyes and was a delight to see. She licked my face clean of her juices then kissed me deep and long.

He lowered in onto his lap and I licked his face clean and kissed him in a way that I hoped said “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

“I owe you, oh how I owe you for that.” I said. I maneuvered him back on the seat and began to take off his shorts. As I did so he removed his shirt, and shortly he sat there naked, his pole standing straight up and begging for my attention. Teasing time was over and I went right to work with my tongue, sliding it up and down on all sides as I turned his throbbing cock from side to side. He had his head back against the leather seat and was moaning with pleasure when my tongue circled around the head and my lips sucked it in. I teased around the head of his manhood a little before slowly sucking the length of it into my mouth. Slowly I slid my wet lips up and down the shaft, occasionally glancing at his face to catch his expression. He was clearly enjoying my ministrations and I began to suck him in deeper and faster, almost gagging as his cock slammed against the back of my throat.

“Baby I love what you are doing” I said. She was driving me nuts with her lips and tongue and I felt like I could cum at almost any time. I looked down and I loved seeing my cock buried in her pretty face.

I felt like he was getting close so I pulled out and slid my tongue down to his balls and softly sucked each one into my mouth, massaging each one in turn with my tongue. He appeared to like this but he seemed to relax a little as well. I then ran my tongue back up to and around the head and began again to suck him deep and fast. His moaning quickly got loader and I noticed that is hands were clinched on the seat, indicating to me that his pleasure was intense. His hips began to rise to meet my mouth and I could feel his cock hardening even more. I assumed he was getting close, and as the thought passed through my mind he began to explode in my mouth. I swallowed and sucked as load after load of his cum shot down my throat. As he relaxed I kept sucking, wanting every drop of his hot semen in my mouth. Finally he went limp and I sat up next to him. He grabbed me and kissed me deeply.

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